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Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
30/03/2020 11:54:11

there ought to be another bullet in the survey or two

Who finishing off what they started previously !

so far I have dug out and working on a 1/4 Stampe started at least 10 years ago and just about finished a Moth kit dated 1983 ??

who is repairing all those "damaged" airframes ,??


Thread: R?C conversions of rubber motor FF kit: help please
26/03/2020 22:29:26

Hi hillclimber

If you get a Used Umx like the Sbach it comes complete with motor, RX, servos , lipos were £3 for 5 !!!! from Hobby king last month 180 mha , and I use an OLD dms2 Dx7.

no brainer really , ,

and new rxes were availiable direct from china for £23 post free The AS3X sort , bargain ! fleabay !

Lemon stuff is very good , if not excellent !


26/03/2020 15:23:14

may-19-2019_6129z.jpgI go the way Bob Cosford suggests , UMX with AS3X I used an Sbach donor!dscf6614.jpg

Buy as used unit from ebay /? and just put the bits into you airframe . I did this with my Great Lakes and it flies likeit should .

Thread: Old Multiplex radio kit, any value?
04/03/2020 22:18:06


you are of course dead right with the Classic , , It still has the green frequency flag on its Ariel . Must be an "age" thing, my first 35 set was a Micron !


04/03/2020 18:06:58

the Royal Classic , memories !!

I still have mine , which was built from the series in the American mag RC Modeller , and it still works on 35meg .

it taught me to fly propo ! very early 70s / and I still have the mags !


Thread: I learned from that.
02/03/2020 12:00:37

You learn from your mistakes !!!!

and when your over 70 you have made a lot ..

for an example , One factory in Lancaster I knew very well , made aluminium kitchen ware . The old type kettles had their spouts , welded /brazed /attached to the main body.This was a job for the apprentices ! You were shown how to do it only once ! the next was up to you ! Its difficult as mentioned above, so your first attempts fail , so you watch others you ask questions and try try try again until you can , a lot of scrap was produced , but in the end the company felt it was "proper education "

At Loughborough Uni you were showed how to use a mid size lathe , then given a drawing and a chunk of metal and told to get on with it . . It was a trick , it looked easy and obvious , but 90% of students started by machining the datum off !! Another way of learning , !!

Just glad its not applied to airline pilots !


Thread: all good things eventually come to an end !
25/02/2020 12:20:23

To Pete Collins !

Yes the Coventry Club did fly at Ansty for a very short time , and the chairman of the Cov club worked for BSE/RR so he was entitled to fly there . However they , the Cov club , did an article in the Cov evening times with photos of the site and their planes . There were big signs on all gates NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED .So when the security guys saw it in the local paper they put their foot down ! and only key holders then had access after signing in .

To the rest of you guys

Thanks for all the advice , we are working on it !

we have been offered a place , but it appears to be a pond at the moment !smiley

24/02/2020 19:12:34

Our club has lost its site .

Way back in 1964 a few of us enthusiasts of the Rocket Dept of Bristol Siddeley decided to form a club for flying model aircraft. The Company agreed to lets us use the airfield where we worked , Ansty.

The facilities were excellent , a sports field within the drome which was meticulously maintained , all FOC provided we had 3rd party insurance and as the site was in part MOD restricted we needed to be security cleared , in other words , employees or family .

We have enjoyed this facility since then but the writing was on the cards a few year ago when the Company , now Rolls-Royce ,started selling off the airfield bit by bit .

We survived with the help of Rolls- Royce up to this month when our site began being prepared for a large office block ..

So times up for the Roll-Royce Ansty MAC based at Ansty . It has been an excellent 50 or so years as a few members of this forum will remember ,

There are just two of the original members left .

BUT we aim to carry on !! somewhere ??


Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 20:29:23

Flying drones or model aircraft

Always check that anyone who flies your drone or model aircraft has a valid flyer ID.

If you’ll fly a drone or model aircraft yourself, you’ll need a flyer ID. You may be asked to show your flyer ID or operator ID to a police officer or other official.

I got mine at 13.49 this afternoon , no mention of the general exemption ??



Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/02/2020 18:51:28

I like the 504N !

I have been trying to "come up with something different "!! so to speakimg_1777.jpg

Thread: Anyone going sub-250g?
26/01/2020 17:29:20

Nearly all our club have at least one of those Eflite UMX "things " in our cars that comes out each weekend , They do fly in all weathers , OK you have to fight them in Gales ! but they keep you on your toes .

5 Sbachs 2 Yaks ,1Striker 1 Corsaire , and If you trash one , then you can build a rubber job and put the bits in it , like what I did on my Great lakes .and still well within the 250 .

There are only 7 of us in our club !!may-19-2019_6119z.jpg

Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
20/01/2020 14:56:19

The Formosa is the most relaxing plane to fly , and very popular in our club , great for doing very precise aerobatics and getting ready for the B test , Possibly a classic ?? and if it was still produced there would be many more and then it may probably be a "Classic ".

but for me , A 1968 Ugly Stik taught me RC , then the Wot 4 plan built , but now I have degenerated to foam things , EFX s etc.

Thread: Do you love some of your engines so much you don't fly them?
15/01/2020 16:59:25

My motor is a Mills 2.4 which my dad gave me sometime in the 50s.

It would start with just a gentle flick and lived permanently on the end of the work bench , all bolted down ready to go , Then in the 60s I swapped it for a Seagull outboard motor in need of some TLC to a collector,

This collector passed away a few years back and his son finding a note in the Mills box relating to its passed history got in touch and very generously gave it back to me ,

I shall give it to my son who has no interest in boats , but loves and flies diesels ! So it may fly ??


Thread: Pureists Look Away
21/12/2019 12:01:40

I hear what you say "Oh Oily One " and you having helped me previously I shall put my Bunch Mighty Midget back in its box !!( it needs an ignition coil??)

And yes I would go appo at the wanton destruction of an Oliver !!


21/12/2019 10:09:22

All good comments , Thank you , which encourage me to try stuff ??!! What next /or improve ?

A duff 4 stroke with all the open rocker gear in motion would be good !Shame I gave my open Enya 4stroke away!!

My interest in Cox es comes from the TD range in the 1/2 A pylon racing, TD 051s I did try a TD 09 in one, a Rollason Beta , home design , but too fast and too small !

Merry Time to one and all


20/12/2019 21:22:42

Thanks Phil, thats really useful info .

I guess it was the same guy I saw at the Nats , He did not speak English and the limit of my German is Drie Beir Bitter , so I learnt very little from him .

The larger conversions are easier as the motors dont have to hide inside the tank , But I wonder why anybody would want to ?? I made mine for fun !


20/12/2019 18:19:29

Yep the prop is far too pitchy! and 6x3 is the right prop for a scale engine , but it would be on a 2s, It has a 4300KV at present , the only motor I had with a smallish dia, but on a 3s it gets a little warm ! I do need to work on the cooling .blush


20/12/2019 14:33:07

I got bored with reading about the CAA stuff and the terrible weather , so went to look in my pile of junk , ( my garage ).!

lots of old Cox bits , except a duff head , collected as a school boy for the odd 10 bob here and there , and I remember I saw a Cox with a brushless motor in the tank running at the Nats this year and being an engineer it "inspired "me to see how difficult it would be to make one .

So I set to and did just that , hence the photo, one comment already is that with such a large tank for a cox and being full of electrons it should run for ever ,

The pure IC lads will probably object , but a project that gives junk another life is always good img_1688.jpg

Thread: edf tube
02/12/2019 22:52:39

Hi not quite sure what you mean? But lately I have been "playing " with fan exit tubes , jet tubes, to see what effect it might have on my Mig 29.

I assumed the tube should reduce in diameter to about 80% at the end , as this would be the same area as the Fan ring , and gives about 7 deg included angle to the jet pipe , I machined various tapered tubes and shrunk pop bottles onto them so to get a good smooth surface ,light and easy to do.

I already had a static thrust test rig so it was only a few hours work .

the results were NOT what I expected and were somewhat puzzling , .

The best Static thrust was the parrallel tube with no convergence ??!! and the proof was in the flying , cos it was the best too .

The main thing to do is make sure the wires to the motor , which normally clutter up the jet tube are suitably streamlined./


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
29/11/2019 11:48:27

BBC News today

"Today is Black Friday , owners of drones need to register their drones by today or face the a possible fine of £1000"

A bit to the point I think !


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