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Thread: Jan's Flying Progress
16/04/2012 00:34:09

Thread: Death of a Stuka
01/04/2012 18:48:28

Had confirmation from the field today - this model IS being rebuilt so it will fly again.

How fantastic is that.

31/03/2012 22:42:25

The paintwork art design is (was?) a one off to be sure

31/03/2012 20:34:22

To be fair I do not usually show any crashed planes - I never post such on our club blog (for good reason) however I asked both parties concerned and both said it was OK to show the video which was then uploaded to my own video channel.

Both pilots were upset about the event and anyone can say it shouldnt happen but with any precautions you take you can only deminish the chance - but never totally stop it...

31/03/2012 20:16:55

The Stuka was ex TJD model which some may have seen hanging up in the shop - The Cessna was a right-off as well as it has glass fuz.

We took over a black bin bag to get all the bits in the field from the Stuka - half of one wing must have been totally fragmented because we could not recover enough bits. We always ensure any bits are removed from the field because its used for livestock so we ensure our hobby causes no problems to the farmer.

The Stuka was flying so well.

Although loads of bits were so fragmented I understand that George is going to get it re-buit again - mammoth tast but it would be great to see it in the air again because you dont see many around due to the harder wing construction...

Thread: Superb scale aircraft with in flight video using FPV chase plane
31/03/2012 19:11:38

Well worth watching and the editing and shots are amazing.

Thanks for posting it here.

Thread: Death of a Stuka
31/03/2012 19:01:09

Sad event that I filmed here but it happens - sadly.

Thread: Skyflex 2000 Electric Hang Glider
30/03/2012 23:57:33

I wondered who would ask that question so here is the spanner in the works...

LiPo were 3 cell 20c 2200 and the NiHi were eight cell 6 year old 3300. I know it sounds strange but a number of fully charged (checked) LiPos were tried in the model with a flight time of about 3 minutes before there was a slight power drop off. Tested back on the ground the LiPos had about 40% left in them so in a safe margin. The NiHi batteries performed far better with the brushed motor set up and also due to the weight they added flight stability in the stronger winds.

The NiHi batteries used in the model pushed the flight duration up to 5 minutes but even taking into consideration the extra capacity of the old NiHi batteries its a strange result indeed.

A number of club members confirmed the climb rate was greater with the NiHi pack over the LiPo pack used yesterday and also the brushed motor was turning with a faster grunt than with the LiPos- This has been strange to say the least however I can only report what I know.

I also recently (on Tuesday) had a bit of a shock with another club member who has rebuilt his Matador for the RCM&E Fly-In and he put in a brushed motor with a 3 to 1 gearbox which seemed a rather small powerplant - even here on the forum most said it would be well under powered however it went a real treat and I made a video of its flight which was posted here by Mike Etheridge.

I do not have a Watt meter but I do know NiHi batteries worked for us in the past and it opened up my eyes a bit because the NiHi were so old and were hammered when I had my Eco 8 helicopter so as the last flight with them was over 6 years ago the NiHi batteries have had a hard life however they still charged and the bottom line is do you know of any LiPo's that are that old which have taken a hammering in a heli and can still give a good account for itself. All I know is it works well this "Old Tech-No-Oligy".

30/03/2012 22:30:51

Many thanks for your assistance Chris I will see if I can get it right next time.

Regards Peter

30/03/2012 22:18:02

I notice that even when I make an entry if I try

to use the whole line it seems to go into the

Advertising space - see my last entry.

So the "post a reply" box should also perhaps

be smaller - I have pressed the "return" key

before the text entry in the reply box gets to

half way - Is this my computer I wonder!

Thread: Fokker 10 year Build takes to the skies!
30/03/2012 22:11:21

Great to see - I have two of the beasts and the flat turns are a sight to see...

Very nice model - Regards Peter

Thread: Skyflex 2000 Electric Hang Glider
30/03/2012 22:05:10

Tried 4 times to edit the size with no result. The 450 entry has not changed anything - I think it maybe better if I dont post my videos here as it will cause problems with advertisers. Sorry & wont do it again.

Regards Peter

30/03/2012 21:41:05

Second one I have renovated - first was with nitro engine which flies very well and now this electric model - today I used NiHi batteries and it was better than the LiPo batteries for both climb rate and diration. I used for the first flight. Flights of 5 minutes can be made in quite a strong headwind as the extra weight of the battery aids stability.



Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 30/03/2012 22:22:49

Thread: Microlight / Hang Glider /Nitro project
02/03/2012 21:53:38

Does anyone know how this was originally marketed and by who and when! I have changed a lot - the sail, struts & rigging of which none is original but the main body and the pilot is original so I hope someone might be able to throw some light on it.

As I said I do think the kit was for electric and used a NiCad pack due to the room below the pilot but I could be wrong - anyone got any ideas please.


Thread: NOT scaled up plane.. Quite the opposite.. !
02/03/2012 09:56:40

Looks very neat indeed

Thread: Microlight / Hang Glider /Nitro project
29/02/2012 09:58:34

I clicked on Old code - Help - Also went back and checked and did a copy & paste again -sorry about this Dave.

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/02/2012 10:06:41

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/02/2012 10:17:33

29/02/2012 09:56:01

Renovated Model. I think it was originally supposed to be electric but I could not find out anything on-line so I had to "grow it from the bits I had" - If anyone has any info I would like to know about its origins.  Things like C of G are not easy to grasp on this type of wing. The main wing was of clear plastic with printed colours on but it was badly torn & the plastic PVC had gone brittle with age and it split if you folded the plastic so another wing was found which was an old 2 line Peter Powel stunt kite. This was modified to be the main wing.I had to take my best shot at the lengths of the rigging wires and also their fixing points, Wing warping system and the bellow of the wing were all done as "if it looks right it should fly" (in other words suck it and see) So now it was time to have a go and this video was the result. Fun project for only very low wind days because to control this flying machine is not what your used to and its flight is "interesting"!!!



Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/02/2012 10:04:40

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/02/2012 10:19:54

Thread: Wild Bear On Flying Field
20/02/2012 12:46:48

Just could not resist it...




Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/02/2012 12:51:38

Thread: We have all been there
18/02/2012 12:04:38

So good that I also put it onto our web site. Thanks for posting it here because the more that see it the better.

Thread: Lady Learning to Fly - 2
18/02/2012 11:44:24

This is the latest update - It's still cold and windy but Jan's keen to get in as much air time so she can to get her "A"

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