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Thread: The Gate
12/08/2017 23:15:11

You could be right Josip but be fair he did have a caravan on tow but he must have forgot that...🚗

12/08/2017 13:49:38

After our Flying Spectacular event someone used the wrong gate to exit with their caravan (which was only for cars) and as a result they caught the back of their van in the turn damaging their caravan and causing damage to our gate. Anyway we had to get the gate repaired but trying to get a mobile welder to come to us to do a small job like this proved an impossible task as it was not worth their while or the price was daft - got a few comments like can you bring the gate to us - but it was put in to stay so it could not be lifted off its hinges. Anyway managed to get one of our members to "borrow" the kit to do it thank goodness so for them who remember the video "the Brick" will no doubt understand the tribulations of flying site maintenance which can always be a challenge. View tongue 👅 in cheek.


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Thread: Pilot Bails Out At Low Level
06/08/2017 23:25:32

I have to say that as time has gone by and I have flow the model a lot more I still think my original assessments were about right. The rotation of the camera as it came down I think had a much greater effect than most credit but unfortunately as the act can't be reciplicated again the original video is all we have to go on. Got the grey matter going and I have not forgotten this issue as I can't remove the question from my mind as I hate things that appears to be simple but in actual fact are a right pain in the @£&?✈️

Thread: Pure Fun
06/08/2017 23:11:29

Just as a bit of interest

Thread: Going to the Shows: What does your pitch comprise of:
05/08/2017 14:46:50

At our recent show, we noticed that this year it was almost an equal split between tents and caravans - I put the motorhomes in the caravan bracket. Previous years there were more tents however this has steadily changed over the seven years - but then so have the tents... Some of the tents footprints are now massive and equal to a couple of caravan pitches and the biggest tent I saw had 4 x 4 berth separate bedrooms and was easily 30 foot square and at £13 for 2 nights camping we could see why they stayed with a tent!😀. It's all good fun either way and by staying its much better as they can always go back and have a cup of tea and of course they can see the fireworks and then they don't have far to walk to crash out for the night - many shows now do the night flying and fireworks so by staying in whatever you can makes sure you get the most of the show you've gone to...



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Thread: Support Your Local Club
04/08/2017 15:58:35

Reading all the comments makes me reflect on how it was like when I was younger and I was initially mad on planes in my early teens but the cost restraints kept things in check and major items like engines and single channel radio gear were either birthday or Xmas presents and were never purchased to just keep me quite like I suspect a few of the current games consoles today are often purchased. As I got older other factors came into play, sports took over and took up most of my time and then I started on my first transport which was a 🏍 moped and by this time model aircraft were a dim memory. You then progress to cars, girlfriends and eventually marriage and a family and if you take the strains on time of each instance it's like a logarithmic increase in your time and expense which leaves any time for modelling right in the depths. I am sure although the things younger people play with now are different I suspect the demands on their time has increased thus leaving even less time to "Play". Only as I got older was I able to open up Pandora's box again to play so I suspect this could be similar for a lot of others as the demands on younger people's time is far more now than when I was younger - you only have to see how they cradle their phones to see how social communication has changed and places major strains on younger people today. As I intimated in my previous post our club has put on a free event each year which is attended by a good number of top pilots and we do a firework and laser show where it was estimated by our local paper reporter that we had three and a half thousand people so loads of local people know of our club but we are still relatively small and not oversubscribed and we don't get many enquiries after the Flying Spectacular event we put on. I suspect there are no easy answers except to enjoy the hobby and your enthusiasm will also promote others with a slight interest to take up the hobby.. This is the FREE laser and firework show we put on for everyone - yes I did say it's all FREE.




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02/08/2017 22:27:33

See if this works...

O dear it won't.

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02/08/2017 22:01:12

We have just finished our free public event (Bartons Point Flying Spectacular) to promote our club to our local population - we try to cater for the family and this is the toffee drop plane I fly for the children. Sweets with a ribbon on all get a prize over the two days of the event - all free and we spend around £170 on sweets and prizes alone for just this event. We manage to generate a lot of goodwill for the club but generally you don't get many new members for the effort but the clubs public profile is lifted no end. I think you will find if people are interested - be they young or old - they will find your club. I will post this video but it's from my iPad so I don't know how to embed it so sorry about that. Regards Peter

Thread: Flying Spectacular - July - Kent
19/07/2017 10:46:18

Just for the record the commentary was done (very well) by Joe Barrington who a lot will know...

Regards Peter

19/07/2017 10:30:36

As a final video, I include this "free firework show" the club puts on for Saturday evening. It was estimated by the local paper reporter we had around 3,500 spectators - mainly from the Isle of Sheppey who enjoyed the planes fitted with fireworks flown by Azza and Sonny (to the crowds delight) together with Conner Sloane flying his illuminated night flying 3D heli in the light and laser show put on by 2429 technologies. (Thanks Colin). I would have liked to show the night flying videos however the music copyright has prevented this on YouTube despite the club paying for a copyright license for the event but it does not allow for cover on any re-transmission of the music captured on the video = shame.

One interesting fact to note is that the majority of people who attending have not seen any type of night flying at all - let alone with fireworks on the planes so the crowds applause is far greater for the performing pilots who really appreciate the crowds enthusiastic response. Listen to the applause at the end which comes over the loud public address system to get an idea what the people think of the FREE firework display put on by the

Bartons Point Model Flying Club as a way of improving our sports profile to the local people young and old...

Thread: Why It's Worth Spending Money On Your Flying Field
13/07/2017 14:57:18

Just to put the record straight. We - as a club don't own the flying field - its council. We don't have any lease or any security on it and our club is not cash rich.

The club members got fed up with the flying fields humps an bumps breaking U/C and throwing models into the air just before you had enough air speed... So we took a vote at a meeting to do something about it. We approached a number of farmers for help with our problem and found great sympathy for our cause. We rented all the equipment and we supplied all the labour and by using the club members the cost was kept to a minimum. Some expense can't be avoided like special grass mix for the ground conditions of your field and the amount of diesel tractors get through is horrific and the rental costs agreed for the equipment hire was not low but when you look at all that equipment we had it was a great deal. It's the MEMBERS of our club who did this and now they all reap the reward.

Anyone can pay to have something done but there are ways to achieve the results with the memberships labour and goodwill and that's how our club did it. I hope the video will help other clubs to take a leap of faith as the strength of any club lies within its members. Regards Petersmiley

12/07/2017 13:17:36

Bartons Point Model Flying Club - Kent.

I did a post a few years back so I thought it would be good idea to share it again together with a follow up of how our flying field looks now after all the work and a few years have past by.

To that end I am listing TWO videos which clearly show the condition of our site when the work was being done and how it looks now so look at both videos.

Note our club chose to refurbish the whole site rather than do a strip and although it was more work its been better in the long run.

On the second video you only need view the first part to see the field condition but some of you must have come to our event as many passed comment on the quality of our billiard table.

See what you think!

Regards Peter

Thread: Flying Spectacular - July - Kent
12/07/2017 12:55:40

Our own club member Dean Tamsett flying 3D with his heli at our Flying Spectacular

11/07/2017 21:25:26

Will keep posting as I do them...

11/07/2017 14:45:18

You can get an idea of our site with this footage taken before the event kicked off...

Drones away...

11/07/2017 14:09:47

The Highs and Lows before the show...

Thread: Bartons Point Flying Spectacular - KENT
10/07/2017 23:06:04

Loads of video to process but Peter did this and posted it today - Thanks

Thread: Bartons Point Flying Spectacular Drone Footage Of Fireworks.
10/07/2017 18:21:00

Before anyone asks - Yes that was all the fireworks - in real time.

Beat that for a FREE family evening display at the Bartons Point Model Flying Spectacular event.

Regards to all whoc came. Bartons Point Model Flying Club.

10/07/2017 18:07:22

Hi all. First sorry if you got caught in the traffic Sunday as we had a major road incident which closed both bridges to the island which is unusual and numbers were down Sunday due to this. I am listing Ian's amateur video of or FREE ENTRY firework event which gives a fair representation of the event as we had over 3500 people attend - we were packed to capacity and we gave out FREE light sticks to the young kids who waved them about in the video. The video is so unusual and I felt I should share just what a free entry event can be like. Enjoy. Any comments...

Thread: Flying Spectacular - July - Kent
10/07/2017 17:58:18
Thanks to Ian for this drone footage.
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