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Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
24/05/2019 10:48:05

most of what I've read and heard is as clear as Mud...… changes are glad when we know what we can/not do....

ken dept.

Thread: In The Newsagents ...
24/05/2019 10:45:47

i'm in agreement with Denis.a lot of the time I think that written comments mean different things to different people,i also would say that this forum is also part of todays social well as modelling,a lot of other topics get discussed....and as such we need the mods who attempt to remain impartial to our printed thoughts which sometimes do get out of hand(human nature)…………… my wife likes to have the last word,the first word and most of the one's in the middle...the common ground is we are all interested in model aircraft....and RCME does have a Facebook site/twitter site etc....good on them....

ken's Erfolg dept.

Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 09:25:14

Mods....rule in doing what sometimes for them must be an awkward job, which they do on our behalf....keep on doing it the way you do,and thanks from me...

Ken support dept.

Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
20/05/2019 08:57:27

Well done Tony,looks nice,it did well to get off the bumpy old ground there I thought,the landing looked ok,as long as it wasn't to much stick bending for the elevator/flare....

Ken dept.

Thread: Greenacres MAC Fly In Events 2019
19/05/2019 09:34:16

just had a message from my boy (Ronnie)…..weasel that he has set up camp at Greenacres, this year he has upgraded from a tent to a tin box(caravan)...

ken dept.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 16:55:34

before the thread is closed ,because people are firing off at each other...….. I wonder would any of this would have happened if the good old wasters who decided to fly their drones where ever they wanted … ie..near airports,blackpool tower,over alton towers and on and on...… surely there needs to be a separate rule for FPV and LOS flying..... back to a poll,i still don't think that a poll of the RCME members on this forum will show anything,maybe a poll of the 36K BMFA members would.....

PS...….I feel that the BMFA membership will shrink...after this has all been inplimented.

ken polls dept.

18/05/2019 15:51:41

I can see this thread getting close to getting the insurers can be expected to cover us for doing something that will be breaking the new introduced rules etc is,a no no I would think.....the BMFA can only negotiate with all concerned,if the Gov, CAA will sit down and talk, listen....

Ken to the thread dept.

Thread: Suitable caption?
18/05/2019 09:55:55

the return home needs a tweek……

ken dept.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 08:46:59

cant see the point of having a poll for those that (intend to register)!I think that the numbers would give a bit of an indication about the thoughts of forum members - but that's all - so cant see the point really.

I don't like what i'm been told about paying extra money,taking a test and all the other restrictions that are been talked about either but as a law abiding person,i will go along with what ever is introduced(I/we have to).

asking others not to register ect is as bad as been one of the wasters who are breaking the rules and regs on a daily basis,and don't forget,you'll be uninsured should you decide not to stay within the decided regs.

so as much as its a pain in the hows your father,whatever comes out I/we will have to participate in it to carry on....or give up our enjoyable hobby.

good luck to the BMFA,LMA and the rest who are attempting to influence the discussions on behalf of their members...

my current thoughts anyway(where's Erfolg,he's got some canny opinion's) ……

ken's.reg's and where's erfolg dept.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
09/05/2019 09:43:00

sent off my views to the CAA lads,hope it does some good,but i'm resigned to the fact that its going to be their way or no way.shame as I've been flying models all my life with respect for others around me,R/C for the last 30 years,and thanks to some idiots i'm now deemed a risk to all and sundry....will the on-line exam,registration and the rest of it make any difference to them? i doubt it us who obey and do what we do within the operating framework its going to be a pain at least-but one we must endure to carry on with our hobby.

as an aside,i read yesterday that someone(52 year old)had been arrested in Scotland for flying his "Drone" near a nuclear sub at Faslane…..silly man-I hear you think?.....or part of the times we now live in?.....(the norm)

ken dept.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
09/05/2019 09:33:50

well done Tony, do you intend selling the 50mm/FMS fans as well?

ken dept.

Thread: Electric Cars.
29/04/2019 15:38:08

75% of China's leccy is generated from coal fired their not in a hurry to swap....

Ken .. generating dept.

Thread: Malta
28/04/2019 18:35:52

Beautiful day in the middle of the med,although windy,have been watching some power boat racing....😊... 





Ken .. med dept

Edited By ken anderson. on 28/04/2019 18:43:52

Thread: Holding screws in
24/04/2019 12:54:06

try a rubber washer under the bolt head.....

ken washer dept.

Thread: What have I done
24/04/2019 12:51:49

something is not right here, you say in your opening of this thread that you bought the engine as unused? I have the same engine in a model(JNR 60)and fired it up a couple of weeks ago(using an electric starter also) for the first time probably in 12 months..fired up and went like a goodin….methinks your engine might have been twiddled on with before you got it? taking the cam cover off,would cause the B/B to fall out,i cant think the problem would be there.i had a OS 91/FS exhaust spring snap during a flight,and the engine just stopped damage to it(apart from the broken valve spring)….be interesting when you do find out the damage....

ken anderson...… ne...1 OS 30 dept.

23/04/2019 09:04:07

hard lines there martin, probably a broken c/shaft or hopefully something a bit more has been mentioned take of the back plate and have a look, get ready to spend some dosh......

ken dosh dept.

Thread: Saito and OS engine servicing
22/04/2019 08:58:59

my long departed friend showed me how to change the bearings in an OS 4/st...his motto"they are only nuts and bolts"...….. if you are methodical about it, its not so hard to take them to bits and reassemble them...

ken and bolts dept.

Thread: Hi, I'm Robin
22/04/2019 08:55:27

welcome from me robin...

ken… welcome dept.

Thread: Galaxy Models Mystic plans
19/04/2019 15:32:00

hello Neil, I had a mystic, the top front deck is made from foam with a balsa skin...easily removed with a sharp knife to gain access. I've see mystic's with petrol engines in and they go like goodins….

ken dept.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
17/04/2019 09:37:10

hello tony, are you still intending to stock the FMS fans on your site/shop? well done with your new designs also..

ken dept.

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