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Thread: Roto-Duo
22/09/2020 09:38:06


Another option would be to use THESE from Coolwind, I'm unfamiliar with the ROTO- DUO but Im sure they would be fine if the motor option doesn't work out.


Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
18/09/2020 09:16:27


Count me in, I have an OD canard that I got a bit too low in an inverted pass which destroyed the foreplane and fuselage up to the main wing. Its one of those models shoved in the corner that I keep meaning to repair but never get round to doing. Also have a Flying balsa PT 25 autogyro that spiralled in after a receiver pack failure nearly 10 years ago.

Perfect excuse to get these sorted me thinks!


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
17/09/2020 22:28:26

Here is another video I took last weekend, this was several of us flying around with Revolvers earlier in the day when it was a bit breezy.

Good fun smiley

Thread: The Whipitteer
15/09/2020 22:43:19

Here is the video I took of the two flying together, just need you to pop over with yours Chris so we can fly three pressure.....

A few more modifications are needed, so I will make these to No2 model which is well on its way then update the plan.


Thread: Autogyro Get togethers
15/09/2020 12:09:08

Here is a video I took yesterday of probably our only meeting of 2020 down at St Albans, numbers were limited and COVID 19 safety precautions were in place. I counted between 30 and 40 gyros so not a bad turn out with the capped numbers.

Role on 2021, enjoy:

Thread: The Whipitteer
14/09/2020 22:52:14

Great to see yours in the flesh Malcolm and good to get the two flying in a kind of formation.

Here are a few photos I managed to take.






Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
03/09/2020 09:38:00

I may be tempted to attend the odd fly In as I can see social distancing being controlled in that kind of environment.

However, I am flabbergasted that there is talk of upcoming shows this year after what has just happened. I really cant see it working safely and would need to be convinced in advance of what precautions are being put in place.

That said, I do hope those who are involved and attend are kept safe and it all works well.


Thread: The Atom Special
01/09/2020 22:35:41


If your model is rolling to the right it probably needs trimming to the left. I am pretty sure my rotor disc was trimmed a few degrees to the left for level flight.


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
01/09/2020 22:18:39

Thanks for the info Jon and all, I've passed it onto my friend.


30/08/2020 22:24:59


One of my club mates has a Laser 120 vee twin, it's blown a few plugs of late and he cannot remember what they were as they were purchased 30 odd years ago along with the engine. What would be the right plugs to be purchasing as spares in this day and age?


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
28/08/2020 09:13:15


Yes, move the motor the other way and do the tethered power test as per normal. Strange how its not lifting off smoothly, if the blades are up to speed and it is sat right there is no reason why it shouldn't ROG almost hands off.

Interested to hear how you get on?


Thread: The Atom Special
22/08/2020 22:52:39


Your lucky it was only the tailplane and not your head that got caught! It's safer if you have the model turned on and power to the head servos when testing blades in the wind, words of wisdom and don't ask how I know blushwink


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
22/08/2020 22:47:26


Thanks for the update, you not hanging around!


Thread: Jim Davis Lancaster
22/08/2020 22:41:34

I came across this video that is quite interesting, I'm not 100% sure but I think that the 747 and Lancaster that have been mentioned are flying at the end starting around 31:34 ?

The Lancaster looks as it only has just enough power surprise

Thread: The Atom Special
18/08/2020 22:13:12



Edited By Richard Harris on 18/08/2020 22:14:31

18/08/2020 22:11:41


I missed your post, great job on your Atom and good to hear you have managed to get 12 flights under your rotors smile d


I would stick with the 0.8mm thick FG sheet triangle as it was tried and tested before publication, you may get a bit of blade hang but not a lot. Also, not sure if it is the photo but it looks like your LE may have a radius on it? if this is the case you may struggle to get the blades to spin up, much better with a sharp lower edge,

Regarding your blade weights, the closer you can get them matching the better.


Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
17/08/2020 23:07:32


I had a similar gearbox fitted to one of my first autogyros, it flew well for a few weeks but always had a wobbly UC. This was caused because of an inbalance in the rotor disc that I was going to get round to fix.

One day the 4mm shaft fractured, as you can guess the fuselage was like a lawn dart and the blades floated to a soft touch down. The model was repaired with an Astro box fitted, the blades were balanced properly and I had many safe flights there after.

Ever since then I have been meticulous in the balancing of all my blades as I'm 99% this was the cause of the failure and any model around this size uses at least a 5-6mm spindle.

I have found the photos I took at the time, the model before it happened, the shaft failure and front end damage.


In a nut shell, if it were me I wouldnt use it on the Panther. Of course I could have had a substandard shaft but I will never know.








Edited By Richard Harris on 17/08/2020 23:08:23

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
16/08/2020 14:41:33


The ground handling is OK but would be a lot better with a steerable nose wheel, I just kept it fixed as its simpler and lighter.

The booms on both my models are made from spruce, again as it is cheap and readily available, no reason why carbon couldn't be used mind. Some of the lads have doubled up round tubes on other models to make a strong anchor for their tail feathers, I'm sure they will post a few photos if they see this.

Is the Revolver II a good second model? I would say yes if you are transitioning from flying a DC tractor autogyro and are competent at flying it. The hardest thing with a pusher is orientation, once you have mastered that pretty much all other autogyros will be relatively easy bar for the 2 blader which is a little trickier to set up.

I will soon get back on the Whipiteer which will be a good second model, we have not long had our second daughter which, for obvious reasons, has halted all building pretty much.


Thread: How i make my blades
16/08/2020 14:26:42


Well thought out, have you tried the lighter blade with the hardwood under strip on the LE edge yet?


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
15/08/2020 16:29:03


This is what flies my fin only Revolver, climbs hard on a 9x6" prop. I haven't put the watt meter as yet but have had many flights with and no issues.



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