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Thread: CAA registration consulation
08/05/2019 08:29:42

As many on here are aware politicians and the top brass of the Civil Service have to find something to do so they legislate..

Things start by allowing (for a daft instance) propelled motor vehicles on the highway as long as a pedestrian waving a red flag is in position at the front of the direction of travel at all times...

My point is that with legislation comes more and more legislation follows.

This also will increase costs which are passed onto to don't think this will be the end of it.

I posted the video of the Amazon drone delivery because I could not reproduce the article from the paper published in the USA however look what a discussion the video has raised.

But gentlemen - look at how much notice we have really had by looking at the date the video was published on YouTube.








14th December 2016

Perhaps we were all asleep.thinking

Regards Peter


PS Red Flag Act - 1865

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 08/05/2019 08:36:27

06/05/2019 13:07:42

Hi Ray. Thanks for that - try as I might I could not crack it so had to post the video....

Regards Peter

06/05/2019 10:00:01

If drone deliveries took place in the USA think what a fantastic target they would make yes.

They would be be dropping out of the sky everywhere riddled with bullet holes.

Rat a tat tat.

So that's why Amazon & Google they have to try and get their drones up and running elsewhere .

Stinks of a nice backhander don't it sarcastic

Think of all the nice big investigations that will happen when an Amazon / Google drone falls out of the sky in a highly populated area and causes lots of damage or even death - but that won't happen will it...

Got NOTHING to do with safety they just want up safe club flyers out of their airspace.

What do others think - evidence is there...

Check it out...

Regards Peter Bruce
05/05/2019 17:37:23

we all need to get involved now else we lose out to the like of foreign companies like Amazon and Google.

Big business takes over the world...

05/05/2019 13:05:37

Hi again all. The article I tried to copy is behind a firewall so I can’t now see it to cut and paste but my mate from down under in Oz has kindly dug up this video which covers only a small part of the article however it confirms to me “what they can’t do over there they might as well do over here” so I am sure they are starting the ball rolling and if you look at the video it tells you why. Just like BREXIT it’s all about MONEY & the big boys... Regards Peter.

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 05/05/2019 13:06:31

05/05/2019 11:16:50

I'm trying to get a copy (came to me from Oz) so I will post if it comes in as it gives a clear indication who's behind this and why... Big bucks as they say so you are right Percy. Regards Peter

05/05/2019 09:48:02

This is interesting if you read it. Now see how much money can be made out of the airspace we currently fly in.

No wonder they want to wipe us out. I hope this link works.


27/04/2019 21:36:49

Big point.

who do you think has the most clout us mere model flyers or the airlines with their vast industry.

Dont think the CAA will listen to us.🤔

27/04/2019 11:31:12

I think that model flyers are pure annoyance to the CAA and they would just like to see us gone so the CAA and Civil Servants dealing with the illegal idiots can then get back to sipping tea in the morning. What is the point of this knee jerk registration fee when this very small proportion of idiots who cause all the problems operate outside the law and have nothing to link them with any responsible flying clubs or flying bodies like the BMFA, LMA. BHPA BMA and many other reputable organisations.

Just like the CB controversy and many other government knee jerk responses we have had in the past and I find it truly amazing that they can even make up their minds on anything taking BREXIT (had to throw that in) as an almost 3 year mess.

If the ones they really want to register don’t - why should we.

Just filling coffers - and every few years the fee increases and they still won’t catch the renegade few. How legislators like to kill off and hinder many types of interest. This should have been done through our governing bodies.

I know I’m going to get some stick but I think “go rogue or give up” - the latter being just what the CAA want.

PS  Interestingly by going onto the site and giving your details your already creating their database for them and that’s a great intrusion of your person. Just saying🤔 



Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 27/04/2019 11:35:56

26/04/2019 22:27:29

The only way the CAA can find out who we are if we don’t pay this fee - is if the BMFA give them our details so they can check one database against another but the data protection act prevents that however forget that and just ask who will force the lone drone flyers to register and pay...

We are responsible flyers and have fully recognised insurance and fly by the rules.

Dont want my door battered in just because I’m registered.

So do I want to register- sorry but I don’t think this is right...

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
25/04/2019 22:49:44

Hi Doc. Unfortunately I dont have the room to do this in either my shed or the wifes craft cabin due to where they are fitted but its the reason I did the two videos shown here so people could see what can be done. Although I could not use the heat myself which was annoying I still could not get the bee out of my bonnet so made the two videos and although the bits and bots cost me I am glad to say the first video generated so many comments I had to progress the experiment further and hence here is video two...

I know since I posted the original video on the RCM&E there are a lot more modelers who can now use the heater and build their models up in their workshops over winter and stay warm and toasty- job done.

Anyone want to buy the radiator from video one! Regards to all - I'm done. Peter Bruce.

25/04/2019 19:21:22

Last part of my experiment on the heat recovery from the exhaust - so many comments I just could not let it rest...

Ideal for winter caravaning RVs and boats

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 25/04/2019 19:50:20

12/04/2019 21:30:03

And if you have the 4 button remote you don’t need to touch the display unit at all...

12/04/2019 20:48:40

You can see my controller in most of my videos...

most are shown on here for information. Regards Peter

12/04/2019 20:46:42

Hi Martin. The buttons on my LCD controller are a star on the left and up arrow on the right.

Once you press both you alter the display to time and by pressing the up down arrows you can set your preferred temperature however this is only s rough guide - after you set the preferred temperature the display will revert to the time setting again. Regards Peter

12/04/2019 19:50:48

Hi Martin. If your not careful you will alter the settings within the LCD controller and that will mess it up.

To get from Hz to temperature C press both top buttons together at the same time.

This will change the display from Hz to C.

The C setting must always be a higher setting than the ambient temperature of course...

i would suggest you go on line and look for some instructions to read else you will end up with sooting problems whic means dismantling the unit and removing the build up of soot - messy job - and you will still have an issue if you have dabbled with the settings inadvertently...

Most of the issues are caused by inadvertently altering the settings when just pressing buttons so beware.

knew it would work well for you - I’ve still got mine on in the shed now putting final touches to another plane.

Nice and toasty. Regards Peter

07/04/2019 19:02:36

Hi Martin. You lucky fellow. The sheet metal stand can be straightened out (mine was) and the case clips can be easily sorted and as you got all your money refunded you have got yourself a free heatersmiley.

You need to to get it working and get warm - from what you said in your previous posts this won’t be hard...

07/04/2019 13:00:11

Sooo glad I fitted the heater - still using it in April with all this cold weather. The other unit I fitted into the wife’s craft cabin is also great and she is nice and toasty as well. Few neighbours have als fitted them as well now and using them in outside workshops - just a point on that as one of my neighbours has a woodworking workshop so to alleviate any issues on dust build up within the heater and being a problem he has adapted a big diesel lorry air filter which fits onto the hot air recirculating vent which solves possibilities of any future problem. Still as reliable as ever and using red diesel it is really cost effective...

The mad rush to buy these units in the northern hemisphere has now eased so supply should not be a problem like it has been but winter is coming to the Southern Hemisphere so China will be gearing up for that market shortly so if your interested get one and fit it now you won’t regret it. Regards Peter

25/02/2019 21:51:19

Had a bee in my bonnet about all that heat coming out f that exhaust - could some of it be revered sarcastic 2

See how I got on Playing about - bit of fun...

05/02/2019 22:09:57

Another series of questions that often come up...

How Many Amps...

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