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Thread: New glue
29/11/2010 23:14:22
thanks for the input makes me wonder what else is out there that we use without knowing
i have parkinson;s disease maybe all those years of breathing paint fumes
16/11/2010 10:33:59
found a new glue it is called welder a contact cement made by homax products herein the usa. it is the perfect canopy glue. it has to be held in place till dry  about an hour to set and twelve to cure but once set you will tear the canopy trying to get it off. the primary use i bought it for is for hinging control surfaces(beveled edges type)you just tape the two surfaces together and smear a small dab in several places on the joint let dry then remove the tape and walla a hinged joint. there is only a thin film doing the job but it is tough and flexible. you have to do it to believe is the only way i hinge now.
Thread: My first RC fixed wing.
04/05/2010 19:45:08
my name is clark ross and i thought that was interesting because i have never heard of anyone with the same name as mine except being opposite. and a fellow modeller also.
   i live in the united states.
Thread: Flying wing / swept wing COG calulator.
06/09/2009 13:47:47
i give up , i will just stay with what works for me
regards clark
04/09/2009 21:06:52
the reflexed airfoil on a plank type wing has no washout. the reflex is there to stabilise. and the twist is there on a swept wing for the same reason and washout is just a
secondary benefit . wihout the twist the wing would tuck under.
   the me163 is a good example ,  you can see the twist in the wing the question is how much do you need to counteract the lift forces that cause it to tuck under
regards clark
03/09/2009 21:21:08
no tim  all flying wings have either a twist in the wing or elevons that have a little up in them or like a plank which has a reflexed airfoil. on a swept wing you have to have a different angle at the tip because the wingtip becomes the stabilizer and just like a normal airplane there has to be a difference between the wing and stabilizer .of course the twist also acts as washout to prevent tip stall.
a good web site for flying wings is( the wing is the thing)
regards clark
03/09/2009 11:12:41
the trouble i have with a wing is when i use a twist in the wing i don't know what angle difference there should be between the root and the tip. not enough and it will tuck under to much and you are just adding drag.
  i agree with the one third of the mean chord projected back to the root chord but the location of the  cg seems to be effected by the twist or angle of the elevons.
  does anyone have an idea what the angle should be.
Thread: Wing position.
03/09/2009 10:36:41
something i think is very important in relationship to wing position is center of gravity, everything revolves around it
.it is a point not a line someware in the airplanes structure.
   with a high wing the cg is under the wing giving a pendelum effect which contributes to stability
with a low wing the cg is above the wing requiring more dihedral to compensate for the instability caused by the high cg.
   the areobatic airplane usually has the cg in the center of the wing with no dihedral to
make it delibertly unstable so it will respond quicker.
regards,  clark
Thread: Painting over covering?
18/05/2009 15:23:51
tryed krylon paint works well ,takes alot of effort to scratch it off
thanks guys  clark
07/05/2009 03:15:35
thanks guys 
while browsing the forum i found a site that i can't find again but they said that krylon brand paint will work so i am going to give that a try first on a test piece to prove it does work
28/04/2009 20:30:17
can anyone tell me if it is possible to paint mylar covering material . what i want to do is cover the airplane in olive drab and then using brown or dark green paint a camoflog pattern over it. i am afraid the paint will     peel. is there a paint that   that will work.?
 my originel idea was to cover it with a covering that was camoflage but was unable to find it.
Thread: Propellosaurus
17/04/2009 14:22:32
flew mine with new motor and two cell lipo . it flys but not easy to fly you have to throw it hard and upward if you don't it will dive into ground. two thirds throttle is best less it dives more it climbs . every time i try to fly i bring back pieces it is getting to look pretty sad just about ready for the scrap barrel. i think something has to be done to the thrust line to keep it from diving.
16/04/2009 01:23:52
flew mine was underpowered glided ok but i broke something had to quit for the day.
put a diferent motor on it . trying to fly it on two cell lipo instead of three didn't want to buy another battery pack haven't flown it yet with new motor.
03/04/2009 22:47:48
mine is done but looks like i am going to have to add a lot of weight to get it to balance.
i put the hatch on top to make it easier to get at
Thread: Pick -a- 'plane discussions
03/02/2009 21:12:49
i just finished designing and building a bamboo bomber has not been flown yet mine is a thirty inch span using two mgk geared motors. i would like to see some one design a maybe larger model of it.
Thread: Foam Cutting
02/02/2009 03:42:58
i use a variac it came out of  a  arc  welder . there is a whole bank of them in a welder and when a welder goes bad they usualy throw all of them out and rebuild with new ones. if you know of a welder supply place you might pick a used one reasonably. they have more power than you will ever use. and they
have there own voltage control
about cutting i hang mine from a steel rod with a linaer bearing to give a smooth ride, you don't want any thing to wiggle while your cutting. the bow  is pulled thru the foam and over the end templates by hand using   two insulated wire hooks. the bow has two
weights that are positioned to  put  upword  or downword force against the cutting wire
depending  on whitch you are cutting the top or bottom of the wing.
the rod  is supporeted above the table from both ends. it requires only one person to operate it.
Thread: What makes models zoom
26/01/2009 13:28:16
a raised entry on a flat bottomed airfoil can make a big difference depending on how far it is raised. and a rounded leading edge helps to seperate the airflow while changing angles of flight. having the corect stabilizer size helps to. back in the fifties a close friend of mine larry conover won the world chapionship fai free flight with a model called the lucky lindy.
it had a flat bottomed airfoil with a sharp leading edge that had a glide ratio that had to be sean to be believed. but it was specialised for free flight and would not have worked well any where else
Thread: Finding the center of gravity
19/01/2009 22:53:20
very basic most of the time. usually 1/3 back from leading edge on astraight wing . there is a method to find it on a swept wing. "question" i have a glider with a wing panel that is straight for the first 30" then it has a 30" tip that has a straight trailing edge and a tapered leading edge . i have assumed that i  figure out the cg for each panel and go half way between for the actual cg position. that seems logical, but what if the panels are not equal?
usually i just add or take away weight after a test flight but some times there isn't enough room inside and i end up sticking weight on the outside {ugly}
i like to cast a lead weight to fit in a space provided.
Thread: Anyone recognize this plane?
12/01/2009 14:14:00

i am looking at a set of plans of a extra 3.25 .that was a pull out two sheet set from model airplane news. unfortunately there is no date on the plans. it has a 47" wing span but any copy shop can reduce or enlarge the plans . the plan was designed and drawn by rich uravitch . the pull out plans by joe demarco.

every time i look at the plans i get all fired up to build it but just haven,t . it has small control surfaces so it was probably designed before 3d flying

good hunting clark

Thread: Talk about ccccold
12/01/2009 01:35:00
drove through the blowing snow and frigid temperatures to the school gym. toasty warm inside.had agood flying night . good old basket ball court got used for something better than basketball
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