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Thread: charge lead cable
30/03/2019 06:30:42

I want to order some cable to make up some charge leads. What size cable would be suitable.

something like this would be good but I need to know what AWG to order

Thread: recharable battery charger
24/03/2019 11:44:35
Posted by Denis Watkins on 24/03/2019 10:58:05:

On Approved chargers Phil

The red light will turn green or go out when charging is complete

And will shut off the charge.

Dont discharge batteries to flat, it does them harm

I guess it is an approved charger as it is the same make as the batteries but I suspect it is also the cheapest the company could find. it would be a lot more convienant to find one with auto shut off

24/03/2019 10:32:24

I was given AA AAA and p3 rechargeable batteries for work but the charger that came with them is very rudimentary. it has a red light to tell you a battery is connected but there is no indication of a charged battery you are supposed to wait until the battery is completely discharged and time the charge and manually disconnect.

Are there any better options available?

Thread: Field Box
17/03/2019 20:13:52

Cuban8's tool box reminded me of the design in the video below that I always thought could be adapted to make a very nice field box


Edited By Phil 9 on 17/03/2019 20:14:15

Thread: Eflite 60-120 retract
03/03/2019 18:49:26

horizon hobby products seem to becoming increasingly rare in the UK

Thread: ARTF out of stock
03/03/2019 14:28:59
Posted by Jon Laughton on 03/03/2019 12:54:13:

Phil how about: Silence Twister in stock at SMC


oh that looks promising

02/03/2019 16:52:28

hanger 9 and great planes used to be my favourites along with the chris foss series.

I just checked out inwoods and they do seem to have seagull models in stock

02/03/2019 16:00:58

Im looking for a new 60 to 120 sport model artf. but anything I have found that I like seems to be Out of stock.

have I missed something?

Thread: How many charges will I get from a 12 volt Lesiure Battery ?
24/02/2019 13:32:21
Posted by Dickw on 24/02/2019 10:30:24:

I have tried many Leisure batteries over the years and don’t think they are suitable for our application – none that I bought delivered on capacity or lasted more than 2 years at best. The car batteries I tried actually worked better.

About 6 years ago I invested in a 12v pack made up of 8 x 15Ah Life cells (marketed for electric bikes) in a 4s2p configuration. Although only a nominal 30Ah, the Life cells have a flatter voltage curve under load and handle deeper discharge better so it gives me far more charges than any 75Ah Leisure battery ever did. Also it weighs a lot less, and is still going strong after 6 years.

Why do I field charge?

Yesterday I had 8 flights, and the batteries I use cost more than £50 each. I took 4 charged batteries with me and recharged each on site. To have eight batteries would mean spending another £200 just for one type of aircraft.

Because of weight and space considerations I use a small 2s 300mAh Rx battery – I also recharge those between flights just to be on the safe side.


I built my own 12v pack from 18650 cells I bought used from ebay that I use for camping. As they were used they did not have full capacity but I discarded any with less than 1Ah capacity mine has 48 cells arranged as 3s so has a 16Ah capacity. Lot of youtube videos showing people build larger packs to power cars or even homes link . it was more of a fun project as it can be time consuming to test the cells and assemble but if you have the patents it may provide an alternative route

Edited By Phil 9 on 24/02/2019 13:38:23

24/02/2019 10:26:21

well there is no one size fits all solution as peters example demonstrates

24/02/2019 10:03:39

one idea I had but never implemented was to wire a leisure battery into the car with a split charger

24/02/2019 08:46:24

My personal preference was just to buy some extra lipo batteries for the model and charge one or two from my car battery at the field if I really needed too but a 6s 5000mah battery does take a good while to charge at the field.

One club I attended built a bank of leisure batteries into the club shed that were charged by a solar panel on the roof. it worked very well

a generator seems pintless to me as it generates noise and you still need to carry fuel with you. It would be simpler to  use an IC model as you just wiped out any advantages of electric power.

Edited By Phil 9 on 24/02/2019 08:49:53

24/02/2019 07:49:45

I may have this wrong but I was told you should only use about 50% of the leisure battery's capacity because if it discharges below that level it can be damaged

Thread: foam for a tool box
10/02/2019 06:55:29

I have ordered some EVA foam floor tiles as an experiment. I think they should do the job and at less than £4 for 4 large tiles it is significantly cheaper that anything else I have seen

09/02/2019 16:30:29
Well a bag of rohacell off cuts cost ?30. I don't know how much material you get for that or if it is worth the gamble
09/02/2019 11:24:00

I am looking for some foam to make some tool holders in a tool box. There is plenty high density closed cell foam available but it seem to be expensive for what it is

here is an example f:0">

can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative or maybe I can order the same material under a different name?

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
29/12/2018 16:25:11

**LINK** it just gets better


Edited By Phil 9 on 29/12/2018 16:25:46

23/12/2018 15:14:48
Posted by cymaz on 23/12/2018 13:51:29:

Couple of things on this..


  1. Anybody watched the Navy series about HMS DUNCAN on Channel 5? Apparently this ship can track a tennis ball sized object at great speed from 5 miles or why didn’t the military track this object and follow it to home ?

ship radar is designed for a very specific use. ie it tracks inbound threats and the information is passed to a gun that destroys the object. it has been used to protect land sites but I doubt it is a suitable system for a civilian airport in a highly populated area.

Edited By Phil 9 on 23/12/2018 15:27:21

23/12/2018 13:32:32

I am not condoning the actions of the press here but highlighting a point that could affect many. Most of the information about the couple released by the press came from the couples own facebook page. This is already in the public domain and can be used and shared by anyone at anytime and for any purpose. Be wary of what you put in social media as you can not control it use.

20/12/2018 13:10:36
Posted by Peter Christy on 20/12/2018 09:33:09:

Looking at the issue in a slightly wider context, this clearly illustrates a fundamental problem with the coming drone legislation: It isn't worth diddly squat unless it can be enforced!

Enforcement means boots on the ground, and that in turn costs money.

Until now, we've heard a lot about the law, but very little about enforcement. Will incidents like this change things?




flying over an airport without clearance is already illegal. the problem is laws only affect the law abiding

Edited By Phil 9 on 20/12/2018 13:12:32

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