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Thread: Painting glow engine blocks?
29/09/2020 15:21:16


Thanks for the message. It's all interesting stuff. Good when you come across people that use or have used certain methods. Anodising - various people who seem good at doing it all say Sulphuric acid is required and difficult to get. I expect its to prevent people throwing it over each other. Always a problem now a days when something 'harmful' is required. Still there is probably a way forward if I research it. I had a pal who did Ok with battery acid and distilled water. Is that correct distilled? water

I have uploaded a couple of videos, showing a Mills that had Magnesium Rot, painted in the black disc brake paint, sealed with hot oil and then ran and the finish aged and went Matt, making the engine look very original and not like it had been re painted



10/09/2020 15:49:40

I just read through this thread and I’ve been messing with heat proof paint that is made for painting automotive brakes. I’ve managed to get Signal Red , Green and Matt Black and Satin Black. Another modeller pal put me onto them as he had used them to re paint the black on Mills magnesium cases and ED Racers . Some Marine Diesels also,

I have used the paint on a few engines but I’ve not run any I’ve painted ( yet).

I have in the last 18 months invested in an ‘industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath’. The first time I painted Diesel engine the coating of the Red painting , the paint lifted easily . I found that cleaning the engine with an additive that’s designed for cleaning car and motor bike carbs worked a treat at degreasing the engines ready for the brake paint . I’m fairly confident the paint will stand diesel fuel . Not sure about glow fuel.

The ultrasonic cleaner with the carb cleaning additive makes a great cleaner / degreaser . It would work well for pre anodising treatment . It’s something else ( anodising ) I have been reading up on .

I found an interesting video about anodising . I’ll try and find it and post back

interesting thread


Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
10/09/2020 15:23:22

Just logging on checking the trading post.

do any traders have updates they want to share ? Are they open ? Normal hours ? Short hours?

SWM - re opened but with shorter hours for personal callers . Our normal hours still show on google because the store is open for mail order / phone & web and eBay items . But callers in person are 10 until 2 pm

The short hours are to keep up the constant sanitising , mail order etc. The mail order supports the store being open for the locals , so we’ve used up resources keeping on top of same day mail order when we can .

To state that again. - if calling at the store in person , it’s between 10 and 2 pm , it’s very safe as it’s masks on , sanitiser , only two in the store at any one time.

the only issue we’ve had with 2 in at anytime is when a customer has returned with a problem and we are sorting it on the counter , it can cause a back log as it holds up the flow of customers . We are asking people that do return with an item they need us to set up or look at that they call and we can give them an appointment . That way they don’t hold up the customer flow into store.

i would also add that looking at ESCs and set ups and stuff we are only looking after stuff we have sold / sell . Even before lock down more and more customers were turning up with items purchased at Hobby King or via eBay China . Our friendly , helpful free of charge ways do not stretch to items from other business’s. We could employ a person on Saturdays purely to look at items purchased elsewhere . Our legendary service comes with our own sales.

While we are always able to issue free advice , working on items purchased elsewhere is unfair on the customers that support us. If items are purchased direct from China cheaply . People should factor in the lack of service that goes that.

The Future was looking quite positive we have a weekly meeting to discuss opening more hours , attending with the current issues and it did seem there was light at the end of the tunnel - But it seemed a step back was in place yesterday with stricter Covid 19 contact rules being put in place . So for the moment we are pressing as we were . I’m not sure of how Clubs are affected by the 6 person rule .


Open Mail Order as normal 24/7 website 9.30 till 5.30 pm phones mail order

callers in person 10 am till 2pm temporary As at 10.9 .2020

masks mandatory unless medical reasons prevent wearing one . Customers that turn up without masks can purchase one with a donation to charity in our Box on the counter.

if you have a problem with items purchased from us ( mode change , esc set up or similar please call us first and we may give you an appointment outside our normal temporary times )

hope that’s of some interest and help to members on the forum .

My very best wishes to all and keep safe!



ps I apologise for typos , writing this on my phone, but I have some problems with my eyes and can’t read it back . Hopefully my eyes will get better . It’s a nasty side effect of my conditions 





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Thread: RC IC Engines, you've probably never heard of.
30/06/2020 17:15:47

I mentioned the Red Fin Twins. These are also from Alex Phin. As far as I am aware he has no 060 Twins available and that's now finished regard new manufacture. He does have some 99 Twins left currently. Very low numbers.


060-.99 twins.jpg

They look so sexy!

Red Fin 99 Flag Ship Twin

The Silencers tend to starve the engines power.

The Twin should only be run by someone experienced in the running of model diesel engines. They must not be ran over rich. if the cylinders flood and one over compresses while the other is still max on power the loads put on the individual conrods can cause failure. NEVER let the rear cylinder over take the from cylinder in revs. It will all go very wrong, very quickly. This is not an unusual trait in Diesel Twins. The Boddo Twin suffered the same issues. The rear cylinder revving harder than the front causing conrod failure and instant engine stop. The OTT 5cc Twin also suffered Conrod Fails if the rear cylinder revved more than the front. The forces on the conrods when the cylinders are compressed or revving differently can lead to catastrophic failure. 

Alex Fin Twin Fin Diesel Engines


Alex Fin Twin Fin Diesel Engines

I've always had a thing for Twins, Diesel Twins - Its heaven. Diesel Heaven.



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30/06/2020 17:02:42

Another Rare Diesel currently available from Red Fin Engines is an 05 Mini Racer Based on the famous and classic 2.49 racer by ED its a jewel of an engine. great for 30 to 40 inch RC assist vintage. The Junior 60 flew with the Original 2.46 Diesel. It was often seen paired with one. Now you can build the half size Junior 30 and have a shrunken down 1/2 cc Replica in it. Just perfect for a 1/2 size Junior 60 or similar.Red Fin Mini Racer 1/2cc

Red Fin engines are by Alex Phin. Hence the name. The Mini Racer is available in Original as pictured or a classic cool blue version or a green version. They all look awesome, but its hard to beat the original Red and Black look. You wont get Red Fin at a store or anywhere else. Its available from Alex Phin Direct.

He has stock at June 2020 - He has a new Millish 061 TBR engine due soon. A modern running engine with a vintage style of looks. He has fixed stunt venturi, but he does offer diesel Carbs for some of his engines. So some can be RC throttle engines. He was a website Red Fin Engines, although its never totally up to date. His contact details are there.

I think Alex is doing aeromodelling a great service designing and manufacturing ( in the Ukraine) diesel engines when i'm sure making such engines is a risky business. Because of modern manufacturing methods, Alex has been able to run limited quantity runs on all manner of small diesel engines including 2 Twins 060 and 99 and a Tether Car Diesel. Once manufactured in The Ukraine they end up with Alex who test runs every engine before dispatch. Once 100,200 or 400 engines of a type have been sold they are usually not made again. It keeps the engine types 'wanted' and scarce and it also keeps the value of the engines at least the buying price if not more. The Twin diesels which have cost £200 to £245 from Alex have been seen selling on eBay for £300 to £450. Instant gain in value on the purchase price. Alex has no 060's leftm, but he does have some 99 size. I think around £240 to £250 or more with RC carb. Yet they are selling for over £400 on eBay sometimes. Once thing is for sure the return on Alex 's engines it better than the Nationwide Building Society high interest account.

Buy to run and sniff, buy to invest and collect or even use them in model planes. Apparently that's what they were for originally. surprise

Red Fin Mini Race 05

Millish 020 by Red Fin

My millish 020 from Alex Phin. Number 10

2 Millish 030 or 020

Even though the Crank Case says 030 , its really the 020 - the 030 was made and then the 020 and to keep costs down they share the crank case right down to them all being marked 030.

13 red fin mills.jpg

Alex Originally started with manufacture in China by CS and after CS closed he went to the Ukraine. It has to be said the Ukraine engines are way ahead regard construction and build quality, but as can be seen by this Navo 1.3 ( Mills 1.3 ) engine the Chinese turned out a nice looking engine most of the time.

I will try and post some more Red Fin as I think they are one of the UK 's best kept secrets.


30/06/2020 16:41:18

More Diesels. The Blue Tops are Glows that have been converted to Diesel. The West Engine is a currently available RC Diesel Engine 38 size. The West 38 - Only from Weston UK. Alan at Weston UK also has some ED Diesels available again.

Peter Tarn Diesels

There is a Model Engineer I have come to know called Peter Tarn. A grand chap and super model engineer. He set about converting Glows to Diesels. Why? Because he could. He's come up with a system and converted all manner of glow to Diesel.

Like all engines that are custom, his engines are Rare. he sometimes lists conversions for sale on eBay. Last week he had a 15 LA Diesel in auction on eBay. A new condition engine only ran by Peter to check the conversion.. A strong runner as a Diesel and super quiet. The 15 LA engine made it to £188 in auction. His engines are well thought off. I'd put them in the custom , rare and hard to find range of engines. That is not readily available , although Peter has done commision Diesel Builds.Keep an eye on his store on eBay, he lists conversions all the time. Currently 30.06.2020 he has a K&B diesel for sale. It looks awesome. Below We have some SS 50 Enya Diesels and Nova Rossi Rear Exhaust 3.5 cc WC 2008 engine, pictured along side West 38 Diesel Engine. The West 38 is currently available Direct only from, Weston UK. Its a cracker!Peter Tarn SS 40 Dieselwest 38 and Rossi DieselWest Diesel 38 RCWeston UK West 38 Diesel with my Enyas

Lovely looking engines. Weston's route offers an off the shelf way into RC Diesel engines.



Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
25/06/2020 17:18:56
Posted by leccyflyer on 24/06/2020 23:23:39:

Hi Ste

That's great news and the shop looks fantastic there, please give my very best wishes to everyone in the shop. I really miss having the best model shop in the country right on my doorstep and, as you say, the old days -especially the late night Fridays. Click and collect must be a boon for modellers for those hard to post items

Imagine Frodsham having a guitar shop - Gary Barlow might never have taken up the keyboards! Good to hear that you are enjoying your playing too.

Tim's just submitted his PhD thesis a couple of weeks ago, and we're hoping to see him once the lockdown lifts and he can come home for a visit..

All the best Ste


Hi Brian,

Really nice to hear from you. Thanks for news. I know what you mean regard the lock down. Remember me to Tim and wish him good luck from me, I shall pass on your best wishes the SWM team. They'll be pleased to hear from you.

Your making me blush with the description of the SWM store, but I've never been too modest and so I'll agree.

Friday Night Opening. That was a good time - Back in the old day. Due to the Addison's disease and Steroids and the RA I am actually double the weight and plus a little more than I was back then. Twice the man I joke. I'd love to return to the slim old days.

Recently I found a hand written photocopy sheet of one of my Friday Night Specials. One of the Friday Nighter's passed away some 20 years ago and his wife was moving home to go into sheltered housing. His daughter asked we'd help get rid of his stuff. We don's do that sort of thing usually, but she needed help so took his gear to sort and dispose of on eBay. He had all the What's New at Steve Webb Sheets. The hand written ones to the later Apple Mac desk top publishing ones.

The sheets were hand written until about 1995 as we did not have a computer. The paper I found was interesting to me as it had an offer in a hand drawn star shape offer -Futaba 148's. Back then the 148 was the staple servo diet of most modellers. Above the offer is said ' Steve Webb Models is the servoshop. That's where the name servoshop was to come from. Years later. So servoshop had its beginnings on Friday Nights. Servoshop has been essential to SWM's continued trading. We now have a number of industrial users and special effects companies that use us for servo supplies.

Not only the best model shop, but also this guy. If you stayed in the Frodsham area you would be broke!


Have a look at his site. He holds make your own guitar classes. He's selling some Guitars from Gordon Giltrap. He just got me with one. Inexpensive made in Malaysia. Mine cost a little more as he did a set up on it and changed strings etc. The Band is called 'Vintage' and mine is made from Mahogany wood. A sort of Parlour esk guitar.

Take Care old pal.

My very best wishes.


24/06/2020 23:07:11
Posted by leccyflyer on 21/06/2020 09:15:20:

That's good news that you are reopening for caller Steve - would love to see some piccies of the new layout of the shop.

best wishes


Hi Bri

It’s super to hear from you. I often think of you, wonder how you are getting on . Timmy will be a young man now with career and all that comes with age. Time Flys .

Yes - A cautionary Phase 1 , restricted shorter open hours to callers , but still open for business all day on the phone, website . The mail order has been incredible , but so difficult for only 4 staff to cope with. But like you’d expect of our lot they’ve done it!

The Phase 1 layout
Here’ s Adrian , pictured before we opened . He has got to wearing a mask  now - so you don’t get to see his face.

Imagine all the times I’ve been in the shop and customers when given the bill have said ‘ blimey Ste Dick Turpin wore a mask’ . I can’t be there - But finally I would have had a mask!


Have you noticed on the floor on the way in we are one of the only stores in this pandemic to warn modellers to keep away from their spouse or the opposite sex at 2 metres apart . A different spin on Social Distancing !


i didn’t have great pictures , but these should give the idea . It’s all about safety first.

mail order is still very active , we are on the verge of releasing click and drop off to collect . Our IT guy is on it

so customers will be able to collect goods. They will pay on line and can arrange to collect outside . Avoid any queuing or having to be in the store.

of course fuel, paints , li pos are not all mail order friendly .So collection by many wanting those items is a good thing.

I miss the old days Brian. I have some good news . I’d sold many off my guitars due to my hands and the RA . But I have managed to take up playing in a strange arthritic hands way! I’ve developed some techniques and my playing is better than when I had hands! I just got myself a mahogany Vintage Guitar from MG Guitars in Frodsham . Yes we have a specialist guitar store in Frodsham. Jack picked it up when my old acoustic Fender was in for some work. It was a big step buying a guitar as I honestly didn’t think I’d play ever again.

My warmest best wishes to you all





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24/06/2020 22:46:51
Posted by ken anderson. on 21/06/2020 09:01:47:

iv'e just had good/great service from Slec and R/R Control via the post and courier …. thanks.

ken dept

Slec are a good UK company , they put a lot into the Hobby . Essential trader , good to hear all is well with them . They have a very good reputation for their service . I might have my own store , but I’ve mail ordered stuff from Slec in the past and always been very happy with what was delivered !
I’ve just laminated one of their balsa building boards to a chunk of wood to stop it bending .


24/06/2020 22:43:23
Posted by Ron Gray on 21/06/2020 08:44:11:

Glad to see that you’re getting back to (the new?) normal and I would like to thank you for keeping your sales service going over the last few months, it certainly helped me keep going with my builds!

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your kind words , it’s been rather frustrating for me as I’m shielding , being on the most vulnerable Gov List .

So it was all down to the team Ann, Adrian , David and Robin . They were the only four in and were kept very busy as many of our local callers took to having us post items to them. It’s been great that people like yourself have supported us. Everyone working so hard to make sure when the new normal emerges SWM will still be standing!

We are still advising customers to use the mail order service where they can. There’s only two customers , two staff allowed at the counter , door open, letting air in . So important to keep the staff and the customers safe. We have complementary Sanitiser on the table in front of the counter .

Theres an RC Company that makes a product called Muck Off . A cleaning solution for muddy RC cars. They turned to Sanitiser production and I have to say there’s are best I’ve tried . The trigger Atomiser is so good!

thanks again Ron


21/06/2020 08:18:32

Just thought I’d pop back and thank everyone, especially those supporting the UK model trade during this pandemic crisis and for posting and sharing information in this thread.

SWM came out of the end of lockdown ( personal callers) last week. Never truly completely closed like many other UK companies as we were continuing with mail order. Now re opened to callers with reduced hours . I’d still advise people to Mail Order and only collect items that cannot be sent by mail .

Our own store has re opened with what will be an unfamiliar layout to our regular customers.The counter has moved and has protective Perspex shielding to comply with Social Distancing and Government recommendations. There’s no browsing for the moment , my nephew described the store as being a mini argos.

Many companies have re opened in a very similar manner and I think no matter what UK store you plan to visit you will need to check opening times to avoid disappointment and to comply to social distance regulations. Like many other stores we do not have a full compliment of staff in work is and only 2 customers can be in the store at any one time. No browsing is particularly harsh but like many stores we don’t have the staff to follow customers around wiping down items touched - But remember these measures are temporary. Eventually normal service will be resumed .

I expect this thread has served its purpose for the moment.


Once again let me say , regards shopping - I would recommend Mail Order where possible and if you are visiting your local model store check any temporary open / closing times that may be currently in place and adhere to social distancing measures. Like many UK businesses our own is committed to keep customers and staff as safe as possible. Regards toilet facilities we regret currently we have none available  and many UK stores will be the same.


Stay Alert and keep safe.






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Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
27/05/2020 18:10:37
Posted by Richard Harris on 28/08/2019 21:08:32:

Talking of videos here is the small amount of footage I captured of your first flight with an autogyro including the landing.


Hi Richard and Gyro Guys

I really enjoyed this thread. I speed read in places, really enjoyed the video with (is it) David's first landing of his first Gyro flight. Such a super reaction to the flight. Its that 'first' landing feeling. It can't be beat. The first landing on the strip, the first with a Jet and the first indoors and so on. You just cant beat those feelings.

I haven't seen you for a while Rich, I'm at home shielding. I didn't get much flying ( indoor) before the lock down and so I am suffering withdrawal now. Have you still got that little Diesel engine? You know the one... the little Mills.

I just got myself a 050 Replica ED Racer from Alex Fin - Amazing.

Take Care


Thread: Engine Care, Cleaning & Storage Chat
27/05/2020 17:50:36

Many years ago and until now when it comes to storing engines between flights - after the last flight of the day I would run the OS & Enya Four Strokes up at full chat pinching the pipe to use all the fuel up. I would suck pump the remaining fuel out of the tank. Often not connecting the feed back onto the engine. I use plastic plugs to seal off the tubing.

I would then use a good quality oil in the engine while still hot and turn it over swish it around a little. I used various oils over the years there was a specific oil Technics made I used a lot. At home I would store the level or nose up. Storing models on the nose with fuel left in the tank is one of the biggest problems regard from bearings in two strokes and four stroke. I don't fly power at the moment but back when I did 20 years of flying with four strokes never had a bearing go and yet being privileged to see engines with problems in the Job I've seen a four stroke get a rusty front bearing or an Enya SS 40 rust up solid in a week/10 days when fuel is left in the tank in a damp atmosphere with the model on its nose and fuel running from the 1/2 full tank into the engine. Bad storage can wreck and engine in under two weeks.

If I could bring up a point that Paul Marsh has made regard some of OS engines newer engine designs. I would say that the life of the bearings is not as good as they used to be for OS. I am not sure why this should be, but I have a couple of pals that store engines similar to what I used to and yet in some modern OS they've had bearing problems , where as in the old series Surpass and before they never had problems.

Likes of the FSR and SF range had fantastic bearing life. Could it be increased power with less lubrication?

I buy a few vintage engines and often find them gummed up solid with castor. Its great when they are as usually the engine once cleaned is like new. Except in the case of some OS engines. I've bought a few old OS that lose the plating on the pistons. I can't pin point one reason why this is, it is something that I have seen more than a few times. Again it never used to with the FSR and SF series engines. A pal recently had the plating come of the 60FP piston. I had one similar a few years ago.

The Old OS Max. FP, FSR.SF, Pre Surpass and Surpass engines take some beating. Of course dealing with Enya, although haven't had engines like the SS40 available for years. There's still lots out there. I have yet to find some one that can wear an SS40 out. They take gallons to run in and they don't seem to run out. Most Enya designs have not changed that much for years and the only engine that ever had bad bearing issues was 46 4C Mk1 fourstroke. Bearings lasted a couple of runs. The Mark 2 'Beefy' front was the cure. It wasn't corrosion issues it was a small bearing, the size used on the first Enya Open Rocker engines in a new Powerful 46 4C. The bearings were not up to it. It was just before my time with Enya, but when we took over the agency we were still dealing with some fall out from the 46 Mk1


Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
27/05/2020 17:24:52

RC Plane Flyer Glad to hear you were sorted out with an alternative. It seems to be a 'thing' at the moment that usual brands are not in stock and others are. I think the supply of goods is not flowing quite as well as it used to.

Some firms like ourselves working on reduced staff levels, there's some hit and miss postage, I have just waited for over 2 weeks for a package to come from the Wirral that was on a 3 day service and yet I also had some ultrasonic cleaning flew on order on a 7 day delivery from down south and that got to me in 3 days.

I've been a little naughty myself regard buying stuff - While Team SWM are in work I'm shielding at home, I have som,e health issues which means I cannot risk catching Covid.

I had a Mavic Mini on order from ourselves for about 4 months and that arrived just as the lock down started so that's not much use. I should at least give it a buzz in the back garden. Its 249g so under the CCA Regs.

But having had a text saying to stay in until the end of June and then expect further instructions. I won a Flair DR1 kit on eBay and picked up a 120 Enya on eBay.

A few other bits and bobs for projects but a couple of nights back spotted a reduced scale Hepcat on eBay eBay and 'nabbed' my self one. £49.99 Ready to cover. It hasn't arrived yet.

The same chap is selling a 30 inch reduced size Simplex


£42.99 Built! I have had kits of him before Miss Tally and Miss Tally's Big Sister. In Kit form and in Part Builds

Big Sister Mono **LINK**

I have one of those as well £29.99 Part built!

I thought I'd mention Grey Fish as I've been checking out his listings and he only started listing a week ago, he's been missing I guess because of the lock down.

One of my favourite sellers (Grey Fish) as he has re production Tanks for Diesels and I've had a fair few of those, I just ordered 2 046 ED Baby Tanks from him. £6.99 fittings kit. There's 2 in a set/ To give an idea of the value - I bought some similar from the late David Owen 12 year ago and they were £20+ each.

All good stuff.

07/05/2020 15:40:01

Tim Hickey

Thanks – Slec are legendary.

I had a balsa building board off them (and other stuff). It was unusually glued together ends of balsa. Great for sticking pins in. When it arrived a couple of years back it was flat. I was worried it might not stay flay and so stored it flat under the bed. Recently got it out to use and it had badly warped. I started to wish I had laminated it to a board. Anyway, my brother in law has done just that. He is glued and clamped it flat to a thick piece of MDF. It appears to be flat now. I am hoping it stays stable as the idea for pins is a good one. I also got a lot of odds and ends of ply that were great value.

Dai Fledermaus

Incredibly sad that Vanda and David had to post that. I expect they are overwhelmed with the orders while lock down is on. Its worth reminding fold that every business is under some strain or other at the current time. It could be staffing levels; it could be just operating social distancing in the workplace. I am sure some people do not understand the difficulties facing persons and business during this time. At SWM we have not always managed to clear the bench same day and it is not without trying. Not all the staff are in and those that are work long hours without respite.

There are delays with carriers and royal mail. Not everywhere, but it can happen. Many people will think why he is saying that. I understand that, I am not stupid.

Generally, people are not stupid, but some are very ignorant of the situation(s) and that is unfortunate. I cannot speak for Balsa Cabin, but its not unusual for customers to be rude to persons in retail. Hopefully, this health crisis might make them realise the error of their ways. At the end of the day there is some life and death, deep serious stuff far worse than a late order.


Abuse on email is commonplace. The term non proximity method is one phrase I had not heard but I can understand. A very good observation.

Your post is excellent. ‘pales into insignificance to other issues of our present times’.

Phone’s have been another source of strange instances by none proximity. Several callers being quite ‘strange’ as why the shop is shut? To callers. Very argumentative. Which means staff explain the restrictions and then they just repeat the question. Why is it shut though? Doh....

I put it down to ignorance. But if its not ignorance maybe it is stupidity.
Maybe some people are going a little stir crazy. It is still not justifiable to take that out one someone who is just trying their best to do their Job. In difficult circumstances in some cases. Good post Erfolg.

Pete Crosby – I said earlier. Slec – are legendary.

Ron Gray – Thanks for your support/ Kind words. Glad to hear your package arrived. I’m not at the SWM store and so I have told them about your message and the voicemail. If you need to call them the phone lines are open.

Anyway let's keep positive. There's more positive than negative. Lots of good stuff going on. Lots of traders continuing to support the hobby.


06/05/2020 01:24:15

Thanks again for all the posts regard business that continue to trade in these difficult times. I think the situation remains unchanged many traders are continuing to offer Mail Order services. The situation still feels many miles away from normal.

At SWM we are operating with less staff than usual and this situation presents lots of problems / solutions that would have never been thought off if it wasn’t for the current situation. Take the usually simple procedure off passing a phone to a colleague . Now there’s spraying and wiping down phones before passed to another person. The continual wiping down of surfaces and hand sanitising makes most people appear very Howard Hughes. Keeping 2 mtrs apart sounds easy , but I’m assured it isn’t. On the plus side , support has been good and thanks to all that have been supporting UK traders at this time.

I thought a few snippets of information might be of interest . At SWM we have found our presence on eBay to be trading well. That platform has become very busy. Considering the much smaller range of goods we have listed . Kits - from the Vintage Model co, Tony Ray , Dumas , Ripmax Keli Kraft through to the Buckle and Foss kits are all selling in higher numbers than usual . It seems people are taking the opportunity to build during the lock down. Big thanks to all our suppliers for keeping us supplied . Especially Colin Buckle and Chris Foss who will also be facing the problems of lock down. Hi y TV IV

We still are experiencing some delays in supply and although most Mail Order is arriving OK with customers , there’s been the occasional delay with Royal Mail and carriers in general . But the delays are very few.!

Thanks again, can I encourage MF members to post praise for suppliers that have managed to supply them. Any stories of encouragement welcome. 


good night




Steve Webb

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Thread: Rojair ME163 build
20/04/2020 23:39:00

I learned to fly multi on a Rojair 62 from Alpha Models in Ellesmere Port. I had a second Rojair Cadet to build , better and power more. Mistake. My first Rojair which survived into the 90's training folk , that had a OS Max 40 RC and it was perfect. The second had a 40 FSR and I was at the untidy aerobatic stage of learning. I ripped the wings off it.

I think I should have gone for the comet ... LOL. Im posting as this was on the wall of the shop. It was there for years or at least the same kit was. I expect it sold and another was placed there. The day it came to buying it - I went in and it wasnt there and worse. Rojair had burned down.

So that was that. I thought the kits were great at the time.


Thread: OS 40 FS pre Surpass
17/04/2020 17:01:49

The FS 40 ( one of the best engines OS ever produced IMO) uses the same exhaust pressure adaptor ( some call it a silencer) as the 20 & 26 OS engines. I think the ASP, SC 52 fits. Sometimes the OS version turn's up on eBay.

They can go for surprisingly high prices. Have you tried Just Engines? I sold a new one in its packet a few years ago. It was a spare I had and the auction went over £20 - I was amazed and wished I'd bought 20 off them when they were available. LOL.

The pressure adaptor ( which some think is a little Muffler) is best left off. It does nothing to quieten the engine as its quiet to start with. Its not high power like later generation OS engines. The FS 40 sets up better and runs better off pressure.

FS40 OS - 1982 - First version had a spring needle. Like a control line or stunt engines Needle. Flexible. Later versions had the grey shorter Needle. Like on the Surpass 40



Edited By Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 17/04/2020 17:04:46

Thread: Ebay sellers...
17/04/2020 15:33:05
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 10/02/2020 13:56:37:
Posted by Martin Harris on 07/02/2020 13:51:04:

Is it a Flyte 150?

i think so. Some are labelled as such, others arent.

KC, in essence they just dont look as well finished. The fins on the front of the head are an abomination, the brass pushrod tubes... They also lack the Laser name on the rocker cover although this could be fudged if someone swapped the cover from a genuine engine.

If in doubt, send me a link/photo and i can id it.

Hi Jon,

Well I have learnt something there! I did not know that was not a laser. Not at first glance, but then I noticed no name, no laser on it. I still thought maybe it was a prototype. I have never heard of Flyte? But does that mean that could be a rare engine.

Also - Fake? Surely just a different Manufacturer? But I guess everyone means the advert was fake as it wasnt a Laser? But reading it, sounds like a chap lumbered with shifting engines for a deceased pal. TBH at first glance if he'd asked me what it was I might have said its a Laser. Looks like he's sold it? as the listing is removed.

Do you still have any Laser Diesels knocking around? I did hear from someone that you had thought of making the Laser Diesel again. Not sure how many were made? or if that's true.



Thread: The Crescent Bullet is back!
17/04/2020 15:12:45

Re Webra - I knew they'd been less active like all engine manufacturers, I had not heard they stopped trading.

Western UK

ED by West

I just bought a West 36 Diesel and it appears to look very much like a Webra. When I saw one I just had to have one. Its diesel - They do a 52 also! Sorry had to correct myself.

i'll get some pics and report back.

Oh.. Western UK - still seem to be listing Webra.

As a modeller that enjoys eBay for the odd classic engine. There's always old OS 40 FSR's and Webra's and HP's turning up. Well worth a punt at some of the low prices. Generally gummed up solid when they arrive and once cleaned up, usually the worse issues is bearings. But they can be replaced. Some of the old engines wear very well or should I say don't wear when they've sat in a shed for 40 years.


I'm back with photos. One for the Bullet? Get the 52 versionWest Diesel 38 RC

West Diesel 38 RC

They are only available Direct from Weston UK - Allan and June



Edited By Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 17/04/2020 15:22:16

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