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Thread: Dodgy ARTF Undercarriages
04/08/2009 11:58:46
The number of ARTF models I have been asked to TRY and repair makes me wonder if any of the guys operating CAD have ever designed and built a model from scratch. I very much doubt it.
 If they had I'm sure there would be far less trainer type ARTF models re-kitting themselves on an arrival, afterall a TRAINER should be able to take a little punishment as take offs and landings are a part of the learning process.
But then does the manufacturer regard this type of model as a mere throw away item,
not wishing it to last, if they did last think how sales would plummet, to combat this problem the use brain washing psychology, COLOUR, we all love colour, so the brighter the box, the greater chance of hooking the next punter.
This guy loves black and white in the form of a  plan. 


Edited By Terry Whiting on 04/08/2009 12:02:16

Thread: Prop Choice
04/08/2009 08:30:24
I would think the motor capable of running on a 13X7--13X8. Have you checked the RPM
with a tacho? Try using a straight fuel instead of 10% nitro.  I had been an I/C flyer for 60 years (am now electric) and never ever use a Nitro% fuel.
I found that some new to the hobby used their Nitro % figure almost as a status symbol.
As for oil residue, the excess amount of oil in the fuel is not just for lubrication but cooling. .  In the past I found some fuel manufacturers ommited oil content.
For this guy,  No Spec,   No Buy,   
As for cleaning down, do it between flights, especially in frosty weather. haven't  GOT to live with it, today we have a second option,        
Thread: Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel
03/08/2009 09:52:33
The brace idea I use on my Puppeteer/Strutter make over. The Strutter has so many struts in the upper wing I decided to make both  wings in three sections, with their centre section fixed which also eliminated the fixing and unfixing of the undercarriage. The lower wing cen/sec can be removed as any conventional wing for sevos adjustment, but other that that it stays put.
The braces I built in, and made from 4mm fibreglass sheet , and can not be seen once the wing panels are fitted. The interplane struts have dowles built in, so the only screws required in the model are the brace screws.
At the field I plug in the upper and lower 6mm carbon tubes, lower wing slides on, servo connections made, and landing wires fixed and braces screwed. Top wing panels
slide on, locate interplane dowles, screw in brace screws,and connect flying wires.
Ready for flying 8-10 mins. The flying wires are all working wires.     
Thread: E-Flite P-38 Rebuild
03/08/2009 07:56:40
Pete,   you have done wonders,      I would also be apprehensive after nearlly being struck by LIGHTNING     (video footage) ,   This time remember your throttle   
Have fun mate.

Edited By Terry Whiting on 03/08/2009 07:57:34

Thread: Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel
02/08/2009 07:38:10
Timbo,      When in doubt take two paces back, have a glass of your favourite tipple and
 I think if the 'Orme' was on my door step I know where I would rather be.
Ivinghoe is good, but a mere 'goose bump' compared to the Orme  
Thread: Seagull Edge 540 EP
01/08/2009 07:22:05
The undercarriage will help with balance, but small wheels snatch when landing on grass, and that treatment with ARTF in time usually ends up rekitting the model.
Have you thought of repositioning your aileron horns and servos for exiting via the top of the wing, I know they do not look pretty, but a couple of neat shrouds can smarten the job.
For that extra little nose weight that might be necessary, I used brass dome prop nuts, you couldn't have nose weight further forward than that.

Edited By Terry Whiting on 01/08/2009 07:23:27

Thread: Crashing ( for some reason or other)
31/07/2009 18:06:16
G-UMPY old mate,
What we must remember, there are not many today that  had the pleasure of serving the modellers apprenticeship we had.    We are truely the lucky ones 
Thread: Seagull Edge 540 EP
31/07/2009 08:58:52
I personall would move those sevos
Incuding the extention leads you must have aproximately 50g of  extra weight in the tail for no other reason than bad design.   For many of  these ARTF designs it's become the in thing.  Maybe they think it gives the mode the 'macho look'
For all my builds I use pull pull (close loop) . the only weight penalty is 4 quick links, if that was my model that is the route I would take.
Thread: Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel
29/07/2009 18:34:29
If it was my problem I would leave the spar well alone.
I would make an aluminium brace which would be long enough to span the fuselage and just reach the first two wing ribs past the root rib. The wing covering would be cut to allow two 4mm ply plates which would be made to fit between the root rib and the second rib.
The aluminium brace would be let flush into the fuselage and shaped  to the wing's dihedral, it would be drilled half way between the root rib and second rib.
Place the ply plates in ther respective positions, over lay the aluninium brace and mark the holes, remove ply plates, drill  and fix captive nuts.
Do a dry run by and screw in the bolts, mark position of ply plate positions, and remove.
now glue in the ply plates to their respective marks, and add any reinforcement deemed necessary.
Make good the wing covering and paint aluminium brace to match.  

Edited By Terry Whiting on 29/07/2009 18:35:47

Thread: Flair Cub Kit.
29/07/2009 16:47:39
Is that a photografic illusion, as it looks as though you have built in "right thrust"?
Thread: 72" version one lancaster CG?
28/07/2009 09:02:24
I have mine balanced at 82mm with wheels retracted.
Thread: Aerovan build
28/07/2009 08:45:28
I built one when it first came out, flew beautifully on two 400 can motors, have since revamped it with two BRC 130W combo's, the £12 outfits.  Even with these the power is over the top.
It's a cheap, and simple model to build, but a real pleasure to fly, you'll love it. 
Thread: BMFA news
28/07/2009 07:38:50
KC   I second your comment.
BB,       Maybe  this thread will start the hierarchy of the BMFA to listen to it members,
but then if they do it will be a first.
Thread: Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel
27/07/2009 15:56:24
Pictures I seen of all  the Sopwiths, have the domed side is the outside. The Williams scale wheel has the dome outside also has a access hole and valve for tyre inflation 
The only picture of a Camel with the wheels A A face is one in America.   Nuff said.
Thread: E-Flite P-38 Rebuild
27/07/2009 09:13:18
Pete,  Although I personally dislike these "jelly mould models",  I admire your tenacity
I think when finished you can honestly say  " I BUILT THIS MODEL"  , and there's
not many foamy flyers that can claim that honour.

Edited By Terry Whiting on 27/07/2009 09:15:48

Thread: Bleriot Centenary
27/07/2009 08:41:20
At  O W Sunday 26th was a magnificent large scale Bleriot, the flyer had real guts to fly
the model in very gusty conditions. After two ciruits he safely landed to a standing ovation. It was later photographed with the original 1909 full size counterpart.

Edited By Terry Whiting on 27/07/2009 08:42:18

Thread: P-38 Lightning - 22 second maiden flight
26/07/2009 20:54:54
Best of luck with your rebuild, if you have the will  it will come together
The next time you fly it Pete, remember you  have a throttle we know it's called a Lightning, but it doesn't mean it has to be flown  at the speed of Lightning     
Thread: Engine mount bolts
25/07/2009 07:21:01
One thing you must do in using these fixings, make sure they are a VERY snug fit in the hole.   I  screw the bolt into the plug so that the thread  end just shows, then push the plug through the firewall by pushing the bolt  and not the rubber.
These things will only pull out if you have been sloppy  at the job  
Chris, my advice is make a removable cowl, you never know when you will require to gain access.  
 When I was I/C modelling I made sure I had full access to the engine, and still do with any  Electric motor, or  EDF.........Saves a lot of hair pulling at a later date  

Edited By Terry Whiting on 25/07/2009 07:26:03

Thread: Hangar 9 Sopwith Camel
24/07/2009 17:42:06
Tim,  I'm a bit of a bi-plane freak, so I'm told, I just   em,  but all mine have been plan built. For accurate cabanes I make a jig to that of the plan with it's incidence and wing attachment holes. My fuselage is set dead level on the lower wing seat, then     depending on the fuselage my jig is either clamped or temporary glued. I then make my cabanes to fit.  What the hell is going on with your's is unbelievable for a supposedly tried and tested kit.
Maybe a jig will be your answer too.
24/07/2009 15:32:10
Tim, You stated the rear cabane would require being 1/2" longer to meet the holes,
does that mean the holes in the wing are not the same measurment from the wing's centre line. Reason for asking I thought looking from the front the forward and rear cabanes should be dead in line.
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