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Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
23/11/2012 19:40:10

Hi Roger.

Thanks for posting and I can only say to try it - as you can see from the video I made - it was a different plane after that simple mod so I hope it works for you. I do try to SHOW people with a video & on-board camera what things are like before and after a modification with a model as its hard to ignore what you can see...smiley

I hope it helps sort out your landing problem - let us all know. Thanks for posting. Regards Peter

Thread: Curtiss Hawk F6C
21/11/2012 11:01:42

UPDATE. smiley

The Curtis plane had its maiden flight on Sunday 18th November. I had taken the opportunity to fit a small gyro to help take care of the tail on take-off and it did its job well (see posts & video experiments posted elsewhere on this topic).

I have to say this model flew very well - and looked the part in the air - with not a single vice to be found. The fitted simple gyro had no visual effect on the plane and only really came into play on the landings and take off where its effect was gratifying with that high nose angle.

This has proved to be a very worth while project - thanks to all here who helped with the information on this plane which got me started. The information enabled the finished plane to look exactly like the original which flew from the USS Lexington with the "The Red Rippers" squadron all those years ago...

The only information I would like now to finish off the models history is:- thinking

Any pilots name who flew the aircraft.dont know

How the plane met its final demise - or was it sold off and still around!!!dont know

Information I fear is just buried and just not available...sad Regards Peter

Thread: Gyro Fitted To Plane Rudder - Any Difference!
21/11/2012 10:28:20

Hi all.

I was very pleased with the difference the fitting of this simple gyro made to take off and landing of the Cougar because there is no doubt it is an aid with some planes.smiley Due to the video experiments I posted here I again fitted a simple "always on" gyro set at just under half rate to my new Curtis P6C-3 Hawk. The plane has a massive history and is over 27 years old and never flown but I was convinced that due to the very high nose angle of this plane a gyro could be a wise move.thinking The plane had its maiden flight on Sunday 18th November. I can report that I had no problems at all and the plane handled on the ground like a dream. Take off was clean and any torque effect of the Laser engine swinging a rather large 14 x 8 prop was taken care of by the gyro with only a very subtle turn being visible.angel 2 I think for my part this simple approach - with no frills and no whistles - seems to work and I myself have no intention to go further than this. My scale plane still turns as it should and unless you try this you will never know. The 3 axis system used elsewhere - where you can adjust all 3 axis and also switch the unit on / off is fine for others but "keep it simple & stupid" is fine for me as it does the job. cool

Thread: Curtiss Hawk F6C
16/11/2012 18:43:00

Hi all. 2 UPDATES FOR YOU ALL -smiley Still not taken to the air yet but have done range check's and engine run together with a rather high unplanned "hop" where it was clear the model was tail heavy so I cut the engine and fought it down to the ground with a landing that should not have caused any damage however on examination of the U/C it was found to be bent - it was made from mild steel so that's got to go. This short video shown's the new U/C being made which is far stronger... UPDATE - I managed to find out a lot more about the original builder Mr Cliff Allen from the chairman of the Peterborough Model Club. My Allen died over 27 years ago and this model was the last model Mr Allen made from scratch photos (1984). The model had been hanging in the chairman's loft for the 27 years and had NEVER FLOWN in all that time.

Now I have the full story I am more keen than even for this plane to take to the air however there are still some issues which need to be addressed - I need to build a new U/C as the original is too thin and made from mild steel - new one will be spring steel 5mm rod and I will use 6mm for the axle - this is being made now.

Free Music - supplied by Music4yourvids - many thanks.

31/10/2012 16:20:43

Hi Bob. I hope it flies as good as it looks - With the mainly aluminium colour profile I am not sure how its "presents" will be in a grey cloudy sky dont know- fingers crossed. Peter

31/10/2012 16:16:05

Hi Danny. smileyWith the weather as it is I think it will be a while before it takes to the airembarrassed but I intend to get a video of it flyingface 1. Trouble is that I film everyone else's plane but I only tend to get my maiden flights when I ask a friend to film the plane with my camera - strange world... thinking Regards Peter.

31/10/2012 15:07:12

Been working on this solid from last Weds - all day and most of every evening. Anyway here is the video I made and if you look at the write up in YouTube you will get all the information. Regards Peter.

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 31/10/2012 15:08:06

29/10/2012 13:13:32

Hi Daithi.wink Many thanks for the posted pictures and the "long shot" posting paid off. Spot on smileywhat I needed as I had no idea of the markings on the top wing - any others!

Regards Peter

28/10/2012 19:59:15

PS I have plenty of pictures of this type of plane BUT what I need is a picture of THIS plane as shown above. wink Below is the model before work started. (PS Red Rippers are still current.


28/10/2012 19:55:14

f6c-3 hawk mine.jpgHi allsmiley This is a long shot but here goes. Just acquired this old scale model and I am in the process of renovation to bring it back to its former glory but I could do with some help with some photo's if any are out there.indecision

This model was made from photographs by Mr Cliff Allen from the Peterborough area - this man had the fantastic ability to use anything to get the required results which are almost beyond belief when you see how he made them (true artist). Anyway I wonder if anyone has taken a good photo of this model as it is based on the real thing right down to the serial number and even "The Red Rippers" logoface 1 faithfully reproduced as a transfer. In fact its as you see below.

The original aircraft flew from the USS Lexington. thinking

If you have a picture of this model or any info please help me out...f6c-3 hawk mine.jpg

Thread: Gyro Fitted To Plane Rudder - Any Difference!
23/10/2012 18:33:45

Hi John.smiley

Must admit I have WW1 models myself and as I had a few old gyros going spare it was that which prompted me to start messing about so I put it in the Cougar. Only thing I found was that the gyro fights a flat turn - which looks so good on WW1 planes so it would need to be turned off in the air to get the right results to look at on the ground.

Shame my old gyros can't be turned offsad so I may make the investment so the take - off roll is better.

Good luck to you and look forward to the feedback teeth 2

Regards Peter

Thread: Spyhawk RTF being made at the factory...
21/10/2012 12:45:46

Any idea when your review will be published on the Spyhawk - are you testing version 3 with the ability to turn on / off both the stabilisation and the video camera from the Tx...

Also the last "optional upgrade" shown in some circles - the return to home GPS feature was a fake video...

I am looking forward to your review with gret interest. Regards Peter

Thread: Gyro Fitted To Plane Rudder - Any Difference!
20/10/2012 10:39:35

Quick update on the Cougarsmiley - I wound-up the gyro sensitivity to it's full potential and gave it a go - OK at first smile with the same take off advantage. teeth 2 Climb out was normal and you could see the gyro was counteracting the torque as usual BUT IN A DIVE... angry IT WAS SWIMMING. face 12 FISH TAILING ALL ALONG ITS FLIGHT PATH. thumbs downthumbs downthumbs down

Landed quick, took the gyro settings back to how it was before at half way - Now the plane is back to being a "real gent" face 1 and I am going to leave the gyro in there as it does help. smile d

A very SIMPLE & Cost effective modification which works and you don't need a degree in science or electrical engineering to fit it...thinking. - "SIMPLES" - As the TV add says...

You may still get the "cheat" comment from some pilots however just tell them to go and see any heli pilot and say the same thing to them about their fitted gyro!!!

Regards Peter

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
17/10/2012 10:59:10

Hi Dave - If you follow the details on the video the Camel landings are no challenge at all. Come in fast, slow, it makes not a bit of difference. Such a far cry from the Pig it was... Regards Peter

15/10/2012 18:14:43

Just so you know that no brace wires are needed as its the weight box thats been the problem all the time - see video cure above. Still lots of the Camels around so I hope the post here wont get buried over time so it can help others... Stll landing like a first rate got all its teath Camel and not like the dumb Pig it was before.smiley

Thread: OrangeRX 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer
10/10/2012 17:14:55

Hi all. smileyI have been posting elsewhere on this forum about using a very simple gyro fitted to the rudder and I have now posted two videos which show the plane rudder control surfaces with on-board video camera.

This thread is much more involved as my intention was to just "keep it very simple" however the use of an on-board video camera showing whats going on with the control surfaces helps a lot - even a key fob camera is a help. Just an observation. Regards Peter

Thread: Gyro Fitted To Plane Rudder - Any Difference!
10/10/2012 16:55:04

Hi again. Should be OK with that - good luck.

10/10/2012 12:33:09

Hi Wolstone Flyer.

Just a word of caution regarding the setting up of a gyro on the Tx devil - you will find there are major differences in gain between JR and Futaba - so 50 on JR Tx will not give you the same movement as the 50 on the Futaba Tx. frown

Heading hold can give you major problems if you don't allow your gyro to reset the centre points - with that to worry about and also the other axis being controlled by other gyro's you could be in real trouble.

Due to the problems you can get is why I opted to "keep it simple" and as bomb proof as I could.

So beware and be very cautious with what you do as you could be introducing some very unwanted gremlins into your model that will fight you all the way to the ground.crying

10/10/2012 11:27:19

Hi there. It gets more interesting as time goes on.yes I feel that the two threads are warranted because this thread's gyro installation is as simple as you can get it - 3 axis control could be a problem for some - simple single axis installation on the rudder is almost totally bomb proof for any novice to do.thinking

My choice to make the video was because a number of chaps in our club had Cougars and over the years I have seen that the Cougar could be a pain in the neck on its take-off run due in part to its very extensive rudder size.devil I felt it was a good choice of model to try with the gyro as there are plenty of them around in loads of clubs so it was a plane that was known to most. To fit a simple surplus single axis heli gyro and see what effect it would have would be interesting.smiley

For my own part having the gain pre-set and fixed clearly helped with the video because it showed there is a slight effect for the Gyro to correct the tail in a normal banked turn but the gyro input was nowhere near as much as I expected to see.thinking

I noted while flying the Cougar that the flatter the turn the more the gyro wanted to correct - which if you think about it flying in this way maximises the maximum turning force which is applied to the gyro unit, unfortunately this was NOT a feature I was looking for because I was hoping to use this type of "low cost" gyro on my WW1 fleet but flat turns are a feature of this type of plane in flight - it would mean upgrading the gyro to one which could be switched off at the Tx - getting away from it being very very simple.face 24

- I could not help to note a comment above regarding the "Cougar having relatively poor rudder control" which made me

10/10/2012 06:19:48

I bet someone here will raise this sarcastic 2 so I will say now - I was beating off Mosquitos... devil

So before I sign off here - the Tx was in my hand emotion so it was never out of reach.

I do not normal wave at passing model planes - not gone that mad yet - perhaps next year...

Regards to all - Peter.

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