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Thread: BMFA Area Chief Examiner standards
04/12/2014 17:18:23

well it makes sense, if the whole principle of the training and achievement scheme is that of demonstrating, then they should be able to do so! simples,

Also I wish to take my jet C cert next year (i got very close to doing it this year) who is going to take me for that?? some poor beggar may have to travel very far to enable this, and i mean this as no disrespect but there are a few A.C.E out there that i would get very miffed at if they fail me, i know i probably should not think this but if they can't fly for toffee how dare they fail me when i can fly rings around them (sort of thing)

i know i should not think that but i can guarantee that's exactly what will be going through my head!!

Thread: What would you like from Santa. .?
04/12/2014 17:08:45

mig 15.jpg

in the red bull scheme pretty please!!!

Thread: building a big spit
03/12/2014 19:01:28
Who the heck said 1600 quid is not a lot of money, what was said is for what you are getting 1600 is not a lot of money, personally I consider the cost of some foamies very expensive carbon z scimitar anyone? This on the other hand given size complexity and design cost is reasonable, Ben you can always buy the wood fuselage version and its cheaper as well, but it already seems like you have had your mind set anyway
03/12/2014 13:08:09

sorry have to disagree a tad, everything fiberglass fus, including retracts and proskin covering for 1.6K for a 1/4 scale model... not bad in my opinion

03/12/2014 09:24:41
I am with Ian on this why blow up a smaller scale plan, there are lots of greAt designs out there purposely for 1/4 scale, whilst micks kits can require a bit of thought and fetteling they do all fly well, from an experience standpoint I suggest you listen to our Ian! Ps if you do fancy a slightly smaller spitfire I can really recommend the current db spitfire as a good kit a great flier
Thread: Shopping Woe. Looking for new YAK ish thing
01/12/2014 13:00:07

the gold wing stuff is ok and they do fly pretty well but getting them in the Uk is tough, model maniacs dont seem to be bringing any new stuff in, the build and accessories however are not a patch on the Skyartec one in my opinion

30/11/2014 19:26:36
30/11/2014 19:24:55
I just bought my replacement yak 54 from skyartec it is considerably more expensive than the seagull one but is considerably better, you have to wait a while as it comes direct from factory the company is UK based, their communications are excellent and they pay the import duty, the kit itself is pretty much top notch, cf wing tube and uc and all accessories are excellent it even has a pipe tunnel at 299 it is a bit pricey but I think it is work every penny, 30cc will fit excellent google skyartec
Thread: Which Would You Chose?
28/11/2014 08:52:12
I like to be different so calmato for me and if it flies as well as the none alpha version then it will be brilliant, have something that looks different on the patch to the masses of wot4s or travel airs, I get bored of seeing same old stuff
Thread: Taxiing for take off
27/11/2014 11:34:48
And then fail your a or b cert with that kind of take off ...well done!!
Thread: decent pair of wheels
26/11/2014 17:09:51

als hobbies as well as others will have them

26/11/2014 17:08:10

any by dubro if you can find them

Thread: Taxiing for take off
25/11/2014 13:03:40

you do need full up in my spit initially but as speed builds up you relax the elevator until you are just about t take off, by this time i have barely any up left held in, so the take off is as per scale, as this forum is about models not full size !! you do not dab full rudder in during the take off run (certainly not with my spit) the full size has oodles more torque and probably needs that much rudder to stop her swinging, the video is even more of an exaggeration as she is a MK14 or upwards and either has a griffon engine or later Merlin with even more torque and power.

if you do not hold in full up on the initial take off run she just noses over, personally i don't teach anyone to dab anything smooth progressive inputs is where i like to fly, but thats just my way

25/11/2014 08:32:22
Yeah taking off in a full sized spitfire is exactly the same as a model!!! Please feel free to do exactly that with a model spitfire, just not mine, you would zig zag across the strip and probably rip the retracts out.
24/11/2014 12:36:23

i see so many half decent fliers that can't taxi, its like they have never practiced it, they just line up on the strip full power and haul it off, take wings off and just tell them to drive it around like a car for 10 mins then put wings on and tell them to do the same, then when happy tell them to do multiple take off and landings smoothly you should get used to using the rudder constantly and smoothly, you should not dab at the rudder ...try doing that with a spitfire with a scale u/c and see what happens!!

Thread: Dec 2014 issue feedback.....
19/11/2014 10:31:08
Quite a lot of the problem is that manufacturers are now only really offering foamies for review, I suspect the amount of proper models being given to the mag has declined dramatically this is driven by us the customers, so can't really have a pop at the mag for that, but I too prefer IC reviews, shame but if rubbish foam is where the market is.... That's what people are gonna make and advertise
Thread: RF issues on 35m
18/11/2014 12:04:54
I have not really noticed any difference between ring and clip on ferrites with clip ons you do not have to loop them through as much, once or twice is usually sufficient, Martyn is correct you need to keep them apart as much as possible in case there is any noise from the extension leads being picked up by the aerial however again this with modern components is rare, RF testing is a black and not always a scientific art sometimes weird stuff works, try wrapping the extension leads in tin foil or carbon tape, you would be amazed at the stuff we have tried to stop our products being susceptible, we shortened 1 track on a PCB by a few mm once and hey presto, problem cured
Thread: Dec 2014 issue feedback.....
17/11/2014 22:04:09
I have tried interrupting Andy many times maybe a garish full colour spread offering trinkets is the only way !!
Thread: RF issues on 35m
17/11/2014 17:06:47

on 35 meg it is unlikely that the aerial is coupling onto anything as it is not actually transmitting anything it is probably having its signal "stolen" by the rf transmitted signal coupling onto the servos extensions, it is easy to check, remove extension leads and check range, if all is good until you re-install the servo extensions then try ferrite rings half way along the extension leads (loop them through 3 times) it may work it may not, rf testing is a bit of a black art im afraid

16/11/2014 19:05:01
Yes possible it can also be harmonics of the main RF signal as well coupling onto the wire thankfully its quite rare,
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