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Thread: Turbo Hi-Boy
12/04/2009 07:16:55
I built and flew a Hi-Boy Turbo some 25 years or more ago, and that pic doesn't quite look right to me. Mine was rather heavy (my fault mainly) and with a .45 FSR was still a bit sluggish. I think I sold to a pattern flier who stuck a piped .60 in it to wake it up.
Dave S
Thread: elf16 plan
07/04/2009 16:50:01
I have the mag and plan but am temporarily without a scanner, if no one else can manage, I hope to be re-united with my scanner in a few weeks.
Thread: STOL MkII
05/04/2009 15:38:01
Project STOL is still making slow but steady progress, I am afraid that major real-world events have recently drastically reduced my time and enthusiasm for building, but the wing is now at the stage where I need to add the laminated tips. I will upload a few pictures when I get that done.
Thread: A new breakthrough!
01/04/2009 14:38:13
What nonsense, Loof could never be a Finnish name
Dave not-a-Finn in Finland
Thread: Converting Electric ARTF to IC
28/03/2009 05:14:37
Personally, I would not use micro servos in any model with an ic engine, they are not designed to take the vibration. I have seen people lose models because the micro servos they have fitted have failed on the first flight. The gears, and especially the feedback pots in micro servos, are VERY delicate.
Thread: Pick -a- 'plane discussions
25/03/2009 06:17:52
Erflog, I always assumed that the aircraft was named after this chap:
Thread: Avatars.
21/03/2009 06:45:08
Phil, Avant-Garde is the name of a helicopter produced by Robbe in the early 90s. Thought everyone knew that!
Thread: VAT and kits?
20/03/2009 18:34:08
What worries me is what's going to happen if all the jokes have been used before the 1st of April.
Mind you, if we make a pig's ear of a kit, we might get a VAT refund! Most of my builds subtract value.
Thread: Fibrefilm
18/03/2009 05:43:30
I wish I could remember the technique I used 10 years ago, just followed the instructions, I expect. I know it doesn't shrink as much as most films and therefore needs to be applied fairly neatly, you can't rely on wrinkles shrinking out. Plenty of overhang and don't let it slacken as you apply (but that's god for any film, of course).
17/03/2009 21:17:20
I have a C/L wing I covered in red Fibafilm about 10 years ago that has been left in the shed most of the time since then, and here that means +30 in the summer, -30 in the winter, and it is as good as new, planning to use more (same roll!) for the STOL I am building now.
Thread: Pick -a- 'plane discussions
17/03/2009 14:11:43
There are many reasons why people vote for something, especially when the vote is public. It may aspirational, may simply be done in order to send a signal of 'I am capable of building this', or, most likely, a significant proportion of the votes may be cast by people with only a very hazy idea of the difficulties involved in designing, building, and flying a particular prototype.
On the other hand, a less 'exciting' but more buildable model for the majority does not offer opportunities for exciting cover pictures, etc. with which to attract magazine purchasers. We all want to believe we can build and fly Spitfires, fast jets, etc, but fewer want to admit that something like a Beaver is more suited to their skills.
17/03/2009 13:42:43
If it is such a popular aeroplane, then why haven't the ever-canny ARTF makers flooded the market with Lysanders? I am sure the plans will be interesting, and worth studying, but doubt that many will be completed and flown.  Some will, of course, but not many.
17/03/2009 13:04:07
Terry, as I understood it, the final choice was Tony's, so I am sure that he took on the challenge willingly. It is certainly not my idea of a model for the average builder or flier, but the real intention is to have an interesting model to out in the cover to encourage people to buy the Special, rather than to flood the flying fields with Lysanders.
Peter, I guarantee that I'll buy the magazine despite the choice of plan (not the sort of model suited to my site or style). 

Thread: RCM&E/Modelflying is on facebook
16/03/2009 22:32:18
Roy, some things are better not known!
Thread: April's Mag
16/03/2009 08:00:31
Well, I am certainly looking forward to receiving April's issue sometime in June or July, I received January and February this morning!
Thread: Toy Pilots
13/03/2009 14:36:21
Hard to imagine a military UAV with a little plastic man in it so it looks 'more realistic'!
Thread: Scaled Down 80" Span William Nolitz DHC-1 Chipmunk
13/03/2009 13:47:12
I'd start here, Hugh. I have some pictures in the older magazines, but they are buried a bit deep at te moment
Thread: My Messages
13/03/2009 10:54:13
I actually looked for something like that - think I'll pop up to my modelling room and paint a length of dowel white, l need it!
(Just checked  - it's not even slghtly hidden, how did I manage to miss it?)
Thread: Fingers or thumbs
13/03/2009 10:52:48
Depends on the tx I am using, when I had a heavy tx I used  a neck strap and finger/thumb grip, but recently changed to a Futaba FF7 and find it easier to hand hold and use thumbs only, though I do use my nose or chin to open the throttle when I'm hand launching!
Thread: My Messages
13/03/2009 08:20:57
Thanks, David.
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