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Thread: tutor 40 mk11
17/05/2014 22:13:34

Just secure the wheel so that it does not move and you will find you can control easily enough with the rudder. I consider the steering front wheel just an un-necessary complication unless you want to do precision manouvers on the ground.

Thread: watts versus altitude
19/02/2013 08:52:20

Current can be expressed as Amps, milliamps etc and is still the same in the power calculation you just need to remember to move the decimal point

1 amp = 1000mA, 1mA = 0.001 amps.

So whats the point Masher?

Thread: Build quality for electric motors or speed controllers
18/12/2012 10:35:30

When I set up a power train I always test with the watt meter to ensure the battery is adequate as is the ESC andd that I do not overload the motor. ESC are always way above what is needed

Thread: is it worth paying the extra?
12/12/2012 17:41:29

I would assume it will depend what you are going to use the motor for. I fly gliders off a flat field and have used nothing but cheap Turnigy and have never been disappointed. I also have an Inovator trainer, why? and it is again powered by Turnigy. I understand that in performance flying then there may be a need? to spend more money. Its all a matter of choice where some spend mega bucks but I am a tight fisted Scot and do it on a budget.

Thread: Turnigy aerodrive B2835-3900 changing shafts
29/11/2012 21:38:20

My appologies Ross, I had not checked and assumed it was an outrunner

29/11/2012 09:50:01

Remove circlip from front and pull motor appart. Place rotor on a piece of wood with shaft through hole in wood. Make sure allen screw is slack and use a centre punch to knock through. Start with light taping of punch

Thread: Check your HK order confirmation!
29/11/2012 09:38:50

I am awaiting a delivery from HK so will check as suggested.

In making this order I was browsing a motor when a pop-up appeared offering me a discount if I bought now, which I proceeded to do. On receipt of the final invoice, having paid, I noted that this was out of stock and as such could have delayed whole order. Contacted HK and in view of possible delay asked if they could remove item as I had only purchased through pop-up. Item has been removed and credit given with very little trouble and as said awaiting delivery.

Never been taxed on any order but this one is $136 so will wait and see.

There will allways be problems and Peter's appears a bit unfair but so far I have been lucky. Pity UK did not hold a greater range of products

Thread: Best plane for taking the 'B' ?
22/11/2012 16:07:21
Posted by Danny Fenton on 22/11/2012 16:00:52:

Another tick for the Wot range, Wot 4 MkIII got me through my "A" and "B"

Did the "A" with it IC, sooo many dead sticks..... changed it to leccy, much better wink 2



Up in Gods country so may be different but surely dead sticks are part of your test?

Thread: Spektrum DX6I Model Settings Reset
14/11/2012 17:02:01

As other posters I have left Tx switched on and lost settings fortunately showing up on pre-flight checks. Pays to check every time but easy forgotten.

Thread: how long to wait for hobby king orders
24/10/2012 12:11:17

Over the years I have used HK and it normally takes 2/3 weeks from HK. Unfortunately they delivered once in 5 days and I was unavailable to take delivery and PO returned to HK. After a few emails with HK parcel was reposted with no problems.

Deliveries from HK,UK are within 2/3 days and my only criticism is they use Parcelforce whose track and trace is absoluely useless and do not expect a sensible reply if you complain as they do not understand english.

Recently purchased two models from HK UK and cannot fault the material or build quality, how they do it amazes me.

Thread: HobbyKing missing parcel
02/10/2012 23:09:40

Slightly different to a lost parcel but I had a parcel returned to HK as Post Office were unable to deliver through no fault of theirs. I made contact with HK who indicated once the parcel was returned to them they would contact me, which they did. I had to pay postage again but that understandable however I was impressed that their system had worked.

Thread: Frsky 2.4 Ghz Conversion Warranty
27/09/2012 23:44:22

I totally agree with what you say. What concerns me is others seem to consider as " a product" was "bought cheap" from "any company" then the company can re-write T&Cs to suit themselves. I do not think so and as you say it is bizarre.

27/09/2012 21:46:59

Andrew, the tinternet is not serious but it is a forum for different views. I dont think any of us are seriously concerned about the T&Cs in this instance because they are, to me, only minor sums of money. Had they been considerable sums then they might be relevant but it all depends on how much the individual is prepared to loose. Should put a happy face bu not sure how.

27/09/2012 21:33:45

I have purchased very recently from GS and HK(UK) and they have both provided excellent price and service.

Back to the OP, to expect a supplier to warrant your installation is unacceptable and I can understand that T&C. However if installed correctly and failing to operate then that should be covered under warranty. Simply to refuse warranty because package has been opened and soldered in place(how else can you test) is not acceptable

27/09/2012 19:17:41

My posting was not about the Frsky product, which I have found very satisfactory, but about companies concocting their own T&Cs

27/09/2012 17:17:57

Hopefully not going to open up previous posting, but find strange that it is found acceptible for a company to concock its own T&Cs which may be contrary to Sales of Goods Act. etc but then everybody has their own views.

27/09/2012 09:34:15

I find the T&C GS make quite incredible as they appear to go against all that is expected from a retailer. Their, "if you are not happy with these terms - BUY THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE! " suggests very little customer care.

I have converted 3 Tx to Frsky including one updated to telemetry and have had no problems.

Thread: Steve Webb ... slightly miffed!
31/08/2012 11:09:32

"I wonder what impact Hobby King is going to have in the UK"

They will desimate the small shops who will have ever more Airfix type kits as they sell and make them money which is essential. My LMS is going this way but will order in on request. This week I took delivery of two orders from HK delivered within a matter of days of ordering both of good quality items. The choice from HK is also immense although not all available from UK so a wait is inevitable on some items.

Unfortunately delivered by Parcelforce which is absolutely dreadful in any info provided or response to complaints. My latest complaint asked in the first instance if they could tell me who lived in Buckingham Palace and if not to esculate to a supervisor. Will wait and see.

Thread: run before i can walk!
21/08/2012 19:38:43

Depends on the glider but I find they are easier to fly. Like all models if they are properly trimmed you can fly hands off.

Thread: Kokam Lipo - C rating ????
16/08/2012 17:20:10

Exactly like that Alan except no C rating on it. Will assume its a 30C but will keep myt eyes on it.

Edited By Hamish on 16/08/2012 17:21:07

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