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Thread: Joining servo leads
29/04/2017 21:17:56

Are you sure you mean rudders? Suggest it could be split elevator.

The third servo would be to operate the rudder.

Each servo will connect to Rx in separate ports. (Advice from expert as elevator servos can be power from one port with a Y lead )

Edited By Hamish on 29/04/2017 21:20:40

Thread: Baron Build. No 1 Build Blog.
06/02/2017 10:17:51

David, thanks for responding. Comment was made about the servo your were using and I basically questioned why I would need a metal geared servo for an operation that is very lightly loaded.

06/02/2017 09:11:20

A bit disappointed that no advice being given as I thought that was what build blogs were for?

05/02/2017 10:03:36

Similar to David I will be using a micro servo for the throttle as there are no major forces to overcome. Why should a standard type servo be used?

Thread: On Line Passport renewal
02/02/2017 20:00:13

Plummet, as I understood the instructions, glasses are not to be worn for a photo as if you come through the automatic lane at border control, then the camera recognition system wishes to see you eyes.

Must admit I found the auto channel no quicker than the human scrutiny, partly as me, like many others, did not read properly the instruction about inserting my passport into the reader.

Thread: Baron Build Blog No2 - Hamish
25/01/2017 18:11:21

Thanks for the info Denis. I will see how I get on and can easily silver solder a take off.

25/01/2017 16:35:44

img_0475.jpgimg_0477.jpgGood progress made and now ready for maiden once the wind drops. Clever me fitted the battery off/on switch exactly where the CoG is marked only to find it tends to restrict the throttle push rod but it does appear to be working ok. The old OS I fitted does not have an output for pressurising the fuel tank and previously ran ok. How it continued to run I am not sure as I only had a fuel outlet and a filling tube which was sealed so I assume could have created a vacuum within the tank?? Have fitted an open loop this time just in case.

Hopefully wind drops over the next few time, but anyway on with the next project.

Thread: Complete beginner - currently using simulator, what next?
19/01/2017 22:27:06

Many years ago I used the free FMS flight simulator and spent hours and hours using it which was very beneficial as it assisted in "training" my fingers. It was connected to the pc via a cable/dongle to my transmitter, so at least the transmitter was the real thing.

Practice approaches and landings as these are these most important parts in flying a model, unless you are happy to constantly repair.

Good advice above is to join a club where the members will be only too willing to assist as they want to see you flying. Many try to teach themselves and just destroy the model and give up, so a club is the best option, or if you know somebody who has experience and willing to assist.

Forget the DIY approach, it fails.

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
17/01/2017 08:34:23

After a few sleepless nights about the use of these Rx does this mean I am not a criminal?

Thread: Baron Build Blog No2 - Hamish
16/01/2017 11:10:06

img_0462.jpgimg_0463.jpgAn update on the current build. All the balsa bashing has been done and the metalwork for the undercarriage. I made the bending jig as described on another thread and what a difference it made in forming the undercarriage. I also made a jig to hold wire in position for the silver soldering. I have shown them in a pic, not very elegant, but did the job. The wheels are not really appropriate to the model but until I source a more suitable wheel will make do. Will be using the old OS40FS shown in pic. I stripped it, replaced all the bearings, decoked and ground valves in and it runs a treat. Just noticed that no rear skid fitted o will attend to that and then start covering.


Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
15/01/2017 22:03:46

I am afraid I am not with the "if its not genuine Spektrum" it will fail. Reminds me of the old codgers reactions when 2.4 was replacing 35 and it would never be as good. Anybody seen 35 gear being used these days?

I have a Nokia mobile phone connected to the EE network similar to numerous other phone manufactures. Similarly my Spektrum Tx provides a medium which other manufacturers have produced Rx equal to and in some cases better than genuine Spekky, so denigrating them is pointless.

So far I have been delighted with the low cost Rx that have been manufactured to use the Spekky format, whether its a copy or an individual manufacture.

Although I do not have the technical expertise to determine, I compared the Spekky to a clone/comparable Rx and there was not much difference and would have needed quite considerable resources to manufacture. I would ask why would inferior components be used when they are such a small percentage of the total product. If you produce an inferior product that fails you will soon go out of business.

ps My youth was with Izal but, progressed to the softer, botty friendly tissue.

Edited By Hamish on 15/01/2017 22:05:26

15/01/2017 15:03:02

My apologies for delay as I thought I had responded but lost in the ether. Fortunately I landed in a hedge bounding a burn, so not a heavy landing but lucky not a few feet further over. I may have an issue with the rx some time ago so decided rather than give it another chance to bin it. I have had no problems with the Orange rx I have so I must be lucky

15/01/2017 12:08:29

Just back from my field where I had a model come down. It was fitted with a genuine Spektrum AR500 now binned.

15/01/2017 11:19:37

Thanks for the info about why I should buy genuine rx.

I have just fitted my £11 "Spektrum" AR6200 with satellite into a model, placed it on the ground and then did a walk test. I ran out of space and eyesight as it was still receiving at 150 paces with me slightly downhill. Certainly impressed and now beginning to wonder if the range test function is working on the DX7.

Will need to fit it into a flying model and if it does come to grief I will hold my hands up.

14/01/2017 22:46:12

Can you please explain how spending £43 on a receiver makes it more reliable than others that are a fraction of that price?

Thread: Build Board Material
14/01/2017 15:04:25

Plasterboard with edges taped up with duct tape. Easily replaced and easy to push pins through. Dust???? get more when sanding down balsa and none out of plasterboard.

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
12/01/2017 20:31:39

Well, well, I would never of thought of doing a range test??????? Basic pre-flight procedure at our field. All recent losses have had new battery packs so it would be nice to think it would be so easy.

I appreciate many have no problems with Taranis but when you loose faith then you must step back. I may come back to the Taranis but will use the Spektrum for a while.

12/01/2017 19:54:04

I have returned to Spectrum after an eventful time with my Taranis. Unfortunately I have lost too many models even after having Tx checked by a Premier Dealer's technical engineer, new receivers and battery packs, which is a bit disappointing as I invested heavily in receivers and telemetry gear. Will lay aside for moment although may use it for my gliders.

I used a DX6i for some time and now obtained an early Dx7 along with Spectrum and Orange receivers which have not given me any problems. Have recently fitted a Storm S603 Rx but have yet to test along with a a very cheap "spectrum" Rx, which may well be a fake, so will wait and see.

Thread: Cutting sheet balsa into strips
08/01/2017 20:55:45

My secret weapon


Thread: The new Spektrum DX6E tranny
07/01/2017 15:37:38

Thanks for the info.

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