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Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
30/11/2018 14:23:46

Hi Piers. The video you refer to is the same as the unit I have in the case but I wanted a “plug an play” version which is almost what mine is however for space saving the separate units can be pugged up anywhere and do the job. I think for boat installation you have to use copper pipe to suppl the fuel and perhaps a steel container for the diesel to conform to the insurance company standards but that’s it as far as I know. Good luck and stay warm - Peter

30/11/2018 12:56:09

Hi Piers. The unit is fully protected and it takes a few minutes to start because of the checks the processor makes before the fuel is pumped and only after all is confirmed working does the gloplug come on. Even if the battery can’t supply the Amps required for the gloplug it will shut down. As I said before these units are used legally in boats trucks, vans, campers all over the world and truckers go to sleep with them on and with some the ticking of the fuel pump sends them to sleep while others it almost drives them insane in the quite cab. Failure of the fan while under combustion would put the flame out straight away as it’s the fan that provides the air flow for the flame - also the fan speed controls the pump speed so no fan = no pump and the flame is immediately extinguished. The resident heat in the unit is the only issue in the case of a breakdown however if it’s been installed correctly the heat contained can’t exceed what the unit operates at anyway. The controller gives a lot of error codes when a fault is detected which also give an insight into what component to look at. I hope my explanation helps answer your question. Regards Peter

30/11/2018 12:42:01

Hi Josip. Always a pleasure to hear from you and how about that heater for you as you get a lot colder there... Regards Peter

29/11/2018 22:34:55

JVR - Sounds great to me...

29/11/2018 22:32:13

Hi Piers. They are sealed combustion chamber units so no chance for escaping flames. I have invested in a carbon monoxide unit just in case but it shows zero in the shed. The exhaust pipe is stainless steel and I have taken a reading on the exhaust and it maxed out on my meter at 280c which is the highest it will record... As it’s basically a heat exchanger unit there are no flames to worry about to set our planes alight. You need to fit a silencer onto the unit which makes it sound just like a faint jet turbine engine... Regards Peter


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29/11/2018 22:21:25


29/11/2018 22:16:14

Hi all. Just as a follow up - if you look at both Banggood and AliExpress and search for diesel air heater parts you will find most available at a very reasonable price - OK it’s not the shop round the corner and your order will take time to come but the parts are there. There are unknown factors in buying this heater - how long will it last of course but that I can’t answer except to say I looked at what parts were available before I bought the unit to cover my back as far as I could. The technology has been around for ages and works so I jumped and so it seems have many others now but beware there is a shortage which is why I ordered from Amazon in the end as I had no luck on eBay. Hope this info answers some questions you may have had. Regards Peter

29/11/2018 20:58:34

Hi Piers. Hope this works

iYoung 12V 5KW Air Diesel Heater Set Vehicle Heater with Electrical Control - Lower Fuel Power Consumption LCD Thermostat 4 Holes Parking Heater For Vans,Car Trailer, Boats, Etc. Fast Heating

29/11/2018 20:55:51

Hi Ian. I have to say it was only after seeing one in a courier delivery van that I thought of theshed application for me although it’s not original but I personally had never come across it before and now after installing it I want others to know how god they are.

29/11/2018 19:44:42

Drill to outside 2x 25mm holes. Fill the tank with diesel, connect to a good 12v battery, prime the fuel line and then press start. No marketing from me just spreading the good news... Regards Peter

29/11/2018 19:29:03

Hi Don. I am glad you came on and made a comment as I also understand both BT and the Electric Power Transmissions Cable companies use the diesel heaters in the field in their larger vehicles working in extreme conditions and keeps operatives warm. I have tried in my shed convectors, fan heaters and Infra Red heaters and all pale into insignificance against this heater and as a bonus the operating costs are less although it will take some time to recover the outlay but the reason I got it was to be W A R M & TOASTIE.




29/11/2018 19:00:19

Ordered two units from Amazon (other one was for a friend who’s over the moon with it). Hope the diagram above will show you how it works. Proved system that’s been used for many years but always too expensive till the Chinese started to make copies which are good quality and cost a fraction of the three other major players out there. Just to add that I did originally place orders TWICE with sellers on eBay who both let me down as they had no stock despite saying they were U.K. stockists. This is common I now understand. By ordering from Amazon I got a tracking number that was valid and showed me where it was on its journey from China right to my door.



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29/11/2018 18:56:14

This is how it works...7c1a2212-240c-4e63-92e1-1cd321e867af.jpeg

29/11/2018 18:52:38

Cost was £150.

29/11/2018 18:40:49

Hi all. I must make it clear NO air is taken from inside the shed and both the air and exhaust pipe exit out the shed via a 24mm pipe so no issue with fumes.

Here is the part one video I did which may help people. These are used extensively in boats, lorries, campers and now if the word spreads on sheds...

29/11/2018 18:06:50

Hi Geoff. You are lucky to have an area you can work in but many I know are not as lucky which is why I posted the video here to see if others know about this form of heating. The unit runs on diesel and the combustion noise outside sounds just like a very high flying jet engine so it sounds just right for a plane shed / hanger.

There is NO condensation as the combustion air is taken from outside and exhaust outside so the heat that goes into your shed is via a finned heat exchanger - unlike my daft heating choice last year when I got a portable gas heater and it did not take long for me to see water condensation dripping off my bench vice so I quickly turned it off and continued to freeze. This diesel heater makes no condensation just 5kW of lovely dry heat. If there are a good few questions showing interest I will follow up with information... Regards Peter


Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/11/2018 18:09:52

29/11/2018 17:05:51

Hi all. If your like me and use your shed or garage to make and repair your models you will no doubt hate it when the winter comes and temperatures plummet.

After meeting a courier delivery driver who had a 5kW heater fitted under his van seat I started to do some digging and found the answer to my prayers to be able to quickly warm up my shed so I can work without waiting for an hour for it to warm up with a 2kW electric heater - by the time it warmed up it was time to pack up... Now I’m really toasty and after my wife saw how good it was I’ve had to order another one to go into her craft cabin. So bring out your building project this winter and get yourself a Christmas present you will really enjoy. See the video - I’ve made a few videos on the subjust but this should wet your appetite. I will answer any questions if your interested - it’s the best thing since sliced bread...


Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 29/11/2018 17:09:18

Thread: Crash investigation - taken ages to find the cause
12/11/2018 08:49:35

Hi Keith. Thanks for the warning. I am aware of the problems and it’s one of the reasons I went for the all in one unit in the metal case as opposed to the usual loads of bits in a box package most use for cars vans and trucks. I’m going out the side of the shed with the 25mm one piece stainless steel exhaust and will sleeve the hot exhaust with proprietary exhaust tape so no heat can transfer to the wood shed construction. The combustion air inlet will also be taken from outside. I will be fitting a Carbon monoxide alarm - just in case. Regards and thanks for your concern. Peter

11/11/2018 19:56:18

Made a start on the new AcrowotXL - we’ll the DLE35 engine actually as the cooling fins on the engine head were all broken on one side so the whole head had to be changed. Washed out the crankcase and no bits inside so that’s a bit of luck. On the switch front I was lucky to have a club member (Peter) loan me a few to look at which are the magnetic type and that’s the way I’m going to go. To alleviate any possible problems I’m going to use a power panel as well as the bus bar system inside them has got to be better than the bus bar in the Rx. Not in a mad rush to get this model done and I’ve ordered a 12v 5kW diesel air heater - the self contained unit all in one they fit into trucks and motor homes but I’m going to put it in my shed so I can work up there during the cold weather. Yesterday I tackled the lighting problem I had and I’ve installed a 5 foot batten LED fitting which gives an instant good light level and is better than the old flo fitting I had in there. The heater is due in the first week in December so once fitted I should be all set to work outside and the 5kW heat output should keep me toasty. I will show the progress of the switch situation. Regards Peter.

24/10/2018 20:08:34

Just got back from work and got a few goodies to look at. Pin switch, dual battery system... lot to learn. Thanks Peter for the items to look at you kindly brought to the flying site Saturday for me to look at. I am intending to upgrade both my Albatros and Sopwith Pup to remove the slider switches from the equation as to lose my converted Albatros IC model would break my heart after all the time spent on it - as far as I am aware it’s the only Maxford USA Albatros out there running with a 120 four stroke engine in... My Sopwith with its twin four stroke is also one I don’t want to lose so the slide switch in that is going... will keep you posted but at the moment things are a bit hectic so not much time to play to find our where I’m going but be assured I will be monitoring. Regards Peter

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