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Thread: Wildthing repair..
07/11/2009 15:16:09
Yeah I reckon it took me about two hours to get the wings and fuz CWcovered and sorted. Servos were already done from the previous WT, got it all built last night and most of top wing covered. Started again at 8:30! and then all the fiddly bits of taping took the rest of  the time. It still ended up 800gr which is 90 up on Alan's AUW guide. I must use more tape!
I probably could have repaired mine but at £50, I thought I'd earned a new one! Do you still have that fantastically covered one that Matthew sent you the decals for? That was ace.
07/11/2009 14:18:40
Started 9pm last night, flown 11:30 this morning. Definite nod to my better half who did all the tricky covering. I cannot believe how long it took to build my first one less than a year ago!

Either I've learned a lot, or just don't take as much care Actually I think this is the best covering I've managed. See comment above re: wife! Flies quite a lot better than my old WT but that's not surprising as a) neither of the wings are bent b) it's about 2/3rds of teh weight of the much repaired old one and c) it has significantly better aero properties as all the tape wasn't falling off.
I'd like to say I've retired "Stumpy"  to a nice warm loft, but no I'm afraid the remains have been recycled.
05/11/2009 11:45:34
Got a 60 fusion, so ended up buying another 46in before I came back to this thread. That and the W-Evo should scratch all my foam itches.

The tree was fine. It was hawthorn so obviously I'm ruined. This is what happens when you are trying inverted circuits at eye level in off-slope wind. Ah well it had a good innings. I'll try and be a bit careful with the new one.
03/11/2009 20:14:32
Yeah well this one taught me to fly so it's had a hard life. And I don't think baking it in the car one day for five hour under a hot sun helped it much either. I spoke to Alan - what a nice bloke he is - and we decided it was best to retire it to aviation stud
New WT coming. At £50, what's not to like ?
03/11/2009 19:21:44
My poor, battered wildthing had a last fight with a tree today and I broke another fuz. Oops. On stripping it down using the Alan Head heat gun approach, the wings look pretty ropey too.
Even taking care, I've lost a lot of back foam especially off the leading and trailing edges. I'm inclined just to get a whole new one as a SLOM cannot be without a WT. Before I do, is there any easy  way to build the wing back up. I was considering micro balloons but there's a heck of a lot to do.
If I do go for a new one, 46 or 60?      
Thread: Weasel Evo
03/11/2009 15:45:22
I just bought a second hand Weasel. Perfect timing for these super light winds we get in Autumn and Winter Ah well at least it's easy to hide!
Thread: Practice makes perfect
03/11/2009 09:33:21
Sloping.... down south.... er... get a winch
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
02/11/2009 09:49:32
Just to finish this thread off, had some decent wind to try the MP and it was all good. I'd over-egged the nose weight so had to add a bit to the tail and then it flew like a proper MP. Lands a lot slower that my heavier one. All good. 
Cheers for Frank for the picture.
Flew my heavy one yesterday in 30-40mph winds. Wow, it's still good for that even tho it's much repaired. New trick, dive, pull vertical, two full vertical rolls, complete the loop
I might try one of those myskies electric ones next as I have a nice spare motor.
Thread: Do old power aerobatic planes slope ?
02/11/2009 09:08:32
Should have had it out yesterday Geoff. We could have flown anything in that wind
Thread: SONIC Aerobatic 2.5m
02/11/2009 09:07:54
I was going to buy this off Lee, but decided on a Sagitta instead. But it flew very nicely indeed. Amazingly aerobatic. Good Luck, Lee's a top man and I'm sure he'll help you out.
Thread: Promotion or Demotion
02/11/2009 09:06:38
Posted by David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 02/11/2009 07:39:00:
6-figure salary Tim? So you're taking a voluntary pay cut then?  
For the record, Administrators have full access to the workings of the site while Moderators just look after the forum. After all, you wouldn't want us letting Phil loose on the code would you  

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 02/11/2009 07:40:19

 Not when I've seen what the man can do with a foam cutter

Thread: Practice makes perfect
02/11/2009 09:05:39
Looking good there Mrs. T
Landing is definitely the hardest part of sloping. Especially when you fly for 40 minutes or so and then do one landing/arrival/fetch the bin bag.
Thread: Name the new Britflight plane
29/10/2009 15:16:04
Everybody should have a product called Colin
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
25/10/2009 19:28:15
Slope isn't rough really (see Frank's eco-cam video and you'll see), but works best in a w or WNW. WSW you are flying off the "end" of the hill and it's a bit rough especially near the edge. TBH, the rain wasn't really helping either.
100g? Was there a sculpture or something crafted on the rudder?
Thread: 70 MPH on the top today
25/10/2009 16:40:42
Sorry I couldn't make it Timbo as per my email to you. That sounds the same as when I came up the first time. Having remembered all that I'm off for a lie down
Thread: Flycam Eco
25/10/2009 16:39:52
That's ace ! You need to add some music next time. Amazing how different Garway looks especially the way the bracken has been cut into terraces. I think I caught sight of my WT for a second there as well.

Might have to get myself one of those.
Thread: Chris Foss Middle Phase build.
25/10/2009 14:34:26
20g was a bit optimistic... it ended up being more like 65 by the time I'd got it inboard (which involved hacking away my carefully crafted battery cradle and foam nose protector ) No idea why it needed so much but the glass one has about double that, so I guess longish moment arm and servos that are not that forward of cofg probably doesn't help.
Anyway it's flown on what promised to be a superb day and ended up being a bit blustery with bands of heavy rain. It went away straight and level but the wind had shifted while we'd been hiding from the weather and that bit of the slope was devoid of lift! A minute-ish later I'd got it down safe and sound some 50 feet below me. 
A further effort was put off due to some odd glitching of the RX that I've traced to a dodgy battery lead. But it flies and Frank may even have a photo! Looking forward now to getting it out for a proper maiden.
Final AUW with lead as close to the nose as I could shape it is 1130. So quite a bit up on the CF weight but compared to the glass one (which weighs over half as much again!), it flies (and more importantly) landed significantly slower!
21/10/2009 21:40:47
Looks like it'll need 20g ish in the nose. Probably due to light servos and battery and possibly a bit too much epoxy out back! All the radio is done now (which is the bit I really don't enjoy much). Cut out for the switch and it's good to go.

Spoileron? Tried it on my other one and it doesn't seem to work at all. Pretty ,uch the same issue as you. I find the best way to land my heavy one is to get it into wind and kite it in really. I spent A LONG time landing it too fast.
21/10/2009 19:34:17
Just going to balance it... my other one is glassed and needed LOADS of weight in the front. So tail heavy. I'll let you know how it balances.
21/10/2009 16:39:08
Stephen - underside is individual areas overlapped a little. Hence my idea with the tape, but I liked how it looks. It's solar-trim stuff with the ends held down with some 30 minute epoxy I had spare from glueing tale and fin. Getting the stab level, centred and in the right plane was a job I'm glad is done.

Still lots of clevis and servo action required but the job sheet is down to a page!
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