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Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
17/04/2019 08:32:19

Any update Chris, did she maiden? What was COG set at? Mine is all set to maybe the weekend if weather remains good. CoG is set at 130mm and elevator rates reduced to 8mm. AUW is 18 1/2 lb

22/03/2019 14:33:48

Yes I suppose its somewhere in the middle when considering the general consensus. I have a fairly heavy petrol engine in mine and have been aiming for 120mm, so I am probably already at 130mm now as I was intending to add some nose weight. Similar to yourself I am waiting for better weather and a mowed strip before taking the plunge! Good luck on the maiden, try to get someone to film it as there's barely any videos of this plane flying!

22/03/2019 13:44:03

Chris - has this hurricane maidened yet? How was it?

Im due to maiden mine soon and keen to know your opinion on CoG. As you said, there seems to be a difference of opinions, some other online groups swear by 120mm, some others say as per manual.

Thread: Warbird Replica Spitfire MKix
27/12/2018 13:30:52

What happened to this thread, how did the maiden go? Plane looked great. I am considering one of these and would be grateful to get some overall feedback on the kit and the power system used?

Thread: Recommended First Balsa Kit
27/12/2018 13:19:30

Just viewed their website, the kits look good the online feedback seems to be fairly positive. Shame that they are showing no stock of most of their range but Ill make some enquiries.

27/12/2018 10:10:40

Whoa..what a fantastic level of feedback, thank you all so much! Been offline for a couple of days for obvious reasons!

Having a couple of young children doesn't give me a great deal of time at the workbench (need to factor this into my choice of kit too) so time at the bench is a precious commodity for me. I am really pleased that this thread has had a great level of input for others in a similar but rare situation, being those that can fly but not yet build. Again... I really appreciate all of your comments.

Just to answer a few questions that have appeared and a couple of other points to raise:

In answer to a question about the size of model I would like to build, for starting out I am thinking of a low wing aircraft of 40-60 size being glow or electric (no preference there). This is partly due to limited space in the garage (kid's bikes, wife's junk!... angry), cant wait to eventually move house and have my own workshop one day, but that's another story!

I currently fly a range of aircraft from the smallest ......SIG Smith Miniplane (built by a clubmate) that I overhauled with new Solartex, Paint and an ASP52, right up to the largest size in the fleet a Sebart Miss Wind and a 35cc Petrol Hurricane (Seagull) which I am hoping to maiden this spring when the weather gets better.

I would like to start with a laser cut kit, avoiding the need to cut out all of the ribs and formers at this early stage. I have a large flat bench in the garage to build on, but will need to invest in some tooling, Jigs and accessories. A friend at my flying club has built a Gangster 63 and he thoroughly recommends them, so that is certainly one to consider. It just needs to be able to teach me the basic essentials before moving onto the more tricky stuff like wing washout that Ill hopefully address on a 2nd or 3rd model. Relating back to my original question, I have a keen interest in Warbirds so I was hoping that there may be a sport style Kit that is stand-off scale and doesn't require all of the tricky aspects associated with scale warbirds that have been highlighted in this thread. Is it fair to say that the Cambrian and Fun Fighter range would fall into this category?

Last point to raise which has been mentioned a few times is concerning choice of wood. I've sometimes watched guys in the SLEC tent at the shows, religiously inspecting their balsa before making a purchase and can totally understand why this is important. With the demise of model shops across the country, how do modellers overcome this requirement, when ordering online is the most obvious method of making a purchase? Or, is it the case that the choice of supplier is such that they can be trusted to send something of good quality and specific to requirements? Obviously at some point I am going to want to procure materials and am interested to know how you guys manage this?

Thanks again all.

24/12/2018 19:04:37
Have an engineering background and created technical drawings so I'm not totally out of my depth!
Merry Christmas 👍
24/12/2018 18:58:37
Thanks Don. Product of modern times...ive cut my teeth on foamies and artf's and have regretted not building earlier! Suppose I just need to get one done and learn from there. I've done countless repair projects so that helps but now need to progress to a full build.
24/12/2018 18:27:59
Thank you all for the feedback. I understand the complex issues thqt are faced with warbird build so would like to have this exposure to be able to learn them...but maybe for a second or third build. Do the topflite kits require a good level of experience in this regard? Maybe a low wing sports model is the way to go for first build. Would be looking for something I could complete fairly quickly and gain valuable knowledge at the same time
24/12/2018 14:54:57

Looking for some advice. Ive been flying over 10 years and would consider myself a competent pilot (B Level) but have never built anything. Im always in awe of the aircraft on the showline at the Nationals and other events I visit and would ultimately love to produce something of that scale in years to come. After some research, I can see that my question has been answered many times. I suppose im looking for some modern UK opinions as lots of rcgroups/universe appear from google searches. If there are any links available to this subject then Id be grateful if you could send them.

What is a good beginner warbird kit for a total newbie? I understand that I should maybe start with a high wing trainer of some type, but my flying skills are passed that and it is ultimately a warbird that will drive me on to produce the end result as I have a keen interest in them.

Thanks in advance.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane
10/11/2018 08:20:54
Wish there were more videos to view of the hurricane flying. Surprised by the minimal amount of reports on this plane since it's release.
05/11/2018 12:58:40

Thank you for the maiden report....some good points to note.

What was the AUW?

04/10/2018 14:54:28
Looks really nice Tim. I've got my cooling going through the bulkhead and coming out of the retract wells. Having looked at yours I can see that your fuel tank would obstruct this.
25/09/2018 13:13:34

Wheel brackets look good, will make some for mine. Do the wheels miss the brackets once the Oleo's are fully compressed?

On rcgroups "seagull hurricane" page, a guy says that when the Oleos compress, the wheels can hit the gear which causes a nose over. He stated that he had to angle his gear forward to also help, I have already added a 1/8th piece of packing, hope that will be enough.

24/09/2018 12:49:01

Like the cockpit, the dials look so much better than I expected.

I have epoxied the oil cooler in place, it is pretty sturdy on there and can only see if being damaged if the gear doesn't come down and a belly land is required. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

I also used large zip ties to secure the gear doors, although they seem to twist and I expect they will turn when the wind gets to them in flight. Need to lock their position somehow, but not thought of that solution yet.

23/09/2018 14:21:54

Solved it....


Edited By neil martin 1 on 23/09/2018 14:22:32

23/09/2018 11:54:34
Looking good Tim. I'd be interested in seeing a pic of your Mick Reeves instrument panel if you get a chance. Mine is almost ready to maiden. If we get a few nice calm days in September I reckon it'll be done! I did some mods to mine, like reducing the height of the canopy and flairing wing roots to meet the cowling. I'll add some pictures to show mine as it currently stands. Still need a better warbird spinner to replace the rubbish seagull one. Engine is a Roto 35vi which is now run in and ready for flight....just wish I could change the colour of the head!!! Any ideas anyone, I'm thinking the safest option is to have it reanodised in silver? Ron, I had the seagull radial rocket and it was lovely to fly but a bit of a sod to land on longish grass as it kept nosing over. I replaced my landing gear as once the standard wire bends it's hard to stop it bending back on a hard landing...unless of course you fly off tarmac. Great little plane though and the flaps slow it down lovely. to add photos to this thread, any advice as can't see an attachment link!?

Edited By neil martin 1 on 23/09/2018 11:54:50

03/07/2018 13:52:20
Hi Tim, look forward to seeing your project make headway. Mine is almost complete just waiting for a replacement cowl as I screwed mine up. So next month should be maiden time. I have made a number of mods to mine be good to share ideas with you. Not many of these flying in UK so good to have found a fellow owner!
11/05/2017 12:51:20

Sorry to hear of your damage Steve, Im sure it will fix up fine. I previously had a 60 sized mustang that nosed over regularly so am pretty much used to taxiing and ground handling using elevator.

Did you have the CoG as per the instructions or the 130mm you suggested? Did you deploy flaps in the air, how effective are they?

09/05/2017 23:59:47
How did the maiden go Steve? Did the retracts hold up after the mod? Is it fairly easy to fly, any bad habits?
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