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Thread: Gyro Fitted To Plane Rudder - Any Difference!
10/10/2012 06:09:12

So many questionsface 1 from so many but the answer for you is to try it and see cheeky - wont make you a better pilot sad but it could help you in some instances with some planes angel 2- Seen any heli pilots without a tail gyro of late? dont know Remember this project was started as a bit of "fun / interest" with the idea of keeping it very simple . smile p (No need to be a qualified electrician to wire it). nerd

This is the final video I promised you star which was made in winds from 10 to 16 MPH so have a look and see for yourself as the final choice has to yours and with your model.

So are you going to give it a trythumbs up thumbs down - let us all know...

08/10/2012 14:18:02

After I landed the plane from making the video the first question which came up in conversation was "can I take my test with one"... Wonder what the answer would be in ten years time - the march of technology goes on...

08/10/2012 11:59:08

Thanks for informing me of the other sitewink (see link from Pete B aboveyes) I had no idea this was going on. Its very interesting how sophisticated electronics are getting and the linked site shows this very clearly indeed however my approach was to "keep it very simple" and see the results which could be achieved with clear video coverage showing the results and with minimum cash outlay and effort. It is worth following the other site because this is truly "cutting edge" and mine is a bit "old hat" - I will still do the video and post it here to conclude the issue of this post for all who are interested. Regards Peter

08/10/2012 10:47:53

Hi all smiley thanks for all the comments so far as it gets the grey matter working - most comments mentioned here are correct from what I have observed however there is a side of this to consider some may miss. Any input you make on the Tx stick is directly proportional to the feedback you get back from your eyes.enlightened - So if the rudder "fights your turn" from the offset of your stick command you automatically feed in more Tx input to compensate for what your eyes see and your brain requires indecision... I hope that makes sense - Its just a bit more to think about. For my part I used to fly scale heli's and I always flew the tail because I never had a heading hold gyro - that's the reason I used a cheap gyro for this test - to keep it simple. The gyro was wired straight into the Rx and the other lead from the gyro went to the rudder servo - simpleteeth 2 - the gyro gain was set to "mid range". I have often looked at tail draggers and noted the awful problems on take-off and landings which often occur (mine were my main concern) - on take off a blade of grass holding back a wheel for a moment longer before the model rolls could cause the take off run to skew off course and go wrong - like the wing beat of a butterfly compounded up and ending up as a hurricane... Anyway enough from me and I look forward to making the next video and see how it works in fair winds - I will even try cross wind take offs / landings. thinking Regards Peter

08/10/2012 00:35:17

Part Two will follow soon.

Thread: The New Space Shuttle
30/09/2012 08:49:30

Hi Scott. I dont think this is any type of plan as it was constructed from scratch by three individuials. If you also note thet this models tail is not the same as the Shuttle. I only did the filming on this and I posted it here for people to see because it was something that was not the norm and because the last Shuttle had just been taken to the LA museum which was shown on a lot of the news channels. Sorry I can be of any further help but if you have the plans then build the model because everyone on our field was watching. Regards Peter

28/09/2012 12:08:38

Hi Josip. smiley It was going to be it's maiden flight but I fear the bumps in the field had a lot to do with the U/C failing. Its been so dry at our location as we dont get much "steady" rain overall but we tend to get a "deluge" every now and again - the considerable dry spell has caused our field to subside a lot - bear in mind it had a full 24 hours of rolling only 11 weeks ago before the show - after which it was quie flat.. I am looking forward to the shuttle getting airbourne in the not too distant future - fingers crossedwink 2

26/09/2012 19:10:49

Stereo even - Sorry about that chaps... Try laying down with 3D glasseswink 2

26/09/2012 19:08:00

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 26/09/2012 19:08:46

Thread: What is the problem
04/09/2012 00:19:01

Hi. Just one point and that's related to the LOAD you put the motor under - if your using a prop that's creating a bigger load (too big or too much pitch) then the motor will draw more current and that can cause problems - only a long shot in your case but worth a mention if it helps you. thinking Regards Peter

Thread: Beginner Plane
04/09/2012 00:06:19

Just to add my bit here - my wife has been learning on the foam Wot 4 and that stood up to a lot of prangs but now she has got her "A" she is flying the Century Riot. - its a good learner plane with a lot more going for it over the Wot 4. The U/C on the Riot is very strong indeed and the brushless motor is powerful enough to do aerobatics which she is doing now. All round a good plane - and its EPP.

You also get a little bonus - port & starboard lights on the wings - check it out. Regards Peter face 1

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 04/09/2012 00:06:35

04/09/2012 00:05:20

Just to add my bit here - my wife has been learning on the foam Wot 4 and that stood up to a lot of prangs but now she has got her "A" she is flying the Century Riot. - its a good learner plane with a lot more going for it over the Wot 4. The U/C on the Riot is very strong indeed and the brushless motor is powerful enough to do aerobatics which she is doing now. All round a good plane - and its EPP.

You also get a little bonus - port & starboard lights on the wings - check it out. Regards Peter face 1

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
03/09/2012 08:48:27

Here it is chaps -angel 2- What was done to the plane and the results - After two days of flying the Sopwith Camel I have not had one duff take off and the landings are a dream - thumbs up - fast or slow approach. The worst landing I managed was to get one wing to touch the ground in a crosswind however it did not tip over as usual. This plane in totally different and I am truly amazed at the change. The change is not little -face 3 - it's MASSIVE.

The below video covers what modifications were done and at the end the proof it works - you will see lots of landings - so you have the proof of what shifting a bit of lead can achieve.thinking

Implications are this "fix situation" could help other models with the same characteristics. idea

Thanks again for all the input chaps. and I hope this helps others.Regards Peter Bruce.

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 03/09/2012 08:50:04

02/09/2012 10:07:38

Thanks all for the congrats emotionand I must say it felt great every time the Camel (not Pig now) landed. If the two mods I had done did not work I was going to go on with other ideas generated from this forum site till the plane fell to bits - which was a mark of how frustrated I was feeling...sad

Now Feeling smile d Cool about this model.

Reply to BOB - ref Jungie model, so sorry this fix will not help youfrown...

Reply to Phill B - Wants summery - The two mods I have done to cure this which are contained in my little video within this posting - very clear pictorial view of everything done - you need not look far back. thumbs up

Ref Mark Powell 2 - You are so lucky to have a boxed new kit and this cure will sort any problems.

Just one other tip which could help you with a very bad OIL TRAP sad... At the bottom of the models firewall / engine side - you will notice a reinforcing narrow box section which is where the front legs of the U/C go. This is a bad boxed oil trap with no drainage at all and no matter how well you proof it there is oil penetration which gets into the ply. Modify this so oil / fuel can't lay at the bottom - Fill it in solid with Balsa and proof it well - it will be clear to you once you "Open The Box".

Off to field again today - video of landings to follow... Peter

01/09/2012 21:05:54


Fantastic time at the field today - bit windy (as usual) at our coastal site but The Pigdevil has now turned into a very very very nice Camel indeed - in fact and angel angel 2 ....

Video to follow so you can all see what a total difference the changes have made - MIRACULOUS.angel 2

The proof is in the landings and NOT ONCE did it try to "skate" like before and I had a fair cross wind towards the end of the day...

My pride is now redeemed. wink 2

I do hope you will find the answers helpful and I must confirm that this model has a design flaw which caused all the problems - the weight box should never have been designed to be installed at this high point - a massive statement I know but the clear proof is there as you will clearly see in the video - the Pig is now a Camel.

Great - load of help from everyone which helped resolve the problem - the cure could also be of help to others. Regards Peter. thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Thread: Bartons Point Flying Club - Isle of Sheppey Kent
31/08/2012 16:14:32

For the few who maybe interested here is the video. All had a good time. Regards Peter


Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 31/08/2012 16:29:15

Thread: Hanger 9 Sopwith Camel (Pig) Land-Dings
31/08/2012 09:24:21

Hi Andy. Thanks for your post and I think its more to do with the Hanger 9 Camel layout as this seems to be a common problem with this manufacturers kit. Even in the States on forums the question has been raised about this particular model but no cure was found. I to have a third scale DRI tri-plane and another that's a quarter scale and also a Fokker DVII together with a Tiger Moth. I can land them all - but that Pig Camel... After a great takeoff and flight the landing almost always ends the same way and my pride takes a big dent. If I have no problems landing any of the others why then all the fuss just the Pig Camel? I have changed the U/C and even beefed it up by doubling up on the wire thickness and using hardwood for the fairing's then setting it all in epoxy - you could have jumped in it and it would not bend or break - all had no effect. Desperate to find a cure I came here on the RCM&E site asking for help and its been worthwhile as so many comments have been generated. So many ideas regarding this kit have come out and the best answer to help the situation seems to be the lowering of the substantial lead weight box which is heavy and situated very high on this model - it may or may not work and I hope to find out over the weekend. I do find it amazing that this Pig Camel is so different from any of my other models - they all have slightly different landing characteristics but the Pig Camel is in a world of its own so I am hunting hard for the reason "why". If I don't sort it out with the two mods I have made now I will continue till the model gets destroyed trying as many modifications as I can - although I am very optimistic about the shifting of the lead weight box... The proof will be in the pudding (landing) so to speak. Regards Peter

30/08/2012 23:19:40

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your kind words and I wont give up as the model is a fine flyer and it looks so good in the air. I know that I will have it in the air this weekend (winds going to drop) so I hope I will see the model behave a lot differently and I will get someone to film it - with luck this thread could be of help to others like the poor guy who posted the exact same question about landing this plane on a states forum site and got no real help - fingers crossed. The "toe out" on the real planes was perhaps not a standard thing as it seems there is no consistency in the old pictures I have looked at - some had it some did not but it does increase the width / spread of the U/C which must have been some help... Regards Peter

30/08/2012 18:21:48

Hi all - Grim weather noso cant yet try out the mods to the Camel but I think the change in the lead weight shifted to a lower levelthinking will help the most... Anyway I have been looking at all the recent posts and note that with the Camel at the Old Rhinebeck aerodrome video once it starts going wrong it did not matter what input the pilot put in the plane just "did its thing".devil I also think that with this Camel at Old Rhinebeck they would not let an inexperianced pilot near it as it must be worth a fortune so any pilot would have to have rotary engine and tail dragger experiance. Taking the latter point into consideration I now give you another film to look at of that same Camel (still a pig to me) and it indeed lives up the that last name I gave it - the poor pilot could do nothing - except see that door grow in size... surprise With ground handling like this in the real thing I could end up getting nowhere with this model and going out and getting myself a nice docile Sopwith Pup!!! face 1

29/08/2012 13:06:31

Hi Mark

his instructor said "Take care, the supply of Camels is not unlimited". Presumably there was no limit on the supply of pupils.

My grandfather spoke a bit on WW1 - he was stuck in the trenches and lost a lung in the first German gas attacks - he always said the top brass only cared about materials and even felt that an ammunition carrying horse was worth more than any man - sad days... sad

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