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Thread: Making a spinner by "spinning"
18/04/2018 09:39:32

Many thanks Dave for pointing me to the article you have done on “spinning” as I’m in the same position with my Maxford USA Albatros plane which has a non standard spinner you can’t get and the one supplied is only a vac formed bendy plastic which is more for a static model than a flying plane. I have no lathe or experience in this field but have found an acquaintance of a friend who said he is intrigued at the method and could give it a try. I’m hoping to source a 150mm hardwood block which will be the basis for the mandrill and I was told Axminster Tools was a good option. For any who wonder why some modellers have to go to such lengths for a simple spinner have a look at the WW1 Albatros spinner as an example - you can’t buy one the right shape. Fingers crossed my acquaintance can achieve a result. Regards Peter

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
17/04/2018 20:51:16

Just for interest the spinner is only vac formed plastic and will break on the first nose over and the Albatros spinner is quite unique and you can’t get anything similar off the shelf so I am looking at metal spinning a new one - they did it with real planes so why not with a model... research is on going to see the feasibility and best way forward but maybe a few months before I can submit details - that’s if anyone is interested. Regards Peter

Thread: Pilot Bails Out At Low Level
14/04/2018 09:45:43

Hi David. As I said before this question still comes back to haunt me which I find most annoying as it just “pops up” in my head every now and them and seems to have no trigger except the event itself. I am fully aware that with all the variables there are there is no definitive answer which makes it all the more annoying but the brain teaser is still teasing (annoyingly) me in particular. Glad you and others enjoyed the thread - it would seem (like me ) we find it of interest that so many variables produce such a wide range of answers... Regards Peter

13/04/2018 20:36:12

Eight months now - and the question still pops up every now and them...🤔

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
31/03/2018 22:25:49

Here you go lads - Last one.

I hope the videos will help others to install a glo engine as its not impossible to do.

Regards to all Peter

29/03/2018 20:38:21

Part 3 - Regards Peter

28/03/2018 22:18:54

Others to follow...

28/03/2018 22:18:19

Part Two

28/03/2018 17:18:40

I hope this will help others as there is no information or videos I could find from either side on the pond regarding IC engine installation! - Even Maxford USA admitted that this model was designed for electric even though they say on their box for IC...thinking

I will be making a series of short videos where you can pause along the way to see what I have done. The other videos will be posted here shortly.

Regards Peter

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va 77 Wingspan
21/03/2018 21:24:43

Hi Denis. Thanks for the reply but I’m hoping I may get someone make contact. I know ov the RV engines but that’s going to cost and I already have an ASP120 which is new and ready to go.

Fingers crossed someone else could be out there and have some pictures as this is a plane I’ve always wanted and I’m sorry but the electric in this would not sound right to me. Fingers crossed someone may have installed IC in this kit.

21/03/2018 09:36:58

Anyone ever built this sixth scale kit and installed a 120 fs engine? It’s very tight for space. No real details in the manual and seems directed more towards electric. If anyone has done this installation I would be most grateful of a few engine compartment pictures as it is crazy tight... Regards Peter

Thread: DB Sopwith Pup
28/02/2018 21:08:26

I always prefer to have my CG more forward on biplanes - which I mostly fly as it gives me a slightly faster landing and take off speed which gives me more tailplane control. Only a personal thing but it works for me.


Thread: Hurricane Camping & Flying
27/02/2018 09:56:04

Have to say this is one of our best club videos as it shows how a weather disaster can be turned around by just the commerardery of club members and their family to make the whole event a good laugh.

26/02/2018 21:25:58

Just looked at this again and for a club weekend it was great fun. We turned a weather bomb weekend into something special so we all had a laugh...

Thread: Heater for my shed
20/01/2018 12:28:45

Just as a thought for you all... I have an outside shed which l made sure was well insulated when I had it built so any form of Heating used means your only heating up the air and items inside - it’s the latter that becomes the problem. Condensation. This time of year we have high humidity so the air within your shed is quite saturated and as you apply heat you will induce the water vapour to condense on cold surfaces. My large bench vice gets soaked. Using electric heating produces less condensation however the portable Calor gas heater l also have produces much more condensation as the water produced is a by-product of the combustion. You will also need to ventilate with the latter else you could end up staying in your shed a lot longer than you anticipated if you don’t 😳

Thread: Club subs payment methods
20/01/2018 12:14:49

It’s been very interesting to read the comments above. I am only an onlooker to the secretaries / treasurers work within our club however it takes a good deal of time to keep it all running smoothly especially at this time of year but there is also another aspect not mentioned regarding banks. Often clubs AGMs are held at the same time the subs are due so this is the time new secretaries and treasurers are voted in. Now you have the agro of all having to go to the bank in person together with the newly elected people to change over the bank details which over the years I have observed (with a few banks) seems to be a task the banks have a job to get right. I know things are a lot tighter now with the banks due to the new money laundering laws but it’s another aspect club members are not aware of when they pay in their dues. I can only lavish my praise on club secretaries and treasurers - what a great job they do for free.👍

Thread: Hurricane Camping & Flying
08/10/2017 10:43:25

Although a bit old now the fun factor is still very current!

08/10/2017 10:42:28

To make you all feel warm and snug now the weather is closing in I propose you have a look at this over the winter months - in between building your next project of course... Enjoy. Regards Peter.

Thread: The Gate
13/08/2017 09:29:05

Hi Dave. I know things can get bad at some sites and we have had a small amount of vandalism to our inner gate which was attacked with a hacksaw but we have been luck so far. The club spent a few grand on the field getting it level and having the right grass seed mix which means we now have a billiard table field so to read your tales of woe made me think of other clubs who may not be as lucky as we have been so far - but that could change for us at the drop of a hat - any club can only do it's best. Regards Peter

Thread: what is? Isopropyl Alcohol
12/08/2017 23:31:18

Use it on my telescope mirror for "very occasional" cleaning as it leaves no residues on the mirror. Although not model related you will see why you need a good quality clean mirror to capture the photons of light which have traveled so many light years to get here... Enjoy. Regards Peter

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