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Thread: No space, need a Tardis
30/11/2009 17:33:53
I built a workshop with rafters

I''ve run short of rafter space now and am moving some into the office (next door). More rafters in here thankfully.
Thread: Crow braking on throttle stick
30/11/2009 17:22:17
"I've got more knobs that Tim". *Ahem* It's what you do with them eh Timbo?
Crow is ace, on the Sagitta I don't  as much as I'd like (Winter Project may involve some cutting of spars) but it makes a huge difference. I really miss it on other models. And - unlike spoilerons - they don't seem to offer the "crashing only" option when deployed.
Rudder on the left is where its' at for Slopers Ian None of that nasty windy-whirly  stuff going on out front.
30/11/2009 13:28:54
Stick at the top, pull down to activate. I'm not a fan of putting it on a switch though as I have enough mental processing to do come landing time, without trying to remember if I switched in the crow. I used to have it like this, but have gone back to leaving it on all the time and flying that way.

Even on models where I don't have crow, I still fly with left stick (mode 2) all the way up for rudder. Tim's right tho, it's nice to have the ability to camber/reflex a wing section but I use the "cheek" sliders on ,y DX9 for that. 
Thread: FrankS' 4m Discus Maiden - picture story!
29/11/2009 09:34:55
Slope side not really an option at the Big Rock eh Tim. Unless you can swim!
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
29/11/2009 09:33:21
I've now flown mine a bit with 2 5/8ths and that seems perfect. Meant I can take a bit of weight out of the nose as well. Flying really nicely now.
Thread: FrankS' 4m Discus Maiden - picture story!
28/11/2009 20:19:16
Your lens Another thing to be added to my list of stuff to buy!
28/11/2009 17:05:31
Mostly good, not quite so good at the end. Here are some pictures


Lots more Alex's Flickr site here. Frank lent me his rather nice Canon long lens with image stabilisation. Ended up with about 100 sharp shots. Hope I've chosen the best ones.
Anyway I'm sure Frank'll be along later to add some words to the pics!
Thread: Best bang for buck model.
25/11/2009 15:45:14
*strokes chin*
H'mm Weasel... £50 second hand all ready to go. Fits in a pocket almost... nah fun as it is still with Tim on the WTAC. Or possibly the EG
25/11/2009 14:11:31
Inspired by Lee's post on the Wildthing thread. I've seven models bought over nearly a year of sloping (7! EEK!). And love them all as I do, I'd have to say my Wildthing (coming up 100 flights, £50 plus cheap radio gear" or my EasyGlider (RR one in the sale, just add rx £55) have to be the best.
Just had so much fun with them especially messing about doing stuff I wouldn't do with more expensive models. Not just that tho, WT is ace for combat, EG is perfect for light conditions, they are the best models for those things.
A close third would be my £25 second hand Middle Phase. Crashed loads, repaired often but taught me why you wouldn't want to fly foam all the time.
And my £200 Sagitta. Lovely model, so much more acomplished than those above, but - I dunno -  doesn't give me the same bang for buck.
What about you?
Thread: Wildthing repair..
25/11/2009 14:01:14
Mine "old" one only died because I baked the tape on by leaving it in the car on a hot day (remember those). I enjoyed getting a new one built, but it did show what a shocking state my fusion is in.
Pound/Pleasure, could be a good thread that Lee. It's the WT or EG for me.
Thread: December 2009 Issue
20/11/2009 16:42:41
Tool Catalogue took my back That's most of my Christmas presents sorted out. Is it just me that looks at stuff and thinks "I have no use for that, but I'll have to have one because I'm a bloke and that's a cool tool"
Graham's intro made me laugh. It was like talking to my dad. And he's wrong about what a blog is as well I've yet to make into into the actual Mag yet...
Thread: Weasel Evo
16/11/2009 13:14:48
That proved to be the case. I've decided it's like flying a jack russell. Properly bonkers.
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
16/11/2009 13:12:36
I had it on the front limit 2.25 inches I think from the root. Was definitely nose heavy. So popped 15g on the tail and now it's closer to 2.5 back and that feels about right. Going to fly some more before taking the weight out of the nose. Wondering how far back I can go as it's definitely nicer
No Spoilerons. Doesn't need them.

Edited By Alex Leigh on 16/11/2009 13:15:30

Thread: Weasel Evo
16/11/2009 09:17:35
I didn't buy an evo! I bought the one before, looks the same but covered in tape/one piece like a WT. Flew it yesterday wow super aerobatic once I'd tamed it. Bit tail heavy at first and it was all a bit roller-coastery for 5 minutes.
Anyone know what the cofg should be? 
Thread: New PNF stuff from Mr Jart
12/11/2009 09:31:10
They remind me of the "lawn darts" of my youth. So obviously I want one. But I don't need any more gliders. Right, I've said it now
Thread: Wildthing repair..
09/11/2009 09:35:35
Phil's good isn't he
Well the WT has been given a properly good spanking off "North" Hill in the Brecons. In fact it was the only glider I didn't properly crash.....   A new WT is a 'thing of beauty.....  what a great model this is... Wonder if I've room for a '60 as well!
07/11/2009 16:38:39
Have now.... most impressive
Thread: Tomorrow on the rock anyone?
07/11/2009 16:37:48
Excuse me! I'll accept "wimpy westerner"
Thread: Leeds Model Shop
07/11/2009 16:04:57
I've used the Leeds Model Shop and they've been great. Even when something was shipped that was wrong, they shipped me a replacement before arranging to get the wrong model picked up.
Thread: Tomorrow on the rock anyone?
07/11/2009 15:20:48
I'll be staying "local" in South Wales. Lovely Northerly slope but many layers needed looking at the forecast. Hoping to harvest Hermit Lloyd who's not been out for ages. I think I've had about three new slopers since I last saw him!
I'll try and remember to take the camera as it's a brilliant view from this slope. Will get up soon Timbo!
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