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Thread: Isoaritfirst - Looking for a home
22/06/2011 09:40:56
I'll be up in a couple of weeks to pick up (another) glider. Nice thermal machine for the summer. When it arrives. I hope Tim's been saving his pennies so he can get the sticky buns in
Thread: Slope soaring virgin
22/06/2011 09:31:45
Yeah I read the whole thread now Steve I love Mickey's but that walk does take a while. Nice to have that as your local slope!
22/06/2011 08:54:09
There are *many* slopes on the bwlch. Some that are a very easy walk, some more of a hike. Fantastic place to fly. Every sloper should get there at least once. There's a map of teh slopes on the web somewhere, I'll try and find it for you later.
Thread: Aileron Diff
21/06/2011 22:14:36
Cheers again Mike. That's a really useful explanation. I shall experiment and report back.
21/06/2011 18:42:35
Thanks Mike. Most of my theory comes from the full size and doesn't always translate. I really need to think more about my setup when I'm flying. Rather than just hooning about.
I'm going to set them to no diff at all then. And will try
1) Flying like that and watching the fuz
2) Then try with some diff dialled in
3) then try it with the diff the "wrong way" just so I can see what that looks like
4) Then try full span
At which point if my head hasn't exploded, I'll start working out the best way to use rudder as well. Although on a v-tail this also seems slightly counter-intuitive sometimes.
21/06/2011 16:01:39
Two questions really:
1) On my Bird-60 I set up the diff (which is about 14mmup/9mmdown) using end points rather than diff setting on the TX. No idea why, was quite tired I think! Does this actually matter? Do you lose some of the "proportion" by doing this?
2) What am I looking for here to find the sweet spot. I understand some of the logic behind diff in terms (well maybe I don't!), but with smaller wings is it more important or less? And if must be closely linked to other set up such as cofg, snap flap, running full length ailerons (using flaps etc)
I guess what I want is for lovely grippy turns across the slope. One way always seems to be better than the other. I accept most of this is my thumbs but I'm trying to work out how to focus on set up.
Maybe the answer is "you're starting from the wrong place"! I am happy with the cofg in terms of dive tests and inverted, but otherwise it's all a bit of a mystery.
Thread: Isoaritfirst - Looking for a home
21/06/2011 15:50:25
Ullo Mike I'll go ask a question about Aileron Differential then that I've been meaning to do for ages.

Edited By Alex Leigh on 21/06/2011 15:50:59

Thread: Am tempted to go for a Phase 6
03/04/2011 21:36:58
Flew mine yesterday. It's a lot of fun. Fully glassed so heavy but went away without a hint of trim. It's not fast like a mouldie but is brilliant at big aeros and keeps the momentum well.

Good luck with yours when you get it done. Oh and that removable tailplane is genius!
29/03/2011 22:33:30

Here's mine. Not built by me, but glassed all over (it's pretty heavy!), ailerons in the wings (hot wire as well worked well), and fitted out with gear. It was the first model I glassed and I've learned a lot. Could have done with learning it before based on the finish close up. Strong but serviceable!
Not as nice on the others on here but looking forward to flying it. Yours looks to be coming on nicely, I'd be itching to get sanding that fuz round!

Thread: LEG Jart Build
09/02/2011 10:15:47
I appear to be inappropriately touching myself in that picture! The "remains" of that Wildthing sits on my office desk as a reminder that strong winds need to be treated with respect!

Matthew's Jart did go very well... fantastically fast. First time I've ever seen it land and be available for re-use
Thread: The short route to slope happiness?
03/02/2011 10:54:45
Mike, to be fair I did build a few things. And I've repaired my MP and a bunch of other stuff. Not prettily but they are airworthy. I just don't enjoy it. Smashing even expensive models wouldn't be a trigger for me to quit. When I totalled the Luna, my first thought was "right need something else then"
And while I respect people who build all their own models, I'm happy with their second hand cast offs. All makes the world go round.
I see load of people riding £3k mountain bikes with all the gear who have the skills/fitness that does not do those bikes justice. It's easy to be snooty about it, but more people riding bikes is a good thing, so their route in is irrelevant.
I do want a 3m tho
31/01/2011 21:44:37
I think Matthew only felt good about his list after he'd seen mine! Only thing I would add is to be honest about what type of sloper you are. I don't much like building stuff and I'm not very good at it.
I'd much rather be flying, and there are a million things that take my spare time in front of fixing stuff. So the 2nd hand Mouldie route for me has worked well.
I did enjoy building the Middle Phase, but I wouldn't rush out to build something else. When I buy my first new mouldie, I'll pay sloperacer to build it. They'll do a better job, and I won't miss something I don't want to do.
Some may be a bit snooty about the whole chequebook modeller thing, but like I say, it's about being honest about what you want to do and how much you have!
Thread: Luna build
10/01/2011 20:35:00
No problem Lee. Nice little photo essay that. I so want another Luna!
Thread: Luna 2
10/01/2011 13:17:02
*dumping foam* fnar, fnar. Sorry, as you were
10/01/2011 12:52:02
A few pics here. Hard to post on this forum so link is to my flickr account. It was good to see it FINALLY go (four attempts, 18 months) and it really made me want to buy another one. 
Mine didn't survive an experience where rather more ground than I expected turned up at an innoportune moment.
Matthew's went really well, nice landing as well. No wonder he didn't take up my kind offer of letting me fly it first
Thread: Need a charging lead for this lip
14/12/2010 09:53:01

Just for clarity, this is what I need to charge!

Edited By Alex Leigh on 14/12/2010 09:53:53

13/12/2010 19:10:20
Thanks all. One of those plans will work.
13/12/2010 17:18:39
Can't do that. Female end is attached to the ESC and it's integral! I suppose I could somehow extend the ESC side and then change both ends but there's not much room for anything bigger.

Edited By Alex Leigh on 13/12/2010 17:19:37

13/12/2010 17:10:31
It's due to where it was hosted... sorry try this

Std balancer but the plug is a 2 pin which isn't like anything I've seen before.
I think this is the same: 

 which would act as an extender, but that's not what I need.

Edited By Alex Leigh on 13/12/2010 17:16:14

13/12/2010 10:12:55

To Deans preferred. But other options available. Can find extension cables but nothing that'll mate with my charger.
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