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Thread: LiFe A123
21/09/2019 23:17:04

There as been some posts recently on A123 LiFe cells.

I tried these a while ago for RX packs, 2 cell was ideal size and weight. I gave up because of the variation in voltages.

The cell says 3.7v, My multi chem charger will charge to 3.6v. A dedicated charger just for the A123 cell will charge to 4.1v. So what should the cell be charged to?

Then discharge, I read the cells can not be damaged by over discharge and will suddenly drop to 2v with little warning.

They are great in my cordless drills BUT was to wary for model use.

This was a few years back.

Thread: Is it now time for cyclists to wear an identifier and pay a tax?
21/06/2019 14:29:14

They might pay TAX but not insurance and they should.

I will tell you something I did, I ride a motorcycle. I pulled up beside a police car at a red light. I tapped on the passenger side window which he rolled down and asked what I wanted.

I said would it be ok if I went over this red light slowly on my bike rather than wait for the green. He said of course you can not.

I then asked why did you just watch that cyclist do it? He did not answer.

Cyclists today don't just amble about at low speeds,if a cyclists hit you hits going to hurt perhaps kill.

And I am sorry but the majority have a attitude problem,i am sure they think a cycle has the right to go anywhere and do anything unchallenged.

Thread: Confirmation - The World Really Has Gone Mad......
20/06/2019 18:52:49

From what I have read, another cyclists came forward to say the cyclist in question was riding aggressively.

You see it all the time with cyclists ,they think they own the road and can do no wrong, I always see cyclists swerve around people crossing on zebra`s.

I know its horrible to say this, I am a "normal" average man and so are my friends and family BUT I would say 80% of us do not give a light about cyclists. This is because of their attitude in most cases.

I know cyclists are entitled to use the roads and should do so in safety BUT I really have to question their mind set when they put their kids in/on the child seat OR the fabric covered "towed trailer". What would happen if a car ran into the back of them? who would put their kids life at risk like that on a push bike, surely they have options to get to school ,like bus,walk.

Just my opinion

Thread: Junior 60 (Flair)
19/06/2019 22:42:48

PatMc, waskind enough to post pictures of the wing centre section because I was having probs with the construction. Now I am bringing the panels together I am not sure if its right? I have made a mistake with the lower spars ,i put them flush not recessed,i will relocate them.

So the centre section ribs are flat,the wings are concave, if the covering attaches to the lower spars ,hoe do you get a neat transition at the step. The covering can not touch the flat rib at meet the first bit of the wing spars.

i do not know what happens in the area/style of wing


Thread: Elevator joiner wire plastic tube bearing
18/06/2019 22:30:57

Sorry guys i forgot to attach 2 pictures so show what i was getting at! too late now but will post anyway.

So order of play is, glue and trap plastic tube with bent wire to tail, sand and shape tail leaving rear edge flat. slot for hinges.

bevel elevator halves,slot for hinges, then cover, Then joint to tail with hinges and the wire making sure the halves are aligned?

Sorry guys that will be the last post on this



18/06/2019 15:28:43

Sorry if I am making more of this than necessary but not had to do this before and do not want to glue stuff only to find I have made a error.

I have bent the rod with the tube,came out good. The elevators are shown with a 1mm gap at hinge (too much/little?) The plastic tube moves along the wire freely bearly touching the tail. The filler block will push up to the tail leaving no gap. Should I go and glue OR cut the plastic tube away and use the Vaseline tip?

Lastly is 1mm gaps at hinges enough to allow be fore covering,never got this far before?

Thread: DB Sport & Scale Sopwith Pup 60" ws
18/06/2019 09:38:38

Kim, you mention Dennis Bryants shop in SE London,Where was that out of interest?

Thread: Elevator joiner wire plastic tube bearing
18/06/2019 09:23:22

I see what you are saying, the hinges will hold the elevator on to the tail, so the tube is not really needed for strength. I might go with just the wire. I can see me damaging the tube anyway when I bend the wire. thanks guys

17/06/2019 21:57:12

Not a very good method is it, trying to bend the wire in the plastic tube will be fun.

17/06/2019 17:10:26

The Elevator on the kit I am building is in 2 halves.

I have to bend the wire after I insert it into aplastic tube,great ! I then have to inset this to a piece of wood matching the elevator.

Is all of the plastic tube set into this piece of wood OR do I have to inset some/half into the horizontal tail?

Going by the plan ,if the wire is inset flush to elevator front none of the tube will reach the tail, I could be wrong.

Thread: Junior 60
17/06/2019 08:48:21

D.D. Don't know about "good" work : )

16/06/2019 22:54:57

D.D. Thanks for that,i can not always take written stuff in ,pictures is great!

I can understand the wingtip front now, your tips look to be in the same plane as the spars so I will do the same.Your TE at the tip is different,my plan shows them extending over the tip. So mant variations, I do not have the knowledge to know the benefits of the variations.

16/06/2019 13:39:17

Pat, Sorry forgot to say I got the email with PDF,thank you very much. Will print it out later for better look.

16/06/2019 12:38:08

Sorry for the basic questions guys and thanks for the help. Its just that is not easy to visualise what the plans want done AND seeing a covered wing don't really help either.

Paul ,your plan shows more detail than mine and slightly different in build. Does your plan show the wing tip raised at all? my plan has a very little not to scale drawing and the wing tip looks raised, again no details how much etc.

I am getting way out of sync with the build, I have removed 1 wing from the board with no LE or top TE sheet fitted and made the second wing to the same stage while I remember what I did!

now both are done I will play about with the wing tip area.

See you soon !

15/06/2019 22:52:54

Hi Mike, I left the last rib as it came,as I did not know what I had to do shape wise, I trimmed the others down and got a good join .

I will trim down like the others, I do not get the part about scoring over the rib? the plan says to shape the wing tip parts and sandwich between the TE sheets. if I score and bend to meet the lower how will the wing tip fit?

Also, should the wing tip (3 pieces to make 1 tip) continue on the same plane ribs/te/le? There is a not to scale diagramme whih seems to show a rise,but its not clear.

15/06/2019 17:53:14

Sorry for another post regards this build.

I have not built a model with "built up" wing tips so a bit stuck on rear TE/TIP join.

I have got the TE rear join ok BUT do not know about the gap between the TE sheets just before the last rib.

After the last rib I have to sandwich the wing tip between the sheets,trying to find pictures to get a idea of the method.dscn0854.jpgdscn0855.jpgdscn0857.jpg


Thread: Aliphatic glues
15/06/2019 08:43:03

Following tips and builds etc, it seems Aliphatic glue is a good choice. I have seen the very thing stuff used to wick into tight joins.

My LHS had Deluxe models Aliphatic (but white?) and Super phatic. Got both.

i have found the Super phatic not good to sand, it seems very rubbery , have i used to much or not allowed enough time? i used straight from the fine nozzle like CA.

Thread: Junior 60 (Flair)
15/06/2019 00:13:47

Brokenenglish, after reading your clear explaination I now see why the lower spar OR rear spar only is inset more into the CS.

I have glued the CSrear spar in already! when I build the wings I will have to see what I will need to re do/alter.

14/06/2019 18:58:01

I am building the above ,I am no builder and easily confused! I find this plan really hard to read and the 2 page manual I am sure is for a flat bottomed wing!!!!!

Any way, thought I would start with the centre section, this has 3 6.5mm ribs,with flat bottoms,the wing ribs are concave. Ribs have 2 lower spars and a upper. I have build the centre section with the spars at the bottom of the ribs BUT having just looked at builds on here for tips on the wing build, I have seen that the lower spars are NOT flush to ribs BUT inset.

Why is that? if they are all flush is the fit at fuse not better?

need help already.

Thread: Junior 60
13/06/2019 23:13:16

Pat, in the conversion thread, you mention "ultimate hinge" on tail surface. a search came up with no results.

What is that please?

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