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Thread: Catastrophe!
01/02/2019 19:13:44

Related to the slide switch video - this is shot...

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
01/02/2019 13:50:48

Hi Martin. Like any vehicle it’s better to have the fuelt to do journey - there has been one unit I know of that went on to show an overhead fault code and I suspect the sensor may have gone down but never heard any more about it but better safe than sorry...

Thread: Catastrophe!
01/02/2019 10:44:02

AcrowotXL FINAL LAYOUTHi Jonathan. I’m now on my third AcrowotXL which is taking shape in the shed now that the diesel heater is installed and it’s toasty. All my planes to date have been mostly sedate First World War biplanes and the AcrowotXL was my first venture into a good acrobatic model and the learning curve has been interesting to date - although frustrating as well. Sometimes we get a crash and something doesn’t add up and that’s what I had on my last model. As a result I am now trying a power box which perhaps is overkill but at least with this if the switch fails it defaults to on... When I get my AcrowotXL finished I’m going to replace all the batteries (as I usually do ) and this time all the slide switches in my other models will be changed over to good old toggle switches with a good old clunk function. After having the last issue on the Acro I thought of how an old engine feels when you get it out of a draw which it’s been in for a few years - go to turn it over and it’s all stiff an if you delve further everything seems coated inside with a varnish. An engine I stripped down a few years back was so bad just put it in the dishwasher (not the bearings) which worked great but the wife was first in the dishwasher so you can guess her words of wisdom to me on that score... Anyway I digress - it occurred to me that the slide switches a lot of us use are not sealed so the oil we get splattering out of the exhaust must find its way into the switch and end up coating the conducting slider and contacts making a good insulator and a bad contact. This would be especially true with glo fuel and as allmost all my biplanes are four stroke glo engines this is now the reason I’m changing the switches at the same time I change my batteries. Many who read this will say you should always do it but be fair - when you go to the field how many members change over the slide switches every year... OK there will be the ones who do but most don’t. Our hobby is now very involved indeed compared to the modeller of the sixties as although the latter more probably had better building skills today’s builder has to be a good plumber, electrician, electronics engineer, computer aware, health and safety aware and Uncle Tom cobbley and all. Couupled with this we still have a radio link to our planes - which is much more reliable than my 27 MHz system I had in the sixties but still far from infallible... Sorry for the rant. Regards Peter

31/01/2019 20:46:11

Hi all. Don’t know if this could help but l lost my AcrowotXL a while back and I was always looking for the reason...

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
31/01/2019 18:41:43

Seen a large one like this recently - it was scary to think how much it was costing to run...

I have to say my (and my wife’s) diesel heaters are a boon even in this weather. I know a lot of people have managed to get one even though there have been no U.K. stockists and a lot of people have also been messed about by sellers but at least on eBay they have got refunds. Just a word of advice to save you having problems when your up and running.

1) Don’t mess about with the settings - unless you have to because something is wrong. So many have gone down this route and the heaters have started throwing up error codes.

2) Before you finish in your installed building or van the diesel heater will have been on for some time and reached the temperature you set so the heater will have reduced its power output it is important that you increase the temperature setting higher thus causing the heater to output full heat (that’s why you do it a while before you leave). This will help burn off any soot that may have built up within the combustion chamber while the heater was running on low output.

3) Ensure you have enough fuel - and don’t let it run out which will probably result in an immediate shut down which will cause damage to your unit.

Hope this will help you but if you’ve got any sensible questions I will be more than happy to help with advice in any way I can. Regards Peter

21/01/2019 13:24:15

As a footnote the only issue I can really see is the longevity of the units which of course is the unknown however as they are copies of existing well know heaters that have been around for years the design is well proved.

Back up parts are on eBay, Banggood and AliExpress which was also why I eventually ordered and so far I don't regret it.

21/01/2019 13:18:13

This bit should have been before the last bit I cut and pasted but for some reason it did not paste the full bit so here is the bit that was missed out...

Had the 8kw (prob just a 5kw rebadged) installed properly for over a week now running off a 240v to 12v converter 2x10litre tanks and insulated hot air piping since pic. From Wed night to Fri night it was on for 31hrs keeping a 30m2 conservatory (approx 85m3) at a constant 21 to 23 degrees C.
It used 12 litres of kero costing £6.60.
Today topped it back up, played with settings 10hrs later used 2 litres so £1.10 or 0.2ltr per hr / 11p an hr. Still at constant 21/23 degrees.

21/01/2019 12:51:51

Hi Tony. Glad your happy with your conversion. Read this today which was interesting and had some photos of his very neat installation but not east to post here unless out of your album but interesting read:as he has insstalled it to heat a conservatory- As you all know i'm sold on mine and the wife's heater installation and the wife is using her craft cabin more and more now there is good heating which is why I posted the video.

From previous experience 2 x 2kw electric fan heaters do similsr job but would cost 31p per hr to run.
Oil central heating on but needs to be boosted alot to keep conservatory warm but pointless as heating whole house to keep conservatory warm when hardly in rest of house and it holds its heat anyway.
Extra central heating would have cost approx 41p per hour / £4.10.
Happy with results and worth the effort ;">😃
Already got one in the van cant fault these for the price
21/01/2019 12:32:50

Hi Martin - the main difference is there is hardly any tax on red diesel and at 65p litre that’s what talks...

21/01/2019 10:14:55

Hi Phill. Hire shops sell 20 litre containers for use on their hired building machinery like diggers and excavators. At the moment I have been able to use a friends as he has been having some work done and added 40 litres onto his order for me but unless I can find a supply it will have to be from a garage next time but I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can get a supply - up the Medway they must do it for vessels but nothing in Queenborough - shame. Has yours come? How is yours running? You pleased? Regards Peter

21/01/2019 10:07:12

Martin - you might end up with a heater for free - I’m sure you could patch it up. You won’t be the first. I think the Chinese do not pack items very well for international shipping hence the damage on delivery. It is common for the base legs to get bent but are easily straightened out and with my two and one I ordered for a friend (total 3) the same leg was bent a bit on all three but it was only thin tin plate so no problem bending it back with pliers and as they were going in sheds I was not worried about a bit of paint damage caused by the pliers I used to straighten out... only other thing if it’s had a hard journey is to inspect it but if it was all there at despatch you should be able to get it working —-and if it works out being free what a lucky bunny you will be - he he.smiley

20/01/2019 23:00:28

Hi Martin. Glad to hear your money is safe but shame you have not got the heater...

18/01/2019 18:17:27

Hi Gary. Thats the reason I made this video as there was no information around on paring the remote unit to the heater so I hope this video helps others.

Regards Peter

18/01/2019 14:53:47

Latest - Four button remote control...

12/01/2019 19:54:53

Engine doctor - Hi Phill I’m glad you have got yours OK and as for fitting it as you say you’ve not much room I can never believe as after tackling Jans craft cabin which had no extra room at all I think any other installation would be a pushover. I just about had enough room to push things aside and then slide the heater in... Not only has the wife got a bigger craft cabin than me she has so much more in it... Take a look

12/01/2019 17:57:45

Hi Martin - I’m so sorry but I thought you had resolved / fixed the problems you had but sounds far worse than I thought. They normally offer you a sum back as a refund which at first is unreasonable but with bartering an amicable price is reached for both parties. In this instance they are being unreasonable expecting you to foot the bill for the return postage which they would never acknowledge as being received anyway so to Visa you should go... Sad

12/01/2019 13:04:40

Hi Marc. Keep us posted on how you get on. Regards Peter

12/01/2019 13:01:58

Hi Martin. 👍So pleased you got there in the end and it’s only genererally transit problems that seem to arise but most are easily cured by modellers who can all straighten a bit of bent metal or a clip that’s come undone. Other thing I have found was the front four outlet cover on the case was out on one side and although it had only become unlatched there was no hot air escaping and it was discovered after I did the video but it shows as always the importance of a pre inspection before flight! You have already discovered the importance of a good power supply and usually people don’t understand that the unit takes time to prime with fuel which is another cause for the error code showing on the display. Our two heaters together with the one I ordered for my friend Dave have so far been faultless and have enabled all of us to work in comfort - to get up to the shed and do some work and potter about when I have a few hours is great with a quick warm up from the heater.🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵

I always put the heaters up to full 5kW of power for five minutes before I shut the units down so if there has been any soot build up within the combustion area while is been running on low after the set temperature was reached inside it will (hopefully) be burnt off. One other thing that’s become clear is that often owners have played with the LCD controller setting ratio for fuel and air - this could be by accident or perhaps they were not set correctly in the first place however all three units we have had have been faultless so why touch the settings - My friend Dave has used and expensive professional exhaust gas analyser and his showd perfect combustion so no reason to suspect ours were any different.

I am sure you will now be toasty but the fact remains how reliable will they be and that’s like knowing how long a bit of string is so we will find out but on looking at forums the signs are all very good generally. Most parts are available for the heater from a combination of AliExpress and Banggood and that includes motors. You have to be patient while looking at the sites but the parts are there and don’t cost much. Stay warm all and keep the feedback coming.

Regards Peter

10/01/2019 00:02:07

Hi Martin. Hope it all comes in OK as it’s a long way from China and that’s a lot of throwing about... Fingers crossed for you. Regards Peter

06/01/2019 19:38:23

Hi Gary. Advertised at all different ratings but at the end of the day they are a furnace and the fuel / air mixture controls the heat output and for the same unit if you put in more fuel and air youget more heat output but you don’t have an infinite control as the operating window for correct combustion is relatively narrow. I use the advertised 5 kw heaters for both my wife’s craft cabin and my shed and as such I have the advantage that I can warm up both quickly with a lot of heat the heater then cuts back after the set temperature is reached but this time factor depends on the outside temperature and how hot you set the temperature inside. The comment I made was to either switch the heater off a while or open a door or window which is not an issue. If you had an electric heater you have a choice of altering a stat or turning it off so little difference between the two systems except the diesel system is considerably less cost to run. At the end of the day the choice is yours as of course you don’t have to buy one... The idea of this post was to inform people of a good simple cost effective system but it won’t be to everyone’s liking. Regards Peter

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