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Thread: Here one for all you technical flyers
20/02/2019 09:15:54
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 19/02/2019 23:43:26:

Rocker, from your description it would seem that you are trying to land your Freewing Hawk too fast. The theory of landing a trike is that as soon as the mains touch, as they are behind the CG, the nose should pitch down reducing the wing angle of attack and cutting the lift. If you land too fast, the aerodynamic lift force wins over the pitch down force and the aircraft bounces.

On a nose wheel aircraft the nose will tend to pitch down on landing but the job of the pilot is to gently lower the nose or as seen when a fast jet lands the nose is held high for aerodynamic braking. The wing has lost lift but the elevator remains effective.

Furthermore if landing fast and the aircraft pitches down that will kill the lift until the angle of attack is increased, the wing will only generate lift if the nose is raised, probably by the pilot pulling back on the elevator.

This sounds more like a pilot induced oscillation and may be affected by c of g and elevator sensitivity. Excessive expo will not help in this situation.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 20/02/2019 09:16:43

Thread: Newport and District Model Flying Club
18/02/2019 04:11:25

Hi Adrian, yes it is, I joined them at the beginning of the year, a very friendly bunch of lads. Here’s the Link to the new website.

Thread: UK supplier of balsa in METRIC thicknesses?
10/02/2019 14:50:00

Balsa wood is an organic material and is not (cannot) be machined to such tolerances. It also changes with humidity and adjustments will have to be made during the construction process. It is what it is.

Isn’t wood from a timber yard supplied in nominal sizes because of the natural variation in the wood?

Edited By Andrew Ray on 10/02/2019 14:52:57

Thread: Retractable tailwheel
10/02/2019 10:17:44

To help centre the wheel as it retracts and the linkage goes slack.

Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
02/02/2019 14:21:33

Lovely work there Mike, you are putting us all to shame here. I look forward to seeing her finished.

Thread: Zap Odourless Super Glue
31/01/2019 13:38:32
Posted by Denis Watkins on 31/01/2019 10:29:32:

Heartbreaking that kicker costs as much as superglue

£4.99 for MitreBond, 200ml kicker plus you get 50g of medium viscosity "normal" superglue. Works as well as any other brand I have tried from Screwfix or Amazon amongst others.

Thread: Which Watt Meter
20/01/2019 21:33:23
Posted by Andy C on 20/01/2019 18:22:23:


I was happy with post#2 from Geoff Sleath and currently awaiting a Prime evening delivery from Amazon for a cheappo unit.

I like it, well done. yes

Thread: Solicitorís Fees
21/12/2018 08:17:00

Roger, did your son use a firm of solicitors or licensed conveyancers? Bit of a difference as solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have to be registered with the Law Society, licensed conveyancers are not, they are regulated by a different body.

Must admit I have a bit of a "bee in my bonnet" over this one, I have always steered well clear of the conveyancing "bucket shops" having heard in the past many stories of things not happening as they should. I much prefer dealing with solicitors and being able to talk to the solicitor handling the conveyancing takes away a lot of the stress, particularly when he's a mate I have known since college.

Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
16/12/2018 16:27:46

Get a drone in standing wave or the convergence zone between two air masses and I am sure that with sufficient battery life to keep the motors providing thrust and stability the rising air mass will do the rest.

15/12/2018 11:44:16

It's not just as simple as price. Much of what I get from Banggood or Hobbyking I cannot find easily from UK suppliers and certainly not from one supplier.

Thread: Servo choice
13/11/2018 18:57:26

Any standard servo will be fine with this model, I have one with standard JR 591 servos, they are more than up to it and with a Laser .80. As JR servos are no longer available I'd favour the Savox 351, excellent value from Steve Webb's servo shop.

Thread: Silly question about 4 strokes
06/11/2018 06:19:29

Yes, normal 5% should work fine. It’s what I used for years although I use Laser 5 in all my engines now, 5% nitro and 15% oil.

Thread: Adding Oil
28/10/2018 06:51:07

Roger, don’t forger the manufacture’s recommendation for oil is 45 years out of date.

Thread: How old are yours?
15/10/2018 14:45:56

Early Acro Wot, built sometime in the mid-late '80s (86?) with a Laser 75 purchased at the same time after seeing Chris Foss demo the combination at Sandown and has always been my go to model, rarely gets left at home when I fly. Now refurbed, repainted, new radio and a new Laser .80 last year, that makes the airframe circa 30 years old. No lightweight but flies as well as ever.

Also, an original Pat Teakle ASW 17 bought in 1997, maiden flight last year, 30 years in build.

Thread: Spit 72" aileron servos
11/08/2018 19:34:44
Posted by Nigel R on 11/08/2018 16:25:06:
Andrew your comparison with a full size cub controls is very wrong.

It might be 3.5kg but the distance component of the torque us massive by comparison to a rc servo

I don't think the comparison is wrong, it illustrates the point I was making. If you want to be pedantic then you need to consider the 72" Spitfire against the full size Cub flying at 80kts with much much bigger ailerons than the model and the gearing in the controls of the full size not just the relative moments etc. I was merely trying to illustrate a point rather than provide a technical or scientific answer. Anyway this is going off topic and I will leave it at that.

11/08/2018 13:17:21

Too much hype about servos and servo power, put it into context, Brian Taylor with his similar size championship winning warbirds would use a single standard servo for the ailerons and it would have to drive the linkage.

Also think about lifting say, 3.5kg and then think about applying that to a control surface, it is probably not too dissimilar to the pressure required to operate the controls on a full size Piper Super Cub or Pawnee at it's normal cruise speed.

I wouldn't worry about the servo power from those servos.

Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
09/08/2018 16:41:23

Cracking job Martyn, good likeness too wink

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
08/08/2018 18:22:28

I bought one last year, nearly started it, in fact the box was out and the plan unfolded and then I decided to build a Ben Buckle Fokker DVIII from a plan but heavily modified to make it more scale. I am going to be an occasional watcher of this thread with considerable interest.

Keep up the good work Simon, it’s coming on nicely.

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
08/08/2018 18:13:09

I’m in the Audi camp, Q7, plenty of space, very comfortable, quiet and surprisingly economical for a 2 tonne motor, 35mpg overall and over 40mpg on a run and if needed it will tow 3.5 tonnes, ok not much use for models but it makes for a very stable tow car particularly when towing a full size glider trailer. It’ll take a couple of average size models assembled and 5m glider wings with care. I’m so pleased with the car I’m about to order a new one, it’ll be my 4th.

Thread: UMX and AS3X Receiver Programming
12/07/2018 19:25:50

Ah, just read that this is compatible with the AS6410NBL rx so it may not work with your rx.

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