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Thread: Structural failure
08/06/2012 08:52:34

As prev said the plane did have 2 good stong elevator servo's - the choice way of getting the plane downthe way he did was Dave decission - he did not want to let it out of the field hence the interesting flip. Although it would not have been the way many would have landed a crippled plane but did you notice that on finals as the speed dropped the lift fell off quickly when the wing stalled at quite a high speed as the drag on each of the main wing controls were different. All this was rightly the "Pilots Discression" however a very good outcome... On the fly-by neither of us could at first see anything wrong untill it was on a climb out but Dave is experianced enough to know its not a twitching finger...

I have to say here that I admire Dave for the cool way he got this down. He was not in any way flustered - almost like the guy who lost ALL of his main wing on an large Extra at our yearly July "Flying Spectacular" a few years back - he was cool and fought the controls and landed it - its the first time (as far as we know) this has been filmed it the UK at an event. - All great stuff.

07/06/2012 11:56:12

I published the video and when the plane landed we went over it with a very fine tooth comb. We observed that the tailplane had no structural spar (at the fuz point) and strength was due to the tailplane being sheeted. All the failed parts were recovered and examined closely and the sheet balsa was found to be extreamly wide grained, soft, and pliable - with the higher power plant installed in the plane and the the high G stunts which were being performed the tail section (in my own humble opinion) was not strong enough to take the strain. If a spar had been incorporated into the tailplane design the problem would never have surfaced or perhaps if a harder Balsa sheet section had been used on the tail that may have prevented the failure. The points made in the comment box above about failures which can be caused by even the dig of a pencil line at a stress point are all valid and like everything something will break if its pushed too far. The video was published here to promote debate and not debase ARTF models which have been a blessing and a curse depending on what time you have for our hobby.

Thread: Death of a Stuka
05/05/2012 14:51:16

fantastic to see this model rise again George - keep the pictures coming.smiley

28/04/2012 15:35:41

Hi George.

The pictures showing the work in progress of the Stuka look great and I am so please you have posted them here for all to share. I have to admit I would have lost any bet (big time) regarding the practical posibility of getting this model back into the air again - but there she rises like a Phoenix from the ashes...

I will not be after this remarkable fellows name from you as he must be a migician to raise this Phoenix.

Regards Peter

27/04/2012 23:22:24

As so many of you have viewed this video I do intend to make another video of the Stuka but this time it will be a take off and a landing with no other plane in the air. George should give me a kick when he is ready and I promise to post it here as the Stuka has got a great profile in the sky. - Let me know when your ready George.

Thread: Structural failure
23/04/2012 22:31:46

Tend to agree with what you say...

Thread: Death of a Stuka
23/04/2012 22:28:46

Hi George.

Glad to hear its almost finished.

Regards Peter

Thread: Structural failure
23/04/2012 18:00:05

Hi Martin. The unusual approach manouevre was made to keep the speed up as the model was not responsive at a slower speed this together with keeping the model over the patch promted the strange approach to the landing. Right or wrong it was the pilots choice and it was his hands on the sticks...

23/04/2012 16:03:46

Thanks for the kind comment - We inspected the failed recovered sections afterwards and it looks like its just been yanked off but to be fair this was in a flat-out spiral dive. The wing section was a fully balsa sheeted section so it was just lucky that Dave was using two servos on the elevator as if only one was being used the model would have been a bin liner job... A decent hardwood spar at the design stage would have been a good idea but its not something you can see thats needed on a finished model.

Just an interesting thing I managed to video again (because I dont like crashes)... Regards Peter

23/04/2012 15:24:36

I was doing my usual video again and caught this...

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 23/04/2012 15:26:01

Thread: Jan's Flying Progress
19/04/2012 13:30:25

Not long now to her "A" - fingers crossed.

Reply by worse half = Peter

Thread: Superman
18/04/2012 11:36:15

Shame about the plans but perhaps you could create something new - lots of scope but good luck either way - Peter

18/04/2012 11:03:36

FLYING WITCH -Hi John - looked up the video for this which you may enjoy.
Just in case it wont link it name is "Flying Witch of Sheppey" so you should be able to tie - try on here as well should find it as it was only done in July 2011.
Regards Peter
18/04/2012 10:54:22

Hi John.

Got one old witch in our club as well - I also posted it on this forum video channel so if you look back a bit you will see her fly - Hard witch to fly and also not easy to land...

Regards Peter

18/04/2012 10:07:00

Just had an email from Trev saying where the plans are from if any oy you out there want to try to make this as a project here is what Trev sent to me = Thanks! I cant take credit for the design though. Plans were from rcsuperhero .

Going to look fantastic when its painted up...

Thread: My E-flite Extra 260 onboard keyfob vid..
17/04/2012 21:22:06

Great flight - Peter

Thread: Superman
17/04/2012 18:50:13

It was Trevs model but it flew very well and he threw it around all over the sky. Suspect its more fragile to transport and more unforgiving but as long as you dont catch it on anything when your transporting it you would be fine. The ESC cut out at the end of the flight which was why it went in but ther was NO damage at all to the model and only the battery pack became detached - Trev builds them well...

Regards Peter

17/04/2012 18:27:07

Thanks for your kind comment - I do try to keep things bubbling along on the club blog with a good number of videos and we get regular hits from all over the world now. I have just made an investment in a new new camera which was a big step - Did a review on it because its not been released yet in the UK (on my site) and the results with this camera are far better as you can see.

Just my rotten upload speed that kills me off as it takes all night to upload to YouTube. The UK is so far behind on internet speeds we are in the stone age... Sorry I have gone on too much.


17/04/2012 10:27:33

Just the paint job next - now it flies...

17/04/2012 10:22:48

Got a phone call asking if I would be interested to film Supermans maiden flight so on my bike quick to the field I went to tie up with Trev who was ready to see if he could fly...

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