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Thread: Micro servo control rods
10/02/2018 11:14:03

Hey thanks guys I shall give paper clips a go. Much appreciated

09/02/2018 16:33:09

Hi, I'm hoping somebody knows where small dia control rods and fixings can be bought from (say 1.1mm dia rod or thereabouts). 2mm threaded rods and fittings I have and are available at many model outlets but the sort of sizes that come with small planes fitted with 9g servos I cant seem to be able to find.

Thread: OS 75AX
07/05/2015 17:35:23

Hi Doc,

Have been v busy working and away at WE's so have not re-tried as yet. Thanks for keeping me honest tho


20/04/2015 12:54:03

Well I havn't re-tried after making a number of checks and cleaning. Ive been a bit under the weather recently and working away till thurs when I should get a chance to try again.

Thanks for your interest

14/04/2015 10:42:00

Thanks Doc I shall give that a careful go!

14/04/2015 09:55:39

Once again thanks to all for their helpful comments. I'm going to give the engine one more go in the plane after various checks and cleaning operations and then if still nor performing I shall take it out and try a seperate bench test.

Will post the result here

Fingers crossed!

13/04/2015 19:49:08

Thanks for all the responses. Answers are:

Its not running backwards

Doesnt seem to be any measureable distortion on the carb seat but a good thought

I will try the 10% nitro but also gonna try a fresh bottle of fuel. Maybe whats in the current bottle is old and tired, however, other engines are not objecting so doubtful

No I have not changed all the carb O rings but as engine is not very old do I really need to do this?

I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow

13/04/2015 11:44:30

Hi yes just had it all apart and all was well thanks

13/04/2015 11:11:36

Answers to questions

1. Not a huge amount probably not more than 6 flights. Engine was run in in plane before flying.

2. New prop is same size and rating but wood instead of plastic. I have balanced it before fitting. Old prop was an APC and they stopped manufacture for a while last year and couldnt get direct replacement.

3. No you can throttle up and response is emmediate from idle indicating bottom end is pretty much spot on problem occurs going from more than about 50% open..

4. checked clunk tube since last message and no split.

5 My thoughts were poss pressure pipe problem but thats OK. I have even stripped the slincer to see if maybe there was something odd in there!

13/04/2015 10:27:50

Thanks Ed,

Removed tank again and checked clunk. All clear but have fitted a sintered clunk as ai had a spare anyway. Back plate is fine nothing loose and didnt remove as dont want to damage gasket.

I have asked myself what has changed since flying and cant come up with anything apart from last flight ended in a smash (stall after dead stick) and a broken prop but no obvious engine damage apparant. Very free to turn over and compression is good. Engine still very new and unmarked despite crash.


13/04/2015 09:36:28

Thanks for quick response Will.

Yes The needle is clean. I shall have a look at clunk tube again but blowing thro with tank empty shows no sig resistance.

I might try a diff tank as current one is fitted with foam surround but quite tight. so was wondering if I'm getting aeration of the fuel due to vibration. Tho with a full tank you would think that would be insignificant as the clunk is picking up from the very bottom of the tank.


13/04/2015 09:12:37


I wonder if anyone else has seen the problem I have with this engine.

It will start and run easily but attempting to open up to full power results in it quitting and v hot. Trying to run it rich (several and various turns open with the needle) has no effect. I have:

Pulled the tank out and checked out all the tubing etc - all fine no air leaks

Tried removing the in-line filter to no avail (not likely to be the problem anyway I guess)

Stripped the carburettor completely and blown thro all orifices plus used a fine wire to check nothing was lodged in it

The plug is nearly new.

The engine was run in to manufacturers recommendations and has had several flights most of which ended in a dead stick and some attendant damage to plane but no big crunches.

I am at a loss as to what to try next. A friend has suggested a bench test which I guess I will do, but if that proves ok where to look next

Puzzled ! Any ideas?

Thread: .91 4 Stroke problem
22/10/2013 16:49:00

My thanks to David and Greybeard,

The engine bearings are fine and I was thinking about the problem last night. As to the cut-out that was due to a stuck clunk in the tank. As to the power loss maybe that is an overheating problem then. I shall have to delve deeper.

Thanks guys


21/10/2013 16:22:21


I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience to me.

Flying a rather ageing Hammerhead with a 0.91 thunder tiger 4S recently I noticed that full power could be acheived on the ground when first started but once the engine was run at full throttle for a while the power started to bleed off a noticebly. Running at full throttle with the plane held vertical showed the same problem but no significant loss. Thinking maybe the mixture was a bit weak i opened it up about 3 clicks but it made no difference. Later when flying at modest engine speed the power started to bleed off and eventually the engine cut. I should also explain that it is fitted with an on-board glo which cuts out at about 30% of throttle and which has been fine for some time. Normally this is a very reliable set-up.

Anyone got any theories? I wondered if maybe overheating could have this effect.



Thread: Fuel Proofing
24/07/2013 19:33:10

Thanks John,

I'm gonna get a selection of products and see what comes out best.

24/07/2013 17:45:00

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the helpful advice. I'll try the gloss Spectrum and see how I get on. Its so annoying to watch a nicely finished cowl slowly crinkle and start to peel.

Many thanks

24/07/2013 11:31:51

I have been using Spectrum satin fuel proofer on painted cowls and to be honest find it wanting even after leaving for the recommended period of 1 week before flying. I believe there may be other products that people may have tried and I would appreciate gaining knowledge of those experiences.


Thread: Topgun Viper
26/06/2013 12:26:18

Hi John,Frank,

Thanks for the input and offer of Oleos as and when.

Yeah the wing section is incredibly thin so maybe i'm not gonna find anything. I'd probably wreck them anyway lol. One bad landing etc.....



24/06/2013 12:40:12


Anyone managed to find a set of ELECTRIC retracts for the 70mm ducted fan ARTF in the subject. I know that air retracts are available but would prefer electric


Thread: Kit's 72" Spit build
20/02/2013 09:35:47

tailplane 60% done 2.jpg

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