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Thread: Spektrum dx7s
28/05/2013 23:13:54

Andy Ive contacted the supplier from who i had it from and they havnt got back to me. I dont really want to spend anymore money but i dont mind as long as i know im going to get a good 100% tranny. This is the second one ive had as a duff and im losing confidence big time with 2.4ghz, Im really not sure if i can trust 2.4ghz anymore as i have a jet i would like to fly. The last thing i want going in the ground is all the expense my jet has cost.

Steve, I had a DX7 that I bought 5 years ago, didn't get much use but was flaultless. I changed it for a DX8 that I've had for 18 months, I have no confidence in the DX8 at the moment, I've sent it to Horizon Hobby and I'm hoping they can restore my confidence. I also fly 35 meg with a JR PCM9XII, I am totally happy with this set up and 6 months ago kitted out a 2.5m LMR electric glider with my JR gear, the thing goes up vertically until it is a spec in the sky. At the moment I have more faith in my 35 meg gear....I understand your concern.

Here's hoping you get some answers.

28/05/2013 16:31:40

Have you spoken to Horizon Hobbies? Their customer service is very good. If it is sent to them you will have the piece of mind knowing it has been checked. An option rather than just returning it to the supplier.

Thread: Engine damping
28/05/2013 10:40:23

Not sure if this is what you mean but try Apache Aviation.

Thread: Aircraft Kits
24/05/2013 08:39:52
Posted by john melia 1 on 24/05/2013 08:12:01:

i think he's looking for a builders kit , judging by his op

....and what type? Vintage, sport, aerobatic, warbird etc.

Thread: DX8 RF board fault
21/05/2013 19:52:49

Spoke to HH today about it, apparently my TX is not affected so I don't know what is going on but they are going to replace the RF boardsurprise I just hope it restores my confidence in my DX8.

I have a Stryker and Parkzone Spitfire that have been flown alot without problems, they are fitted with DSMX rx's.

I'm clueless.

One thing I will say is that since buying a DX7 5 years or so ago I have been totally happy with my Spektrum gear and the service level offered by Horizon Hobby here in the UK is faultless.

21/05/2013 11:29:41

Some of these problems might be to do with back compatability issues with certain receivers operating in DSM2 mode. I have had some odd things going on including losing a model, so last week I sent my DX8 back to HH for a check over (not heard anything yet) but last night I discovered that there is a bulletin on the Spektrum website detailing the back compatability issues when in DSM2 mode. It lists the affected receivers and the affected transmitter product identity code, found here DSMX Bulletin.


Edited By Andrew Ray on 21/05/2013 11:30:52

Thread: Spitfire Motor Choice?
20/05/2013 20:58:14
Posted by Tim Mackey on 20/05/2013 19:58:54:

I guess as he mentions 3s lipo, and the link is to a motor, then he means motor wink

As there was only 24 seconds between the posts I guess Olly was typing as the OP added the missing infosmile p because I was thinking the same.

Then I came to the conclusion, only one motor for a Spitfire and that's a Merlinsmiley

Thread: Fleet Control Systems
20/05/2013 19:46:02

I had a couple of Fleet sets, never had a problem with them. I think the FPS-17 was the standard servo. Battery packs in those days were typically 4 cell AA of around 500/600mah capacity and I think most were enclosed in boxes such as you have there.

I think Fleet just closed down.

Thread: thinning epoxy
20/05/2013 07:03:26

If you want to thin epoxy for wing skinning my advice would be to use the correct epoxy thinners that way you will get the best result. You can use meths, I have used meths but not for skinning such a large area. I couldn't face all the extra work if it went wrong.

When I glass wings I use laminating resin thinned even though laminating resin is "thin" it still needs thinning to make the job a little easier, but not by much, maybe 10% or so.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 20/05/2013 07:05:03

Thread: Ridge rover?
20/05/2013 06:56:43
Posted by Tom Sharp on 19/05/2013 21:13:37:

Solent Sailplanes marketed the Ridge Rover, It was also sold by the designer Mike Trewe as the Countryman. There was also the Ridge Rider which was smaller.

Lovely model but there were considerable differences between the two, the Ridge Rover having swept wings and a cross tail (Countryman was T-tail). A pal of mine had both back in the 70's.

James, I have a Ridge Rover kit and can scan the instructions for you, send me a pm with your email address and I'll get that done as soon as I can.


Thread: Cambrian Spitfire
20/05/2013 06:49:09

Nice one, and a lovely day to be flying.

Thread: Advice on Avro Vulcan Slope Soarer
14/05/2013 12:47:24

I think PSS stands for Power Scale Soarer and defines a soarer that is a model of a powered aeroplane as opposed to an unpowered one i.e. glider.....if that makes sense.

The Vulcan should fly remarkably well from the slope and look rather good too.

Look up

Thread: Concorde news
08/05/2013 21:30:34

Saw G-BOAF on the way into Bristol Lulsgate yesterday morning, only visible but unmistakeable aircraft on the ground at Filton.....and the big white X's denoting a disused runway, very sad. Air France and Airbus put paid to Concorde IMHO.

Thread: Micron R/C
08/05/2013 10:53:39

I had a few Micron sets, two 27 MHz and two 35 MHz Tx's and umpteen receivers, I usually paid a visit to the shop in Sandiacre, Terry and his wife always gave exemplary service and the product was solid too. I still use my Micron receivers. Afraid I never had dealings with Micron once the radio business was sold on.

Thread: Any pilots here?
20/04/2013 08:26:22

Started out gliding at the Mynd, then PPL with a view to going commercial led to glider tugging to build hours.

Now I have my ATPL, it's my second career, getting the first job was difficult but I've now been doing it for 16 years. All I ever wanted to do as a lad was play with cars and aeroplanes. Very lucky to do both as a job, left school and joined the family business in the motor trade which funded my flying career.

Real downside of the job is Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome, seems to go with the territory, away from home, base closures, early starts and late finishes to the day etc. all conspire against a stable family life so the woman in your life has to be able to cope with that.

If anyone is considering a career as a pilot be prepared to be mucked about, live away from home and spend serious dosh to qualify to then be told you don't have enough experience to get a job. Perseverance and determination are required in bucket loads but the effort is worth the sacrifice if you are committed. It's the best office window in the world.....ever! Job satisfaction is high too, breaking through the gloom at 100 feet with 300 metres in fog and travelling at around 150mph just able to see enough of the runway to land safely. Or flying high over the Alps with views of can't beat it.

Thread: Is model flying safer or more dangerous than it was 30-40 years ago?
26/03/2013 10:03:26

I cannot believe that this is being discussed at all. To suggest that flying toy aeroplanes is dangerous at all is ridiculous as by definition everything we do is dangerous listening to some folks.

I used to glide and in the time I did that 3 friends died in gliding accidents (another friend has died in a commercial environment), gliding is not dangerous, has not been labled as dangerous and yet accidents do happen. In 40 years flying models no one I know has been killed, nor do I personally know anyone that has been injured.

To discus this on an open forum could give the wrong impression as I think it raises an awarness to the uninformed that is completely wrong.

Flying models was not dangerous 40 years ago when proportional radio was in its infancy and it is not dangerous today.

Thread: Typhoon builders discussion thread
22/03/2013 13:03:47

Any more of these flown? Seems to have gone a little quiet of late. Reason I ask is that I have just ordered the CNC pack and vac mouldings, thinking of fitting a new OS 91 FX and Robart 605HD retracts because I have these in the cupboard.

Thread: DX8 RF board fault
08/03/2013 14:02:53
Posted by Racing Snake on 08/03/2013 13:06:43:

Have you had the same problem with your DX8? (please let me know if you have or haven't)

Just Yes or No will do, No manufacturers war please.


I have a DX8 and not had any problems, but I'm curious, why do you want to know?

Thread: Lost link with new DX7s and AR500... any ideas?
19/02/2013 08:44:42
Posted by GrahamC on 17/02/2013 17:11:12:

Electric retracts? What kind of power output is the UBEC capable of? Could it be the retracts overloading the UBEC causing loss of control? That might be a possibility.

I had considered that and once repaired will carry a dedicated battery for the u/c. However the model was operated as intended by Eflite (retracts and 6 servos) so it should be safe to assume that the power supply to the reciever and servos would be adequate and presumably as a few of these have been sold by now I have not heard of a problem.

17/02/2013 09:25:49

I had a similar occurence last year with a new Eflite Hurricane, Spektrum AR7000 and DX8. Lowered first stage of flap, then the gear at the end of the downwind leg. Moments later total loss of control and the model entered a dive. I have not been able to replicate the condition and so I am in the dark. The model was at reduced power prior to the loss of control and possibly entered the dive due to the failsafe cutting in and the throttle reducing. The flight battery was about 60% full.

Quite frankly I now have more faith in my 35 meg gear, I have a JR PCM X9II and a MPX Profi 3030, both with synth modules and they have been faultless. So much so I have chosen to fit out an Art-Hobby 2.5m Orion EV electric glider (Hacker geared motor and Hacker ESC) with 35 meg.

Having said all that I have a Parkzone Spit, Stryker and Hangar 9 Taylorcraft that have performed without problems.

I hope we find out why unexplained loss of control occurs. In my case the batteries in both the Tx and on the model had in excess of 50% capacity remaining. There had been no problems binding and no indication before the incident that there would be a problem. On that flight I had taken off, flown 2 approaches and was attempting a third, again with no indication of a pending problem. And of course it all worked perfectly after.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 17/02/2013 09:58:02

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