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Thread: Harvard! Tony's 2012 design for the Special Issue
06/09/2012 06:46:10
Ha haaaa brilliant Radge
Spoke to my friend last night and he's sticking with the lizzie idea so I'm on my own with this one. Wont be long till the magazines out. Then we can have a good look at those plans and clear the bench off I must get that hurri finish asap.
05/09/2012 07:11:16

Another belter Tony. top job

I've not been on the forums for ages as the temptation to start another build is too stong, but my friend and I thought we'd have a look at building your Lysander after our current BT projects come to an end. Now i've gone and found this little beauty and i really want one! Having built a spitty of yours, which I really enjoyed building and flying, I'm extremely tempted. Looking forward to the special Mag. I could use the up and coming birth of my son as an excuse to commission the new build

Thanks again TN. Iain B

Thread: Ben Buckle Taylor craft
11/04/2012 21:12:56

Only just seen this thread as I've had a nice long break from the forums. An internet search brought me to this E.D. Very nice. I have the plans for this

Thread: 2012 Vintage Mass Build - What are you building?
10/04/2012 21:00:08

The Champ. PAW 06

Thread: Acrowot Build
19/08/2011 20:42:36
Emulation test. Timbo.
Thread: Nijhuis 46" Spitfire
10/03/2011 18:29:32
Use ply or very thin ally
Thread: E-flite Hawker Hurricane chat
29/01/2011 13:04:54
How much are they £££ ?
Thread: So What did you get
26/12/2010 12:39:25
David, I got that box set too, looking forward to it. Could have done with some mini ski's for landing on our snow covered strip tho!
25/12/2010 19:12:22
What an awesome day Not allowed my BT Hurri kit til my birthday tho, only 5 more sleeps got Pacific box set and a little meccano quad bike, hee hee. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you all
Thread: Is the model aeroplane scene stagnating? Is just the same old faces?
18/11/2010 20:18:49
Eddie. I help run Byley MFC. Nearly every new guy that has turned up to join in the last 2 years wants to fly a heli. Very few plankers, which is a shame coz i work hard to keep the nice long strip in decent condition. Mind you, I reckon we have some of the best heli lads around based at Byley, so they tend to attract the newbees into 3D helis. I just wish an awesome plank flyer would turn up and teach us plankers a few new tricks There must be someone out there!
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011 - chat and FW-190 build
18/11/2010 20:09:27
LHF. Thats what this thread is for!!!  Everyone can air their opinions. I have voted for three warbirds, thats coz I love 'em. If the aircraft we're catagorised like Phil B has pointed out i'd prob have put three others. I must admit, i've always liked/wanted a nice single engine civilian prop jobby. I think something with a single engine is more do-able for most modellers, especially on a budget, and will sell more plans for Tony. Buying two or more four strokes can get expensive, and retracts too. Now an airliner sounds interesting I'd have to go over to the 'spark side'
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
17/11/2010 20:22:36
I like warbirds, they're popular and will sell magazines and plans, guaranteed.
Thread: Other hobbies ??
13/11/2010 08:50:50
r6dan. Just read your last post, about women riding ZX10's. I had to re-read it several times to make sure I wasn't the one getting confused We're you referring to Lyndsay being a woman?  I dont think he'll be too happy with you

Edited By batcho99 on 13/11/2010 08:52:11

Thread: Can any plane do a "power off" loop?
13/11/2010 08:41:15
I was just thinking of that one Dusty  when I saw the thread title
Thread: Other hobbies ??
12/11/2010 19:46:27
Used to be well into cars(boy racer stuff) but nowadays when not playin with planes, big and little, its music and films. Listening and playing music, the Bass is my instrument of choice, although I have played he drums and keyboard longer. Love funkin' it up on the Bass. Cant beat chilin when the baby's gone bed and watchin a good film too tho. Oh, my misses says I spend too much time on the web, so thats what I do in my spare time!
Thread: Flair Sopwith Pup
29/10/2010 16:33:42
A few more snaps while i was checking out the c of g. I think it will be ok.
I wasn't sure what to do with the tail skid as there wasn't any parts for it in my kit, so I knocked this up.
The tail feathers.


Its first time on its wheels

29/10/2010 09:34:45
Oops! I know what you mean Myron, the airframe is quite delicate!
Has anyone got any close up shots of their interplane struts? What did you make them from? I was thinking med balsa with bushes at each end to take the 3mm bolt?
29/10/2010 00:08:03
Ay up chaps. I have been working on the pup all evening. All servos, battery, rx, switch fitted. And the tank. I have chance to put the wings, wheels and cowl on it to check the balance and it seems very good as it is, 138mm back from top wing l.e.. I have the ASP61 in mine so obviously heavier than the 40 2 stroke they  recommend. Still got a few jobs to do but getting there now. Gonna make the wing struts next and pushrods for the ailerons More pics to follow.
28/10/2010 15:26:41
A few more pics of the progress







The cockpit is cut out, just need to remove the covering!

Tail nice and straight.
And a shot from below.

Still a bit to do, but getting closer to the end result Now if I could just concentrate on this and not start anything else!!


Thread: Nijhuis 46" Spitfire
22/10/2010 22:28:23
Hi there Shane.
The spitty flys really well, very quick too on full chat! I have a couple of vids but it takes forever to upload them on youtube coz the camera I use is a 1080HD and I dont know how to dumb it down a little! I'll see what I can do.
Good luck with the build, you'll enjoy it.
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