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Thread: Transmitter charging
01/08/2015 08:04:38
Posted by Graham Wood 3 on 31/07/2015 23:00:23:
Posted by Tony H on 31/07/2015 21:52:49:
Thanks Graham not a bad idea. What voltage or percentage is your battery usually at after 2-3hrs?

The battery is 1800 mah 5 cell NIMH. After 2 hours use the charger will put in about 1000 ma so it's probably discharged by less than 2/3rds.

Hello Graham,

Which transmitter is it? My 14sg had one of those 5 cell 1800 NIMHS. The cells as supplied had a terrible "self discharge".

Ive replaced mine with some AA instants 2500. Does require a slight mod to the battery hatch (dremmel off some of the plastic bridging material)

Found a massive improvement.


Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
30/07/2015 22:08:15

Hello Neil,

Have you tried the link by Gavin above?


30/07/2015 21:50:09

I was going to wait a month or so but took the plunge and upgraded today from 8.1 to 10

Took less than an hour without any fuss or drama.


Edited By Craig Carr on 30/07/2015 21:50:39

Thread: Drone Near Miss.
28/07/2015 21:49:34

Well I struggle to read it your way BEB crook

you've homed in on one sentence but the precededing text and indeed the rest of the post means he's just saying they are being viewed a blight re how the press are reporting it.

Never mind, it's for John to clarify as you suggest

28/07/2015 21:18:19
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 28/07/2015 20:55:00:


You didn't say in your original post that you had an "impression", you said what I quoted - "muti-rotor jobbies that are becoming a blight"



If you read johns original post in full, he does state that he felt the misquoting of the press causes the confusion, copy and paste below

"The term that the newspapers have coined has started the confusion and the term "drone" now means........ multi rotor jobbies that are becoming a blight and angering the hobby fliers such as ourselves.

You have made a "selective quote" of the original post and that changes the whole meaning and context of johns post to how you read it, don't you think?

Edited By Craig Carr on 28/07/2015 21:21:20

Edited By Craig Carr on 28/07/2015 21:24:24

25/07/2015 18:05:05
Posted by John Privett on 25/07/2015 17:28:09:
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 25/07/2015 17:03:38:
Surely there would not be much disagreement on here that people who, for example, undertake unauthorised UAV flights in the vicinity of an airport are "nutters"?

No disagreement from me, and I thought WF's posting of the link to the Dorset news article was fair and was illustrating the behaviour of the sort of "nutters" who give 'drone' flyers, and indeed model flyers in general, a bad name

Yep, that's all I thought of it as well.

Sorry BEB, but I dont think WF needed the response he received.

Thread: BMFA Country Members
04/07/2015 00:13:59
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 03/07/2015 22:36:58:


you cannot make a request under the Freedom of Information Act to BMFA - well you can make it, but they are under no legal obligation what so ever to respond and share any information with you.

The reason for this is the act only applies to public bodies - e.g. government departments, NHS, local councils, universities etc. etc. It does not apply to private or public companies, organisations or societies.


Beb, I think Kevin was just being facetious....

Thread: Connie are you to much for me?
01/07/2015 12:35:59

Hi Cliff,

Fantastic, really taking shape teeth 2

If its of interest re split elevators I connect the ends to 2mm ball joints and connect to the top and bottom of the servo output arm with a 2mm bolt and 2mm nylock nut for extra piece of mind.

Once all set up make a plate to hold the snake outers against your former in their natural resting position. Hope the pic below explains what I mean (bottom servo in pic).


split elevator to one servo

Edited By Craig Carr on 01/07/2015 12:37:00

Thread: Are Turnigy lipos any good?
01/07/2015 10:03:32

Good point Brian.

Ive got loads of the blue wrapper Turnigy's that are years old and still give sterling service after loads of flights. Turnigy ( and zippys) rank among the best packs I've ever had.

To get back to the question raised by the OP of the thread it seems the majority of people are happy with them and that gives you a good yardstick.

Thread: Cyril Carr's space shuttle.......
30/06/2015 19:10:13
Posted by David Gilder on 30/06/2015 15:37:09:

+1 for a plan.

Would love to put this on the build board but adjusted to suit PSS!

Waiting in hope!


Me too (6 years now) surprise

Thread: Is there a 'trick of the trade'
30/06/2015 11:48:20

Yep I use same procedure as Stevo yes

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
30/06/2015 00:34:03
Posted by john melia 1 on 29/06/2015 18:29:26:

i have no intentions whatsoever of getting involved in petty club politics , theres too much in life to worry about , all i want is to fly , have a laugh , and go home satisfied with my model intact .

You've probably missed the point of Pats post John,

If you're not happy with the running of the clubs you've stated your a member of then why not stand for a committee position..?

Thread: Connie are you to much for me?
19/06/2015 17:52:07

It's looking just the biz Cliff yes

Can you use a bit of spare snake inner to feed down the rib holes to carry the cabling with it ?

Thread: this hobby needs more young blood
19/06/2015 17:28:12
Posted by john melia 1 on 19/06/2015 14:59:10:

no i'm not ben !! dont know what made craig say that crook


Sorry John, my mistake, I thought I had seen a post by you saying you had joined, but when Ive found it again it said you were going to join

On this thread here


Edited By Craig Carr on 19/06/2015 17:29:14

19/06/2015 12:46:01
Posted by john melia 1 on 18/06/2015 22:08:30:

Over the past year and a bit i have been a member of four different clubs , and each one seems to be the same , ie , turn up at the field and more times than not its old timers setting up deck chairs and wind breaks , bringing a model that rarely sees any airtime , while they congregate and basically moan , about club politics , and shake their heads at anyone who can fly more than a flat circuit.

No wonder the young ones steer clear , and no wonder a lot of clubs are struggling to keep/find members .

Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 19/06/2015 08:46:46:

john you really need to join our club CADMAC great bunch , it will renew your passion ,,,,,100%

Ben, im sure John is already a member of CADMAC. frown

Thread: ASP 4.6
15/06/2015 19:05:52

It's a new one on me as well frown

However ken is one of our wiser/older/ more senior members secret

Thread: Cosford Air show Live video link
14/06/2015 19:23:27

Thanks from me also Richard. First time ive found a meaningful use for you tube on my smart TV and watched the show..

Enjoyed the Vulcan especially thumbs up

Thread: Connie are you to much for me?
12/06/2015 18:08:04

Hi Cliff,

That approach is spot on, I did exactly the same with my airbus A400m which was two sides/half formers etc. Didn't take any pics whilst in the SLEC jig but when it came out it looked like this laugh

Mine went along the centre line of the board and I used the clamps either side of the central spine (but had to use some spare hardwood blocks to take up the gap either side)

A400m Fuse Skeleton

Edited By Craig Carr on 12/06/2015 18:10:32

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
10/06/2015 11:49:29
Posted by MattyB on 10/06/2015 09:42:43:
Posted by Steve T on 09/06/2015 18:17:45:

I have had a rather busy last few days so lost touch with this posting. I have caught up now and cannot see for the life of me where it is going. Just mindless repetition. Sorry, all of you who still care, I don't anymore.

You are right, there has been a lot of repetition amongst the last few pages - I guess in the absence of any new information from the BMFA (feasibility study, minuts etc) this conversation can't really go any further.

Agreed 100%. Nothing new. This thread is Sooo tedious now no

Thread: Advice Needed
06/06/2015 08:52:49

Must admit I'm a believer of the storage charge... Never used to but I have had some packs puff up if left fully charged for too long.

Edited By Craig Carr on 06/06/2015 08:53:13

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