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Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
14/12/2018 11:32:22

Having had the heater running a while now I find that after the initial blast of super fast hot air and the whooosh from the impella as died down as the the unit starts to reach the set temperature (you put that in) it cuts back dramatically to a gentle breeze of hot air to maintain the set temperature to keep you toasty - recon its around 1.5 kW in the case of my shed when it’s around 3C outside. Fuel consumption is reduced considerably as you can hear the sound of the ticking of the fuel pump is dramatically reduced. Not a scientific explanation I know as I can’t give the fuel quantity used but since it’s been in I have filled the 5 litre tank only three times. The biggest advantage for me is to be able to hit the shed with 5kW of fast moving directable air which is able to get the ambient air temperature up very quickly and as you can direct the hot air towards you then you can start working almost straight away in the hot air stream. I have directed the hot air in the same way in my wife’s craft cabin so she gets the benefit straightaway while the rest of her larger than mine “shed” (said with jealousy) gets warmed up. So now I have two units fitted I can’t see any other real alternative to this type of heater in an isolated shed situation. The net result is l can now go up the the shed and “tinker” whenever I want to in the winter... I do hope others find this thread has been of help and I will answer any questions you may have if that helps. Regards Peter

13/12/2018 18:07:11

5 pairs = Diesel heater... OK you can’t wear diesel heaters before anyone come back with that answer on here😀😀😀

13/12/2018 18:03:17

I will stick with my nice warm diesel heater in my new man cave. Now even got my telly working up there... Any rows and I’m safe - summer or winter now. Regards Peter

13/12/2018 16:44:14

Hi Piers. I going to go to Quickfit and see if I can get an old one they have taken out of a small car as this time of year it’s when the car won’t crank over but the battery is only an issue in the colder weather - that way it will cost me a lot less and I already have a smart charger for the wife’s unit so that’s the way I will go.Regards Peter

13/12/2018 16:39:19

Hi Mike. The battery charger you have may just do it but I would not chance it myself as the maximum current draw is around 12+ Amps and that only at start up and shut down when the glow plug is on. Once the ignition is going the glow plug turns off and then it doesn’t draw much current. A 20 Amp switch mode power supply is only about £15 on eBay which does the trick. If you look at my video you can see I cut the outlet tubes and you then have 4 heat outlets you can direct individually so start at your tootsies and then another at your knees and the other two direct to the top half - job done. 5 kW of hot air soon warms you up and if you can get red diesel the cost is pennies to run and your warmer than you’ll ever be with your radiant fire... Regards Peter

13/12/2018 09:36:06

Hi Gary. In your situation a power supply would be OK however in the unlikely event of a power failure the fan would stop so would the pump so the burning in the combustion chamber would stop but without the fan the heat would have to go somewhere and the close fitting case which channels the air would melt and I suspect so would the air impella. This is a situation that could not happen with a battery. Also for interest it takes about four minutes after you press the stop button to actually stop as the heater goes through a set process before it stops to ensure all the fuel is burnt and the fan keeps going till the case temperature has reduced to a safe level. They are extremely safe when installed correctly so I am now trying to get hold of a small old battery I can smart charge which may have to go outside the craft cabin such is the lack of space. Me and the wife are now even more convinced this is the way to go to heat a shed or outside building fast and efficiently in a cost effective way. Regards Peter

12/12/2018 23:43:26

Hi Gary. In my shed currently using an old car battery and a smart charger but in the craft cabin I have reluctantly used a 20 Amp switch mode power supply. I say reluctantly because we do have power cuts where we are - most are only short together with more common blips of just a few seconds which could cause the diesel heater to go unto melt down as it has to cycle when it’s turned off. I hope to get hold of an old car battery shortly so I can dispense with the switch mode power supply and hence the possibility of a meltdown. Please be sure the meltdown I refer to is only of the plastic case as the combustion chamber is totally encased aluminium so never a chance or risk of fire. Hope this answers your question. Regards Peter

12/12/2018 21:43:30

Wife?s craft cabin.jpegUPDATE FOR YOU ALL...

Wife came into my shed a few weeks back to bring me a cup of tea - that was all it took and she said “l want one of those” That was that so yet another diesel heater was ordered and it came in at the weekend. Much harder to install into the wifes craft cabin even though it’s a lot bigger than my shed there is very little room as it’s chocker block with her craft gear gear.

Managed to find a space and in it went and after it was fitted and fired up it got nice and cozy inside the 12x10 craft cabin. Wife came in and the smile was worth a 1000 words. Best thing I’ve done for ages.

Regards Peter

Wifes craft cabin 12x10



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02/12/2018 17:05:52

Hi Tim. So sorry to hear your dilemma but the only time you get any whiff of diesel is just after it fires up as that’s how it ignites the fuel with the gloplug but it’s nothing and it’s gone straight away as when the combustion has started they burn clean and you can smell nothing. I have to say again that they use them in boats, lorries, vans & sheds so I have to say I’m sorry Santa won’t be calling... Regards Peter

02/12/2018 10:57:31

Always great to hear from you Josip. Short winters... wonderful. Regards Peter

01/12/2018 18:41:20

My wife said there are some drawbacks with having a larger shed - bigger means more plane you can get to fill it.

This was said with a sarcastic type smile - no mention that her craft cabin is bigger than my shed... Rough justice.

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 01/12/2018 18:42:22

01/12/2018 10:41:33

Hi Devcon. Sounds like a great set up I have a very small TV in my shed which is very rarely used because while working there I don’t get a lot of time to look up but I do have the radio on good old Radio 4 almost all the time. My heating requirements were different to yours as I can’t plan a time so I grab anything from a couple of hours to an afternoon so as it’s all unplanned the only option for me is to either keep the heating on low all the time with a boost when I go in - which works out expensive or the solution I have posted here - hit it hard with heat so I can work within around 15 minutes at around 16c and climbing fast when it’s 6.8c outside... Different solution for same problems. Regards Peter

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 01/12/2018 11:09:54

01/12/2018 10:30:18

Hi Tim. I am sure eBay are aware of what’s going on as it has happened to so many and full refunds have been given and just to give an idea this is what I had these are saved communication replies after chasing my order...

The usual shipping will take about 4-9 workdays.
We are so sorry to keep you wait.

Could you please help us check whether this address is correct or not (address removed by me)

We are contacting the shipping company for more information.
If we confirm you item is lost, we will give you good solutions without hesitation. OK?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Truthfully, ——— Then after all that I get this —— Thanks for your order and fast payment . But we find some quality problem of our goods..
All items has been return to the factory .
Sorry for this trouble. Maybe you need it in special day or really like our item .
We don't want to let you upset ,just try too make sure you could get what you expect .
So how about we refund you first ?
Really sorry for that ,
Waiting for your reply - just got refund and ordered from Amazon

Regards Peter

01/12/2018 00:18:15

Hi Tim. Good luck to you for getting it at Christmas but remember that there has been a hell of a run of these this year. Most of the suppliers it seems take your money but can’t supply by the delivery date they give so you get a refund and start again which is why I went to Amazon in the end but that was my bad luck as many others got theirs with no problem so I do wish you good luck. Regards Peter

30/11/2018 22:28:10

Hi all - recon once mine is up to temperature and the units ticking over at around 2+kW output at a guess the consumption is about .2 of a ltr an hour - either way I have been up my shed loads and only topped it up today with around 4 ltrs. I hope you (and my wife) get the heater before Christmas. Regards Peter

30/11/2018 20:53:00

Hi Gary. I was not too worried about the running costs myself as I just wanted something that would hit my shed hard with a lot of heat initially so I could work up there and the diesel heater fits that bill. I ordered up one for my friend Dave who now has his running and is also over the moon with his as he had the same problem that the electric just took too long. Wife came into my shed and demanded she should have one as well and I can assure you all the little lady is only concerned about results not running costs. And just to cap it all I can’t run a 5kW fan heater in my shed as the cables might be heating up as much as the fan heater... regards Peter

30/11/2018 20:16:27

Hi Martin - I tried a Calor portable fire in the shed but used it only twice because after finding my bench vice dripping with water I realised that one of the combustion products is water - and loads of it. I now have it for sale with an almost full gas bottle for £45 but don’t use it in your shed as your models will get mildew!

30/11/2018 20:09:33

Hi all. Diesel heater Comes on at first and kicks out a whopping 5kW of fast moving hot air and as soon as the inside temperature at the heater inlet reaches your set temperature you put into the controller it reduces in fan speed and fuel consumption right down to a miser rate. That’s what I wanted - to be able to work in the shed in comfort for a few hours - with electric it just didn’t happen and it was too long in the cold and by the time it warmed up it was time to pack up. Electric never worked for me and now the wife has seen what it does I have had to order one for her craft cabin because she had exactly the same issue - but being a woman she turned the heater on about an hour before she went up there so that was about 46p down the pan before she even got in there. This diesel heater heats up your space very quick by hitting it hard with heat - no condensation just a nice warm environment to work. I just wish I had found out sooner. Regards Peter

30/11/2018 18:59:15

Hi Tim. Tried to do a link but it didn’t work - go to and type in “diesel heater silencer” and you will find it comes together with a better air filter and tubes. Regards Peter

30/11/2018 14:33:59

Hi Martin. If you wish you can install it outside in an enclosure which would also reduce the noise. A chap in in the Scottish highlands I read uses three diesel heaters to heat his home and they are powered by batteries which are charged by solar panels which still charge the batteries enough on the dullest shortest day’s. He took this action as he was fed up with the power cuts and boiler breakdown where no one could get to him quickly so by using 3 heaters if one packs up he still has heat from the other two. He installed the units externally as you are suggesting and seem it works for him but I think it was to reduce the noise level not because of any fire risk. There should be no reason for you not to do it as well. Another advantage of having it outside is that there is less chance to spill the diesel because it’s one thing I take my time over - re-filling the fuel tank as I don’t like the smell... Regards Peter

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