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Thread: RC Groups & EZoneMag. Where have they gone?
05/01/2011 17:58:26
Thank you all for your help. I thought that I wuld report what happened in case it happens to anyone else.
I run AVG anti virus, SpyBot resident shield and Zone Alarm.
I had tried suspending each of them & it made no difference but I uninstalled each of them and then reisnstalled & it now works fine. Which one it was & why I have no idea but I have a solution.
Once again thank you all.
04/01/2011 15:43:37
It is very kind of several of you to tell me that the links work for you, but my problem is that they don't work for me & I need to find out why.

Edited By Chris E on 04/01/2011 15:44:30

03/01/2011 15:39:54

I know that everyone else can get it OK but this is what I get.

The webpage "" cannot be found

DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken.

Suggestion - search the Web:

Are you looking for:
1.Travel 6.Software
2.Media 7.Electrical Appliance
3.Shopping 8.Gift Basket
4.Computers 9.Holidays
5.Hardware 10.Films

The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

Other options to try:

  • Click the Refresh button, or try again later.
  • If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.
  • To attempt fixing network connectivity problems, click Tools, and then click "Diagnose Connection Problems..."
  • See if your Internet connection settings are being detected. You can set Microsoft Windows to examine your network and automatically discover network connection settings (if your network administrator has enabled this setting).
  • Click the Back button to try another link.

I have pinged the site but get no packets back, tried a different web browser, checked the settings & barred sites in my router, temporarily disabled all my anti virus bits -AVG2011, tried my wifes laptop which shares the same router & she cannot get it either.
I don't know what to try next as all the other sites that I visit seem fine.
03/01/2011 12:07:29
I have now tried a different web browser - Google Chrome - and disabled my whole anti virus system - AVG - & I still can't get RCGroups.
My service provider has not barred RCGroups.
I am getting desperate - help please
PS please remember that my wifes laptop cannot get it either. We are using the same Netgear router but as far as I know nothing has changed since I could get RCGroups.
31/12/2010 16:36:33
Awaiting reply to my email - not holding my breath on a bank holiday weekend!
31/12/2010 16:27:46
I have tried google search, typing in the web address etc & it makes no difference.
I use Namesco. It is a small provider not one of the big ones
31/12/2010 16:15:43
Yes. I switch off my whole computer- including the router - at the end of every session. This problem has existed for several weeks.
31/12/2010 16:09:05
Tried pinging & got back:
Ping statistics for with 32 bytes of data:
Packets: sent =4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)
Does that help?
I ran  the flushing programme as administrator but it has not made any difference.
I have e mailed my service provider with the problem & await their comment to see if they have blocked RCGroups site.


Edited By Chris E on 31/12/2010 16:14:29

31/12/2010 14:26:51
Biggles Elder Brother, I realize that this is a bit of a cheek but as I cannot get to rcgroups my options are limited.
Thanks everyone for your help so far.....
I am still not able to connect to RCGroups. I am running IE8. I have tried my wifes laptop which connects wirelessly to the same router as my desktop connects hard wired. Her computer won't connect to RCGroups either. I run AVG ant-virus & she runs AVAST.
I have run both CCCleaner & "Free Internet Eraser" which should clear all old files. My browser is set to never use cached pages. I do not have parental control, or anything similar, activated 
It still does not work. 
More thought very welcome
31/12/2010 12:25:46

The webpage "" cannot be found

DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken.

31/12/2010 11:42:28
Now I am totally mystified. All my other surfing appears normal.
When I try to access RCGroups I get a page with the following message from either my favorites or the link above:

The webpage "" cannot be found

DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken.


Edited By Chris E on 31/12/2010 11:43:29

Edited By Chris E on 31/12/2010 11:46:05

31/12/2010 11:20:44
I have lurked on a number of forums for years. I like this one for UK content but have always found the RCGroups forums a wonderful source of info. For several weeks they have simply disappeared but I cannot find any reference to this on the internet. I would have expected a lot of comment.
Does anybody know where RCGroups & the associated EZoneMag have gone, or what has happened to them or am I alone in not being able to access them? If I am alone suggestions as to why would be much appreciated.
Thread: New DX6i Microlight
10/06/2009 12:00:47
I understand that the DX6i is to be packaged with the 6100e receiver etc as the "microlight" pack.
Does anybody know the price relative to the existing DX6i pack & when it is available?  I ask because I am looking to purchase at Wings & Wheels in a 10 days time.
Thread: Budget 2.4Ghz FHSS for under 40
10/06/2009 11:43:47
Any more thoughts after 4 weeks happy (???) use?
Thread: Welded Battery Pack for DX6i
01/05/2009 10:06:49
Sorry I did not mean high load but rather batteries that are changed relatively frequently - say monthly. It was meant to highlight the difference with the TV remote example I used where the batteries can last 12 months or more but with which I ALWAYS find that bad contacts set in before the battery is flattened.
Over 30 years many of the radio problems that I have seen have been traced to the power packs of transmitters & receivers. Those with loose cells have a lot more contacts to fail than those with welded packs & this, in my experience, does make them more prone to failure.
Personally I would not fly with loose cells but that is my choice.  
30/04/2009 00:38:01
I actually agree with the model club about this.
My experience of loose cells is that non welded cells are a disaster as the contact between the batteries & the holder deteriorates & eventually you loose power. My TV remote does exactly the same & I bet yours does too.
I can understand that where dry cells are used in this fairly high load application the batteries are changed frequently & that this reduces the problem but with nicads that are left in place to be recharged disaster is not far away.
Thread: Spektrum Conversion modules for Hitec Optic 6
25/03/2009 15:49:53
I have this from another forum but haven't tried it myself.
The Futaba Spektrum module works in the Optic if the transmitter is set to PPM/negative.
Is it permitted to link to other forum discussions?
If not I guess that someone will tell me - please delete if inappropriate:
Thread: DX6i
25/03/2009 15:41:41
David E
The internet Inwood DX7 price is the same as several months ago but the DX6i has gone up.
Where did you find the lower price?
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