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Thread: Futaba area code
18/03/2020 13:46:07

Silly question BUT if Jimmy turned up at the flying field/park/club who would know? I suppose a club might check everyones radio BUT a park etc? These new radios that you can change the firmwhere with multi protocol, whats to stop you selecting the "higher" output after the TX as passed any checks?

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 13:26:40

I would be more worried dying in a car wreck on the way to a "open air" field than getting WU Flu OR starving to death because of all the morons buying stuff up.

Glad Brits were tougher in the 1930`s and 1940`s.

Edited By Gary Murphy 1 on 13/03/2020 13:27:01

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
10/03/2020 11:28:16
Posted by Don Fry on 09/03/2020 17:16:58:

Gary, to quote, "The papers and TV news have not done much to help. Its 95% worse scenario and death toll compared to 5% of experts saying ,its pretty much like normal flu."

My reading says flu kills between, numbers vary, about one in a thousand to one in ten thousand of people infected. This one kills about 1 to 2 percent. What basis is there to describe it as normal flu?

My limited knowledge tells me, you can not really stop either type of flu. the symptoms are pretty similar. If not young or old or infirm you will not die,same for normal flu. TB kills more than flu even today,yes I know its harder to contract BUT end of the day its FLU however different it is to WU flu. its not the black plague is it,then I would worry. I have as much chance of dying from wu flu than winning the lottery, again a rough non-expert comparison, I might be several thou or million out but I wont be worrying or stock pilling food.

Thread: Nano Tech Cels
09/03/2020 21:01:01

Sorry for late reply, These are to go in my grandsons new RC car. The pack needs to be the square hard case variety, 2s 4000-6000 mah. The turnigy seem to be the only brand that fits all needs. The thing is its seems to be either very good or very bad reviews. I have just seen a zippy pack that covers all the requirements and these seem to get a more consistent good review.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
09/03/2020 16:53:50

The papers and TV news have not done much to help. Its 95% worse scenario and death toll compared to 5% of experts saying ,its pretty much like normal flu.

Regards the loo roll shortage, I asked a lady in the local supermarket why is she buying 4 packs of 16 rolls. Given Wu Flu does not give the squits. She said its because the card tubes are made in china so may have Wu flu in them!! and that's why people are buying more. I then asked how she knows the 4 packs in her trolley are any different. I think she did get point BUT still went to checkout with many tins of beans aand soups. Absolute madness.

This is scary because can you imagine if we had a power outage OR proper storm NOT heavy rain and strong winds. This country will go to pot looting after 3 days.

And I must say, other countries name hurricanes WE now name heavy rain and we are on F I believe already,what a bunch of wimps we have become.

Thread: Nano Tech Cels
07/03/2020 19:23:09

I am after some cells ( not for aircraft use) and it seems the only ones that will fit will be Turnigy Nano tech or Graphene.

Has anyone had any experience with Turnighy/nano tech/grapheme, before I buy?

Thread: Pin Holes
26/02/2020 09:55:52

I get a very small fine detail paintbrush and put a drop of water on each hole. the wood sweels around the hole and closes. if what I read about wood is correct the fibres then mesh again.

Thread: OLED TV`s
04/02/2020 23:21:01

KC, to be honest one reason on buying the OLED was the thinness of the screen,4-5mm thick. Also the black of the picture is amazing, with the lights out in the room the whole screen disappears if a dark/black background comes on.

The picture was fantastic from new BUT not worth having if you can not use some things,like sky programme guide.

I think a lot of people have moaned about this BUT nothing a been done.

Next tv will be Samsung Q led, 10 year warranty for screen burn.

Thread: 2020 Southern Show cancelled
04/02/2020 09:22:30

Sorry guy`s ,I am not bothered at all. never the same since leaving hop farm. went the first 2 yrs then stopped. For me its only WnW now, living in london

Thread: OLED TV`s
03/02/2020 23:12:19

This might be of interest, perhaps a lot know about this.. SCREEN BURN

To be fair I had heard of screen burn ,this was raised many years ago when I bought a Plasma and the re gassing fears. Neither appeared on my Pioneer.

I was waiting for it to go wrong so I could buy a bigger and oled tv, the pioneer never put a foot wrong on apx 10yrs.

So I bought a LG 55" 18 months ago. I was told that LG was the top brand as LG make all the screens anyway for all the other brands.

Now ,screen burn happens when you have a constant still image on the screen,main culprits, sky news banners and the channel icons in the upper corners. The channel icons you can not get away from. I do not watch sky news for any amount of time.

I have screen burn caused by SKY Channel guide! That is not often used ,1 minute max trying to see what crap not to watch. So depending what the picture is and colour of background you see the sky guide ghosting!!!

That is after 18 months, I would imaging the time sky guide as been used would be in single digit hrs,max.

LG do not give any real guide to how long to expect against screen burn and its not covered on warrenty.

When I was looking at oled`s I was told to ignore Samsung QLED as its not "true" oled,Samsungs own design.

Samsung offer 10yrs screen burn warrenty. I am ditching the LG and buying a Samsung.

If anyone is looking to buy a OLED tv, beware and really look into it.

I know very little on the subject BUT can assure you after little use the tv is poor picture wise and looking at the internet many many others are moaning to.

What beats me is,all this HD,4k,smart tv etc etc is ok BUT what can you watch on them? dvd etc only. If I was to of used the smart tv functins and apps my tv would of been trash is weeks,

Hope this might get you looking before you buy.this is no knock at LG just oled in general.

Forgot to add that this is not the screen noise issue,i run that often with no improvement.

Thread: Removing anodizing
29/01/2020 08:41:48

36hrs and still counting. the formula being changed and what notis my only doubt , what with health and safety. we used to use a cream kitchen cleaner,can not think of the name,well known,but it changed to CIF. its useless now ,wont budge marks from a white surface,i digress.

28/01/2020 22:18:53

Paul, I thought I would try your way being less potent.

Found the brown stuff in waitrose, The parts are submerged in a pot. Been 24hrs so far with no sign of action.Will keep you informed. These companies do tend to change the formula of stuff!

26/01/2020 18:06:05

Thanks Tim, Is caustic soda easy to find in shops now? See a guy use oven cleaner in the US was going to try that.

26/01/2020 14:41:25

I have some RC car wheels that are anodized. Want to use these on another model but the colour is not right.

I have seen vids on YT about removing anodizing with home cleaning products.A lot of which we do not have here BUT I think oven cleaner is worth a go.

What I am not sure on is the aftermath, i would be happy to polish and leave bare silver,its ally. But will the removing leave pitted and need painting? if I did polish bare metal will I need to clear coat?

I suppose the best way would be to acid etch prime,paint silver then clear coat BUT that's a lot of work this time of year.

Thread: Hobbyking site development.
24/01/2020 19:23:35
Posted by paul d on 24/01/2020 19:01:29:

I honestly don't understand why chaps bother with these people, support your local shop, lets be honest all they sell is cheap Chinese carp.....

To be fair, a lot of the of stuff for sale in model shops is made in these same Chinese factories.

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
12/01/2020 21:38:00

I would pay NOT to have W10, will stay with W8 and ignored the free upgrade.

Thread: Lidl multitool/ dremel clone
05/01/2020 11:00:18

I read here somewhere about fitting a chuck to the lidl parkside multi tool,to replace the useless collect. it gave the size chuck needed but I can not find the post now. any one know?

Thread: Modelling Board / Pin Board.
03/01/2020 15:36:31

If you get Plaster board and lay that on a good flat surface NO gluing is needed. I have used all the other mentioned options and by far the best is plaster board, 12 or 15mm ,you can buy it in smaller sizes to now. I also use the A4 sheet to "true" up. I have a really sturdy office desk I thought was flat BUT the middle sagged very slightly,this showed even with 15mm mdf and plaster board! couple shhets of 4A bingo.

Thread: Hobbyking
25/12/2019 11:47:28

Didn't Giant Cod come back under a new name? it came back as "shark" or something then changed again, "RC" something?

23/12/2019 18:46:39

Slightly off track, I am no whizz on the PC but order a fair bit online BUT HK website is crap,to me its not very easy to use,by the time its taken to find the item I have got fed up and never ordered,Curry`s/pc world is another PITA

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