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Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
20/08/2019 09:36:42


I really like what you have done with your Revolver smile d

Regarding the Fly In I am hoping to go but nothing is set in stone at the moment, I do fly mode 1 and would be more than happy to maiden and trim out your Revolver.

Not sure if you go or not but I'm off to the Nationals this coming weekend, I will slip mine into the caravan in hope that I can get some stick time on the evening RC line. If you do happen to be going then bring it along?


18/08/2019 10:31:39


Horizontal Stabs act as pitch dampeners giving the ability to stabilize an autogyro with a thrust line offset to the CG (vertically) as does the drag from the rotor disc. As long as the thrust line is close to the CG in height the horizontal stab can be removed.

Yaw is effected by the motor torque and prop wash, it can be increased or decreased by either moving the motor/ rotor spindle to the side or the position of the vertical fin and its area from the prop. It can also be controlled via mixing of radio inputs at different throttle settings.

The stab does make a good mounting point for the outer fins, these were added to give about 25% of added extra vertical area out in unblocked air for added stability when the motor is off.

As I am removing this the extra vertical area it will be added to the standard fin.


18/08/2019 09:47:32


Can't say I have ever noticed a visual issue, that said, I do fly my autogyros at close quarters 90% of the time.

Removing horizontal tails opens up the flight envelope making the autogyro cleaner in higher winds, which seems to be a growing trend over here at the moment! It removes the pitching that can be caused by upward draughts acting on the tail end.

I remember a conversation with the late Wing Commander Ken Wallis where he had just demonstrated 'Zeus' in near 30mph winds doing his usual 'hands off' flying. After he had landed I asked him what it felt like in the wind, his answer was simply 'what wind'! He then went on to explain in great detail the effects of horizontal stabilzers in windy conditions and how his 'fin only' machines were unaffected, it was quite interesting.

You ought to try converting one of yours, just to see?


17/08/2019 17:43:55

As the lads have said Cuban it will be fine. In fact, 15mm is pretty good.

Just finishing off my second revolver II, this has a cranked tail boom so I can get the thrust line bang on, I can do away with the horizontal tail surfaces this way and hopefully make it a little more lively.

Will post some photos when it's completed.


Thread: The Atom Bomber
02/08/2019 16:23:58

As promised here is a short video I made last Sunday, it was quite dull and a tad windy but you can see how floaty this model is. With this light rotor loading I should be able to carry a bit of weight in the bay.

More soon I hope.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
31/07/2019 15:06:09

I agree Cuban, there should be at lease a thread or two protruding through below the nut. I am sure Malcolm will chip in when he sees this to advise but I would just get a longer M4 Cap Head and pack between the top of the head and the nyloc nut directly below Tri plate holder? You don't want  too much sticking protruding below as this can reduce the pitching movement.


Edited By Richard Harris on 31/07/2019 15:07:37

Thread: Mill 75 electric set up
27/07/2019 19:55:06

Thanks for the info gents I will have a scout about for something around the 50-60w mark thumbs up

Brokenenglish, ironically the Mills is in a FF Tomboy at the moment.


27/07/2019 18:29:13

I have been asked to design a model for free flight to be powered by a Mills 75. As the intended model will be experiment with possible modifications/ crashes along the way I am reluctant to install the Mills until fully sorted.

Id hate to damage the Mills so to make life easier I am thinking of going electric for the experimental stage but don't really know the kind of power output the Mills has.

Can anyone recommend a suitable like for like electric set up which would use the same diameter prop as the Mills please?



Thread: Snap Dragon
27/07/2019 12:56:36

We had a gent turn up at our autogyro fly-in who had brought along his Snap Dragon to show me, it was a bit windy to fly it as we were getting gusts of nearly 30mph. He is going to let me know how it goes, here are a few photos I took of his immaculate example, I like the way he did his canopy. I may borrow his scheme when I get back on my larger version.





Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
23/07/2019 22:33:20


I have been up to Sarik hobbies and given them the canopy plug for this model, they are going to make a resin mould from it so anyone who doesn't fancy tackling you will soon be able to purchase one. They are also manufacturing a laser cut part kit which should be on their web site soon.

Last weekend I managed to take a few photos of some of the Revolvers that turned up at our annual meet between flying. Here are a few:

Out of interest, the yellow and green version at the bottom has 3D printed blades, wheel spats and tail holder, Ian who has designed these will make the files available for all once he's perfected them










tims revolver 2.jpg

ians revolver.jpg

Edited By Richard Harris on 23/07/2019 22:39:37

Thread: The Atom Bomber
22/07/2019 21:05:52

Well its taken me 4 years to complete this model but I have done and test flew it last weekend at our annual autogyro fly - in.

As you can see I altered the tailplane and opted for Tee tail version, the mast was broken on the Friday evening but my friend gave me a swept 10mm carbon fibre post of an old model which worked out ok. I will make up an alloy mast in the coming weeks to replace it.

Despite the 20mph winds gusting to nearly 30 it flew really well, though I need to practice my bomb dropping technique as the light foam whistling lidle bomb missed the target every time, great fun!

AUW is 1600grames with a 75" 2 bladed rotor so its a floater.

When I get chance I will capture some video.



Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
19/07/2019 19:49:43

Friday evening is in full swing at our annual fly in, the wind has eased and a couple of Revolvers have had their maidens. I couldn't resist a photo of them lined up.


03/07/2019 19:15:57

Hi Massimo,

Welcome to the forum.

No reason why the Revolver wouldn't benefit from a steerable nose wheel, I kept it fixed to simplify things and have had no issues.

Balsa should be fine for the tail feathers, just keep an eye on the CG.


Thread: Dusty Crophopper Semi Scale
03/07/2019 17:07:12


If it were me I would extend the aileron out further to be on the safe side, easier to do it at this stage.


Thread: Piper Pawnee
01/07/2019 21:00:11

Sorry, forgot to add the man and his model!


01/07/2019 19:43:22

At Greenacres Flyin last weekend I got chatting with a gent who has just completed his Pawnee, unfortunately I missed his name (If anyone knows?). Thought I'd share his efforts of a well finished model.img_8201.jpgimg_8200.jpgimg_8199.jpg

Edited By Richard Harris on 01/07/2019 19:44:45

Thread: No Auto Rotation
28/06/2019 09:44:48


Welcome to the forum.

Generally an autogyro which has blades struggling to rotate is down to the their Aerofoil.

I would shape them as per the plan then go out and try again, any problems call back in.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
23/06/2019 10:56:21

Yesterday saw the first of our autogyro fly-ins, a couple of new (to me) Revolvers turned up. A few photos I managed to grab in between flying. Big thanks to Ian and his clubmates in Peterborough for the invite yes







21/06/2019 09:28:59
Posted by B YELLOP on 14/06/2019 09:28:24:

Rich,is there a specific reason why the rotor blades are designed to revolve in the direction they are, other than the orientation of the aerofoil profile.? For instance if the profile were reversed would the blades go in the other direction.?

Or should I not get involved with the science!!!!!



So for the delay in replying, up to my neck stripping out my kitchen.

In the early days I did test combinations of opposite spinning blades in both 2 and 3 configurations with anti clockwise spinning props. Though there is not a lot of difference they do tend to turn to the retreating blade direction with a little less effort on the thumbs.

Clearly if anyone does try a clockwise spinning set the roll trim would be biased to the right.

On another note we have our first autogyro get together this weekend over in Peterborough, I don't think the details have been posted on this site but all are welcome. If anyone does fancy popping over let me know and I will get the organiser to post details? Weather is looking favourable.


Thread: Weston Park Worth the Risk of Showers?
13/06/2019 19:50:50

My mate who's there says it's not too deep laugh


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