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Thread: Futaba T14SG chat
27/11/2017 16:46:04

I love my 14sg.. A very solid and reliable set but agree the rotary touch dial is so finicky and often overshoots, especially setting up model names etc

Thread: Detectorists
09/11/2017 13:29:39

I watched the first 2 series in the summer on your recommendation cuban

Thoroughly enjoyed it. A nice gentle comedy

Saw first episode of the new series yes

Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
15/10/2017 20:03:25

Hello Mark

You don’t really need to fit the spacer the clamps will eventually pull together. I’m busy with the TN 78” Vulcan. You may be just able to see the clamps pulled together and screwed down onto the mount in this picture below


Thread: Cutting Bowden cable
12/09/2017 17:05:20

Hello jon

I normally wrap masking tape tightly around the part of the cable to be cut. Then I use a cutting disc on my dremmel


Thread: angle cut balsa stripper
08/09/2017 18:08:46

Hello phil

I just glued some hardwood to the side of my balsa stripper for making chamfered strips for planking.





Thread: Robart precision fitting - recessed control surfaces
31/08/2017 06:21:36
Posted by cymaz on 30/08/2017 23:00:10:

I have the Robert pin hinge drill jig. Simple and excellent. I draw a pencil line across the hinge then set the jig to work. Never had a duff one yet. Also use petroleum jelly....( Vaseline to you and me) ONLY on the pivot. It stops the epoxy sticking to everything.

thumbs up yep, use the robart jig to get a precise hole every time

Thread: push rods threaded each end
15/08/2017 10:39:37

I do the same as sgwlm except I sleeve the threaded rod with carbon rod (internal diameter to match the width of the threaded rod). Also worth considering using double control horns. For both security but also to remove any "side pull" on a single control horn if using a ball joint rather than a clevis.

Use nylock nuts for security

picture 001.jpg

Edited By Craig Carr on 15/08/2017 10:42:03

Edited By Craig Carr on 15/08/2017 10:43:08

Thread: help with robart pin hinges
08/08/2017 12:22:52

I don't think they should be supplied like that phil

They are my hinge of choice but they always come with the pin installed

I'm with Dennis I wouldn't try "fixing" them. Get them replaced pre pinned as they should be.

Apply Vaseline around the pin/pivot when glueing in to stop the glue jamming it and all will be okthumbs up


Thread: BAE Hawk, Red arrows.
27/07/2017 20:52:53

Hello keith.

PM sent. wink


Thread: Best place to buy lipos?
20/07/2017 06:39:50

Yep the turnigy "blue" packs have been spot on for me. I haven't personally tried the nanos to be fair but have avoided them based on previous feedback from users.

I've also used zippys.  I had zippy packs from 2009 that just packed in 2 year ago and gave 6 years of constant service in a high power edf model with no drop in power until after the 6 years use.  must have had 100s of flights with it.

I've also had no issues with Haiyin lipos.


Edited By Craig Carr on 20/07/2017 06:44:01

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
20/07/2017 06:33:16


fPosted by Nev on 19/07/2017 22:52:00:

I think they sub out the manufacturing, so it will depend on their suppliers, cut parts, cowl etc. whether they're confident of getting paid or not as to whether they get made. Traplet I think print the plans.


Hello Nev,

Funny enough a club mate of mine has just the other week received a Traplet kit.  He happened to ask them if they sub out the manufacturing and was told everything was done 100% in house.

I popped around and saw the kit and the quality of the wood and cutting was top notch. This looks like very sad news indeed.


Edited By Craig Carr on 20/07/2017 06:33:56

Thread: Man on the moon. Really?
16/07/2017 21:10:07
Posted by Pete Collins on 16/07/2017 20:42:38:

Interestingly, I saw an interview on the TV with the guy that DID operate that camera - from Mission Control in Huston! He did it with a joystick and a stopwatch, having practiced using a simulation. The trick was that he knew the exact time of liftoff and had to anticipate, and pan the camera in advance, to allow for the signal transit time from here to the moon - tricky!

Yes I saw that one just the other day.../. I think the footage Martin refers to was apollo 17. The guy said it was his last chance to get it right and had to factor in the signal delay between earth and moon. He got it "just so "

Thread: Construction & repair tools
19/06/2017 11:50:40

Permagrit tools. You won't regret them. Get their sanding blocks and spar slotters as a good starter for 10teeth 2

Was in Aldi last week and they had sets of ratchet clamps (set of 2 minis and 2 medium/large) for only a fiver for the set. So useful I bought a couple of sets.


photo 3.jpg

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
28/05/2017 07:52:09

Posted by Neil Hodson on 09/09/2016 10:35:42:


only downside at the moment is a massive pitch up effect with throttle. I have nearly all the available down trim in to keep things level at one third throttle but of course it needs loads of up when throttled back. I will make a mix to put down elevator into the throttle stick for the time being. I wonder if there is a way of angling the exhaust nozzles down at the back to cure this? Neil.

Hello Neil,

Just noticed your comment about the pitch effect when using throttle. Mine flys without the need for any elevator trim change throughout the throttle curve. Could it be your adjustment to the CofG that's causing that?


Edited By Craig Carr on 28/05/2017 07:53:02

25/05/2017 19:53:17

Well I started this model 3 year ago surprise and after putting it to one side for a year I finished it off and today was its maiden.

Brilliant, no bother at all. I did upgrade the fans to the Dr Mad thrust 3S 10 bladers though (I can probably get 4 to 5 minutes with careful throttle control). The tips by the guys above were spot on.   I did the same as Neil and Murray and extended the inlets all the way back to the bulkhead (I didnt fit the splitter inside the intake though).

I have got access to tarmac at my club though and I feel that made all the difference (or very very short grass may be ok) and I think Tony now states this on his site.

But I think realistically 4S would make all the difference

Still as pleased as punch with the model. Lovely flyer. Left CofG as per plan (And used 40% expo devil)

The model on the tarmac just before take off


The inlet modification/plan deviation (take it all the way to the bulkhead)image.jpeg




Edited By Craig Carr on 25/05/2017 19:54:42

Thread: Electric Fuel Pump
14/05/2017 14:43:40
Posted by Percy Verance on 13/05/2017 16:49:03:

Lithium powered glow start Extra Slim? It has to be an RCATS. A superb bit of kit, man enough to energise both plugs of a twin. It has intelligent circuitry too, in that if you put a plug into the glow clip, energise it and then place it in a glass of water, you can see the amperage increase to cope with it being submerged. All clever stuff. It has a big capacity lithium cell too, and only needs charging once or twice a year.

Of course genuine quality costs, and the RCATS isn't cheap at £100+, but you do get a seriously good bit of kit. I've had mine for years, and find it far better than sub c cell glow starts that never seemed to have enough charge in them when I needed them.

thumbs up had my RCATS lithium glow starter for 11 years now. Same for me, one charge at the beginning of each season is all it needs. Top quality product.

Thread: Futaba T14SG chat
19/04/2017 18:17:44

Hello Malcolm,

Many thnaks for the programming code above.

Apologies I never got back to let you know, but, my elevators are split and on independent channels (2 and 8). Whats the best approach in this case and what modifications do I need to do to the programming you mentioned above.

Many thanks


29/12/2016 16:41:06

Hello Malcolm

That's great and thank you for the prompt reply. I'll give that a try.yes


29/12/2016 11:36:38

Hello Malcolm, hope you still look at this thread

I have a model with dedicated flaps which I have set up on a 3 position switch (1. flaps up, 2 an intermediate position and 3 fully deployed to 90degree)

For the intermediate position only I would like to add 2mm compensating up elevator to help correct a trim change.

Im struggling to achieve this on my 14SG, I know it can be done, just cant get it to work. the model has split elevator with a dedicated servo for each half.


Thread: Snakes - how to un-bend?
04/07/2016 07:42:26
Posted by PatMc on 03/07/2016 23:05:24:
Posted by Shaunie on 03/07/2016 22:39:14:

I also agree that the outer should be fully supported or it will "belly out" under compression.


Edited By Shaunie on 03/07/2016 22:40:49

How can it ?

If the outer is secured at both ends that's all that matters.

They cant. thumbs up like pat says only each end needs securing (ie the snake outer can't physically grow) I must admit though I do still pass them through holes drilled in formers but in reality this is nothing more than cosmetic

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