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Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
28/03/2020 09:30:36

Yep, that's what I did.

Seems to have worked OK.

Make sure the edges are secure - the middle is cut out for the cheat hole:


28/03/2020 00:01:04

I glued the bottom sheeting to the wing and then filled in the gaps after:



Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
26/03/2020 13:40:17

Hi Martin.

Did you ever get your Hawk up in the air?

26/03/2020 12:58:05

Hi Mark.

Did you ever get your Hawk finished?

I'm just about to start cutting parts for my build.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
17/03/2020 12:49:40

Looks good Ray.

Out of interest, how much does it weigh - flight ready?


Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
12/03/2020 11:59:45

I've designed and 3d printed some tip tanks. They are friction fit and weigh 30g for the pair.

I think I will leave them off for the first few flights and I need to see what effect they have on the CofG.


10/03/2020 11:42:52

This is how I produced the cutting file in Silhouette Studio:

1. Set the page size to A4 and the cutting mat - in my case I use a portrait cutter


2. Import the decal file into your library.


3. Select it and it will open up.



4. Click on it and resize to the correct scale.


5. In the page setup box, click on registration marks and configure as shown in the picture below.


6. Now select trace from the right hand menu. Click 'select trace area' and draw a box around the first roundel. Click on 'solid fill' and 'trace outer edge'.


7. You can adjust the threshold if needed and you should have a cutting line around the first roundel. I have deleted the decal layer in the picture below so that you can see the cutting line underneath.


8. Repeat with all the other graphics on the page and you should have something like this. Note it is easier to cut the fin flashes and union jack by hand.


9. Send the page to your printer using the best possible print quality and print onto the vinyl.

10. Stick the page onto your cutting mat and load the page into your cutter. On the portrait cutter, it has two load paper buttons - one for normal prints and one if your are using registration marks. Make sure you use the correct one.

It should then feed the page in, scan the registration marks and start cutting (works best with the lid closed).

If it can't automatically find the registration marks, you can do it manually. There are four arrows in the print window that allow you to move the cutting knife. You just move it until it is over the black square registration mark and then click send.


That's it.

Hope that makes sense.

09/03/2020 20:56:24

Hi Martin,

If you're using Silhouette Studio, I can send you a file set up for that.

You just send it to your printer first, it will print with registration marks.

You then send it to your cutter and it first scans the registration marks and then starts cutting.

The fin flashes I cut out manually.

I'll PM you.


Thread: Email for a mac
09/03/2020 17:27:55

I had a similar thing with my old freeserve email which went to Orange who then stopped email without telling me.

I am a Mac user and also created a gmail account. It works fine for me with 'Mail'.

I have my incoming mail server set to:

and outgoing set to:

Hope that helps.

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 17:08:48

Hi Steve.

It was me whom produced the decals.

I printed them on some A4 sheets of vinyl that I got from eBay here.

Printed at photo quality, I was pleasantly surprised with the print quality.

I also purchased some transparent vinyl but I haven't tried that yet.


09/03/2020 16:43:29

Mark, It should be pinging into your inbox as I type

09/03/2020 16:23:56

Hi Mark.

No problem.

If you PM me your email, I will send it to you.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
09/03/2020 15:57:32

Hi Broken prop

Don't forget the ink on newspaper in days of yore was made to stay on the paper. Modern inks seem to transfer to what they happen to be in contact with, which ever part of your anatomy is in closest contact disgust

Something to read off the wife's bum whilst doing the business! wink 2

Was that too rude?

Thread: TN Folland Gnat
09/03/2020 15:44:59

If it's any help, my TN Jet Provost was covered in Hobbyking film.

This added 38g to the weight.

Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 15:37:24

Hi Martin.

Useful info about the 4Max lipo, All the Hobbyking 2700's were of the larger size.

I don't think I put info about weight gained after film covering the fuselage & wings, prior to adding the side cheeks:

Before 522g, After 560g. Thus 38g gained

It will be interesting to see how much weight a tissue and paint finish will add.

09/03/2020 14:11:40

Hi Mark.

I downloaded each graphic separately using google image search, resized them to scale, then put them all together on one sheet.

08/03/2020 21:30:22

I have managed to get the ESC a bit further forward - next to the battery. This means I only need 15g of extra weight in the nose with a 2200mah battery. I think I will stick with this setup to start with.

Final weight is 804g (28.3oz) all in.

I have been playing with the cheat hole to maximize the thrust.

1. 49x35mm hole (as per plan) gave 500g of thrust.

2. 49x45 hole gave 525g of thrust. with top hatch removed this increased to 590g

3.49x49 hole gave 540g of thrust with top hatch on.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
07/03/2020 21:54:44


That looks good. I prefer a paint finish (I usually glass and epoxy) but went with a film finish for fear of adding too much weight.

I had not considered tissue and paint, having not used tissue before. It's interesting to know that this method gives a light finish. I may well try it on my next mini jet build.


Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
07/03/2020 21:26:25

So, I have successfully removed the faulty ESC and replaced it.

Now I have another dilemma. I purchased a couple of 2700mah batteries to help with achieving the correct CogG without adding any lead. I am surprised, for an extra 500mah, how bigger the batteries are.


I new it might be tight but thought I would give it a try. Annoyingly they are just a bit too wide to fit through the battery hatch.



I now need to decide if it is worth the effort of enlarging the hatch or just sticking with the 2200mah plus lead (which would be 22g lighter than using the 2600mah battery.

What sort of duration are you boys getting with the Provost using a 2200mah battery?

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
06/03/2020 14:59:27

I did have to extend the ESC to motor wires slightly - I wonder if that has caused an issue.

Has anyone else had to do that?


Tim, the one decent day I've had this year I took the Oodalally out for it's maiden. Annoyingly on the first attempt I hit a rabbit hole and the undercarriage parted company. Weather has been rubbish ever since.

Note. I didn't use the wire version as per the plan - I used the alloy one from my Wot4 Fomie. I have beefed up the ply mount a bit now.

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