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Thread: Weston Park Modellers' Swapmeet 2018
12/06/2018 22:42:58

If you have lipos for an airframe, can you sell them along with the model? What’s the best option for keeping everything together so nothing gets mislaid?

Got a couple of foamies to get rid of.



Thread: ESC works fine by beeps once every 10 seconds or so
15/05/2018 11:15:24

I had this once, I'm sure it was a warning for something. I'd have to look through some instructions but I remember something about having to re-learn the throttle curve before it went away.

It didn't effect the ESC, but was a bit annoying. I honestly can't remember how I cause the problem in the first place. Was a YEP esc.


Thread: Seagull Dual Ace Laser Build
06/03/2018 13:28:41

From memory I was towards the rear of that range on mine.

It doesn't take much to rip that front former out on a dual ace. One bad landing on the nose wheel and she will be out. It is not strong enough to stay in place if the t-nuts were pulled through.


06/03/2018 11:30:04

I had my Dual Ace for 10 years and sold it a few months ago (wish I hadn't). Had hours of fun over the years and always drew attention when it was flown.

Only mods I made were to double up that front former so you have more glue area with the surrounding wood. Mine was 1/4 ply from memory. If you have a landing on the nose wheel, it will easily rip out and make a mess. Not essential, but for longevity I'd do it before you stuff the nose with batteries.

Also, do your instructions look modified with regard to the cg position (like someone has modded the text) , because it was wrong on the original instructions.

Great plane.



05/03/2018 23:35:42

Have you doubled up that front former?


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
05/03/2018 23:30:39

Need a test builder Tony? Can’t wait to see those down the field.


Thread: Anet A8
05/03/2018 09:54:21

I don't think I would want mine for printing a model or anything large. It would be good to make my own brackets and clips for the jets rather than buying someone else's printed parts or using wood (not better than would, just a bit more fun modelling in 3D etc).

Looking at Gearbest etc, it doesn't seem any cheaper than buying from a UK ebay vendor.

I also looked at the A6, but at the moment it is a fair bit more money and i really don't want to invest too much into it.


04/03/2018 14:53:39

Are these 3D printers still considered the best "cheap" option? I want to make a few brackets and things, nothing particularly big. Can anyone recommend the best place to buy as there seems a lot of very similar options.



Thread: Horizon Hobbies
07/10/2017 20:43:53

What I always found interesting in my 30+ years of flying is that I’ve never seen one particular brand of tx be sent back for repair by so many club members. Great post and interesting comments but would love to hear why you think Futaba are so far behind the curve? The one thing my Futaba is very good at is talking to the model, sadly one thing my DX8 wasn’t good at even after being returned 3 times.

I don’t use a lot of Horizon stuff but I hope they get it sorted out as I know their products bring a lot people into th3 hobby.


Thread: Lipo Bags Rule OK!
04/07/2017 23:39:40

Li-po are Lithium polymer, not Lithium Ion or Li-Fe. Li-Fe packs are not as volatile (plenty of videos of people trying to get them to explode like Lipo's on YouTube). Different chemistry and voltage per cell.


Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
12/05/2017 22:19:11

Should probably get on with the other wing but couldn't resist added some colour. Was going for the split translucent with the green but didn't like it so wings will be solid green with a bit of trim.


Thread: twin engine model thread
11/05/2017 22:51:17

This is what my Grumpy Tiger Cub looked like before it got relegated to the top of the building cupboard. As soon as I've got my glider built it's going to be finished off. I have a Scorpion Twin kit which must be 15 years old to start as well as an Extra Slim twin.

All this talk of twins has made me put an rx back in the Dual Ace and buy some glow fuel. Hopefully she will fly at the weekend. Had so much fun flying her over the past 8 years but I don't think she saw daylight last year (distracted by the smell of jet fuel!!).


Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
11/05/2017 22:39:56

Got wing tip glued on tonight. Need to start other wing now. Might cover first wing at the weekend as it's my favourite part of the build. Going bright green and translucent purple.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/05/2017 18:06:43

Maidened last Sunday.

Carf Ultra Flash, Jetcat 100rx turbine.


Thread: Sbus Receivers
21/03/2017 00:41:18

I wouldn't claim that I know but I've found the little 3 channel SBus hubs very easy to use and program. SBus is definitely growing in popularity in the jets.


20/03/2017 21:47:57

It's 8 pwm channels (normal servos) or up to 18 channels via the Sbus, or you can have 8 channels on the rx and have 10 more channels running via the sbus. If you are using sbus servos, you can program them and have them all running off one cable, or you can use an sbus decoder to drive standard servos (never tried using multiple hubs but regularly use a 3 channel hub on 7008sb rx to get 10 channels).

If using the 700SB you loose one of the rx channels when changing mode as channel 8 becomes the sbus port (don't run anything but telemetry through sbus2).

I tend to use 7008SB rx's as you get the Fasstest protocol and my main functions run to the 7 channels on the rx. I then set up the hub for channel 9, 10 and 11 for less important controls (I never use channel 8 but you can). Even in my jets I don't use more than 10 channels that often so a perfect solution.

You could also go for the Powerbox Expander which uses the cheaper 3 channel sbus rx's, but allows you to use 18 channels for standard servos. You can also run twim rx's for redundancy.

I don't like the full sbus system as one bad servo can take the whole lot down, plus I don't own sbus servos.


Thread: 18SZ not seeing SD card
26/01/2017 00:11:44

There were more.

This chap created a tool to convert files

Not sure if link is still working. Use at your own risk though!


25/01/2017 23:32:21

I thought the 18sz wouldn't read models from the 14sg or 8fg.


Thread: Yet another 'drone strike'
06/01/2017 22:52:18

Reading a thread on another forum a chap said that plane had over shot a landing and collided with elevated runway lights a few years earlier. Apparently the same picture was used.

To cause that much damage on a side impact in flight, the closing speed would have to be huge or the mass of the object would be far greater than a drone. I just don't see it, just another ill informed media story.


Thread: Twin IC Engine Plane Setup
16/10/2016 22:13:58

Sounds good to me. If they are running well and respond well......time to get airborne.

One thing you will notice, everyone will want a look at the field. There will be some shaking heads, but you will love it.

I've had my Dual Ace nearly 7 years. If I broke it on the next flight I'd be looking for a suitable replacement (maybe that Grumpy Tiger Cub which is still 75% finished).


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