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Thread: Fly aways
18/07/2020 21:45:08

Our chairman launched his diesel Tomboy without switching the radio on. It was found several days later in a local cemetery completely undamaged - the luck of the devil!

Thread: LiPo over-voltage
08/07/2020 10:55:03

Yep BALANCE CHARGE AT ALL TIMES - No ifs no buts no maybes - anyone who says otherwise is talking out of their proverbial or is willfully attempting to discredit LiPo use.

Thread: Advice - A steady hack
19/06/2020 14:42:03

I was going to suggest an EasyStreetII as well as it's a really good flier and penetrates very well but they seem to be unobtainable. How about an Acrowot - it looks like a plane.

(huh too slow typing as usual!)

Edited By Wingman on 19/06/2020 14:43:17

Thread: Poor Service from Banggood- Buyer Beware!
09/06/2020 17:33:32

Ha! Ha! The title says it all - imagine spending real money at Banggood thinking . They're only good for amusing crap - never spend more than 20 quid there and don't expect to receive it any time soon!

Thread: Esc calibration with throttle on a switch
27/05/2020 10:51:22

Yes Steve that is the way to do it - if you think about it that's what you do with a normal throttle stick set up (i.e 100% and 0%). The other thing is that you need to set the ESC up for soft start and brake on if you are using a folding prop.

Thread: Which Glue
26/05/2020 21:28:39

Well Michael there's cyanoacrylate thin medium and thick, epoxy slow and fast, resin, aliphatic, superphatic,acrylic, polyurethane, UHU POR, spray-on, JB Weld, evostic, copydex and probably many others I don't know about - those are just the ones on my glue shelf and they all have their uses cheekysmiley

Thread: Coffin dodger needs help.
15/05/2020 22:36:46

Ron it will fly straight but might, just might, roll slower which, if you're a learner is exactly what you want. For info, if I fit a flight stabiliser gyro to my planes - 3 equipped at the mo - I only connect it to one aileron - works perfectly.

15/05/2020 22:36:45

Ron it will fly straight but might, just might, roll slower which, if you're a learner is exactly what you want. For info, if I fit a flight stabiliser gyro to my planes - 3 equipped at the mo - I only connect it to one aileron - works perfectly.

15/05/2020 21:55:35

If it's just one servo for the aileron don't bother about it - the plane will fly quite well with just the aileron on the other wing. If it was not too expensive you could buy another plane and then you would have a fully working plane and a load of spares.

Edited By Wingman on 15/05/2020 21:57:14

Edited By Wingman on 15/05/2020 21:59:34

Thread: Binding undercarriage using solder and wire
09/05/2020 11:00:57

That looks like quite a meaty soldering iron so I reckon it would be worth a go with it - probably have to hold it on for a while until the heat builds up on the joint then just track down the wire with the iron adding solder as you go. If you have to use blow lamp or similar, heat the wire a bit, remove the flame and dab the solder on and keep doing that in small steps until the solder flows - melting the solder with the flame just makes a mess and the joint will probably just come undone when it's in use - i.e. the first landingfrown. Just make sure the binding wire is also clean (steel wool or emery cloth) before soldering.

Thread: Soldering!
08/05/2020 16:39:57

The wires will be coated with a varnish (shellac) so that has to be scraped off to bare copper before they will take solder.

Thread: New boiler installation
05/05/2020 10:35:15

As an aside, I've tried all those Fernox type cleaners and preservatives but the best by far is ethylene glycol car antifreeze (Bluecol etc.) dozed at 1 litre per radiator (regardless of radiator size). Car antifreeze is good for much higher temperatures than a central heating system can get to and is good for steel, iron, aluminium, copper, brass and magnesium so any metal in a central heating system won't react with it. I find that after 2 years the water is still clear and I now leave it for 5 years before draining and refilling. My system, including the boiler, is 25 years old, one of the radiators and the hot water tank are original and the system is still silent in operation (and it's an 'open system).

Thread: Amazon UK
04/05/2020 17:41:51

I'm always a bit miffed when I order something from , which is the Dunfermline or Dundee warehouses for me, and then find that the kit is being delivered from CHINA and is going to take weeks. You definately have to check the delivery date before placing an order.

Thread: Webcams
03/05/2020 10:48:09

The one my son has to monitor the area outside his flat (has a visiting herd of deer) connects to an app on his phone via his wifi. The app records and produces stills if required. It has night vision using infra- red LEDs and motion detection although tree movement in the wind makes that pretty useless, it's also weather proof. He can also access the camera remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world - pretty good for £26 delivered from Banggood about a year ago.

02/05/2020 18:53:43

Phewch! camera traps are expensive! loads available like this IP camera for 20-30 quid

Thread: ARTFers and lockdown
21/04/2020 21:51:24

Well I'm playing in the garden with my RC tank, my RC car, my teeny weeny drone, my nano helicopter, or running up my Saito FG33R3 in the Stearman just to listen to its glorious tick-over and if the weather is a bit dodgy (by the way - why has it been perfect flying weather for the last 7 days??frown) I play with my Ham Radio gear or carry on slotting together my Sequoia Systems Greenfinch 234 (it's like a 3D jigsaw puzzle!) . Oh, and in case you're wondering, I do the cooking so that keeps the wife quietlaugh

Thread: Earphones/plugs
21/04/2020 10:20:49

FB3 if you're over 55 you can get free hearing aids from the NHS (once it re-opens that isfrown) - the batteries are also free. Mine are quite neat and I really only wear them for listening to the telly or when I'm part of an audience.

Don't bother with the 'hearing aids' you can get from Bangood/internet etc. they never have enough volume (gain).

Thread: Round the Pole but Radio Control!
31/03/2020 11:27:27

Well that put a big smile on my face - well done Cliff! Oh and did you know you have a Dalek hiding in your garden?laugh

Thread: The penny is finally dropping....
31/03/2020 11:18:50

Drone delivery will never be viable as long as they use leccy - they need to use a DLE50 on each corner!

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
15/03/2020 16:55:41

Never do less than 80 on a motorway - but then I drive a B Maxcheeky

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