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Thread: Large Heatshrink
16/09/2020 14:53:49

Simple search for "Heatshrink Tubing" on Amazon pulled up this .....

Link to Amazon

Thread: Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) - does your club have this status - pros and cons?
13/08/2020 08:53:58

At a Committee meeting last year I suggested that our club might be eligible for registration with HMRC as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) which might enable us to reclaim 20% Gift Aid from HMRC in respect of our club subscriptions and donations. My suggestion was not received with any great enthusiasm and it was felt it was doubtful we would qualify.

Does anyone on on the forum have any experience of their club applying for or being granted CASC? If so, how easy was it to achieve and what are the pros and cons, pitfalls etc.?

From an earlier post on a different thread I gather that Tim Flyer might be able to throw some light on this subject.

Thread: ESCs...for beginners - please keep it simple
10/08/2020 16:44:01

There is a lot of useful information for beginners with electric flight here ...


Thread: Flying-boat fun
25/07/2020 13:57:09

There are several videos and lots of stills of waterplanes in our club website photo and video galleries

The video gallery is here ...

Dumfries Model Flying Club Video Gallery

Thread: Any cheap recommended modelling foam
12/06/2020 14:45:30

Single-edge razor blades are great for straight cuts; #11 scalpel for curves. For glue I use hot glue gun or UHU POR. Remember foam-board is not rain or dew proof, so some packing tape around exposed edges is advised.

Like corrrugated cardboard the Proplex strength is in one direction only and it's very bendy along the internal corrugated flutes but stiff laterally, which you need to bear in mind when designing/building. You can slide a thin carbon rod down the flutes to make a stronger wing spar etc., although I didn't do this with the Chuckle as the tape gives extra strength and rigidity, and leaving it flexible gives it a slight dihedral in flight even though the wing is one flat piece of Proplex. When building, you need to be careful not to accidentally introduce a crease as that will be a weak point.

12/06/2020 13:15:58

Hi Nigel - Proplex is similar to Correx but slightly thinner and lighter.

Here are pics of my foam-board "Upstart"

upsatart build 115.jpg

the motor mount is a Bovril jar lid

upsatart build 113.jpg

upstart in flight 32c.jpg

12/06/2020 13:04:54

The Range also sell big sheets of foam-board - same price. Great for building really cheap models that fly well.

For small models you could also try Wickes Proplex corrugated plastic sheeting - £2.50 for a large sheet.

Here's my little "Chuckle" made from Proplex sheeting covered with coloured packing tape.

Chuckle in flight.jpgChuckle Home-build.jpg

Thread: Flat Car Battery from non-use of car
01/04/2020 14:45:28

Thanks guys, info much appreciated. I always keep jump leads in the car as it's an auto, but cannot get another car very close to where I have to park it at home.

Also I can't easily use a trickle charger as there is no power point handy and the driveway is open plan. The idea of using one of my lipo chargers set to Lead Acid and powered by a Lipo is certainly an option I hadn't thought of.

I realised that taking it for a drive once a week is the obvious answer, and have done that with my wife's car, but as we depend on various neighbours to bring us food essentials I don't want them to get the wrong impression that we are flouting the govt rules. I also don't know how the local stasi would respond if I explained that's what I'm doing.

While we're on that subject I don't understand why plod is harrassing people exercising or walking dogs when they are clearly well above two metres away from anyone else. Don't they realise that for many people the beach or countryside is their local area?

01/04/2020 09:30:53

Like many on this forum, I am over 70 and therefore under "house arrest" for the duration. One thing that's worrying me is that my car - an automatic - has been standing on the drive outside, with the alarm (and other electronics?) steadily draining the battery. I have no means of charging the battery "off-line".

So I have two questions for "me learned friends" ...

1. When a car is not driven for some time, how long before the battery goes flat, assuming battery is in good condition, and was charged on a 30 mile journey prior to lockdown?

2. Is it possible to use a 3S 3200 LiPo (or perhaps two in parallel) to jump-start the car if its battery does go flat? (And how would you set that up?)

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
08/03/2020 14:10:23

Announced in the newspaper this morning, UK is pulling out of EASA.

Now what?

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24/02/2020 11:15:51

Just trying to lift the spirits!

Swampy flying field.jpgDUKW instead of mower.jpg

Thread: Web Cam?
09/02/2020 14:38:25

Posted above by PatMc

" Do the same regulations apply if the camera only relays live images with no recording is being made ? "

I think you'll find that the problem is capturing personal data (in this case an image) without the subject's knowledge and consent and relaying it anywhere where it can be viewed by a third party. You would not be able to control whether the third party records it or not in any case. But don't rely on my opinion - if you Google "GDPR" and check out the rules re CCTV on the Data Protection website you'll get the full facts.

09/02/2020 11:36:53

Sorry to be a wet blanket - but presumably you do know that this has implications for GDPR (Data Protection Law)?

If you take photos of identifiable people in this way you must have a prominent notice to say "CCTV in Operation on this site", which rather negates the benefits of hiding the camera, and could be interpreted to indicate that there are potentially items worth stealing if protected by CCTV.

You could get the consent of members to allow this, but it would not cover visitors, or even intruders on to the site.

We plan to focus a camera purely on the windsock which is only up when members are on site, but would also indicate if there was fog or mist even if no-one is present.

Edited By Romeo Whisky on 09/02/2020 11:38:44

Thread: Bit Bewildered
31/01/2020 14:03:35

This might help too.


Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
20/01/2020 13:44:09

Just LOVE the FormosaNew GWS FormosaFrom the early days of electric, the GWS FormosaGWS Formosa F3AI've still got two of them upgraded to brushless and Lipos.  (US Navy one was lost in a mid-air collision).

Great flyers.


Edited By Romeo Whisky on 20/01/2020 13:46:14

Thread: ESC overheating.
08/01/2020 12:37:44

One point to note is that there are two primary types of brushless speed controller - linear and switch-mode.

Most (though not all) larger (40A+) amp ESCs these days are switch-mode; most smaller ones (<=25A) are still linear. Those in between may be either and it's worth buying switch-mode for preference.

Linear ESCs run hotter than switch-mode and usually incorporate a larger heat-sink. It is also true that all ESCs can get warm in use, so most incorporate a thermal cut-out, and you REALLY want to avoid that happening in flight so you need to ensure adequate air-flow over the ESC when the model is in flight.

It is also true that ESCs have to dissipate more heat when running at half throttle, and this is one reason why it important to use an ESC with plently of ampage headroom (ie. suggest 25% bigger than the maximum likely amps draw at full throttle).

Hope that helps.

Thread: CAA announce New drone trials !
27/12/2019 12:24:20

Thought you might enjoy this ...

drone smuggling.jpg

Thread: Club badges
19/12/2019 13:45:16

dmfc logo with website.jpg

Thread: take off dolly
25/11/2019 09:49:59

Just seen your post and that no-one had come up with a response.

I would have thought it was possible to make a dolly for any size model. In WW2 the germans used them for full-sized aircraft. I don't have any models that big, but I would think that you could upscale my dolly design which works well. The main thing is to keep the dolly as light as possible, with big wheels for minimum rolling resistance and a fixed tailwheel (NOT castored). Be ready to input plenty of right rudder on the take-off run as torque effect may make it swing to the left (the full-size P40 was a bit of a pig in that respect I understand - hence the big rudder).

Hope this helps.

Annotated Dolly Tailwheel PhotoDolly restrainer diagramAnnotated Dolly PhotoP51 on launch dolly

Thread: Plane storage ?
20/11/2019 18:06:40

No idea if this would work in a really damp large space, but I've found it works great for other areas where condensation is an issue.

Get a few bags of silca gel cat litter from Home Bargains (you get a large bag for a couple of quid). You can make smaller bags of it up using fine netting such as old net curtains (shake the dust out outside) . Then you can put a bag of it inside each airframe. Also works quite well on the rear parcel shelf of car to help reduce inside condensation on car windows overnight.

Tip... Avoid the brands of silica gel which are perfumed!

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