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Thread: Servo Battery question..
10/01/2009 18:50:00

I picked up a pre-loved TT Trainer from a seller on here (which my wife just managed to ding the wing tip for which I am currently biting my lip and attempting to be reasonable about ;( ). Needs radio and I'm a bit confused about batteries etc. Obviously the RX and the servos need a power source.

I *think* the RX is run from internal Nicads and the Servo's from an external battery source. Is this correct? And if so, what battery source do you recommed for the servos?

Right I'm off the go and see if I can repair the damage  

Thread: That'll teach me...
10/01/2009 13:11:00

I was hoping to go an meet some of my new club members today but it was pretty cold and 8/8ths clouds so it was decided to postpone. No worries I thought, I'll fly the Supercub. Sure it's a bit gusty and it might be a bit hard to see as the light is completely flat, but hey the last ten flights have been great and I've felt pretty much in control. I think you can see what's coming

Lessons learned

- Check the battery is REALLY charged. That way it won't fall out of the sky after two second and plunge headlong into the ground. Still no real damage done

- Don't mess with things you don't understand. In a moment of madness last night, I tried trimming the control services flat with a twist of the actuator thread. H'mm clearly not a process to be undertaken with a glass of decent red in the other hand.

- A white plane and a white sky do not make observation of said plane terribly simple.

Spare battery went in, cub went off completely untrimmed and I spent five minutes trying to get it flying straight and level. A process made more difficult but it bouncing about the windy sky, my inability to find the trim controls and THEN find where the model has gone and general incompetance.

I decided to get it down to have a look. What I found what it buried some way in the field after a wing over landing that I was never in control of. Amazingly all it broke was a prop, benty a wheel and creased the tailplane. Tough as old boots these cheap foamies!

I've run out of spare props which is probably a good thing today as there is clearly a big gap between ability and confidence Still picking up my 2nd hand TT trainer off a nice fella from this forum this afternoon. Needs a radio and it's good to go.

Oh and an instructor

Thread: Learning to fly alone
04/01/2009 21:16:00
Malcolm - thanks, useful stuff and I'm reading it all now
04/01/2009 16:36:00

Interesting thread. To try and add some perspective, let me try this. I ride Mountain Bikes (used to race) and - as a hobby - it has some parallels with RC. Mainly in expensive bits of kit that share space with squashy people But everyone can ride a bike so why would they need training? Problem is MTB's go fast (30mph easily) and share trails with lots of other users. It's easy to get into trouble on a modern MTB and hard to get out of it.

Sound familiar? I can see both sides of the argument. I ran a club for MTB's but got sick of it, too many rules, too much admin and the fun of just riding with my friends went out of it. I have insurance through CTC and recommend that to anyone who rides, especially off road. But many of the clubs I've been too have similar issues to those mentioned in this thread. Especially for beginners who are sometimes looked down upon.

I taught myself to fly (but am now joining a club as I want to go IC and I can see you need a field/training/rules for that) and I've flown foamies with some friends on common and private-ish land. We've had a great time. So I sincerely hope that moving back into a more disciplined environment is not going to take the fun away.

There is probably also a point about how your actions affect the perception of the sport. We definitely have that in MTB. 

I guess my summary is we live in a small overcrowded island,  so have to take responsibilities towards safety absolutely as a priority. I just hope that doesn't ruin the fun that got us into a hobby in the first place.

Thread: I've read the sticky threads and have a few Q's
04/01/2009 12:45:00

Great advice that Gemma. Wish I'd read that when I first had my cub! Agree it's very very floaty and needs a big space to land. But it'll certainly take the knocks. I'm self taught as well (just joined a club as I want to go IC) and the cub allowed me to make mistakes quite cheaply. It's had 3 props, 2 cowlings and a bit of repair on the wings. And I crashed it ALOT when I first had it.

The ACT Is rubbish. I love the manual "ACT does not work below 200 feet" - well I don't know about you but most of my crashing is alot closer to the ground!

Not much to add to Gemma's post and I can't comment on the other model but the Supercub has certainly allowed me to learn to fly RC (I used to fly full size gliders so I sort of know how things work) and got me hooked on the hobby.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

Thread: Another noob here !
03/01/2009 19:47:00
Oops sorry Tim! Clearly spent too much time on MTB forums... Thanks for the links
03/01/2009 19:07:00

Thanks. I think I'm beginning to realise that.  I've been checking out fleabay for artf IC trainers and they all seem to come with the 2.4 GHZ radio now. I can understand why some lament the loss of the build from scratch models, but I love this ARTF stuff. I don't have alot of spare time and I don't want to spend any of it building stuff.

I am much taken with the Hanger 9 Alpha 40. A few deals on those at the moment. I miss Ailerons having flown quite alot of full size gliders. It's very odd tho trying to "put yourself in the plane" when flying RC. Especially when the EDITED BY MODERATOR  is coming towards you quite quickly!

03/01/2009 18:34:00

Hi. Found the forum via the mag. Many (many!) years ago I flew R/C scale gliders made by my dad who flew the full size ones. Spent alot of time building them and crashing them. Don't remember much actual flying. Mountain Bikes are my main hobby, but last year my wife bought be a Hobbyzone Supercub which - in line with previous experiences - I crashed!

Since then we've moved to near Ross on Wye and I'm lucky enough to have a big field which abuts the house, and a nice farmer who doesn't mind me fetching the cub out of it - at least while the crop is in the ground. Flown the cub about 30 times from home and it's still intact! I'm still rubbish tho,  Can fly right hand circuits, some figure 8s, lh circuits seem to be more difficult, landings are generally okay but nowhere near where I want them, etc.

So just joined a local club (Newent) and will be getting some proper instruction on their IC trainers soon. This means I get to buy a new IC model for myself so I'll be asking for recommendations on here.

Here's my dumb q. I have been allocated Frequency 61 with the new club. I assume that the cheap transmitter than came with the Supercub can't be changed, so I can't fly the plane at their fleld?

Takes me back tho, I remember buying crystals that plugged into the tx! Everything seems to have moved on a bit in 30 years

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