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Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
19/09/2020 14:44:01

That’s very interesting Nick, thanks for posting.

Peter, whilst I’ve never had a problem on my vulcan with the 4 motors, very occasional one of the 3 retracts might stop working (on a 3 way splitter lead). I’ve swapped the units for replacements and it still occasionally happens. But switch everything off and and on again and hey presto they often start working again  ....  would you recommend one of those on the retract circuit ?

keep persevering Tony. I had mine out on Tuesday. Wheels down flight thanks to the aforementioned intermittent issuefrown





Edited By Craig Carr on 19/09/2020 14:47:49

Thread: TN Concorde
17/09/2020 06:58:56

Hi Martin,

reading your post again on 27th May I noticed your using a 3s set up.

mines using 4s (per plan spec).

That might account for your take off problem and why Tony’s was ok?


16/09/2020 12:44:37

Hi Martin.

I still haven’t tried mine yet but it’s been at the back of my mind about stuff (like grass) getting sucked in through the cheat holes

i was toying with adding fine mesh over the cheater holes to act as a FOD guard

whilst it was only in my garden a taxi trial seemed to suggest it would be ok on grass cut short ....


Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
11/09/2020 05:34:15

Are you sorted with this now Tony?


Thread: Plan Required
01/09/2020 16:52:55

Hi Buzz/Kevin,

the EDF pushy cat looks great but I can only find the traditional pushy cat on the Traplet site.

where is the modified/EDF plan?



Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
31/08/2020 19:14:41

Hello Tony

Was at the flying field today with my vulcan. It’s wired the same as your diagram.

my club mate/electric guru Brian Collins (Who had BRC hobbies) had a look at your diagram and said it all looks ok. He did mention though that he would have removed the red wire directly from 3 of the escs as well.

Might be worth a try ?


31/08/2020 08:32:01

Hello Tony,

im the same as Peter, can’t think of anything offhand, if you’ve done it as described it will work. Did you remove the 3 x red wires directly from the escs rather than any servo y leads?

Edited By Craig Carr on 31/08/2020 08:55:58

17/08/2020 09:34:48

Here’s a commercially produced 3 way lead for your retracts Tony,

but if they were the hobby king type you should have received one with the units

Click here

17/08/2020 09:27:17

Hi Tony,

I have my rx just towards the rear ... if you zoom in on the bit I’ve circled you should just see “futaba”

Regarding the escs “4 way connection” , I simply soldered the battery wires to make “two” sets of escs in parallel. (Ie bring the positives together as one leg of wiring and the negatives as another leg.). Then each of these parallel legs go each of the 2 battery bays. I had mine wired so one battery/esc combo powered the inner fans... the other battery /esc combo powered the outer fans.

you must though link all 4 esc servo leads together for your rx throttle channel BUT remove the red power wire in 3 of the escs (Ie so only 1 esc provides power to your rx)

I lift the tab and pull the red wire back and out of the servo plug.  Pop a little heat shrink over it so if at a later date you wish to use the esc in another model the red wire can be easily reinserted


Edited By Craig Carr on 17/08/2020 09:30:44

17/08/2020 06:27:25

Hello Tony,

firstly the retracts, they normally come with a 3 way Y harness which is what I used. Im sure on mine the 2 mains went into the Y harness without an extension lead, but I may have had to extend the nose leg lead a little.

if I recall correctly I think the plan indicates the hole cut outs on the formers to feed nose wiring through (I made  them a little bigger than stated on plan for ease)

Secondly, your first post, yes its an absolute nightmare squeezing everything in. It’s doable though
here is my installation, it’s not pleasant sadbut the best I could do.

The escs (turnigy 40amp) are along the middle of the fuz centre keel (2x) and down one side of the electronics bay opening. I braced them away (so not touching) the tubes as they were made from A3 laminating pouches and I was worried any heat from the escs may deform them

The rx is also in the centre keel. Had to extend the 3 phase motor wiring for some of them. It does all work though and the model does fly nicely but the fans should be 4s ideally.

have you seen this build thread here?



Edited By Craig Carr on 17/08/2020 06:36:57

Thread: FW 109 Decals
16/08/2020 13:33:36

Another massive shout out for Callie graphics

She did this set for my tony nijhuis vampire. Just did the wing the other day




Thread: Your Hacked charger PSU's.
05/08/2020 14:23:59

Mike thanks for the wiring diagram to help others

ive followed the info to quieten / slow down the fan and jumped the necessary pins.

im now in “whisper mode” as they used to say on Blue Thunder laugh




05/08/2020 08:18:32
Posted by Doc Marten on 04/08/2020 23:53:36:

If this is the PSU you have Craig then the note at the the bottom of This page states that shorting pins 4 & 8 will reduce fan speed but the PSU will still self regulate if it needs too, an indication of how clever and safe these things are.

Edited By Doc Marten on 04/08/2020 23:57:33

excellent thanks Doc yes

04/08/2020 22:48:42

Here’s mine, same unit as Brian and Geoff. I’ve just checked and I actually modified it 4 year ago and it’s in constant use. A proper workhorse. Charging some hefty sized packs as well!

we seem to have a common thread here regarding the commercial psu for model use. Mine also failed in under a year which is why I made this one.

ive used a one of those logic rc tx cases to keep it all together, i put 3 sets of output via a project box as I have a couple of these chargers.

Now if someone could tell me the pins to jump to make the fan run less noisy my wife would be a happy bunny wink

Converted psu
Jumped pins

Thread: Is this Power Supply Suitable?
04/08/2020 14:36:33

Hi Mike T ... sent you a PM last night ... was just after your advice on the further pin jumping required to quieten the fan on my HP server PSU.

Didnt want to post the question here directly to avoid “thread drift “crook

03/08/2020 13:36:10
Jumped pinsConverted psuPosted by Geoff S on 03/08/2020 10:38:49:

+1 for a server power supply.

I've been using one for years after reading an article by PDR on the RCMF forum. They're very cheap (mine was less than £20 on eBay) and are capable of delivering a lot of current at 12v (IIRC mine is 24 amps). The are mains powered and have a standard Eurolead mains connector like (say) a PC. They just need a few links made on what would be the rack connecting pins and a simple means of connecting to your charger (I've attached brackets on the top with 4mm sockets). All the soldering is on the low voltage side so safe from electical shock injury (though be aware high current supplies can make things hot without blowing a fuse!).

The only disadvatage is their rather odd shape but, overall, they're not very big.

I believe they are replaced routinely as part of maintanence procedures as they're often in critical systems hence their availability s/h


Plus one on the server route. Did mine a few year ago.... patmac on this forum brought an example to a club night and I made mine thereafter. Just a few pins to jump and jobs a good unyes

Thread: Essential RC's videos
22/07/2020 15:01:11

Watch all your vids Dom and enjoy each and every one of them. Please keep posting.

if someone isn’t interested, fair enough, they don’t need to watch them... but from all the positive posts made I would say that’s a very minority review.

keep up the good work

Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - winners!
10/07/2020 11:35:43

yesMy post thanks David

Thread: Shrink Film Covering Technique
14/06/2020 13:51:11

I’ve always worried about using sealer on the balsa before the film.... my understanding was that bare balsa does a better job of “absorbing” air. Other than that I do exactly the same as already suggested.

Give the model a good going over with a tack cloth to remove any unwanted debris before starting

Thread: Weston Capiche 140 Refurb
05/06/2020 08:39:57

Hello Adrian,

fantastic work on the refurb, yes

Many years ago I was at the flying field when a capiche went in. Horrific damage, the owner took the decision to repair the model and did an ace job of it. He wrote a piece for the club website.

click here.

hope you enjoy it, hopefully compliments your thread nicely.


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