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Thread: Tony Nijhuis Hawk - Build Log
16/05/2020 20:18:55

That fan looks nice - hope you find a way to fit it in.

I use a permagrit sanding block (seen in the pictures below). Put the sheet on your flat work surface, raised up 5mm or so, and a couple of passes trues everything up to 90 degees.



More later...

Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
16/05/2020 15:02:53

Beat me to it whilst I was typing cheeky

16/05/2020 15:02:12

Can't remember off the top of my head Tim, I sure it was stated somewhere.

I will have a look and get back to you (unless Peter beats me to it)

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Hawk - Build Log
16/05/2020 14:41:11

That's interesting Dan, must be a typo error.

I have made up four sets of wing skins and have started gluing them on, starting with the top surface.





More later...

Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
16/05/2020 14:33:17

I have finally managed to maiden my Oodalally yesterday wahoo!

I have used an old e-flite power 25 motor that was from a crashed damaged donor plane. It seemed OK on the bench but I think it may have issues - it was a bit hesitant to throttle up to full power on take off. I think I may swap out the motor and see if this rectifies the problem.

Despite this issue, it flew an absolute treat (after a few clicks of trim), I am 'well chuffed'. No pics or video I'm afraid.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Hawk - Build Log
14/05/2020 14:00:39

Mark and Martin - if your looking in. What thickness of balsa did you sheet your wings in (if you remember)?

My plan states 2.5mm, which is what I purchased. I have just looked at the build instructions which states 1.5mm, which I haven't got!

14/05/2020 13:10:44

Wing ready for sheeting.


For the retract fixings I am using three M3 hex head bolts and captive nuts ( I had to flatten off one side of the nuts with my dremel as they were obstructing the retracts ), and one hex head screw ( no room for a captive nut ).


More later...

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/05/2020 11:38:41

I am very interested in a P51B. I have been considering building the Tony Nijhuis version but it looks like this one will build a lot lighter than Tony's design ( I always have trouble keeping the weight off!).

Thread: Tony Nijhuis Hawk - Build Log
13/05/2020 23:05:55

Hmmm.... I haven't tried with the nose cone on.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/05/2020 16:52:47

Mine is still awaiting it's maiden.


Thread: Tony Nijhuis Hawk - Build Log
13/05/2020 11:48:03

I did a lot of fettling joining the wings and have now got them at the correct dihedral.

Shubeler fans are supposed to be the dogs kahunas!

12/05/2020 12:10:33

Doing the maths, I believe this equates to an increase in dihedral (roughly) from 1.9 to 2.5 degrees.

Do you think this will have any significant adverse effects?

10/05/2020 16:24:49

I have now got both wing halves built and to the point where they need to be joined together.

I was very careful with the dihedral angle when gluing up W1 and the wing brace. However, when I offer the wings up I am getting too much dihedral. With one wing flat on the building board I am getting 55mm at W10 instead of 40mm.

Did any of you chaps, that have built the Hawk, have similar issues?

07/05/2020 11:02:40

Weight is something that I am concerned about as my builds always seem to come in over the target weight.

I have two options available to me - both Dr MadThrust edf's. One is for 8s and the other 10s. I will see how the weight ends up before I decide but it will probably be the lighter 8s setup that I use.

I'd love a turbine but a bit out of my price range. You will have to factor in the weight of all the associated gubbins - ECU, pumps, fuel etc. If it all comes in about the 4.5kg mark then, why not nerd

06/05/2020 22:40:27

Yes, I experienced the F4 F5 issue to - from the magazine plan.

06/05/2020 21:46:48

I didn't buy the kit. I sourced my own wood and cut all the parts myself.

06/05/2020 21:09:53

Hi Dan,

I don't think that will cause any twisting issues.

I have been working on the first wing half:






I think I am going to wait until I have joined both wing halves a use a single top stub spar.

Have also been printing a couple of pilots:


More later...

05/05/2020 20:36:59

Looking very neat Dan.

03/05/2020 12:42:02

Hi Dan.

They are wing rib building guages from SLEC here, very useful.

Are you going to do a build log for your build (or post some pictures on mine if you want)?

Thread: Home Made CNC/Laser Cutter
02/05/2020 11:38:06

Hi David.

I concur with FlyinFlynn.

With Dremel CNC you do have more options for cutting. I tend to use the laser (5w) for cutting soft to medium balsa and thin ply.

For thicker or hard balsa stock, I cut half way with the laser and finish off with a knife.

For ply (and some hard, thick balsa) I switch to the dremel using a 1mm bit.

I have a vinyl cutter so have not used the Dremel CNC for this.

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