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Thread: Maxford USA 1/5 Scale Albatros conversion electric to lC 120 fs glo- engine
01/06/2018 23:54:46

hi all. All four conversion videos now posted for this model on the forum if your interested in having a go. This is the planes first maiden duff landing and all. Enjoy regards Peter

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
01/06/2018 23:06:17

Just to add that the flight itself went very well indeed and not one click on any trim tab was required. The plane flies very well indeed and it’s only the landing to crack now before I break a prop!

I still think personally that this model flying electric is a travesty as with a glo four stroke installed it really sounds and flies the part but I know not all will agree. I hope others may be induced to have a go - install a glo 👍

01/06/2018 22:58:32

Edited By PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 01/06/2018 22:59:35

Thread: Something different VTOL
28/05/2018 18:32:00

Running mine on 4s 1300 @ 45c packs...

28/05/2018 10:15:29

Hi Mike. The weather at Bartons Point was well flyable every day over the bank holiday which was in contrast to the very faulty weather forecast only a week before saying that we were to expect strong winds. Like you I booked the time to do other things and regretted it as I suspect the field would be packed.... Always tomorrow.

It would have been ideal weather to have flown the VTOL again as well. Regards Peter

28/05/2018 00:36:28

Got this for my birthday and recently took it out - but a bit windy...

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
08/05/2018 22:00:45

After running up the fibreglass one I made after doing a dynamic balance on the spinner and backplate there were no major problems with vibration so no it’s ready shortly for her maide.

07/05/2018 22:08:42

I think what I will do is post here the result of the work to see if it’s satisfactory for all to see. I was so frustrated on Saturday because the Albatros I have been converting from electric to IC was at last ready to have an engine run and do range testing and I couldn’t get on the field to do that. You will be pleased to know the tests were completed on Sunday and the tests were fine however I could clearly see the the existing U/C was unsuitable because the axle was directly under the CofG so as soon as power was applied the model would tip forward which was unacceptable. The U/C has been totally redesigned today (Monday) complete with bungee suspension so at least the results on the field eventually proved positive...

07/05/2018 19:59:39

Hi Pete B. I think I have had some good advice here and at least we were able to get onto our flying field with some help from the funfair guys who laid down some wood 8x4 sheets for us to drive over the mud. We have been told by the leaseholder that the damage would be made good which is fair and the council were also informed. I think it’s just been bad timing with the weather together with the funfair who had nowhere else to go anyway. Sorry to hear you have had your hands full moderating this thread and I would be happy if it’s closed to save further pontification! Thanks to all who contributed. Regards Peter

06/05/2018 21:22:45

Thanks for the advice and we will see how the council reacts to the little video and what action they take to get the leaseholder to make good the damage done. Today (Sunday) we managed to get over to our flying field as the funfair had removed the orange screen and laid tracking over the mud so we could gain access- this was done by them and not the council as the latter aren’t back till Tuesday. The funfair guy said they had been digging trenches to drain off the mud so they could get out on Tuesday so it’s not being done for us but for them. Let’s see what we end up with and if the council take any action against the leaseholder...

06/05/2018 10:47:05

414288c3-2215-4267-903a-76d1b11de9fd.jpegGoing to go over to the field today and taking an old trolley borrowed from a neighbour with some old bits of wood cut so I can get me fuel and tool box on - maybe a plane on the top (suspect will have go back for them) I want to run up the new Albatros engine and range check the model. Also will take the Cougar over as it might fit on top of my trolly!

06/05/2018 10:39:18

Perhaps having a word with the BMFA would help - could do no harm as I feel we are due a duty of care to have access to our flying field which we have had for over 30 years...🤔 we had loads of visitors come to our event and last year was fantastic and the fireworks and light show was chock a block in the evening - and all for free. Sad what greed and profit does which is why it’s so rare nowadays...

06/05/2018 10:11:52

Our club rents our flying field direct from the council but everything else is controlled by the leaseholder who also runs the cafe. The “event field” which is now only used for the funfair and circus is the area we have to cross for access to our flying field and parking - Sadly for all of you who came to our Flying Spectacular events (which was held for eight years using this field for only the camping) is now no more as the fees to rent this event field just kept going up and up till this year we have had no choice but stop our free admission event. It’s all down to greed and profit as we make nothing from the event - for each year its cost our club members a lot to subsidise this free event but it was finally killed off by the increased costs to hire the events field... lots of top U.K. pilots were gutted to lose the event as they came and supported the event because they enjoyed it... Sad

06/05/2018 09:37:02

It’s a good idea but I doubt it would help as the leaseholder runs the site on behalf of the council - we have sent photos to the latter but I fear nothing will be done as the situation just repeats every time...

05/05/2018 23:17:43

Hi Biggles / Wilco. No offence taken and trying to get the council to stop further bookings will be very difficult because they have passed all responsibility to the leaseholder who runs the site on their behalf and to get the council to give them a prod is like trying to get blood from a stone. We had to jump through hoops before we could put on our events but I bet no such paperwork is produced to have the funfair and circus on the site. This current lot will just pull off and go to the next site and leave us to clear up their mess so we can have access then along will come the circus and we go through this all again. Councils aren’t what they used to be as they haven’t got the staff anymore... if anyone has any ideas how we can change this for the future I would be very pleased to hear from them...

05/05/2018 21:36:43

Hi Pete B. Tend to agree with you but the council lease the funfair field to a third party who runs the local on-site cafe and that’s the problem because as you say the council would not allow this to happen hence the comment “greed & profit”. Sorry to hear someone got upset as I only posted this to get general opinions not to cause an unacceptable use of language...

05/05/2018 19:55:46

Bit naughty Wilco. All need to make a living but due care should apply to everyone...

05/05/2018 19:11:16

Gutted. Our club works hard to keep everything good with fair access to all but then comes along “Profit & Greed” and ruins everything... What do you think?


Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
05/05/2018 00:05:19

Sorry to say the metal spinning was not to be as I do not know anyone local with a lathe that can do it but I did buy a nice Beech wood block to make the former from for £9 from Axminster tools who I found very helpful indeed. Now gone down the fibreglass route but my results looked good but not balanced enough and for a spinner of 137mm in diameter small discrepancies can shake the plane to bits when rotating at 5000 rpm! The spinner is proving to be a real stumbling block at the moment and is the very last thing that’s holding me up. I am going to have to fly the plane without a spinner till I can crack it. PS - also found a local metal spinning company but they quoted me £140 which almost gave me a heart attack... I will get there in the end - anyone else got any ideas.... regards Peter

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va 77 Wingspan
23/04/2018 22:16:51

Please see the videos I have posted in the section (4 of) regarding I C glo installation in this model. Regards Peter

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