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Thread: How much do you shop around ??
27/07/2017 07:57:50

I always do an internet search for most things primarily to establish the best price, I have ordered a few times from Tower Hobbies to get exactly what I want but usually low value small items to come under the customs charge threshold, I have started using HobbyKing more and frequently order from their global warehouse. It is partly to do with getting the right item for my model but also where I can get the best deal. Recently I wanted to try a dipole rx antenna, Aloft Hobbies do them, 25cm long for $2 but postage was $14.95, ideal length but the high postage put me off, postage from Tower is only a few dollars postage for similar value/weight items.

Out of preference I would rather use my LMS but he cannot hope to stock the variety of items I choose to buy and I am not going to pay a large premium for kits just to keep him in business, he also rarely carries the sort of kits I like to buy and is unable to obtain them, his balsa selection is small and he doesn't stock the radio I use.

I use T9 for my FrSky radio gear, his prices cannot be bettered, next day delivery, he always replies to emails and rings back for missed calls. I always use SLEC for wood and order sufficient to benefit from their free post offer.

Think I'm starting to ramble as the reasons I shop far and wide are many and not just to get exactly the right bit.

So in answer to cymaz's question, I shop around most of the time.

Thread: Puffin Models is Up and Running!
27/07/2017 07:20:29

I don't think it would be easy to take over a business and would expect a settling in period, must say I haven't used Puffin until recently which was just prior to the sale. They seem to be the only stockists of the superb HM spinners and so I have placed my second order with Puffin for a spinner this morning, when I clicked "Confirm Order" I had an error 503 message and now cannot connect to the server, I am using Safari and paid with PayPay quick pay. I had a similar problem last night but whereas last night the order didn't process this morning it did and I have received email confirmation.

I am unable to access the Puffin website now with any Apple device (cannot speak for other OS) and just wondering if this is a similar problem to the one Martin reported earlier in this thread.

I do hope at £4.95 for postage the spinner arrives tomorrow.

Thread: 'Like' button
24/07/2017 08:32:31
Posted by Stevo on 24/07/2017 08:22:11:

Perhaps put a vote up asking for contributions to enhance the site? Crowdfunding? I'll contribute. I've spent some years on here asking for advice.

Me too yes

23/07/2017 23:18:44

Many forums are run privately and they are much more up to date than this one with it's commercial connections. I can see the business argument but that seems to be holding this site back. Britmodeller has been running for 10 years, has had a major update within the last few years and a visual update recently, it offers a proper mobile experience. Ok, it takes someone who is dedicated to what they are doing but as far as funding goes it is only recently (at the time of the major upgrade) that they opened a donation facility, there is no advertising to raise revenue.

Edited By Andrew Ray on 23/07/2017 23:21:20

Thread: Tiger Tail
23/07/2017 23:02:03

i took these photos a few evenings ago showing the engine mount which is drilled for both Enya and OS engines as at that point I was still on the fence.


And the engine trial fitted.


Bit of a full workbench as I am also trying to complete a 1/4 scale ASK18.

22/07/2017 14:49:42

Nigel, yes it does have a semi symmetrical tip section. And thanks for the review link, I hadn't come across that one.

Regarding the engine choice, I wanted to fit an engine such as the 91 to be a bit of a hooligan and yet have a nice aerobatic machine and yet I feel that it would be good to keep the model as close to the original design as possible, hence my dilemma. Not 100% sure yet but I think I am going with the Enya.

Thread: post fro china
22/07/2017 14:35:28

A few weeks ago I ordered from HobbyKing global warehouse at around 10pm on a Friday night and the order arrived at about 10am on the Monday, admittedly I had paid for the express service but it very often takes longer to get the goods from within the UK!!

Thread: Tiger Tail
18/07/2017 20:31:15

Bob, you may well be right and fitting the Enya 60 would be much easier. I am having to make some modifications internally to get a 14oz tank to fit, I have found I can do it without widening the fuselage. The biggest problem I have is ground clearance and will have to use longer u/c legs. The nose wheel will retract back into the wing leading edge by about 2 inches or so.

KC, it does look a nice design strangely the designer, Ron Chidgey said of the model "Tiger Tail really has only two things of importance going for it - it's ugly and it's honest!". I'm not quite sure I agree with that, certainly to me it looks a rather pretty aeroplane.

Thanks Martyn and thanks for the advice.

17/07/2017 17:49:01

I don't keep a record of my builds and rarely take photos but for some reason I thought I would share this build with you. It may take me some time, particularly if I get distracted by another model I want to build, especially if it coincides with me needing to find a way to do something different on this build.

I saw a club member flying what I would call an old style aerobatic model and rather liked the way it flew which made me think that I would like something similar in my fleet. The first idea was to build a Curare which ended up with a decision to build the Tiger Tail, along the way I suppose I considered all of the usual suspects, some appealing to me more than others.


The Tiger Tail has a span of 64" utilising foam core wings and a fairly straightforward construction. Some areas of the design seem to be over engineered by current standards but I intend to stick fairly faithfully to the original design. I will use modern electric retracts and most likely an OS 91FX which will necessitate moving the engine bulkhead back by about 1/4". I had considered a Laser 80 or an Enya 60 MkIII as other options.


The Laser would need to be mounted on it's side due to the position of the carburettor.


I think the OS 91FX is the most sensible choice of the 3.


Starting to create a kit of parts. F2 calls for 1/4" ply, I think 1/8" would be fine but I'm going to keep it as is. F4 and 5 are 1/8 ply and I have substituted lite ply.

Thread: Ngh 17 petrol
17/07/2017 07:57:08
Posted by Jamie sawyer on 17/07/2017 07:14:34:

Forgive me if I speak out of turn here but is everyone reading the whole thread. I'm going to buy a new ignition unit once I speak to just engines today. Reason is because some have said even though it's sparking at atmospheric pressure while in compression it may not spark. 👍

It's getting fuel obviously from the tests I'm doing

Not sparking under compression is not something I have come across. However Jon's advice is sound.

You are asking for advice and we all have different opinions and frankly you can spend money to try different things, what if it isn't the ignition module? A carburettor next? Sounds an expensive way of fixing this. Most likely it is the setup of the carb and ignition but you have no way of proving it one way or another.

17/07/2017 05:55:18
Posted by Jamie sawyer on 16/07/2017 16:00:31:

Ok I just tried it. 6v battery on ignition and plug out..............

........................................Checked for spark and there was.

Sorry but I don't follow the logic, why would you buy a new ignition unit if you have a spark?

16/07/2017 20:11:42

Jamie, sounds like your settings are out and you are not really sure what you are doing, you are also getting too much information on here to make sense and from folks who are not familiar with the engine.

I have two things to say, if you want to get this sorted yourself listen to Jon Harper, he knows what he is talking about. If this is beyond you send it to Just Engines, it will be cheaper in the long run. The reasons I am suggesting these options are that I think you have lost the settings and don't have the experience to sort it. You have fuel and you have a spark all you now need is the correct amount of fuel and a spark at the right point in the cycle, there is no other reason why the engine will not run.

One other thing, unless NGH have changed the ignition module and have now approved a 6v power supply it is rated for 4.8v so no matter what anyone tells you do not use a 6v supply.

Good luck.

Thread: Which 12v motor for 30" carbon prop?
10/07/2017 09:54:22
Posted by David Wainwright on 10/07/2017 08:21:56:
Wow. Looks like I may be using this as a ceiling fan then lol. Not sure about calculating stuff but wanted enough thrust to push around 90kg through the air so what rpm needed for 30x10 prop is unknown factor to me.

This sounds like a man sized project not a model.

Thread: lengthening ESC wires to battery
10/07/2017 09:10:54
Posted by Chris Walby on 10/07/2017 07:39:28:

With all due respect, what a load of mumbo jumbo...This was an issue with ESC's years ago (which was resolved)or possibly very cheap ones.

So Chris, I assume that you are an electronics guru then?

Let me quote some mumbo jumbo from a well respected ESC manufacturer.

"We recommend gold plated plugs only which have to be soldered to the cables. Cables to the battery should be as short as possible, maximum 15 cm long. Always pay attention for correct polarity."

This taken from the instructions to a new Hacker X-55-SB-Pro that I purchased a few months ago.

If you know better please ask Hacker to amend their instructions accordingly.

Thread: Which 12v motor for 30" carbon prop?
10/07/2017 07:29:40
Posted by Andrew Ray on 10/07/2017 06:26:59:

Why 10,000 RPM and 12v and what are you using it for?

My apologies, I see you have answered this in your original post but why 10,000 RPM?

Edited By Andrew Ray on 10/07/2017 07:30:44

10/07/2017 06:26:59

Frankly it sounds like too big an ask.

As for the prop you are looking at being suitable for speeds of 10,000 RPM I think you are asking for trouble. A more realistic target is around 6,000 RPM with a geared motor or big outrunner but a 12v battery will not hack it. You'll get a motor within the amp range of your ESC but you'll need something like 3 times the voltage to get a decent prop speed and probably need to use a smaller prop.

Why 10,000 RPM and 12v and what are you using it for?

Thread: Cowl for a Pup?
09/07/2017 23:15:24

On eBay from Inwoods.

Thread: lengthening ESC wires to battery
09/07/2017 18:42:34

Not recommended unless you add capacitors. Long leads result in spikes that can damage the ESC, the capacitors smooth the spikes. Do a google search the information isn't difficult to find and I can't remember the recommendation.

Hacker instructions state that the battery to ESC leads should be no longer than 15cm and if necessary lengthen the motor leads.

Thread: Thinning Epoxy
09/07/2017 18:32:25

I use meths to thin finishing resin, works okay.

Thread: Advice Please
08/07/2017 10:01:25

Go with the bigger battery for sure, you'll appreciate the extra flying time.

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