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Thread: C.A.P No.19 DH Tiger Moth 70"
07/04/2020 15:20:21

Thanks Alan, it does look like it! However, when the wood was all pulled out there in the bottom was a yellowed plan!


07/04/2020 09:58:56

Hi Folks, been a while since I posted!

Found and old C.A.P kit in my stores, and now looking for plans for it, as it comes complete with pre-cut parts and accessories, including a cowl, but no plans, tried googling, but getting no where fast ?


Thread: Decisions - Blaze or Blizzard?
04/09/2017 14:30:19

Thanks Richard, Slough Models did the Blaze for £99 if the Lightning is around £120 then I might try it!

04/09/2017 11:21:43

Still got my blaze flying on a regular basis and still enjoying it as a first choice grab and go model.

My question remains as for the blizzard for a slight dive performance gain and £100 plus or more,  is it worth it over the £100 rtf blaze? Dont know much about the lightning I may have been tempted to get one as my blaze is looking a bit worn now but from a quick google, again is it worth it for an extra £50, might as well get another blaze once this one dies after 7 yrs use and abuse!

A quick calculation on my use and abuse of my Blaze, on average it's flown twice a month 3 times each session = 6 flights a month x 6.5 yrs = 468 flights give or take, some which last 30 mins if I take my chair along else it's bombing around for 10 mins!

Edited By Delta Whiskey on 04/09/2017 11:43:40

Thread: Seagull Super Decathlon 120 size
13/07/2017 08:16:09

Update please?

Thread: Super Decathlon Questions
13/07/2017 08:14:27

Great - thanks both, will check out hobbyplastics.

12/07/2017 15:57:49

I've always liked and wanted a Super Decathlon model, with its large body and slow flying characteristics while being some what aerobatic capable, so I thought it's about time I did something about it.......

...thing is I really want a Hanger 9 model, (although I know Seagull do a good version too), but I want to use petrol and the H9 one is too big at 100cc for me, do they or anyone else make a good quality 50cc version, or even 30cc?

I know the seagull 120 equals roughly about a 20 - 26cc petrol if I am correct so maybe a 30cc will do in one or would this be too much? (I know you can never have too much - but will a dle 30cc fit?) Ideally want a 500c though!



Edited By Delta Whiskey on 12/07/2017 15:58:25

Thread: Sad News - KPMFC to Close
30/04/2015 18:12:36

Yep it was a good day, even if it was a little cold and windy, I managed to tow a fellow flyers vintage glider up a couple of times with Big Bird, then a long coloured streamer attached looked good from the ground. Look forward to seeing your pics Mike!

Lots there as you say, really enjoyed it sad to pack up my gear at the end for the last time at KP !

Now to get into a routine, find a job and get used to the new site. Hopefully sense will prevail and the green belt status will be retained and we may be able to return some day!

16/04/2015 17:37:21

Update: Good News, we have secured a one year contract with a local Cricket club who have just installed a new cricket square and cannot use it for 18 months for it to fully bed in, they are more than happy to let us us the outfield and beyond as long as we go nowhere near the new sqaure! At least this keeps the club going whilst we look for something more permanant.

Although we are still called Kempton Park Model Flying Club (for now), we will not be based there anymore and after enjoying some 26 years there with a nice private area, great strip, pits, porta cabin and 1/8th buggy race track. Still sad but at least we have somewhere to fly for a year!

Oh lets hope still though it remains GREEN BELT LAND, and that the Conservative Council that is entertaining the UK Jockey Club about a possible 1500 homes +  to be built there, do not get back in after May !

Edited By Delta Whiskey on 16/04/2015 17:40:23

30/03/2015 19:43:11

Thanks Mike, I like that !

Timer ticking at: **LINK** let's hope we can get at least some flying in before the END!

29/03/2015 16:06:35

and how it will look soon with developers and councillors rubbing their hands and on a beach somewhere keeping away from anything like this!:


29/03/2015 15:56:59

How it looks now after being bulldozed !  :

kemptongreenbulldozed copy.jpg

Edited By Delta Whiskey on 29/03/2015 15:57:59

29/03/2015 15:47:27

How the area immediatelty to the north of our strip looked last year:

kempton green.jpg

29/03/2015 15:28:59

Well here we are almost within our last 30 days and with the forecast this week and general conditions normally expected for Easter, I doubt that we will get many flying days in before the END !

We have placed Ads in Farmers magazines, contacted BMFA, Sandown racecourse, engaged with the local council and looked at a few possible fields after finding out who the owners were, all to no avail.

One promising site still needs following up on and some test flights arranged but we are not going to get what we had, but then beggars can't be chosers I guess especially when our government pushes more and more demands to the local councils for more housing even if it is on Green Belt land !!

It doesen't help either when the head of the council dosen't even live in the borough and controls the planning department and sees the £29m they will get from this sale of land from the UK Jockey club due to some ancient covenant placed on it, and then all the central govenment grants etc + council tax that will increase from the 1500 homes suggested for the site !

Anyway enough raving on from me, but please do fly safe, get any club complaints dealt with as quickly as possible and look at any chances to buy your land before it too is built on to meet our governments demand for more housing! (which will be more then likely used to house foreigners & social needs)sad

Thread: BMFA Classifieds back up & running.
22/02/2015 20:52:33

Not read all the posts under this thread but where does one set up email notifications for newly posted ads of interest?

Thread: Auto G2
22/02/2015 19:24:06

Ah I thought they would assist a slow 45 deg landing ! Well that will give me a bit more confidence to try again thx !

22/02/2015 18:58:11

Thx Gavin. Well I took it out as stock for another flight on Friday, and as it was a lot calmer I did an easy short take off with the auto start, so I guess that's one small plus point, though I did find I had to fly it around basically on full or almost full power and even manage a few nice stall turns!

A few minutes later though I thought I better get ready of landing and switched on the auto start and slowed down on the thrust power, this caused a nose dive straight it ! Luckily though on wet soft ground only damage was prop and main rotor blades ! I order the coolwind plate and AJ blades early Fri afternoon and got them Sat morning ! Excellent service !

So just got to fit them and see if there is much difference !

Edited By Delta Whiskey on 22/02/2015 18:59:27

17/02/2015 20:34:51

So get the G1 then !

Are you referring to the conversion plate only for the G1 on the cool wind web site?

17/02/2015 18:21:56

Well a somewhat disapointing day really...........the pre rotation system was intermittant and when it did work a couple of take off attempts saw it tip over, the cocktail sticks doing their job and saving any damage other than for a slight chip in the foam of one balde which I cellotaped over.

Messing around with it, I decided to move the pre rotation esc to channel 6 (futaba) which uses the VR knob Ch 6 and the rotation system worked fine every time, it did not like the on / off switch on Ch 5 (gear) at all ! So I will look up how to assign the variable knob to another switch now, but for today just turning it up to max and with a fellow flyer hand launching it for me and then turning down the variable knob to zero, I had a sucessful flight, I saw no need to turn on the roatation motor again and even did a spot on landing.

Things I were disapointed with were the weakness of the blades, (they won't last long at all I suspect) and the lack of thrust it seem to have, though it was quite windy. I also had to hold in full down elevator to make it fly level which was not good, and added lot of down sub trim, but it looks weird having the elevator not level!

Any tips welcomed !


Edited By Delta Whiskey on 17/02/2015 18:25:00

16/02/2015 22:18:56

Did you mess around with the blade tracking at all, with the looseness in the setup I'm not sure it will make any difference getting the blades spot on?

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