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Thread: microlights
30/05/2012 20:04:27

Official daylight ends 30 minutes after sunset and starts 30 minutes before sunrise. So it depends on the actual time as navigation lighting is only required during the hours of official night. I don't think microlights are approved to fly at night just as light aircraft operating on a "Permit to Fly" are not approved to operate at night.

It would be more an issue for an aircraft to land at night as lighting facilities at the airstrip would be required.


Thread: QEFI
29/05/2012 12:39:46

Q&EFI has improved a little recently, coincident with a change of editor.

I stopped buying Q&EFI when the technology column had few words, too many photos and what's more pictures of a battery, then the end of the battery and the other end and......oh....the reverse side of the same battery and this was a regular feature, filling space with useless photos, we all know what a battery looks like. And then when articles were duplicated in at least three of the Traplet magazines and in the same month.....

I have recently bought their (Traplet) Warbird special, what a dissapointment for my £6.99, a lack of any serious warbird content and writing large enough I can read it without my glasses. Rather than reviewing foamy fighters (they are not warbirds) some info on the current trends and developement of real model warbirds would be of help. As would available powerplants, specialist suppliers, hints and techniques used to achieve a believable representation of such heavy metal.

While not perfect (don't want the editor resting on his laurels) RCM&E is a far superior product.

Just my opinion.


Thread: Preferred wing span
19/05/2012 22:59:20

I like gliders around the 4m span, they fly well and are easy to transport. I have a Taylorcraft of 80" span and it flies beautifully. I guess my answer would be the bigger the better purely due to the fact that bigger models generally fly better.


Thread: Discharging the battery in the DX8
19/05/2012 22:53:47
Posted by Alan Randall on 19/05/2012 20:46:16:

Are you sure you need to keep topping up the Nimh pack up. In my experience those in the DX8 last for several weeks before you need to recharge.

It's good practice to go out with a fully charged battery as you start the day from a known point rather than a partially charged, half full, half empty battery. As the battery ages this will become more important.

The article referred to in Q&EFI is by Stephen Mettam, very knowledgeable and one time editor of EFI.

Some TX's like my JR PCM 9X cannot be discharged through the charging socket, (I've not tried it, but that is what the instructions tell me). Removing the battery to discharge is not usually a problem and cretainly not with the DX8 'cos I've done it. I think it is a JST connector.

I have also read that the bar graph on the DX8 will not show full status with a NiMh, (does it with a Lipo?) because it has to cater for the diffent voltages between NiMh and Lipo. The numerical voltage display is the only way to tell apparently.


Thread: Having to Login to Post a Reply
18/05/2012 09:16:00

Thanks Ken. I'd heard it was running slow but hadn't noticed.....and I have a different laptop so the thought was in my mind that this computer could be the problem.


18/05/2012 08:46:53

I have logged into the forum and My Account is recognising me and yet when I try to send a post I am asked to login again. This has just happened as I sent a PM, I logged in to access the member, typed the message, pressed send and was promptly redirected to login.

Any ideas?


Thread: Mick Reeves - Contact info please
16/05/2012 20:37:56

There is an note at the bottom of this page **LINK** Includes a contact no and email.


Edited By Andrew Ray on 16/05/2012 20:39:06

Thread: The Aeromodeller returns!
16/05/2012 20:23:28
Posted by kc on 16/05/2012 11:53:47:
There seems to be consolidation in the aeromodelling publishing world as ADH (Model Flyer )seem to have bought Aviation Modeller Int etc and say they are going to re-start Aeromodeller in late 2012. ( of course it was inside AMI for some years) Plus a new Electric magazine.
Is this good news or bad?

It all depends, make it interesting enough...... Currently I only subscribe to RCM&E. In the past I have subscribed to most but they have failed to hold my interest, that could be me though. I cancelled my subscription to RCMW and EFI years ago because of duplication of articles, I felt cheated. On top of that EFI combined with Silent Flight and then all but ignored those of us interested in gliding.

For my money I would still love to see a dedicated gliding mag.


Edited By Andrew Ray on 16/05/2012 20:24:14

Thread: GiantShark
15/05/2012 08:34:24

A good experience. I ordered 2x 3300 3s 25c Lipo's at 3pm on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday morning. Priced at just under £25 each with £4.05 for First Class insured postage I thought it was good value and the service was goodthumbs up


Thread: GiantShark (Formerly GiantCod)
11/05/2012 14:12:32

Well, I ordered at around 3pm, 2 days ago and the parcel has arrived this morning, 1st Class, insured for £4.05, 2 batteries at a total of 600g.

I'm happy enoughsmiley


10/05/2012 11:44:01

I ordered 2x Gens Ace Lipo's yesterday, didn't notice the change until PayPal checkout.

Postage seemed reasonable considering it covers packing and the increased postal charges. I opted for First Class at £4.05 which is insured but not tracked. The batteries are 3s, 3300mah 25c at £24.69 each. Gens Ace have good press and at that price I think good value. And no surprises regarding import duty or handling charges. I had looked at HK and ordering through their european warehouse but couldn't get what I wanted. Turnigy were the closest and cheaper but postage wiped out any saving.

Checked today and they have been despatched. Can't grumble so far.....

Besides when Traplet charge a tenner to post a planthumbs down





Edited By Andrew Ray on 10/05/2012 11:46:31

Thread: Throttle for height - elevator for speed
04/04/2012 23:49:20


Sometimes the corrections required are actually quite large when flying an approach in gusting conditions, if the thrust is maintained whilst flying the glide slope speed changes of +or- 20 kts could be observed. I think the reason for flying pitch to maintain the glide slope is that it is a more instantaneous response. Think of it as flying down a cone, as the runway is approached the cone narrows and any correction has to be much more precise. The aircraft responds fairly quickly to pitch inputs, whereas a power change input takes somewhat longer (more so in a jet) to produce a result and at 200' that can be critical.


04/04/2012 12:41:40

Just seen this. Confusing?

Think of it this way, elevator controls attitude, if the aircraft is fast on the approach, pitch up to slow the aircraft, that has the effect of reducing the rate of descent, the rate of descent is then balanced with power. Simple.

On a glider elevator is still used to control attitude but power cannot control the rate of descent that is what the airbrakes do. More airbrake for a greater rate of descent, as the brakes are opened the attitude will need to be reduced to maintain speed.

Except.....when flying a coupled approach, for example an airliner flying an ILS (instrument approach), pitch is used to maintain the glide slope and thus rate of descent, thrust is then used to control speed, this principle still applies when flying a visual approach in large aircraft.


Thread: all flying v tailplan/elevator
01/04/2012 09:11:31

Back in the 70's there was a glider called a Wildfleken by Radio Sailplanes. These could end up in a dive, particularly when high where it is impossible to judge the attitude of the glider, the model would tuck under and the elevator would become ineffective. This was thought initially to be an issue with the all moving tailplane, however it was found that at high speeds the wings were twisting, once that happened elevator authority was insufficient to recover.

Once I had a Multiplex Alpha glider that had a nasty tendancy when pushed to go quickly, the elevator would appear to become over sensitive, that was all moving. I used that wing section on an own design glider because it would stay up in the lightest of lift and fitted a conventional elevator, it showed the same characteristics at speed pointing to the cause being the wing section.

I have since flown many model gliders with all moving tails without problems, including an Alpina at high speed. I also flew the Robin DR400 Cadet for my PPL and have since towed with the 400 Regent, no issues at all using all moving tails. My only advice would to esure that there is no slop at all in the linkage and as mentioned in a previous post to pull for up elevator. Interestingly modern full size gliders use elevators.


Edited By Andrew Ray on 01/04/2012 09:16:55

Thread: How many engines have you got?
31/03/2012 13:26:37

I think I have 26 ranging from a sweet .4cc Mills to the superb in-line OS IL-300.

My glow engines are mainly 4 stroke, I have 7 diesel including a PAW .60, 3 Laser engines and 5 petrol.

Considering my passion is gliding I have more flying power models than gliderscrook

Thread: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft BNF
30/03/2012 15:17:03
Posted by Delta Whiskey on 30/03/2012 10:09:07:

Good to hear of the maiden, I take it the Zen 26 was more than enough power for this 80 incher !

Yes, more than enough. At the end of the second flight the engine had probably had about 30 minutes running in total so I guess it is still tight.

30/03/2012 08:33:53

Finally I flew the Taylorcraft on Monday (26th). I hadn't flown since Jan 2nd, so out came the Stryker, Parkzone Spit and an electric CAP 232. I'd only flown the CAP a couple of times before and found it a little twitchy, worse this time, I was using a lighter battery and although I had checked the balance point it was definitely tail heavy and I was lucky to get it down intact.

Out came the Taylorcraft, I rigged it carefully, filled it with fuel. The engine fired up on the first attempt and after a warm up period I taxied out to the strip. Lined up I opened the throttle and off she went, slightly left wing down, a touch of right trim sorting that. Climbing to cruise altitude a fair amount of up elevator had to be trimmed in due to a significant nose down tendancy. Once in trim I could relax. I was keen to try a landing so lined up for the approach she settled at what appeared to be the correct speed, over the strip the throttle was brought back to idle and she touched down gently. The first flight lasted less than 4 minutes.

I had a second flight that day with a few basic aerobatics thrown in. A check of the stall resulted in a wing drop. A loop from level flight was effortless. She rolls rather well too. and the second landing was better than the first.

Up to now the largest models I had flown (other than 4m span gliders) were a Harrier 90 and an Acro Wot. This Taylorcraft is a gem, she is stable, the controls are well balanced, she is manoeuverable and she looks good. Not only that but to buy all the bits to make this model from a kit would cost more than the discounted price I paid.....and then it would take me ages to finish it.

Well done Hangar 9, you have a very impressed and happy owner.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 30/03/2012 08:34:49

Thread: ParkZone Spitfire Mk IX
28/02/2012 21:29:07
Posted by Dave Bran on 28/02/2012 07:54:20:

"SO, has anyone actually repainted the canadian maple leaf emblem the right colour?"

Apparently there is some dispute as to the correct colour. The highly accurate and expensive. Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire IX includes both red and green maple leaf decals.



Edited By Andrew Ray on 28/02/2012 21:30:19

Edited By Andrew Ray on 28/02/2012 21:31:16

28/02/2012 02:35:37

I've had a couple of dozen flights with mine and belly landing is no problem, the radiators are prone to collecting grass and mud but that's all. A cannon came off on an early flight but only because I hit the ground a bit hard with one wing down in poor light, bring it in wings level and hold it off don't fly it on and you'll be fine.


Thread: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft BNF
18/11/2011 19:37:21
I couldn't resist getting one of these. Probably taking me a bit longer than some to put together (I've lost my workshop). A bit more work than the foamy BNF models. Had to attach the tail feathers and linkages, undercarriage and engine. The radio gear is already installed. The Zenoah 26 started easily enough today after bolting it in, first go for me with petrol.
It looks good, from all accounts flies well and at the price they are going for a bargain. A big car or van is required for transport though.
I'm looking forward to flying it.
Anyone else with one?
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