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Thread: Britflight HTwo-o build and test flight
10/08/2011 15:59:23
Laurent has just alerted me to this topic while placing an order for another HTWO-O.
I will take each of his points away and see if there are improvements that can be made to the model to make it more user friendly, it is the most "complicated" of the range thus far and I would be lying if I said no one has made comments/suggestions for improvements because they have, but there is a limited budget to work with because of the resale price. I'd love everything we make/resell/design to be perfect but that isn't always possible - same as I'd love my Land Rover to always work and my house never to need any work - they both cost a fair bit more!
Everyone is entitle to their own opinion, my only "gripe" would be that it is a good idea to approach a company and see what action they may take to assist prior to publicly slating them - if we get one thing right it is our customer service and had I known Laurent had had such a lot of trouble with his build I would have done something to help. I don't put "feedback is important so if you have any comments on your plane, positive and/or negative then we'd like to hear them" on every receipt just to waste printer ink - we do mean it!
Hopefully Laurent will be happier with his new HTWO-O and I will try to do something to make this new one more successful for him.


Thread: Flying on recreation grounds and in other public spaces
09/07/2011 07:59:55
I do fly at a local recreation ground - it is the only place locally I can fly while being on call, I don't want to be faced with the choice of having to take the fire engine off the run/unavailable just because I want to spend a bit of time flying - we don't have enough personnel to allow me to just come off call yet still have the fire engine crewed. So I only fly when the park is empty, as soon as someone else comes along I land until they have cleared the area and I limit it to my Hustle being the largest plane to fly there. I have never been approached by anyone despite it being "owned" by Surrey county council who ban anything that could be deemed as fun!
There is a much bigger and emptier field owned by the Army that many local people fly from but they are under fire from the civvy guards that "look after" Army grounds and of course it takes too long to respond from there.
Peters list of things that are okay to do does suggest the person who risk assessed the grounds really does need to be retrained! Additionally I find the language from those on the side lines on Sunday football matched much more of a inconvenience than any small electric plane!
Thread: Won't deliver-can't deliver
21/12/2010 14:07:51
TNT emailed yesterday to say that they were not guaranteeing next day delivery anywhere due to the back-log - so we've been working manically to get all orders out before the Wednesday cut-off only to find TNT say tough!

Royal Mail seem to be taking  3 days to deliver a special delivery and I have some people who I sent recorded stuff to Monday last week and it still isn't there.
Thread: HK Orange Rx
20/12/2010 11:18:22
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 03/12/2010 13:34:19:
The big fish now stock these...however, OOS at present !
 Yup, I've just bought some from them for myself - beautifully marked up as Spektrum AR6100e.....

Edited By Bryce Allcorn - on 20/12/2010 11:18:39

Thread: Possible Fire Hazards!
20/12/2010 10:40:05
Hi Bert,
Yup just one or two!  People that put a tealight candle straight onto the TV (not such an issue now with modern non-CRT screens).  My wife decided to create a nice little christmasy shelf type thing in the hall/lobby at home, complete with tealight candle in little santa style holders sitting on a christmasy table runner!  It got moved!
20/12/2010 09:52:49

 Peter B raises some valid points but as an ex-electronic safety test engineer, UK/Euro approved PSU's are tested to high standards, anything sold through a legitimate UK (probably European) company should by law be type approved and fully tested. 
 The problem is all those companies and people that import direct from China etc.  who are happy to save a few quid rather than buying the legitimate product from the UK - all great until it goes wrong!
Plus there are many resellers who don't have a clue what the law says, they assume that just because the box says it is ok, its fine to sell.  One of the biggest DIY chains gets all product that they sell independently safety tested so they have covered themselves and  kept their customers safe.  Very sensible.
Who remembers the problems with Christmas tree lights that were imported and sold in the cheap shops that appear just before Christmas?  Most people just think it was 240V lights that were the problem when in fact more fires were due to faulty 240/12 or 9 volt transformers than by the lights themselves.
I'm probably the worst person to demonstrate stuff considering my present and previous jobs, but what I do and what I say to do are two very different things for many different reasons!  With BritFlight I ensure we fully comply, we have compliance certs for just about everything - very much overkill but you never know!
Just be careful, if people applied common sense to most things the world would be safer, I watched a clip on the news of someone trying to drive up a hill in the snow, the engine having it's nuts revved off and the wheels just spinning.  Common sense says that is the wrong thing to do.  People light candles on window sills right next to curtains, surely to someone with sense, that is a stupid thing to do?
Thread: Advice Needed
17/12/2010 10:14:08
My younger brothers had the same problem, one had  1.2 corsa and the other had a 1.6 306, the 306 insurance was a lot (lot) cheaper as the insurance companies didn't add the "car type" risk to the 306 that they seem to add to fiestas, corsas, saxos, 106 and so on.
Do they still offer pass plus discount?  Also young drivers can now get discounts if they agree to certain restrictions (no passenger after a certain time and so on).
Have a look at 
Your question is often asked there.
Thread: Possible Fire Hazards!
17/12/2010 09:57:50
Budget cuts are a nightmare to the fire service - we sit back trying to work out how we are all supposed to save XX% from staff salaries when we (the fire service in general) is unstaffed and then they put on recruitment freezes.
Think about those in rural areas where staff levels have been cut, this is for retained as well as whole time - the strain for some of us to keep our fire engine on the run vs. family and business life is so much we are having to quit - but higher up don't/won't see it.  
An insurance company would never know that a home fire safety visit had been carried out unless you told them, even then they wouldn't be privy to the specific information you were given as it isn't recorded and even if it was the DPA would mean it was confidential.  Obviously if it is used as trade premises then the rules are different.
We do try to be efficient with water rather than just flooding the place!  Personnel property salvage is a high priority, I've been to many jobs (especially thatched cottages) where I'm emptying the home of possessions wile the fire is burning above.

16/12/2010 14:51:25
An interesting topic but I'd like to add the following:
If you do have a fire the best advice is close the door to that room, close any doors on the way out and get out.  If you can switch of the utilities (ie electric/gas) then great but don't go further into the building to do so.  Call the fire service straight away.
 Only attempt to fight the fire if you know what you are doing, more fires are made worse by those who don't know what they are doing with an extinguisher than are put out, often people start off well but then run out of fire fighting media at exactly the wrong time - not good.
I'd rather turn up to a job where we know where the fire is and everyone is out and safe rather than to one that has spread, people are trapped and so on - be very very careful.
Simple but useful information to give to crews when they arrive are:
Is everyone out (including pets)?  If not where were they last seen?
Where is the fire?
Are doors open or closed?
Where are the utilities? (Fuse box/gas valve)
Is there anything the could be a risk to crews (what and where), such as gas cylinders, fuel, floor boards lifted for DIY and so on)
Really obvious stuff but can make the difference.
Thread: battery fires
01/12/2010 13:27:01
I'd just like to clarify that the papers I mention cover the area of Hampshire I live/work in and I'm not suggesting the stories I mention have anything to do with Kent. 
Also sometime we are very difficult to get a press release from!
01/12/2010 11:39:22
Lol!  I've been to enough fires to not be surprised at the story written in the press a few days later and how little it resembles the job we were at!
Been to a garage fire that was reported in the paper to have been a fire in a 1st floor bedroom, a car fire (renault megan) that was reported as a Ford Focus with a photo of the burnt out car in the article and many more.
01/12/2010 11:25:23
There is nothing to say it had anything to do with a battery, just because it is said to the press it is believed it was caused by a battery and could just be hearsay by the wife - could easily have been an iron left on ( my Dad used to have to share his hobby room with the ironing board!) and Kent Fire don't mention the cause at all so don't get too hot and bothered by it.
Thread: Site is painfully slow
19/11/2010 10:52:57
The banners/advertising make it impossible to use on my netbook so I can't use the forum unless at the office.  Oddly my Wife has refused me spending money on a more powerful laptop so that I can look at one or two specific websites.  I use RCMF in the evening/weekend if I need to search for info on something plane related, but use both during the working week. and are as bad as each other for overly graphics/memory intensive advertising.
Will my hobbystore give all subscribers a more powerful PC for Christmas?

Edited By Bryce Allcorn - on 19/11/2010 10:53:38

Thread: What do you think?
04/11/2010 08:57:49
Looks great a nice to see something a bit unusual - I had an email from Hobbyking last weekend with it and thought about it for a while - but nowhere to fly from for me.
Thread: Oh Dear - She's getting too clever for me
22/09/2010 12:24:43
Very good!
Of course, if you run a model aircraft business there is no limit to "just something I'm testing"! Although she is learning, noticing stuff when she comes to the office and I'm learning to go to the office on the way home from shows to off load prior to getting home!
But as she is an ex BAe person, who used to organise the air show stand for BAe she knows more about real planes than I do!
Thread: Elite models
01/09/2010 10:12:30
Refunds by Paypal tend to be instant (back to your paypal account), refunds via debit card can take 3 days to go through and refunds via credit can take 5 days.
 Just the same as if you go to B&Q (for example) and take something back, sometimes refund to debit card account is instant but I've always been advised it can take up to 3 days.  Credit cards can be longer.
As a trader, I prefer Paypal as a way of receiving money as it's easily manageable and better for the customer in terms of knowing what is happening - we sometimes get people ordering a plane and an electric pack using the separate order buttons on the website, it's really simple for me to log in to paypal and give them a refund as if they'd ordered the stuff using the Plane and E/P together option.  No delays and a happy customer!
On the flipside, Paypal is about the most expensive way of taking payment (American Express excluded!).
Thread: Southern Model Airshow
26/08/2010 15:11:07
For what is one of the best shows (IMO) and a great venue £12 or (£9 if old or very young) seems reasonable when compared to other shows.
They support the trade and pilots well too (and provide decent showers!).
Compared to many shows, this would be one of the few I wouldn't complain about!

Thread: H/K F18 Hornet has landed
25/08/2010 14:00:21
Just ordered the A4 Skyhawk ARTF version - will see how it goes + how long delivery is (ordered with a load of out of stock stuff).
Thread: An unexpected hazzard of RC flying.
28/07/2010 12:44:51
Good luck, totally unbelievable and I hope the Police come down hard - has the potential to get very nasty if the Police don't stop them.
Got to laugh at David commenting on language though, when the linked video is understandably  colourful at times!!! 
Thread: Farnborough Airshow
16/07/2010 11:27:39
I've just spent 4 days at the airshow as part of my fire service role - I have to say this year the validation flying has been very entertaining and if we get some good weather I would recommend going - been a good few years since I have been able to say that!

Public days are Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of July.
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