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Thread: Crash investigation - taken ages to find the cause
23/10/2018 20:59:52

Yet again I have a brand new AcrowotXL (no 3) and this time I will fit the usual upgraded parts (control horns & clevices) and now a dual battery bus bar system with an electronic switch - the latter is in place of the slider switch that failed on AcrowotXL number two... I really like this plane and a 35cc petrol aerobatic was a new venture for me a few years back from the usual scale biplanes which I normally fly. The extra strains on a more powerful larger aerobatic plane puts on the components has been some tough lessons to learn as what is satisfactory on smaller models just won’t cut it on a large aerobatic plane. Another factor regarding slide switches which I found on stripping down some old ones I had in the spares box from long deceased planes was interesting because I also found oil coating the internal slider contacts - not much, but how much does it take to affect the contact ability? The glo fuel oil gets everywhere and if there is any castor content in the fuel - I am sure that clammy jelly glaze that you find in your old engines must affect the slide switch contact ability so I wonder if the slide switch issue is even more prevalent than I suspected.

If you have any old slider switches in your box of spares - never use them - but strip one down and have a look for the oil ingress as glo fuel gets anywhere and if you have ever used any fuel with any castor oil content it would be interesting to know what you find. Regards Peter

16/10/2018 23:20:14

Hi cymaz. Looked at the link and although we have all read about the slide switches I suspect like me you think it won’t happen to me.... Right.

16/10/2018 23:18:39

Hi Mike. Just that nagging feeling it was no brown out but it’s proved to be a very unusual Christmas light flasher switch with approximately a 10 second delay from on to off. Not many switches do that I bet.

16/10/2018 20:38:05

UPDATE - Slider switch taken to bits ---

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 16/10/2018 20:38:42

16/10/2018 15:51:51

hi Frank. You were very lucky indeed. With the switch in the video it worked 100% fine then only with a load a 100% off with no in-between which makes it all the more of a surprise I found it. I am taking the switch apart later on ad hope to get some clue as to why its failed after around a year of use...

PS. Glad you still have.your glider

Regards Peter

16/10/2018 13:38:14

Hi Peter R. Thanks for the offer and what Im going to do is take a look at yours which is the best way to go - then buy my own. Hard lesson I have learnt with my AcrowatXL

16/10/2018 12:47:59

Hi Peter R. I am looking at a soft switch with no mechanical parts for my next AcrowotXL - yes going to get another one again as its a great model (But DON'T use the kit supplied clevises).

On the test I did I was only pulling 5 Amps but I do wonder if anyone has measured in real flight how many Amps a large fully acrobatic model like the large beasts at the displays pull ? I've seen 4 digital servos ganged up for the rudders and elevators - the mind boggles. - Or what force is on a model jets control surfaces when its pulling out of a dive - must be pulling a lot of Amps.

Not looked at what these planes use as out of my experience and price range but bet its not the slider switches I have used on all my fleet of planes...

16/10/2018 11:52:36

Thanks for all the replies to my video. I had thought finding out what caused the crash would make me feel better however I still feel guttedcrying.

Some very interesting points have been raised here for larger models which I fear wont get the publicity those comments made really need.

To be able to demonstrate what happens with a faulty slider switch was too good to miss out on and to be able to show others was the reason I made the video - to demonstrate what can go wrong - then end up with a mystery because everything tested after the crash works - just like magic -.

The only clue I had was that my petrol DLE 35cc engine cut after a sharp manoeuvre - which I had performed many times in the past...

It ts my intention to take apart the offending slide switch shortly and see how its made and if I can see where the problem is within its construction... I will post it here shortly.

Just as a though perhaps I should have posted this in the forums video section (where I usually post)

Perhaps it would have the effect of spreading the word more about this issue for larger planes.thinking

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 16/10/2018 11:55:15

16/10/2018 00:06:33

Thread: UK Could Be Banned From All USA Imports
11/08/2018 17:04:54

Hi Josip. We had a load of fun doing this - we are all kids at heart...

10/08/2018 22:21:53

Mike - as your also married how would you ask such a question! Jan gives me a rocket for something or the other which I do wrong every day. - it’s a man thing we all suffer from.

10/08/2018 21:16:43

Shamecrying 2 Scale day cancelled tomorrow due to unsettled weather conditions. Also in rain me rocket motors won’t go!

06/08/2018 10:12:19

Could also be my entry for our club scale day on the 11th Aug He Helaugh

Regards Peter

06/08/2018 10:11:11
Thread: Mxford USA 1/5 scale Albatros D.Va with ASP120 glo best flight
03/06/2018 21:15:17

Hi Rob. As you have the same kit you need to look at the four videos I made about the IC conversion under the scale   RTF section as there is a lot to do. Regarding the vac formed spinner - you need to make it out of fibreglass else the vac formed rubbish spinner that’s supplied will split on your first nose over which is why Maxford are always out of stock of them and they are often on back order... The four videos I made were because Maxford themselves had no idea how to install an IC engine - when you view the videos which are all short you will see what I mean but it’s well worth the effort.

Regards Peter


Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 03/06/2018 21:18:57

03/06/2018 11:20:49

Hi again Josip. Thanks for the comment and it has been worth the work as it flies so well - its almost on rails - it goes where you point it. The only regret is the engine I fitted is a very old ASP120 which lacks compression but its good enough for this plane but has also been in four other of my planes as well..

I might refurbish the engine soon because now I know it flies so well it will be worth the extra piece of mind.

I have to say that looking at other videos of this plane flying with electric power on YouTube they just don't seem to fly scale like to me so I am very pleased at the final flying result. This is what makes this hobby so rewarding...

Regards Peter

03/06/2018 01:14:45

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 03/06/2018 01:17:35

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
03/06/2018 00:55:42

Another film after I modified the U/C tracking which cured the landing...

02/06/2018 22:27:35

Fully agree Bob and I wont be pushing a loop with it...

02/06/2018 10:33:43

Hi Bob and thanks for the comments. I did say it was down to personal preference and a lot of flying sites are noise sensitive now so I understand the drift to electric now the prices of batteries are lower. You will be pleased to know that this model is made for electric and although Maxford say its for electric OR GLO just looking at my first video will show there is no way a glo engine will go in there so they need to remove that misinformation from their box / instructions...

I have made a few other mods to the model - U/C bungee suspension being the main.

One point I am concerned about is that the wing struts are epoxied into a wing slot but the rigging wires are bolted to only the struts so in practice the epoxy could fail and the wing would pull out - but the rigging would stay intact! To change this would involve major surgery so I left it alone.

Regards Peter

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