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Thread: Who says flying thermal soarers is boring?
07/02/2020 09:04:22
Posted by Bob Burton on 07/02/2020 08:59:10:

Flying thermal soarers is not boring, but when you put a motor in a glider it is no longer a glider

Oh dear.

Thread: Thin Ply
05/02/2020 09:00:04

Where are you looking to source the ply? SLEC; 1/32" ply is less than £12 for a piece of 12" x 48" or £3.24 for a piece 12" x 12" doesn't seem expensive. Postage can be a problem though on single items or small orders.

Have you priced 1/64? Now that is expensive, the same size sheet is nearly £30.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 05/02/2020 09:05:36

Thread: What do you use as a building board
04/02/2020 18:29:18

I have had the same balsa building board for over 40 years, 6 sheets of 3/8" x 3" x 36" gives me a board 9" wide by 6 feet long for building glider wings and I still have it. I made a second one 20 or so years ago, this time with 4" x 1/2" sheet as I needed a wider board.

So 2 building boards over 40 years and both still in use.

Thread: Horizon Hobby not Responding
03/02/2020 08:33:35

Andy, I may well do that.

Sent a third email an the 28th of January, same story, no reply.

Don, it seems there are no defenders of this company.

I will be another who will not knowingly be doing business with them ever again

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
29/01/2020 15:05:02

Both my E-flite Hurricane and YT Hurricane were the same as described here when landing and reducing elevator throw fixed it but I did not get the pitch down you have found going around in landing configuration. Afraid I couldn't tell you where the balance was on either (other than as advised in the instructions) as the E-flite bit the dust and I have sold the YT one.

Thread: Horizon Hobby not Responding
28/01/2020 19:11:01

Shaun, a friend paid on his card, I don't really want to get him involved, HH should honour their obligations.

Pat, it's a thought, I could quote the law to them, not so much distance selling but what was the Sale of Goods Act.

Trouble is the line of least resistance is to fix it myself and give HH products a miss in future.

28/01/2020 10:57:21

Martin, no, it was not sold as a second. I thought they might be offloading stocks and the model was being discontinued but no mention of any defect.

Jason, I'm feeling the same, no use buying something that has a fault and then being ignored, I too will take my business elsewhere.

28/01/2020 09:42:31

I find that wether a company gives good service is when things go wrong and not how quickly something arrives.

I ordered a Staufenbiel Vegas PNP over the New Year, or more accurately a friend did as I was away. There is no building of this model required, purely assembly work and linkages made.

When I fitted the wings to the fuselage I noticed a mismatch in the angle between the two wings which was borne out on the bench to the tune of 1º. In flight this results in a significant roll requiring a trim correction of around 1.5mm on each aileron.

This would be relatively straightforward to fix as the wing is supported on one round wing joiner and two incidence pegs except for the fact that the MPX Multilock system is used and a MPX green wiring connector is also embedded in the root. It may be possible to adjust each wing by 1/2º and because the connector and Multilock are fairly close to the wing joiner all may be well, but that remains to be seen.

However I felt it was unacceptable that quality control had allowed a model with such a defect to be supplied. On January 13th I filled in a service ticket describing the defect and attaching photos, two days later I received a reply stating that after customer service consulted with the service department I should return the model to an address in Germany, or HH would arrange collection and I was to let them know when was convenient by replying to the email. This I did the same day, the 15th, I also wanted to know their intention with regard to replacement or refund, as yet I have had no response. I sent a further email on the 20th, again no reply. I have twice tried to ring the number on the HH webpage, a UK number that seems to re-route to America judging by the accent. I left messages to call me back, nothing.

So, really not good service. I could get my friend to initiate a claim through the payment process but I don't really want to involve him at that level. I could fix the model which I may well end up doing as it is the least line of resistance and well within my abilities, but that is not the point. This thing has a retail price tag of £509.99, when it was ordered it was on offer for a much more reasonable £279.99 which takes some of the sting out of it. I would be mightily annoyed if I had paid full price and received this level of non-service.

In all honesty I have had far better service from HobbyKing over faulty products than I am getting from Horizon Hobby, Horizon's service used to be exemplary but no more.

If anyone has any ideas how best to contact Horizon Hobby I would be pleased to hear from you.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 28/01/2020 09:45:06

Thread: Most flown model
26/01/2020 21:26:20

Early tissue and dope painted Acro Wot with a Laser 75, first flown in the early '90s. No idea how many flights but a lot! Refurbed 2 years ago with a fresh paint scheme, new servos and Laser 80, good for another 25 years.

Thread: dope lifespan
20/01/2020 22:28:22

I'm still using dope that I bought 30 odd years ago, absolutely fine, it may thicken a little and discolour but I don't notice any degradation in the way the product performs. I tend to buy a gallon, lasts me forever and far more cost effective than buying smaller quantities.

Thread: engine refurb
20/01/2020 16:59:41

Put it in an old saucepan of boiling water with a dishwasher tablet, works wonders on castor. Dry it and run it wink

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
16/01/2020 19:01:10
Posted by EvilC57 on 16/01/2020 17:56:57:

However, it now means that if they (the errant drone users) are caught, there is a legal framework in place against which to charge them. I’m by no means a supporter of this legislation, but I can see why they’ve done it.

That's one big if.

And there was previously a legal framework against which to charge those that flew drones irresponsibly.

The CAA are doing what they have to do and the BMFA have done a superb job for us in my opinion as nothing really has changed, okay we have to register, pay a fee and display a number on our models and that's fine by me.

16/01/2020 17:50:17

It has nothing to do with safety, IMHO, more to do with commercialisation of the airspace we use.

Thread: Hitec 81
13/01/2020 08:02:03


Edited By Andrew Ray on 13/01/2020 08:03:22

13/01/2020 08:01:16

Have you tried this servo in a different receiver output or a different servo in this output? Just to prove if the problem is the servo and not something else.

If a different servo doesn't display the same symptoms you can be sure it is the HS81 servo and then the best advice is just to replace the servo.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 13/01/2020 08:04:20

Thread: CAA Registration Impact on STEM Activities
07/01/2020 18:29:19
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 07/01/2020 17:42:20:

Yes in formal document or publication I understand the convention. This is a hobbyists forum for a technical hobby. Do we really HAVE to formally introduce acronyms (of which our hobby is full)?

Yes please when the acronyms are not common nor usual hobby related acronyms, such as esc. It is the first time I have come across STEM.

Thread: Orchestra on your patch
18/12/2019 18:10:44

Windmills of your Mind when gliding.

Thread: BMFA News Dec 2019
08/12/2019 19:04:10

C'mon children, play nicely wink 2

I think the BMFA have done well for us.


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 08/12/2019 21:52:23

Thread: 'Starloc' adhesives.
27/11/2019 13:58:47

Have a look here, there is a response from 5 Star Adhesives, it goes back to 2015 though.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 27/11/2019 13:59:51

Thread: Returning to the hobby
19/11/2019 11:23:43
Posted by Tom Satinet on 19/11/2019 09:24:07:

3) WIth Frsky you need to ask yourself how good you are on computer stuff. If the answer is not very then I would avoid.

Definitely disagree with this statement as I am no good with computer stuff but have had 6 years with firstly a Taranis and then an X12S Horus. Once you get your head into the logical steps of setting up a model the basics become clear and straightforward and then you realise the immense adaptability of the system to do what you want.

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