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Thread: Insurance
03/12/2015 00:10:13
Posted by CARPERFECT on 02/12/2015 21:14:31:

Question to anyone in the know ? Last December while making a new plane, Being daft and not using the Bosh electric wood plane as i should, i managed to remove the ends off two fingers. As i was unable to work for some weeks, could /should i have claimed fro the insurance ?


You are joking though surely indecision You say you didn't use the plane as you should have....  But  you think others should pay for that?

Edited By Craig Carr on 03/12/2015 00:14:40

Thread: CNC cut ply motor mount needed
23/11/2015 09:07:22

Hi Baz,

Ive sometimes used holecutters like this and used the internal "cut out" as a mounting disk. Once cut out you even have the centre hole pre drilled for you.

Unfortunately the sizes are a little off to the 47mm you want but you could go for the 54mm one then put a bolt and nut through the drilled hole and mount in a pillar drill and dress back to 47mm by holding a permagrit block against it while it's spinning in the pillar drill.

I have a holecutter set btw if you want to borrow it.


Thread: sandpaper ?
17/11/2015 18:46:13

Hello Jon,

I personally use "wet and dry" (used dry obviously laugh) I find it gives a nice finish to the balsa. It's available in various grades from the car accessory shop.

1000 grade might be a good starter but buy a few of each grade and have a bit experiment.



Edited By Craig Carr on 17/11/2015 18:47:12

Thread: Pushycat, larger version
30/10/2015 15:25:11

Hello Tom,

I built a larger one about 10 year ago. Mind the wing was a foam core with a balsa skin. the fuz and tail just basically as per a scaled plan (50% bigger)

As Ken says, ESC failure in flight (with no secondary battery) ended up with the model kulou

The only picture I have of it below


50% bigger pushy cat.jpg

Edited By Craig Carr on 30/10/2015 15:26:15

Thread: Inset dialogue box for this site
28/10/2015 20:10:20

Definitely an issue with edge. It happened to me after I installed w10 (with edge as the default browser).

Went away when I installed Firefox

Thread: wi fi help required
02/09/2015 23:31:06

Her mac should find available wifi signals.

All she needs to do is select your router name then enter the password you have assigned to the router.

Its that simple.  The details on the rear of your router may provide some initial default passwords.  I'm guessing however that you've changed the router password at some point and hence your granddaughter can't login 

Edited By Craig Carr on 02/09/2015 23:39:02

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
31/08/2015 06:45:28

Hi Martin,

Well done thumbs up

I've just restarted building mine this week after putting the project on hold. After you've added the lead where does that move the c of g to?



Thread: Hawker Hunter crashed at shoreham airshow
23/08/2015 18:11:16

BBC have just posted footage of the accident filmed from the perspective of the A27

BBC site here

Thread: Drone Near Miss.
12/08/2015 20:14:52
Posted by Martin Harris on 12/08/2015 19:29:46:
Posted by Craig Carr on 28/07/2015 21:49:34:

Well I struggle to read it your way BEB crook

you've homed in on one sentence but the precededing text and indeed the rest of the post means he's just saying they are being viewed a blight re how the press are reporting it.

Never mind, it's for John to clarify as you suggest

In BEB's defence, I'm afraid I don't read it that way either - unless I'm mistaken, the full text in question was:

The term that the newspapers have coined has started the confusion and the term "drone" now means multi rotor jobbies that are becoming a blight and angering the hobby fliers such as ourselves.

To me, the logical way to read this is that the newspapers have adopted the term "drone" for multi rotors - fair comment - but the sentiment that they are becoming a blight comes from the poster, reinforced by the choice of the word "ourselves".

The OP has since stated that he didn't intend it to read that way and that should be an end to the matter. I see no need to continue to chastise BEB for what would seem to be a reasonable response to the information available at the time!

I havent "continue" '(d) to chastise BEB Martin to be fair. (my post was a few weeks back in July). Im simply saying I read it another way (and still do). The OP stating "he didnt mean it to read that way" I also took to meaning "not BEBS way".

Its a matter of interpretation, BEB invited the OP to clarify it @ 28/7/15 21:32... The OP hasnt and as far as im concerned not a problem, just pointing out its open to different interpretation. Not an issue to fret over Martin

Thread: Ipad help.
10/08/2015 22:44:27

Hello fb3

Are you referring to the password for your router?

Thread: Problem with the Forum
10/08/2015 20:16:59
Posted by GrahamC on 30/04/2015 09:31:47:

Here's another issue. I'm using Safari on a Mac, and for a while now I can't insert a carriage return at the end of text that I'm typing. The cursor just goes to the beginning of the post.

I found this with the new "edge" browser that came with the windows 10 upgrade.. Didnt do it with the old Internet explorer.

Ive installed the much superior "Firefox" as my default browser and the problem went away

Thread: Ipad help.
10/08/2015 18:21:47
Posted by Bill_B on 10/08/2015 17:58:58:

If you have a very early iPad newer updates won't necessarily be sympathetic. Also, overlaying many updates can cause running problems and the only way to overcome this is to back up all your iPad content to iCloud and do a factory reset. Once the reset has been effected reinstall your data from iCloud and install the latest software. It might sound a bit drastic, but it should make your iPad run smoother. BTW, backing up to iCloud won't save any passwords used to access forums, eBay etc. so be sure to write them down remember them prior to resetting.

If your not sure about the process there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. thumbs up

If your running an early pad (IPAD 1) the above still wont allow you to upload photos to the forum.

Apple stopped releasing software upgrades for IPAD 1 at Version 5.1.1 and this is the problem.

Only newer Ipads have the latest releases of IOS that allow to do what Bill demonstrates in his post @ 9/8/15 09:24

In short if your using an IPAD1 and want to upload photos to the forum, you cant (and will never be able to)

Thread: How often do you hook your charger to PC monitoring software when replenishing batteries?
07/08/2015 19:05:06

I have once or twice hooked the charger up to the PC out of curiosity but I'm a bit uncertain if it worth the effort to be honest.

Just seems a bit of a hassle so I just let the charger do its job

Thread: Secretaries - how do you send emails to your members?
06/08/2015 06:49:03

Hello avtur,

If you already have the email addresses on excel then yes you can import them into outlook using excel. No need to type them all in separately

Once done I would then create a "group" contact of all your contacts for a "one click" selection to the BCC

same advice as John re your server and numbers. We have nearly 130 members so our club site web hosts (vidahost) gave us an email traffic allowance of 300 emails per hour to be safe (I think potential replies from members may also count within your hourly email traffic allowance)


Edited By Craig Carr on 06/08/2015 06:50:04

Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
04/08/2015 17:48:34

Hi Tim,

Under the MS Edge favourites (3 horizontal lines top right) im guessing you don’t see the “import” favourites? - that worked for me.

If you aren’t, it seems linked to your adminstrator issue. I wonder if your windows user account isnt set to administrator.  Although I cant see why this would prevent saving a simple spreadsheet crook

However, to check:

  1. find the command prompt in your programs/app list
  2. right click and select “run as administrator”
  3. at the command prompt type “net user”

it should show you the current status, such as mine below.

If you account is not an admistrator try typing “net user administrator /active:yes


Edited By Craig Carr on 04/08/2015 17:49:27

Edited By Craig Carr on 04/08/2015 17:51:59

04/08/2015 00:02:17

Hello Tim,

Its possible to pull up the old ie11 from within edge by clicking the 3 dots in the right hand corner.. I think it retains your favourites.

Ive since moved to Firefox as edge is a bit pants


Ps.. Mods.. Tims use of a now accepted as an unremarkable word which is even used within children's books such as Harry potter... Certainly doesn't warrant censoring surely ???????  

Edited By Craig Carr on 04/08/2015 00:03:27

03/08/2015 17:33:32

Certain users of outlook may find they can receive ok but are unable to send emails since upgrading to W10.  You can receive ok but anything outgoing will sit in the outbox with a variety of error messages

I'm using outlook 2013 and Its took me nearly 2 days to crack but it seems to be common to some configurations which has resulted in  the upgrade corrupting some  files

This website here details the steps for the fix.

Ran the sfc /scannow command  myself and it worked a treat.  Thank heavens for that, ive been unable to plaque the life out of ken anderson for nearly 2 days devil


Edited By Craig Carr on 03/08/2015 17:43:42

02/08/2015 22:43:52
Posted by Neil67 on 02/08/2015 21:56:31:

Upgraded today. Display seems very poor, not as sharp and display and all photos stretched horizontally. Looked at display settings and couldn't see any way of resolving problem - very few options. I know it's early days, but any advice on how to fix appreciated. Neil



Hello Neil, I hit that one as well (fuzzy and not clear) plus w10 also refused to recognise my second vdu.

I tried what Martin suggests but the display resolution wouldn't allow any changes at all.. Areboot of the computer fixed the problems completely.

Edited By Craig Carr on 02/08/2015 22:44:25

01/08/2015 18:21:46

Posted by Jon Laughton on 01/08/2015 15:34:27:

Best advice for anyone using Windows 10: switch to a mac and don't run windows! cheeky

Yep, my next machine will be a Mac

01/08/2015 15:25:52

Anyone who uses (the now discontinued) Microsoft Money will find it no longer work on W10.

A quick tweak to the windows registry is all that required though... See here

Done the mod myself, all hunky dory again

Edited By Craig Carr on 01/08/2015 15:27:15

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