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Thread: RF issues on 35m
16/11/2014 17:29:59
As I do RF testing at work let me try to clarify a few things as simply as I can, 2.4 gig is quite immune from general RF noise, as it is quite a distance away from most RF noise we come across however there are issues long leads can lead to RF noise coupling onto the wire and effecting the servo, the receiver is still functioning perfectly but the servo is still being effected, this is very rare but can happen on 35 as well as 2.4, range reduction will probably be the transmitted signal coupling onto the servo wires as well as the intended Ariel thereby reducing transmitted signal strength again it is very rare and you may find length Ing the wires may make disappear or trail and error even worse, in this case as it is signal strength that is being effected 2.4 gig should make it go away
Thread: Dec 2014 issue feedback.....
14/11/2014 21:21:18
After giving bob a bit of stick for the jet column a few issues ago can I say well done and much better for an informative column, there are so many items out there unique to jets lets have them explained and reviewed if loss, thanks to shane for his thoughts on my mate Colin, we are all gutted and I am so gonna miss all the stick he gave me...gutted
Thread: What are your special model flying moments from 2014?
13/11/2014 12:41:45


1. flight of my 2 year long build DB spitfire spitfire ready.jpg

2. greenacres bashes

3. flying my jet whilst one of the lads blasted out the theme tune to TOP GUN from his car...awesome


1. losing my mate Colin Nolan as you have all read about ....sort of takes the shine off everything

Thread: ARTF Manufacturers Really Try My Patience!
04/11/2014 18:21:34

i did see these on line and was really tempted as the price was great, but quite glad i did not bother now

Thread: Seagull Yak 54 (91 Deluxe Series)
03/11/2014 22:35:39

what about 120/150 two stroke like the ST cheap and reliable ?

03/11/2014 21:20:06
What four stroke is it mate, asp would not do it OS might !
03/11/2014 16:27:18

i had a ST2000 in mine and it was good, just about able to pull out of the hover, 120 fourstroke would i fear be found a little wanting, and yep as i said near the start, it is a YAK 54 and it is designed to be flicky, the fact she is so well behaved is a credit to seagull, but it really does make me dismay when i see people pulling like hell on the elevator even at speed and then being surprised she flick rolls on them...doh......... great model, loved a flew mine for 3 years, and treated her disgracefully, never once let me down.....brilliant

31/10/2014 12:24:28
Sorry dude I have had two of these lost the first to a mid air after 12 months and immediately bought another, I hammered them both full power inverted flat spins, blenders, etc and never once even looked like letting go, in fact I don't think any seagull kit has ever let me down mechanically and I have had dozens, I would always buy them
30/10/2014 22:30:58
Balance should be on the wing tube or just in front
Thread: warbird paints
29/10/2014 16:12:23

no as you can appreciate after spending so long doing my spit i wanted to use a two pack fuel proofer that i knew would not attack the paint job i had just done, so after discussions with Phil from fighteraces (top bloke) i used the klasskote system and it is very very good

Thread: petrol engines
29/10/2014 12:23:29
Posted by Percy Verance on 09/10/2014 14:02:39:

The smell on the drive home was basically the reason I sold my petrol engines. Oh, and there was the noise issue too.

I tried Aspen synthetic petrol, which did eradicate the smell, but at twice the cost of unleaded it negates the point of using a petrol engine in the first place. Plus it made not a jot of difference to the noise level........

There is no way I could ever have got away with a petrol engine on our current site(s), as one has a small caravan park within 300 metres of our strip, and the other is four strokes and electric only.........

Edited By Percy Verance on 09/10/2014 14:05:27

i have a LE 30 cc petrol in my capiche 140 it is quieter than almost any 4 stroke in my club, a ban on any type of power plant is stupid, set a noise limit not a ban, anyone ever heard a funjet ultra??

Thread: warbird paints
29/10/2014 12:13:57

the only time i had any signs of lifting are when i was too keen in the sanding of the primer and left it like glass, and even then the lifting was very minimal and more my fault than anything to do with the paint, your final sand before spraying should not be with a very fine grade of paper as all paint needs a key. wp_20140819_002.jpg

insignia over existing paint was even easier, i love the fact you can do the majority of your spraying with water and when happy and ready just two coats with a two pack matt or satin and she is done, sooooo much nicer and easier to clean

Thread: NYE JETS kero burn July 11/12 2015
28/10/2014 12:28:49

ok cool one to put in my diary for next year

28/10/2014 08:43:39

is the date correct jamie 2015???

Thread: The Green Spark Plug Company
27/10/2014 16:18:07

Just found these guys on the web, as i was after some spark plugs for my petrol engines and i did not want to use ebay

great service and great prices and fascinating website


Thread: First turbine model
12/10/2014 19:17:03
Posted by Greg Chiswell on 22/09/2014 19:12:25:

No B Cert but I don't fly with a club - I'm trying to find a new flying site (based on the Wirral) - as secluded as possible as I hate an audience!

I have a boat and sail and often find a secluded sand bank during the summer to fly on...

so no club no proper flying site and probably no insurance, and you want help from us!! just dont kill anyone

Thread: Fuelproofing
12/10/2014 19:06:06

Klasskote will do it, a light sprayed coat first to seal the paint (if anything is going to make the paint pickle it will be the thinners) once the light coat has dried then heavier wet coats can be applied, my roundles and my insignia on my spit were sprayed with enamels

Thread: Which Bank
26/09/2014 09:36:13

I would not touch HSBC with a Barge pole they are not interested unless you have oodles of money I closed all my accounts and moved all my credit cards and mortgages away from them after being with them for nearly 20 years, Halifax bank just try to sell you loads, constant phone calls, coop bank have been good although I am very concerned at their ability to look after my money if they think it's fine to employ a guy with a taste for cocaine and no actuall experience of the finance business, wish I would have gone to nat west to be honest

Thread: Do you stick to your TX maker's RXs?
25/09/2014 22:57:00

Peter absolutely bang on, same experience here, jr dsm2 had problems and lost models with the 5 and 6 channel rx, never had a problem with the old AR7000s and 9000s though and the problems always seemed to be in busy skies, since moving over to DMSS the link is rock solid and binding on switch on is rocket speed and if you ever simulate rx signal loss (turn tx off and on again) spektrum could take nearly 5 seconds to re-bind whereas the DMSS has re-bound before i have removed my finger off the switch, they might have been late comming to the 2.4gig party but by golly it is very well sorted

25/09/2014 12:28:44

i am on JR DMSS now so i dont think any cheap rx versions are out there and to be honest i would only use them in foamies my jet is about 3K in the air, why would i save a few quid on a cheap rx

£90 for a proper RX in a 3K airframe really is a no brainer

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