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Thread: DREAMFLIGHT AHI freestyle RC sloper
24/07/2017 09:57:29

jjd-1.jpgjjd-03131.jpgjjd-0.jpgI have flown the Ahi twice now, from a sea slope with winds upto 20mph and also an inland slope with winds of not more than 7 mph. I am very impressed with the performance.


Thread: Looking for someone to make an ARTF, PNP!
21/07/2017 08:40:22
Posted by FilmBuff on 21/07/2017 00:17:32:

Hi guys. Thanks for your responses and concerns!

I have been flying RC models for 37 years. It's lack of time rather than experience that's behind my request.

I live in Northampton and currently working on a project in Huntingdon.

I know how you feel, I have 2 unbuilt mouldies in the shed. Tony Fu used to offer an excellent mouldie glider build service, not sure he still does, he is also difficult to track down. Drop sloperacer an email as he also runs that.

Thread: DREAMFLIGHT AHI freestyle RC sloper
19/07/2017 18:09:41

A month or so ago a few sneak peek pictures started appearing on social media hinting that Dream Flight were about to add a new design to their fleet. I have always been a big fan of these designs as they are so well thought out and perform really well to boot. Anyway, as soon as they appeared on T9 I pre ordered and eagerly awaited news of delivery. A box duly arrived yesterday via DHL inside a very colourfully labelled Ahi kit.

ahi box outside.jpg

Inside were the usual EPO mouldings including a fishy fuselage, a pair of nicely elliptical wing halves, tail plane, fin, carbon wing joiner, push rods, hardware bag, stickers and a lovely shiny carbon fibre canopy with fitted magnet catches.

ahi box inside.jpg

An hour or so later with the excellent instructions, Blenderm tape, small Philips screwdriver and knife I have a model sat in front of me ready to go! Typically British weather has brought thunder and lightning so the maiden will have to wait.

ahi finished.jpg

Thread: LOST - on the Great Orme
18/11/2016 23:23:43

Last Saturday I was flying with the St Davids College lot, the wind was a bit NW so we were flying off the end. For those of you that know it the slope drops away gradually from the car park and ends in a fairly steep almost cliff above the road, further out there is an even bigger cliff with drops down to sea level. Anyway one of our seniors was on buddy with another student flying the SAS Venom. What looks to have hapenned is that it went into spin and was not recovered in time before going out of sight! We had a good look from all angles, Sir went very close to the edge in places but no sign of it. Just in case anybody spots it here is a picture.

If anybody spots it please get in touch, only recover it if it is safe to do so!! There are some proper drops there!!

Thread: Elastic Flaps, what are they?
15/10/2016 08:04:40

Gap free hingeing system invented by Grob in the 80s (I think!) very similar to the 'living hinge' system we see in moulded models where the hinged surface is done in the lamination phase.

When I find a link will post it.

Seem to remember it being used on the Astir sailplane from my full size days in the past.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
02/10/2016 13:05:20

Weirdly the PSS meets on the Orme seem to match my duty rota at school precisely, duty housemaster again next weekend, fingers crossed someone might cover for an hour or two to fly my Vampire and Tucano with other PSS models not just the Orme gulls and SDC kids.

Thread: Mountain Flying
25/09/2016 23:18:58

Chucked the Weasel off Snowdon today in 50mph plus winds, I was flying on the slope where the Ranger and Llanberis paths meet. Quite exciting at times with very rough conditions and a bit of cloud flying. We are blessed with some excellent 'off piste' slopes on this island of ours if you are willing to invest the time and effort you will have a ball. A Weasel EVO or Trek is the ideal weapon. Duct taped a Hobbyking wingcam to mine for this video.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
18/09/2016 18:44:33
Posted by Phil Cooke on 18/09/2016 18:14:56:

Thanks for the heads up on the road infringement CS, what time of day was that? Were his models PSS models you could see? I can certainly ensure the message is delivered prior to our next event, but I cant confirm if this chap was really affiliated with us or not?

Not sure sorry Phil, I think there might have some PSS in there and also some foamies, it must have been just before 13.00 as that was my curfew! Not sure whether it was a genuine mistake or not, instinct was telling me he knew what he was doing. All it takes is for someone going the wrong way meeting a car going the correct way thinking they are in RallyGB (see that a lot!) or a road biking tearing up the tarmac - could have been nasty.

Well done with the event by the way, excellent local press coverage also!!

18/09/2016 16:37:35

Just an observation on what seemed to be an excellent event with the biggest turnout I have seen:

I was working all weekend but managed to get cover for an hour or so in order for me to bring the kids from school up. On our way back home we were just below the main flying site when we confronted by a car going the WRONG way round the Orme! The chap was clearly a glider flyer as apart from the odd model or two he said he was trying to find the Tank Track. I pointed out that it was a one way and should turned round (plenty of room where we stopped) but he continued his way up no doubt trying to avoid the toll!! This has happened a few times to us over the last year or so and is a relatively recent occurrence, previous culprits were a suspected fly tipper and a convoy of 3 cars with caravans in tow! Maybe highlight the fact that it is one way for the next event?

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
01/08/2016 12:39:00
Posted by Ton van Munsteren on 18/05/2016 21:51:15:


Is there any news on the build project with the Kids, would love to see if there is any progress.



Hi Ton,

Build has been put on hold waiting on a balsa order, our initial wood order was diverted by my HOD for some architectural models! Not done much building anyway as the weather has been good and we have been flying. Back tobuilding in September will keep you posted!

So far we have 3 tailplanes/fins built, 3 sets of fuselage plywood sides cut and one port wing panel built!

PS just reading through the forums now, hence late reply!

Thread: NCFM Moth build advice
01/08/2016 12:19:40

As it is raining, I am planning on finishing a few builds one of which is the Moth.

Wing is all done and part spackled, the question is where to go once spackling is complete. I am planning on using Lam film. So a few questions.

Where can you buy Lam Film in quantities other than massive rolls?

What is the best thickness to use?

Solartex or Film?

And order for covering (seem to remember someone saying spackle, tex then lam film?

All advice much appreciated!

Thread: Foam Board Soarers
24/04/2016 22:27:12

I know there is some great stuff around on Correx and this is similar. I thought I would start a thread for anyone who fancies having a go with this versatile material.

As a starter this is a chevron wing made by one of the kids at school, this one is a modified version of the Flite Test Versa Wing. We downloaded the plan and laser cut it from 3 sheets of foam board, all for around 3 quid. A few minutes to cut then an hour or 2 with a glue gun knife and some tape and you have a finished air frame. Only flown once in conditions that were too light, more flight info soon.


Thread: The joy of slope
24/04/2016 22:20:49

This photo (for me) sums up the Joy of Slope, Nothing better than chilling and chatting with mates after a good flying session with stunning scenery - Orme sunset session with the kids from school.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
18/04/2016 14:47:54
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 18/04/2016 14:34:46:

I was hoping that was just the case Tim. I've flown St. Agnes a few times, (cracking slope), and Rhossili, (another cracking slope), so I'll be interested to see how the Orme compares when it's on song.

Andy Meade has visited the Bwlch a few times and I think he's having the same luck as me as I don't think he's experienced it when the wind is blowing properly.

Certainly on song today Steve, heading up later on, should stayed an extra day! See you down south someday, going to head up the Beacons for a fly this summer will let you know when.

15/04/2016 20:56:14
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 15/04/2016 17:57:12:

I'm here! Been flying for an hour with Jon (Conway soarer). NNW about 15mph, just enough lift for the Wildthing and Moth to cruise around in but no more. teeth 2

Went back up again for a few hours with the kids, more of a NW tonight and really storming lift, bitterly cold though! Working this weekend so can't fly, hoping to escape for an hour so to have a gander at the PSS fleet.

14/04/2016 11:46:13


14/04/2016 11:08:37

Just a thought, I think Marine drive is closed on Sunday due to a Bike Race. Seem to remeber seeing a sign last night when I went up to photograph Northern Lights - will check later! and post info!

14/04/2016 11:01:21
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 14/04/2016 08:05:09:

I shall be leaving home around 9am tomorrow with an ETA in Llandudno sometime around 1pm, grab some fish & chips before heading up the Orme for an hour or two flying.

Hopefully Jon, (Conway Soarer) will be up there and maybe one or two other early birds to chew the fat with?

Should be there tomorrow after 2 if the rain holds off, might also be back up in the evening with the school kids as we are grounded tonight as a result of 'Sirs' staff meeting angry

11/04/2016 13:05:58
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 11/04/2016 12:55:57:

I'm all ready for driving up to Llandudno on Friday, (even booked a table for dinner at Romeo Italiano smile p). I hope to be able to fly on Friday afternoon also, so I may see one or two of you up there I guess.

My pop up for a fly on Friday, weather looks OK at the moment, so I might see you up there. Its my half day probably flying from 3 oclock on. Can't make the weekend (again!) as I am working. Some students might pop up for a look though. They can't fly as we have BMFA Youth Group Insurance so need me there to be covered and none of them have individual insurance.

Thread: Hello from North Wales
26/03/2016 17:38:56

Plenty of sloping going on still, mostly on the Great Orme.

I teach at St Davids College in Llandudno and run a club there, we fly the Orme,Conwy Mountain and also slopes on the West coast of Ynys Mon. Sundays are usually quite busy on the Orme especially if there is a bit of a blow. I have marked most of the local slopes on Google Maps just search Conwy and Coastal Slope Soaring or get in touch for some advice, there has been an increase in popularity in slope soaring of late and they are all a friendly bunch, head over the the Slope section or General Gliding section - lots of 'Gog' soarers there. See you on a slope sometime!

PS Capstan was one of my first back in the 80's, must build one again sometime!!

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