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Thread: Weston Park Worth the Risk of Showers?
13/06/2019 19:50:50

My mate who's there says it's not too deep laugh


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
12/06/2019 20:51:28


I mirror what Steve has suggested, as long as you leave clearance between your arm and the fuselage side you will be fine. Start off with full movement in roll then cut to clear.

A wise man once told me the only daft question is the one that's never asked!



12/06/2019 09:30:22


Nice to hear you have got your Revolver into the air, your a braver man than me undertaking a maiden in those conditions as I prefer things to be almost flat calm. Glad the damage sustained is minimal, the mast is an easy replacement and its always worth making a few spare.

To keep you one stop ahead before a maiden a little trick is to 'pre trim' an autogyro by holding it into wind above your head with the blades spinning at full rpm. By doing this you can feel if the model is pulling in any direction to which it can be trimmed to suit, obviously it is not as accurate as doing test hops but it can give you a good head start.

It is worth noting that if this is done the easiest way to slow the blades down is to rotate the model so that the blades upper face are directed at the wind.

On another note I am nearing the completion of a canopy plug for SARIK specific for the Revolver II, more to come on that.




Edited By Richard Harris on 12/06/2019 09:31:35

09/06/2019 20:25:17


Are you talking about the black box you get in a reply when you have copied and pasted the youtube embed code?

If so this is normal as when you press the 'add posting' tab the 'black box' becomes the video once done.

Try it?


Thread: RPM Conundrum
09/06/2019 20:20:20


You could flash the ESC's so they are rpm limited. They do this in E2K pylon racing so that everything is even making it all down to pilot skill.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
08/06/2019 22:07:06
Posted by Chris Dowell on 08/06/2019 10:05:13:

Is there a problem with the video clips on this site ?...or it could just simply be me … because I only black boxes.



Everything is good this side of the globe.


07/06/2019 15:14:08


The 8x7.5 " prop was a typo error in the magazine, it should be a 9x7.5" 3 blade prop. Rule of thumb when using a like for like 2 blade prop is to go 1" in diameter and a little less on the pitch, in our case something like a 10x6" 2 blade prop.

As for BalsaLoc it is still readily available HERE and is used to weight the blade to aid balancing. Though I have never tried I have heard that PVA can be used as a replacement for BalsaLoc?

What is worth noting that you have to over compensate the application as it does get lighter once dry.

I also know a few gyronuts that use epoxy in the same way smeared in the right area to good effect.


06/06/2019 09:25:45

That's a bit posh Steve thumbs up


Looking forward to a video when it is all sorted? I hear there is a Suzuki version nearing completion too, looks like you are setting a trend!



Edited By Richard Harris on 06/06/2019 09:37:33

02/06/2019 12:00:12

So, the blades were removed off the Panther Tri plate and bolted directly onto the Revolver double plate (I had to open the mounting holes to 5mm). As the blades are slightly wider and have no negative shims I increased the hang angle by fitting a Turnigy Nano Tech 2650mah 3s Lipo, raised the motor and fitted a 10 x 7 aeronout prop.

With blades mounted on to the Panther they are naturally presented to the oncoming air with a good angle of attack with its feet sat on the ground, this isn't so with a pusher so there was quite a long takeoff run. Once airborne there were no trim changes and the model felt lightly loaded. The air however was quite bumpy around the crop edge with thermals coming through constantly.

With the extra lift it didn't penetrate into wind as good as the 'original' set of blades, that said, with shims fitted I am sure it will match them.

I had 5 flights in all and came away pretty please, when I get chance I will try adding shims and see if it improves things further.

Two thumbs up from me for anyone wanting to use a set of Panther blades for this model.

A bit of video footage I managed to grab.


01/06/2019 16:05:39


I successfully flew the Revolver on the Panther blades today, I will upload the video in the next day or two along with the set up.



Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
31/05/2019 21:51:10


Great job as always, your more than welcome to pop down the spinners and we can get some snaps/footage?


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
30/05/2019 14:38:06


Welcome to the forum.

To answer your question the servo I have used for my rudder is a 9g turnigy TG9 unit. It has clearance between the hatch bottom and the top of the control arm. Letting the bottom of your servo into the the 6mm base former will be fine, I have done this on a few models with no adverse effects.

As for connecting it up, mount the servo first and tie up the lines to the servo arm ( not fitted). Mount the servo arm and run the wires through the clearance holes in the fuselage bottom. Connect and tie up the other ends of the lines to the rudder horn making sure they are tight, then tie. You can keep the rudder straight whilst doing this with a couple of balsa scraps and some clothes pegs. You can add drops cyano to each not to hold fast.

It's also worth noting to keep throws in proportion it's best to keep the lines parallel with each other so match up your holes in the rudder control rod to to match the servo arm.

Hope this makes sense? A few photos that may help.




29/05/2019 21:00:56


The larger Revolver flies with the Panther blades as does the RPG but I haven't yet tried them on the published version.

They are pretty much the same length but quite a bit wider.

We did test the Panther tri plate out but mine was the only one that would fly consistently which is why we switched to the double plate configuration Graham was flying with on pretty much all of his models.


Leave it with me as I have quite a number of panther blades used for testing the first time round.



Edited By Richard Harris on 29/05/2019 21:01:54

Edited By Richard Harris on 29/05/2019 21:02:36

Thread: Beth's off.....
29/05/2019 20:53:40

Congratulations to you both thumbs up

This means Evie will have a play mate at the NATS in a few years time!


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
28/05/2019 21:53:26


Top job thumbs up

Your certainly not going to lose that in a hurry, looking at the long range forecast the wind is going to be with us all week and in to the weekend unfortunately.


24/05/2019 17:27:30


Look forward to seeing your completed Revolver and good luck with the maiden.


24/05/2019 09:24:06


I checked my Revolver last night and my thrust line is between 23-25mm above the horizontal CG so yours will be absolutely fine.

For some reason the orientation of the photos is 90 degrees out, not sure what happened there!





23/05/2019 09:38:11


You must be a light builder! 19 degrees hang is a good starting point as you will be able to move the battery back if you feel the need.

As long as you stick with the plan blades and tail surfaces a gap of 23mm should be OK between the thrust line and the vertical CG, I will check mine later on to give you a comparison, this was all considered at the design stage as I had these same questions with my RPG 10 years ago, some were flying with a 50mm gap with no issues.

As for lowering the motor I would leave it for now just in case you need to up your prop diameter as the other lads have.


21/05/2019 18:08:25

What a setting Chris!

I have had a look at my prop and it's a 9 x 7.5" 3 blade, please ignore the 8x7.5" stated in a mag as it is an error.

If you want to go 2 blade then just add an inch and shave off the pitch slightly as per Steve and Chris's.


20/05/2019 12:05:56


I will first speak with Graham to see if he is interested in the 2 blade conversion for the magazine, the set up is different to that of the 3 blader.


Looking forward to your WA version, the centre of drag was taken into consideration at the design stage, the blades and horizontal stab will compensate for this easily. That said, with the speed we fly these autogyros at it shouldn't be of any concern, I have flown mine with the canopy off and there has been no trim changes.

Perfect weather for a maiden Tim, glad it went ok thumbs up

Hopefully a little more news on the Revolver II in the coming weeks wink 2


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