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Thread: Whippish
20/05/2020 23:19:21


My gut feeling is its just your technique, we have all been there.

Firstly, I would make sure your blades will autorotate and check nothing is binding etc, hold the model up into wind and tip it back slightly (do this with the radio turned on). If all is as it should be they will spin up, when at full RPM they whistle and the model pulls hard.

If all is ok its just practice at taking off.

With the model sat into wind give the blades a good flick in the right direction and tilt them back as far as they will go. They should start to accelerate, if not just start to creep forwards at no more than a walking pace. As they speed up you can gently neutralise the pitch and it should lift off when ready. Any signs of a left roll is always not enough blade speed.

I have always found it easier to start the take off run downwind from where your standing so the blades are more likely to be up to speed when its closer to you, easier to see what's going on.

Hope that makes sense?


Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
20/05/2020 23:01:09

What a day, had an hour of fixed wing today up at the patch to get it out of my system wink 2

Took out the BLINK for the second time, played around with props and its now even nippier, great little model.

blink 7.jpg

blink 4.jpg

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
19/05/2020 23:12:31

I couldn't resist popping up to the field this evening as it went virtually flat calm, plenty of flights were had with the Revolver. I am pretty happy with the way it is flying now, I did grab some better footage so will eye that up tomorrow when I get chance.

Always good when you take home all the models in one piece and every battery is flat.




Thread: The Whipitteer
19/05/2020 22:41:23


Great to see you back at the field, is it one at a time in these strange times?

I am liking the tailplane, it looks better. I may borrow the idea if you dont mind?

Keep safe


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
18/05/2020 22:46:36
Double post, please remove this one mods thumbs up

Edited By Richard Harris on 18/05/2020 22:48:01

18/05/2020 22:46:13
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 18/05/2020 09:52:49:

Do you know if this one will make it into the mag. Richard?

I have no plans on submitting Bob


Thread: LUOBO V2
18/05/2020 22:40:18

Hi John,

As it happens one of my clubmates has just bought the same model and it has been one of his lockdown builds, he stated it went together well. He has asked me to trim it for him so I can report back on how it goes. Unfortunately he has an underlying medical condition so when this will be I have no idea at the moment.

One thing to check is that the head is assembled the correct way round, its 15 degree delta type with a polyproplyene hinge and they have been known to be put together the wrong way.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
17/05/2020 22:20:50

Finally managed to get out with the Revolver 3 today after a few repairs and modifications due to damage cause by the prop sucking up the closed loop rudder wires surprise


I did grab a small amount of footage (sun was in the wrong position), a bit of tweaking needed but I am pleased with the result so far.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/05/2020 22:08:40

Another maiden undertaken today of my OD Revolver 3, it was completed 6 months ago where its first attempt at flight was at the fly in at Buckminster. Unfortunately the prop sucked up the closed loop wires, ripping the arms of the servo and damaging other parts. Now repaired and wire guides installed thanks to the lockdown time. Flies well too which is a bonus.

Features a lower tail boom which enables me to line up the thrustline with the CG eliminating the need for a horizontal stabilizer. Result: cleaner through rough air as the back end is uneffected by upward draughts.




Thread: AngelWings Blink
17/05/2020 21:58:34

That's nice John, shame to cover it! smiley

17/05/2020 09:32:20


Mine balances about 5mm behind the 3rd spar, I haven't put my watt meter on the set up as I don't have the adapters, will see if I can make something up. These little quad motors are 6s capable, at the moment 3s is more than enough for me though I do have some small 4s packs for braver times. My battery is as far forwards as I can get it, probably down to my receiver in the main fuselage as it wouldn't fit on the mounting tray (to big).

Reflex on the elevons is around 1mm, I had too much in to start with and had to quickly trim it back.


16/05/2020 20:24:04


I have had several flights with mine now and its a blast, typical delta really as it will slow right down or open it up and it gets a move on.Yours should be even better being lighter! hang in there, 7 weeks will fly by, its just not worth the risk.

A few snaps of mine and a quick video I made today.


You will enjoy it for sure
Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
15/05/2020 21:23:09

Test flew one of my lockdown builds today, this is a Angel Wing Designs BLINK delta, goes very well. Unfortunately I only managed 3 flights before I broke the prop landing, the one thing I forgot to take with me in the excitement of being able to fly again!

Great fun!





Thread: The State of Play
11/05/2020 13:05:39


From my experience with my models then looking at the amount of views for each design on this forum is a good reflection on the feedback/photos I get of completed models. This along with feedback from Coolwind it is clear there is still a steady flow of parts being asked for, more so for the simpler to construct models.

So it does surprise me that your ME 110 hasn't kept you busy producing kits with all those views, maybe its the complexity, the price or finishing costs etc

I am in agreement with the few that Spitfires, Cubs, Mustangs, Moths, 109s etc etc have been done to death and would only appeal to the minority (kit built). Most of these are pretty much covered with the ARTF manufacturers at reasonable prices.

An observation I have made is that cheap, quick built models are starting to become more popular (more obvious on social media), this could be down to the lock down we are all experiencing but a lot of the builds are ARTF'ers having their first go at a kit building.

By this I'm talking of kits that are sub £60, can be built quickly, cheap to fit out and are generally something a bit different and fun to fly.

Lots of avenues to explore





Edited By Richard Harris on 11/05/2020 13:06:40

Thread: 'Bitty' multi purpose micro glider
09/05/2020 13:45:39

Well done to the young Child_Flyer thats a top notch job smile d, what covering are you using? I have just started covering one of my models in EasyCote, possibly the worst covering I have ever tried, looks like I will have to remove what I have done and get something I know goes on ok.

Thread: AngelWings Blink
09/05/2020 13:42:07


Sorry for the delay in replying. My AUW is 314g with a 3s 500mah Lipo onboard of which it balances pretty well on the money. I opted for MG90 servos, 20a Esc and a full sized FAAST Futaba receiver, so I possibly could of saved some weight there.

I am awaiting a set of decals to complete, its hard to resist popping out for a test fly!


01/05/2020 22:05:18

I really enjoyed putting mine together, probably the best kit I have ever assembled and a good lockdown project. It's a shame the way IAD treated the designer but it happens when success is involved.

Rumour has it there are a few new designs in the pipeline from Andy, have you seen his variable thrust 4 motored flying wing?

Here's mine bare bones




Edited By Richard Harris on 01/05/2020 22:06:03

Thread: The Atom Special
26/04/2020 22:11:24


You have made a nice job of your Atom thumbs up I look forward to hearing how the maiden goes when ever that may be.......


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/04/2020 12:43:41

This is a half sized Mirus I have just completed over a few nights, all balsa construction with foam cut wings. Wingspan is a massive 480mm and the power plant is an Emax 1806 spinning a 4.5 x 4.5 prop off a 3s 450mah lipo.

Should keep my thumbs active if it gets that far!



Thread: The Atom Special
24/04/2020 23:26:21


Good to hear that you have got round to building your Atom, these extra building hours are perfect for trying something different.

I think you will be ok with your power output but there really is only one way to find out!

Please add a few photos if you get chance?


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