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Thread: Servo choice
13/11/2018 18:57:26

Any standard servo will be fine with this model, I have one with standard JR 591 servos, they are more than up to it and with a Laser .80. As JR servos are no longer available I'd favour the Savox 351, excellent value from Steve Webb's servo shop.

Thread: Silly question about 4 strokes
06/11/2018 06:19:29

Yes, normal 5% should work fine. It’s what I used for years although I use Laser 5 in all my engines now, 5% nitro and 15% oil.

Thread: Adding Oil
28/10/2018 06:51:07

Roger, don’t forger the manufacture’s recommendation for oil is 45 years out of date.

Thread: How old are yours?
15/10/2018 14:45:56

Early Acro Wot, built sometime in the mid-late '80s (86?) with a Laser 75 purchased at the same time after seeing Chris Foss demo the combination at Sandown and has always been my go to model, rarely gets left at home when I fly. Now refurbed, repainted, new radio and a new Laser .80 last year, that makes the airframe circa 30 years old. No lightweight but flies as well as ever.

Also, an original Pat Teakle ASW 17 bought in 1997, maiden flight last year, 30 years in build.

Thread: Spit 72" aileron servos
11/08/2018 19:34:44
Posted by Nigel R on 11/08/2018 16:25:06:
Andrew your comparison with a full size cub controls is very wrong.

It might be 3.5kg but the distance component of the torque us massive by comparison to a rc servo

I don't think the comparison is wrong, it illustrates the point I was making. If you want to be pedantic then you need to consider the 72" Spitfire against the full size Cub flying at 80kts with much much bigger ailerons than the model and the gearing in the controls of the full size not just the relative moments etc. I was merely trying to illustrate a point rather than provide a technical or scientific answer. Anyway this is going off topic and I will leave it at that.

11/08/2018 13:17:21

Too much hype about servos and servo power, put it into context, Brian Taylor with his similar size championship winning warbirds would use a single standard servo for the ailerons and it would have to drive the linkage.

Also think about lifting say, 3.5kg and then think about applying that to a control surface, it is probably not too dissimilar to the pressure required to operate the controls on a full size Piper Super Cub or Pawnee at it's normal cruise speed.

I wouldn't worry about the servo power from those servos.

Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
09/08/2018 16:41:23

Cracking job Martyn, good likeness too wink

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
08/08/2018 18:22:28

I bought one last year, nearly started it, in fact the box was out and the plan unfolded and then I decided to build a Ben Buckle Fokker DVIII from a plan but heavily modified to make it more scale. I am going to be an occasional watcher of this thread with considerable interest.

Keep up the good work Simon, it’s coming on nicely.

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
08/08/2018 18:13:09

I’m in the Audi camp, Q7, plenty of space, very comfortable, quiet and surprisingly economical for a 2 tonne motor, 35mpg overall and over 40mpg on a run and if needed it will tow 3.5 tonnes, ok not much use for models but it makes for a very stable tow car particularly when towing a full size glider trailer. It’ll take a couple of average size models assembled and 5m glider wings with care. I’m so pleased with the car I’m about to order a new one, it’ll be my 4th.

Thread: UMX and AS3X Receiver Programming
12/07/2018 19:25:50

Ah, just read that this is compatible with the AS6410NBL rx so it may not work with your rx.

12/07/2018 19:22:18

You can re-program the UMX receivers, you need a USB-Interface: UM ASX3 Programmer (SPMA3060).

There is a caveat to this, it works but it isn't straightforward, there is plenty of info out there. I have done it successfully to disable the stability function.

Thread: X9d+ range problem
27/06/2018 00:12:51

Ok, now that makes sense but I am sure I have read that poor RSSI does not necessarily correlate to poor received signal strength (now that's a contradiction if ever I heard one). I hope I'm not confusing the issue.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 27/06/2018 00:26:05

26/06/2018 23:03:05

Go into the statistics screen, you will find a value for RAS and it should be in the low single numbers, any higher then it indicates a problem with the transmitted signal (at least that is my understanding) and is similar or the same as SWR. A high value possibly points to a poor aerial connection.

OpenRC is a good place to seek assistance for this sort of thing as there are some very knowledgeable and helpful folks on there, including the OpenTX developers.

Sorry but that is the limit of my knowledge on this. Interestingly I am getting RSSI warnings with my X12S but no degradation of signal (my range checks are very good). RSSI is a value received from the telemetry signal and not the transmitted signal. Good luck.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 26/06/2018 23:05:02

Thread: Overlander motor/esc set up problems
14/05/2018 08:00:04
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 14/05/2018 07:45:34:
Pat did effectively touch on that with the 0.8 "fudge factor" in the rule of thumb equation he gives above.

Awful lot more in my post than just that BEB.......such as the relationship to back EMF.......

14/05/2018 07:13:09

What no one has said is that Kv is a figure that in all probability the motor will not achieve due to losses and more importantly it relates to the back EMF. As far as we modellers understand the use of the term it relates to the unloaded rpm. By checking the rpm with a prop on will not give you the answer.

To find the actual Kv you need to use the motor as a generator, spin it at a known rpm and measure the voltage output, but I have no idea how to achieve that with a brushless motor.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 14/05/2018 07:38:08

Thread: How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?
01/08/2017 16:23:51

I think I have started 2 models from plans this year, a St. Leonard's Models 124" Super Nova thermal soarer, originally a kit from the late 70s but I am building this from a plan. And a Tiger Tail aerobatic model from the early 70s. I am also working on my 1/4 scale ASK18 that was started a few years ago and before the end of the year I will have started another 1/4 scale glider. Plenty of plans to build from plans in the future. As far as the poll goes that's 2 for me.

Thread: Fitting a Laser 120 in a Seagull Yak 54
31/07/2017 09:16:35

Rob, no, mine doesn't have the mount for a nose wheel. Cutting the box is easy enough, just mark accurately and take your time.

You would be surprised at how repairable these things are.

30/07/2017 20:58:13

Hi Rob, I'm of the opinion that the easiest solution is to shorten the firewall, on many ARTF models I find it is necessary to shorten the mounting box to fit a Laser. Just mark it up, cut accurately and as Gordon says birch ply and triangular stock, I very often end up lining the sides of the remaining box with 1/16 ply, probably not necessary though.

You may find you need a longer engine mount than that supplied for the Laser, Great Planes and Logic (same as Great Planes) do a 1.20-1.80 adjustable one the length of which is 125mm, just about 5 inches. Here one is with my Laser 1.20.


Thread: Plans service & Shop
30/07/2017 10:49:34

There must be a wealth of these currently unobtainable plans in the possession of forumites. With current technology it is easy enough to get a plan copied and downloaded for electronic transmission.

How about a plans wanted topic? If a design is wanted and someone is prepared to copy it would it be feasible to connect the two parties? Or is copyright going to be an issue?

Thread: Puffin Models is Up and Running!
29/07/2017 13:05:30

An update on my spinner order, it was posted the same day, I was informed it had been sent and I received a recorded delivery number, it took two days to arrive as it was sent second class. I even had a phone call from Steve querying a minor detail on the order. Knowing what the post office charge I cannot grumble at the postal charges as they are reasonable.

So that's a yes from me.

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